Arch between angel and man
A paradise between corruptibility and incorruptibility
Singing hymns from the havens of the axis
Stars that shine darkly
Buzzing in solitary, unconditionally
Humming mantras
Orchestrating masterpieces without a conductors wand
A golden chaos
Decomposing and re-gathering
Foreshadowing enough to make you think you know
Archangels blowing instruments to balance
Dancing through every heaven
If I were the wielder of such power would I long to mingle with the lower beings
Or the cycles of reincarnations placed me here
Sustenance of the hybrids gravity
I haven’t heard a decent prayer in such a long time
But still I sound from my post
Knowing the crux approaches
And they will be summoned to the celestial spheres by the will of the holy choir
They have been through many a generation we have monitored
But are clones of their ancestors
Let their spirits remain untarnished
Even under the reign of the fallen
It is us who are made of regenerative flesh of whom they are envious of
Picked to inhabit such a planet
Howsoever in due time an alignment will occur
Drawing us to the call
And inheriting the kingdom of the stars
Casting off our bodies and stepping into the dream
To The One and to Thine celestial workers
Darkness only gets so long to shine

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