Love is Everything

Love is Everything

I’ve been playing with this idea for a long time now.  While in the paradoxical awareness that so often accompanies the spiritual seeker, I contemplated on the deepest levels the difference between right and wrong.  Why do we have both?  We can accomplish all things with love, so why bother with darkness?  Is seems so futile, what could be the point?

While I do not wish to delve into the spiritual history of how humanity came to this juncture in our spiritual evolution, I would like to ponder the personal lessons one can learn from paradox.

When I ask myself where do all those strange and seemingly disconnected and paradoxical thoughts and story lines in my head come from, I got a curious answer…Love is Everything.  With this in mind, I saw that every ego construct was a dark reflection of a spiritual awareness that was good and light, only laying below the surface of my awareness.  So I stopped worrying about errant thoughts and got comfortable with idea that I was ALL alright even though some of my thoughts were not.

I stayed with this generally comfortable feeling for a while until I noticed that the negative thought patterns started to reemerge.  Only this time they came back even stronger than before, even to the point of causing irregular and tense breathing accompanied by stress and even distress at times.  These were not an indication that I was bad, but rather that there was, and still is, a deep desire to do something or make a change in my life.  My subconscious was prompting me.  When I repress the thoughts, they become negative and I experience stress, it’s a simple as that.

So, I arrived at a sane place once again, although I have been through a lot to get here, I am very pleased that I can find this place within me of total equanimity.  There are no more negative thoughts or insecure ego constructs to contend with when I am listening to the voice of my conscience.

I have come to love the idea that Love is Everything.  It relieves stress, knowing that there is nothing in me that is wrong or evil, it just used to seem that way.  Once I understood that the negative voice within me was really a positive voice coming out, I became curious instead of distressed when negativity came into my mind.  And my way of dealing with it changed radically as well.  Instead of withdrawing from life and dealing with it in some cocoon-like manner, such as going into meditation and facing the energy, I just began to dialogue with it immediately, consciously, even while I was doing something else.

The change was amazing.   The time it takes to resolve negative thoughts is very small, only as long as it takes for a few deep breathes.  I remain open to dialogue with my conscience at all times.  Fear gets flattened, the flames of anger smolder and smiling is easier.

Simply dialoguing with my conscience without fear of what’s in me has got to be the best spiritual technique that I have ever found.  And it all started with a thought from deep within me…Love is Everything.

Now that I have the idea well understood I can apply it to other people in my life.  I know that everyone is love and so simply getting to that place where I can dialogue with others is the key to resolving any disagreement in a loving manner.


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