Vision while astral traveling to the planet Mercury

Vision while astral traveling to the planet Mercury

I am traveling to Mercury on the spirit wind. The ease of travel never ceases to amaze me. So little effort is needed to travel the great distance that it makes me feel like I was made for this sort of thing. The entry into Mercury’s stratosphere is quick and painless, unlike for so many others who never quit penetrate the unimaginably quick spiritual energy that surrounds the planet. I have been invited, although invitations are not what they are here on earth, to us earthlings that is. Invitations to Mercury are just there, without explanation, without justification, without any relation to the earthly life of the invitee other than a predisposition to know deep down inside that there most certainly is something more to the universe that what is commonly revealed on earth. So this story, a sort of travel journal, is a revelation of sorts. This is to reveal that there is more to life than we know of it and we need not look any further than our own solar system to find all sorts of life that we never knew existed.

The entry into Mercury’s atmosphere is quick and the visions come quickly. At first I see large beings, some 400 meters high, very narrow at the bottom then getting much wider as they get taller. And they are rather thin from my perspective, but I could be wrong about that. They look sort of like an upside down raindrop. Solid yellow at the bottom, seemingly from the heat emanating from the planet’s surface which they drew up into their bodies almost like a tree draws water and nutrients from the soil. As they got taller they got wider and their color changed to red. So in this way they looked like huge flower petals. And they swayed slightly in the wind. Wonderful glimmering sparkles of white light could be seen around the tips of the petals. I could see angels along the tops of the petals who love to sway in the wind. All seemed to be swaying gently yet massively, like the ocean as it crashes against a rocky coastline.

There could be no wrong in what I was seeing. I was amazed, yet relieved at the same time. It was like traveling 1000 miles and seeing the ocean for the first time. It is so bursting with life, yet so peaceful in its’ awesome existence. This was life on Mercury. Although it lacked all of the things that make us humans physically comfortable, I must say life on Mercury seems to be just as amazing as life on earth.

These beings, which I call sylphs, are the reason why I have been invited to Mercury. It’s difficult to say why I am tuning into this information. It’s not like I am meant to bring-forth this material to the people of earth, or something like that. No, it’s different. It’s more of a personal journey with universe application.

As I attempt to communicate with the sylphs I am blocked by my own will.
It seems the force of my will is not compatible with the subtle thoughts of the sylphs. Communication is therefore very limited for me. Despite this, they conveyed a playfulness and patience that made me feel less inadequate. It was at this point I reminded myself of Jesus’ saying in the Bible where he says that unless you are like a child, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. Also, the kingdom is within you. So you need to be child-like as Jesus says in order to receive the rewards of spirit. The sylphs, although not Christian, certainly seemed to understand this as they were helping me to find that child-like state within myself.

The message of the sylphs was one of encouragement. They are trying to encourage humans to think differently and specifically to be open to the idea of benevolent intelligence beyond humanity. Apparently we humans are very limited in our thinking. For example, even though we embrace the notion of human rights, we fail extend those rights to other beings. Generally speaking, humans consider human life to be the most important and the highest ethical standard is one which applies to all humans, but not necessarily to other sentient life forms.

Actually, this is not true, universal concepts are to applied universally. Furthermore, the action of applying universal concepts in a universal way is the vehicle by which we come to personally experience the interior benefits of whatever universal concept we are applying. For example, We believe in freedom of speech. Why? Because we want to speak freely. But do we want freedom of speech for ourselves and not for others? Think about it before you answer “no, of course not”. Because freedom of speech merely means that you can say what you want, it does not necessarily imply that others can do the same. It is not until you apply the universal concept of freedom of speech to others that obtain the interior reward that such a freedom offers. Freedom of speech for just yourself feels like selfishness and it does not really make you feel good inside. But freedom of speech, although sometimes emotionally difficult to handle, it is superior because it gives you the interior satisfaction because you see the consistency both inside and outside of yourself.

When something is consistent inside and out, it makes you feel good, it makes you feel whole, it makes you feel safe. You know that your freedom of speech is always guaranteed because everyone around you is protecting your freedom and you theirs. No one is hiding anything, there is no hidden agenda. We all agree on freedom of speech, so no one needs to hide anything. This is what I mean when I say that application of universal concepts universally leads you to a place of interior good.

Earth humans must apply universal human laws to other intelligent beings. In this way we will learn that all intelligent beings have the same needs and therefore the need for the same laws as us. Applying these laws, most of which we either already know or already apply here on earth, will be the basis for exploring healthy and mutually beneficial relationships with other beings. No only will we receive the benefits of peaceful coexistence on a technological level, but most importantly on the interior level. Knowing and conversing with other beings will not only be interesting but evolutionary in a personal way. This is the only way that we will ever be able to evolve.

As I have come to explore this notion of extra-human intelligence, I now believe that communication with these others is not only desirable, but necessary for human evolution.  I believe that inter-species communication is one of the ways which God has created for species to evolve. So it is inevitable that we make this leap from earthly human intelligence to universal intelligence. Spiritual growth and understand are always the reason why to begin with and the benefit and the end. There can be no leap forward on a technological level without a corresponding leap forward on a spiritual level. If you don’t agree, just consider what has happened to us already. Look at how technological advances given to us by the fallen watchers have resulted in spiritual repression and led us down the wrong path, away from righteousness and love and into separation and war. This is what happens when we fail to grow on the inside (inner self) and grow too fast on the outside (physical).

So obviously that mistake is not only due for correction but also be sure that it’s not going to happen again.

So this journey of mine where I am traveling to Mercury is something that may seems millions of miles away but it’s really no further than right in the middle of my chest. I look forward to further journeys and explanations of what I see. I hope this message finds you in health.

It’s all based on something which I like to call affinity. Affinity is just what it says, feeling that you are like something else or a part of something that includes others. To have a mutual affinity is not just simply a general liking for something or someone that matches what someone else likes, it goes beyond that. To have an affinity with another on a spiritual or energy level means that two distinct beings are sharing a common perception. (Note the use of present tense “are sharing” not present continuous “share”; meaning it only happens in the now). In essence whenever two people see the same thing, there are in affinity because there is an implication of sharing. When you see what I see and I see what you see we validate what one another sees. This can be especially comforting if what one sees is impossible to explain in physical terms.

When you share a common vision of a physical thing or event with another it may not seem like much. It’s to be expected that if there is a plane up in the sky overhead and you point to it that any sane person would say they see the same thing if you pointed it out to them. But what if your vision is not a physical thing, like an airplane, but of some event that is taking place on the non-physical level of existence? It would be hard to believe it if you only saw it for yourself. You’d certainly want someone else there to validate what you see. Well, it’s like that with sylphs. They are beings who share witness to the indescribable events of spirit. Their perception is always tuned in to direct spiritual experiences because they are always in direct spiritual connection with the source that is God. When you find bliss, true spiritual bliss, you find other beings there already. Some of these beings are sylphs.

What you perceive spiritually is felt differently than what you perceive physically. Physical sight is not anywhere near as awesome as spiritual sight. When you see something spiritually the mind perceives so much more than just the physical, you see spirit which has far greater meaning. The pathways of the mind open up and you sense that you are doing so much more than just physically seeing. The inner meaning can be so incredible that any spiritual vision at all enraptures you in a state of beauty and bewilderment. You forget to breathe; it’s that amazing.

Sylphs are there to share in that enrapturing vision and to keep you from becoming afraid so you don’t run away. Their playful attitude always brings levity to any experience and helps you remember that there is always something more to life than what you are currently able to imagine.

To describe it energetically, you could say that you and the sylphs are resonating at the same frequency and therefore share a common pathway to God. And since the sight of God makes everyone happy, you share this happiness with whomever, or whatever, is there next to you.

The direct experience of sharing a common good, or common God, with another being that is not human is a moment a true spiritual awakening for in this moment you see life as infinite. You see yourself not just as part of the human race but also a part of all creation. The possibilities are limitless. We humans commonly limit ourselves and our perceptions to humanity alone. When we think of something that is good, we tend to see it that it IS good because we humans believe it to be so. Like if I showed you a peach, we could easily agree that peaches are good because humans eat peaches. But what if you don’t have a physical body and therefore do not need to eat physical food, would you still think that peaches are good. And furthermore, if you thought that they were good, why? If you can’t eat them, what good are they?

First think about how humans have evolved to understand that all plants and animals are part of an entire ecosystem. Grass for example, is not eaten by humans, but cows eat it and we eat cows, so we understand that grass is good even we don’t eat it directly. It’s the same way with everything else in the ecosystem that we can’t eat. We see everything has a place and everything is useful in it’s own way. Sylphs see the physical world we live in much the same way. They don’t have physical bodies but they appreciate and understand the good in physical reality. They understand how important it is because of the lessons that spiritual beings, such as us, learn on the physical level of creation. They understand the importance of this earth and life on earth, regardless of whether or not they actually live here or need this planet for this sustenance.

They are with us to share our physical reality in a way that does not diminish or limit us physically. They don’t need to be fed or given water, so they won’t take from us. Rather they will partake of our physical world in a way that will keep this world safe from those who would rather see this world in darkness and use it for their own selfish purposes.

There are many who understand sylphs as cloud-beings, and that is true. But what is not so widely know is their complex societal structure and how it relates to current events on earth. They too have a God, and it is the same God as our God, the One God of the Universe. So as we here on earth being to experience the revelation of God here on earth, this revelation in turn affects all other beings in the universe. All who know and believe in the One True God of the Universe are evolving with us. The sylphs of course are part of this. They live on every planet in our solar system. They have a complex system of communication and each individual sylph is able to access a collective body of wisdom, almost like a vast library of their collective knowledge, and thereby act with astounding wisdom and insight, regardless of their individual experience. They wish to impart this ability to us so that we may use it to better our lives and be happy.

Sylphs practice collective communication without technology. They accomplish this by being receptive to the collective conscious of their society. It is simply stated but takes a quantum leap in belief to believe that such a reality could exist, but I assure you, it does. And it’s role in the story of man is not yet written. They are part of this world and most certainly want to see mankind evolve to the next level of being, that of collective love. The talents of the sylphs are something too promising to pass up. We should avail ourselves of every spiritual ally that comes our way for it will not be long where we are forced to face our spiritual nemesis and it will be in that hour that the sylphs will be there to assist us the most.

But we need not wait for life to get harder. We need not wait for the moment of near death to begin searching for ways to access the higher realms of consciousness.

Describing sylphs is not possible without describing their inner nature, that’s because their inner and outer nature are so completely consistent. They have integrity, but on a level that far surpasses ordinary human consciousness. Their behavior and the way they look are one in the same. They look like clouds, or at least they move like clouds, but that really isn’t right in that they have a different dimension to them. They look like a floating liquid that moves like a cloud. They change density and can seem to disappear. They are never too obvious and you need to seek them out in order to see them. They appear to you in a way that makes you unsure if you saw them with your physical eyes. That’s because the very act of seeing them opens your interior self in a way that makes you feel like you are dreaming, so you are not sure if you are awake or dreaming. It’s because the neural pathways being used to see the sylphs are usually only used while you are dreaming.

So you go into a kind of dream state and it is easy to disbelieve anything that you see in a dream state, because we are conditioned to put such thoughts aside. The dream state that seeing them induces can last anywhere from a few second to hours, depending on your disposition and also depending on who is with you at the time. The awareness of sylphs causes a shift in awareness that must be shared if it is to be real. We can only share what we agree to see together. If we agree to see something that isn’t suppose to be there according to our preconditioned beliefs, then one person has to break the ice, so to speak. One person has to speak out loud and say that they see something that isn’t suppose to be there. That makes that person seem a little crazy, maybe even an outcast. So, it’s hard to take that leap and be the one to speak up first. We prefer to go along with the crowd, it’s easier and it generally feels better. But if there is something calling you to take that leap and speak out then you must say what you see. So that’s about as much explanation that I am going to give regarding my reasons for writing this book.

My first meeting with a sylph came while staring at the blue sky and trying to erase clouds. Erasing clouds was something that I was introduced to years ago but it was not something I practiced with any regularity. It was not until I began to get informed about chemtrails and learned of the efforts of others to counteract the poisoning of our atmosphere.

Sylphs have been here for a very long time. They have a purpose and that purpose has something to do with the maintenance of our atmosphere. They are benevolent beings who possess extraordinary abilities that we, as humans, would profit from studying and understanding. While attempting to erase chemtrails psychically, I became aware of sylphs. They make themselves aware to those who are working with them and can even share that consciousness with you if you are willing to stay still long enough and allow it to happen.

The purpose is all this is exactly what you make it. I make no claims of saving the planet, only that my personal claims are accurate according to my own conscience.

Seeing sylphs within the clouds here on earth is only a small part of the existence of sylphs throughout our solar system. Mercury in particular, as I have been shown, is a place where many sylphs live and it is with them that I have communication.

They look like huge upside down raindrops that seem two dimensional at first until they wave in the solar wind. They are currently absorbing energy from our sun which they will use to transport themselves to earth at the appropriate time. This is planned but the exact time is unknown to them. Their main purpose is to protect the earth’s atmosphere during a very dangerous time for mankind. A solar flare of sufficient magnitude could cause incredible damage to earth’s atmosphere and everything that depends on it. The sylphs are concerned and are here to help. They are spending time on the planet Mercury in order to absorb solar energy and attenuate themselves with the energy of our sun so that they can most effectively offset the damaging effects of a massive solar flare, should that come to pass. Their presence on Mercury places them close to the sun so they will be aware early and be able to travel on the solar wind and thereby lessen its’ damaging effects on earth.

The basic message that is being sent here is one of love from one species to another. The sylphs are only too aware of the current challenges facing earth and mankind in particular and they are here to help. We should call upon them and use their presence as a stepping stone to awareness of higher life forms. We need not be afraid of their presence and need not try and fit them into any particular spiritual dogma or system of belief. The presence of higher forms of life who love us is universal. We need only let go of disbelief and their presence can be observed.

My contact on July 20, 2009. Today was the anniversary of the moon landing and the TV was loaded with stories about it. I could not help but wonder about the stories of
UFO encounters by those same astronauts. Why is it that after 40 years there is still so much secrecy surrounding those reports. It may turn out to be the most important information regarding the moon mission but that’s the part we never get to hear about on the evening news.

I can understand the reasoning behind not letting us know. The reason has to do with human nature and the need to always compare yourself to another in order to establish your identity. It’s a complicated trait amongst us humans. It would be great if everyone could handle the information and not freak out. That way those of us who could help humanity to better understand other beings could get to work doing so. But it seems that humans would freak out if they learned the truth about other intelligent beings, so the human race as a whole is kept in the dark.

The evening is another long one and I am awaiting contact. Miraculous thought is often anticipated, but it always feels like the first time when you do experience it, regardless of how many times you have experienced it before. It’s ecstasy because it feels like eternal happiness but has no condition on how happy you were just a few minutes ago nor how happy you think you could ultimately be. So miraculous though is unconditional eternal happiness now. It’s a pretty big concept to let float around in your mind and still expect to function properly in this work. The general sense of “why bother with anything now” tends to enter your consciousness and it can be hard to stay grounded. And if you stay away too long, the loss of grounding can be very difficult to deal with. The world never stops and one must learn to never want to get off.

The transcript is something that happened long ago but the information is behind relayed just now. More than 5,000 years ago this planet was a very different place. And what has transpired within that time means very little to what is about to happen. The earth history that we have spent so much time learning really the earth history we should be concerned with right now. The more you think about that, the more difficult it will be to tune into the higher realms available to us all now.

Our solar system and earth have been home to many different forms of intelligent life for a very long time. Simply put, life is far more vast than what we see here on earth and humans are not the highest form of intelligence here on earth. We occupy a special place amongst species here on earth in that we have the capacity for spiritual understanding. We comprehend love and that makes us able to develop beyond what we experience here on the physical plane of existence. And because we have the potential for so much love and understanding, we are here now to make a choice, to grow in love and develop a sense of self based on the image that God has put in our hearts or continue to base our identities on material things.

The sylphs have been around this solar system for at least 50,000 years. Their purpose is to take part in the spiritual evolution of matter. I wish I could put it better than that. It seems so vague to me. But what else do you call beings that seem to operate within the fundamental functions of matter? Why do you call a being that attaches itself to a force like gravity and provides spiritual enlightenment to those beings who experience the force of gravity? I suppose the best way that humans have understood these beings in the past is like fairies who work with the elements, like rain. We can understand a rain fairy or a forest fairy. These are beings who help take care of the environment and who must therefore be loving and benevolent and part of God, but distinct from us.

Sylphs come in many forms, not just forest fairies, they can be huge and their function can encompass far more than just earthly phenomenon. They are in tune with matter itself here within this solar system. Matter is changing here and they are here to facilitate this change.

Planning Your Personal Escape

For this reason, each person is planning his/her own escape from the past. Each person has there own way of doing this, some escape from the past by going into a different past, sort of like imagining you were a cowboy during the days of the old west. And even though they may live entirely in the present day, they are jettisoning themselves to a past that seems reflect some perfect reality for themselves.

But reality is not at all like that. There is another incredible reality right next to the one we currently occupy which has an entirely different notion of perfection.



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