Weekly Astrology Notes Jan 24-31, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes Jan 24-31, 2016

Rare astronomical event – 5 planets visible in the morning sky for about 20 days starting January 24.
Check out this link.5 Planets Align For 1st Time In A Decade – YouTube

Mon 1/25 – Mercury goes Direct
As always, a day of progress, even more so since this Mercury retrograde period has been difficult.  Should be a rather brisk Monday as people get started on new projects and make new plans.

Tues 1/26 – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces) about midday PST (USA west coast).
Will make the day rather confusing. The Virgo Moon is critical, analytical and precise but feels suddenly lost in the sea of Pisces, to which it feels very warmly attracted. The result is a sudden expansion of emotions and feelings of compassion towards others. A revelation interrupts the daily routine and expands our awareness to include the other people’s feelings. But there is also a push-pull effect with this aspect. Some may feel unable to expand their emotions so quickly and will react with disdain and criticism towards others instead of compassion. For those people, it will adversely effect their health. So my advice on Tuesday is to be cautious with your emotions otherwise it could effect your health. Immersion in water is highly advised. Take a warm bath or go swimming is the absolute best thing to do as it will enable the excess emotional energy to fad away into the great ocean.

Also on Tues – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius). About 10pm PST.
Not the best end to an already confusing day. This square makes people feel cold, unappreciated and emotionally isolated. Relationships face a test of validity as practical concerns override emotional satisfaction. Highly critical in nature, this time is best spent focusing on mundane tasks and attending to your health needs. Expressing the energy from within (instead of from without) will enable you make a commitment or adjustment in your life that will pay off later. This square is all about foregoing immediate emotional satisfaction now in exchange for a better life later on.

Thurs 1/28 – Moon (Libra) trine Sun (Aquarius). About 3pm PST.
This is a pleasant respite from some of the more intense energies of the week. The trine creates a harmonious exchange between others. It facilitates exchange of ideas and concepts, good for all creative endeavors and with Sun in Aquarius, a great day to be with friends. An excellent party aspect, good for laughter and most importantly, making new friends and associates.

Fri 1/29 – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires) About 3pm PST.
The harmonious and diplomatic Libra Moon is suddenly interrupted by a demand that we look at something we haven’t seen before. A bolt of lightning into our consciousness that brings with it a feeling of equality amongst all people. Could be a day of valuable insights at we feel we have the capacity to evolve and innovate. However, those who resist the influx of higher awareness will feel suddenly left out in the cold, like someone just disgraced them or people are making fun of them. For those people, ask yourself, how do you feel about the freedom of other? Does the freedom of other people cause you unease? If so, learn to be diplomatic with yourself and learn to balance your emotional with the emotional needs of others. We can’t always be the center of attention, and we can’t always be right. Often we are wrong about emotional issues because the changing nature of emotions makes it impossible to nail down a right or wrong. Today will show us this by asking us to develop a sense of right and wrong that includes other people views and conclusions.

Also on Friday, we will see Moon square Pluto and Moon square Mercury at just about the same time (3pm PST). This will add quit a bit of tension and discord to an already challenging day. The Pluto square causes emotional severing as well as a tendency to hunker down and pull up the draw bridge. Emotional isolation brings up long held emotional beliefs and people feel unable to break out of old emotional patterns. The result is emotional break down, or break up, depending on your perspective, and people severe relationships. In the long run it is for the good, but the immediate aftermath is bitter disappointment. The square to Mercury only adds a bit more emotional disconnection and people can’t seem to find that inner voice. Mercury rules the conscious mind, Moon the subconscious, so the square challenges us to keep that connection while restructuring our views. Given the current state of the world’s economic affairs, this day will likely bring more bad financial news.

So Friday will be a difficult day emotionally. Don’t plan on making any commitments as your plans may suddenly change.

Sat 1/30 – Mercury conjunct Pluto
This is the really the big story this week and with Mercury going retrograde, then direct so close to Pluto. Due to the proximity of these two planets, really the conjunction is happening all week long.

Furthermore, this is the 3rd recent occurrence of this aspect. Against we see a time of intense mental energy directed in a stubborn manner designed to gain respect for one’s opinions. The intense desire to transform your thinking at this time can be all encompassing. It is almost like if you don’t change your perspective now you will die. So you marshal forth enormous energy to overcome any obstacles that are preventing you from thinking freely and being in control of your own conscious direction in life. It can be very confrontational, so watch out. Pluto makes you brave! People will not be afraid to say what they think.

With the third pass, and now with Mercury Direct, we will see an enormous push forward as all of the progress made internally over the retrograde period (Jan 5-24) moves forward and enables outward manifestation. This week could see some of the most hard-headed days in recent history, and I am not joking. No one will be in the mood for compromise on the important issues, and if purposes cross, or if someone is blocking your freedom, then you will severe your relationship with them in an uncompromising manner. In fact we have probably seen a lot of severed relationships over the course of this Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. As harsh as it may seem, the mixture of these two energies is necessary to overcome the most intense internal obstacles in your thinking process. So, if something has been holding your back, this energy enables you to push forth until the job is complete.

A lot needs to be said about this because it is having a very strong impact on all of us. The intensity of this aspect comes from the unifying of two powerful forces (Capricorn and Scorpio) on little ol’ Mercury. Mercury rules the conscious mind and thus our way of thinking and communicating. The conjunction to Pluto transforms our thinking process and changes the way we communicate. It puts intense pressure on the thinking process. Like a volcano it erupts and removes impurities in our thought processes thereby freeing our minds. And in the purification process, we may remove or destroy a lot of things in our life that represent those blockages. The result in a severing of relationships at this time. So heartache can happen. Arguments are strongly predicted by this aspect. The issue always revolves around respect (Capricorn) for your opinions and how that has held you back from achieving what you want in life. If you have adopted the opinions of elders or authority figures and you find those ideas are no longer useful in your life, then you might rebel against those authority figures. If beliefs are holding you back from making progress, then you will drop them suddenly and express your new beliefs with zeal. People simply are not willing to suffer limitations to their thinking now. So don’t repress anyone. Be weary of getting involved with power people or groups whose ideas promise you power and success in your personal endeavors. You could be easily manipulated into giving away your identity to someone else. So be careful of any agreements you make as they are apt to involve giving away your power to authority figures. Instead get involved in a project for the social good, you will have the energy for it. Projects that benefit the social good are always an excellent way to express Pluto energy. Everyone needs to feel the power of the collective, it’s like standing on a volcano and feeling the tremble and heat of the earth beneath your feet. It is a primal force that everyone loves and no one can deny it. We all want to be a part of that power that moves mountains and changes the destiny of many. It is seductive and empowering, sensual and deep. When it erupts, blockages are removed and suddenly the mind can perceive far beyond what was once perceived.

This week will feel like we finally hit the core of the issue, whatever that issue is for you and for the collective. For you, whatever issue is holding back your mental freedom, you will find it this week. For society as a whole, the issue at the core of the banking problem (collective value) will be revealed. For this reason, I predict that the banking industry, ruled by Scorpio and Capricorn, will be in the news constantly. The current upheaval in the financial world may hit a crisis point and a stock market collapse is possible with this aspect during these times. A big incident may occur that will suddenly force a lot of people to become aware of what is really going on. The severity of the problem will become known to everyone. That of course only causes an avalanche of worry and it drives the stock market down as people loose faith. Honestly, we need to get to the core of the problem, and we’ll never know how bad it is until we get there.

Sun 1/31 – Venus (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces).
The dreamy energy of Pisces will be a welcome respite from the harsh energy of Capricorn. This aspect favors artistic appreciation and delicate interactions. This is a great contrast to all of the intense mental activity of the past week. Venus will enable us to relax and look at the stars. Intimate relations are favored as soon as you go behind closed doors as Venus in Capricorn is amorous, but not interested in public display. Neptune dissolves boundaries and enables us to feel what others are feeling. Empathy and healing are favored as well as learning things long lost from the past. A good day to go through the family album and reflect on life’s ups and down.

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