The “I AM” consciousness

Hello and welcome to my blog.  My name is Tom, and I am a spiritual seeker who has discovered some wonderful truths about life and wants to share with others, for what it’s worth.

The I AM consciousness is actually a very simple and easy to understand concept that has been made out to be an esoteric and strictly faith-based concept.  Whenever I have heard people speak of the I AM consciousness, it usually within the framework of the Christ, or sometimes St Germain, and even more often as a Universal consciousness within each of us.

While all of that my be true, these concepts associated with the I AM consciousness do not explain the bio-spiritual element of the concept.

Basically, when a person says “I am”, he/she is self-referencing.  Self-referencing is how we refer to ourselves either to ourselves or to others.  To say the words “I am” requires an ability to distinguish between the self and the not-self, i.e. yourself and others.  This is the basic mental function which is a prerequisite for all self awareness and hence, self discovery.

But what does it take to say the words “I am”?  It’s not an easy question to answer; it takes a bit of thought.  But before I get into exactly what it takes, I want to share a bit of my understanding of creation, and our part in it, so you can better understand how I came to these conclusions.

For years I have meditated using visualization techniques and this led me to study quantum physics and how it relates to spirituality, and more specifically spiritual technology.  And what I came to realize it that in order for a soul in a body to have a individuated consciousness, there needs to be a point of reference upon which both the spirit and the body can reference the same being at the same moment.  It is a technical requirement, just like a north arrow on a map.

When you pick up a map, what is the first thing you look at?  Most folks say the north arrow or legend, this is because you need a point of reference from which to proceed before you can find where you’re at on the map.  It’s the same way with a spirit in a body, there needs to be some sort of north arrow or legend from which both your spirit and your body can reference themselves.

And as it turns out, the reference point for all beings on this planet, including plants and animals, is the Sun.  Yes, that’s right, the Sun, and more specifically, the reference point would have to be a crystal composed of pure consciousness, possible a piece of the central sun located in the galactic core of the galaxy.

This crystal, which I believe is where the word Christ comes from, is the pure consciousness through which the consciousness of every living being on earth must pass through in order for that being to be able to say the words “I am”.  It’s a technical understanding that yields a profound spiritual experience.

The I AM consciousness is located in the Sun, it is a physical object (a crystal) as well as a spiritual consciousness.  Our consciousness is recharged when when we consciously interact with the Sun.  Our thoughts are generated from a complex series of intelligent electrical discharges which require the Christ, or crystal, to complete the necessary circuitry.

Hence, the I AM consciousness is the first and the last point of electrical connectivity for every human thought.

I hope this helps.

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