Reason To Be

I have been putting off writing for a while because I wanted to give myself some space between my last round of entries. Going back over the posts after a few weeks has given me some perspective on structure and foundation of the subject matter that I am trying to get across.

First and foremost, the reason why I am attempting to tackle this subject is because I believe it to be the most important topic facing humanity. The unknown history of the human race looms like a secret judge over every dream and every nightmare that anyone has ever had. It is the fundamental subject of our existence because it seeks to answer the question of our reason to be (raison d’etre).

The topic includes an intergalactic history beyond our earth that we know little about. Yet we do know that humanity and our earth play an important role in an intergalactic drama that has been going on for a very, very long time. Other players include reptilians, bird-like aliens, and human aliens in various forms. The main theme connecting all of these players and why they are interacting is the notion of spiritual evolution, or more concisely put, the reasons why love is so important to us.

It seems as though the human race was put here, or created here, for a purpose. The purpose seems to be no less than loving one another, an act which, when properly mastered, leads to a level of spiritual enlightenment so great that we are capable of steering gravity in the universe. The drama ensues when we realize that our purpose is good news to some aliens and bad news to others.

Humans did not evolve as biologists insist. You can say what you will, but the simple truth is that there is thousands of times more evidence to indicate that mankind has extra-terrestrial origins than there is indicating that man evolved from lesser forms of hominids. Certainty natural selection and mutation are real and scientific fact, however a careful scientific analysis of our DNA reveals that neither natural selection nor mutation can account for the entire structure of our DNA. Humans are genetically modified organisms.

So this begs the question, who did this to us? Reading other authors such as Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sichin have given me a lot of information and pointed me in the right direction. But my studies on this subject are by no means confined to archaeology and the pursuit of physical evidence to support my claims. In fact, most of my research on this subject has been done with my eyes closed in meditation. I was introduced to the same material from the psychic’s perspective many years ago. Many psychics have penetrated the veil of mundane consciousness and glimpsed the truth (or same small aspect of it) and have come to the same conclusions.

However, it was not until recently that I have found the most important piece of the puzzle. A gentleman by the name of Dan Winters, who runs a website called, has provided me with that information and set me on the path towards putting it all together. Winters introduced me to the idea of fractals. A fractal is a fraction of the all. Fractals can be found in nature and in mathematics, and most importantly in physics. Winters in an electrical engineer whose work encompasses a large portion of the mysterious puzzle that I seek to solve. Not only is he adept at the physics of spirituality, but the mystery of our DNA and mystery of the intergalactic drama that bought humanity to the place it is at today.

One of the most profound insights that I received from reading Winters’ work is that a rose is a fractal. As a psychic I used roses as a integral part of my work but never realized the quantum physics of what I was doing until recently. A doorway has since opened leading me a understanding greater than I ever thought possible.

Additionally, I have come upon the most beautiful realization that I have ever had. It is our destiny is to ensoul a star… become a star. The psychic energy around us is a microcosm of the larger, more magnificent energy body that we are destined to inhabit. I suggest you check out It’s very interesting stuff. Apparently if we learn enough about love on this plane of existence we steer gravity in the universe.

I’d like to end this post with yet another beautiful realization that has come my way. Everything in the universe had a conscious, self-referencing spirit living within it. Every star, every planet, everything is controlled by an intelligent being. Everything is conscious. You can talk to planets and stars, and believe it or not, they will respond. Maybe not in the manner you are accustomed, but if you listen carefully enough, then you will hear, and what you hear will change your perception of everything you see. You will begin to inhabit a world beyond fears and mundane hopes, a world where there is only possibility. It is in this other world where we are meant to meet one another. The love we share in our physical world is carried over into the quantum universe we inhabit as spirit.

Be good to yourself, as my father always used to say.


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