Gentle Reminders from Spirit

The most intimate aspect of spirituality is the gentle mental influence of the higher spiritual realms into my mind.  Of course, my free will is never abridged, even for a moment, as the thoughts regarding what is right and what is wrong and which path I should choose enter my mind, gently reminding me of who I am.

That is really what it is all about, who I am, not who you are but who I am.  Anyone could say the same for themselves.  All spirituality comes down to finding out who you are, and what is right is what brings you closer to that and what is wrong is what takes you further away from that.  It’s very simple and practical.

When my first priority is to know and be the wise and generous spirit that I am, then moral behavior doesn’t seem like obedience, but rather just being me.  Morality isn’t the set of rules that the world puts on me, it’s the set of behaviors I adopt after consulting my spirit within.  Interesting that even though morality comes from that unique place within each of us, it looks the same on all of us.


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