Weekly Astrology Notes Feb 7-14, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes Feb 7-14, 2016

This week, there is not a whole to talk about aspect-wise, with mostly only Moon aspects. So I am including an update on the USA’s transits as well. as a little update on Donald Trump. That’s because there are some important dates coming up and I want to give folks a heads up about it.

But first, check out this story from Iceland.

Republic Broadcasting Network » Iceland Forgives Entire Population of its Debt. Total US Media Blackout.

Note: All times listed are for Pacific Standard Time (West Coast USA)

2/7 – Sun (Aquarius) square Mars (Scorpio)
Early Morning. Ego conflicts. Sun is fallen in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio senses weakness. A fixed sign square that will make it hard to find your motivation and hard to get along well with others. Things often don’t work out as planned. Adjustments are necessary to find compromise. If you can find an outlet for the considerable physical energy level that you have this morning, then you can accomplish a great deal. Recommend physical activity that involves a long, sustained expenditure of energy.

Note: Not the best day to get on the wrong side of the law. Police actions at this time likely will not consider human rights. Brute force likely in such situations.

2/7 – Venus (Cap) sextile Mars (Scorpio)
Morning. Intense encounters between men and women. Venus wants to be shown off in Capricorn, while Mars focuses and remains fixated on total success in Scorpio. In general, this aspect is a good time to be with friends, favors harmonious conversation and generally enjoying the company of others. Should make for nice super-bowl parties.

These two aspects activating powerful Mars in Scorpio means a fight to the finish. Both are good aspects for a sports competition.

Note that the Moon in Aquarius will be crossing over the USA’s Mid-Heaven and Moon (9th house, sports) during the day. So that should make for an emotionally charged Super-Bowl.

(10 pm) Moon sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)
A wonderful aspect to calm down from the week and relax on Sunday evening.

MONDAY – 2/8 – New Moon in Aquarius
Chinese New Year: Year of the Monkey

3:30am – Moon sextile Uranus

5:37am – Moon square Mars

6:39am – Moon conjunct Sun (New Moon)
Moon is Void of Course all day Monday early
Tuesday morning.

Monday morning should be brisk with some energetic Moon transits, but don’t make any permanent decisions just yet as the Moon is Void of Course from 6:39am – 12:31am the next morning. All in all, a better day to relax and be with friends, especially if you’re into celebrating the Chinese New Year.


12:31am – Moon enters Pisces
3:03pm – Moon conjunct Neptune
11:54pm – Venus trine Jupiter

Tuesday is a dreamy day with the Moon entering Pisces and conjunct Neptune. A good day to write poetry, draw or paint and you will need to a express how you feel. Try not to get lost in the clouds as this would be a waste of the Pisces energy. The trine in the evening expands interest in art and literature, and time is well spent with a partner.

12:59am – Moon square Saturn
3:33am – Moon sextile Pluto
8:55am – Moon trine Mars
11:46am – Moon opposition Jupiter
1:07pm – Moon sextile Venus
8:25pm – Moon sextile Mercury
Moon begins Void of Course

Expressive and expansive day for the Moon. People in the mood for physical activity and laughter. An amorous day in the middle of the week.

1:55am – Moon enters Aires
Moon becomes a warrior for a couple of days. Emotional outbursts don’t last long, only long enough for folks to establish their direction. Gentle music does wonders to sooth Moon in Aires as anything that is delicate melts the tough Aires Moon.

No exact aspects on Thursday.
FRIDAY – 2/12

2:35am – Moon trine Saturn
5:02am – Moon square Pluto
6:50am – Moon conjunct Uranus
3 outer planet aspects finishing with the Moon conjunct Uranus make for erratic and unpredictable emotions. Could make it difficult to get in touch with your feelings.

5:10pm – Moon sextile Sun
7:15pm – Moon square Venus
2 enjoyable Moon aspects make for an enjoyable Friday evening.


A productive day. It’s a great day to work in the garden, put your hands in the earth.

2:32am – Moon square Mercury
Moon goes Void of Course

3:35am – Moon enters Taurus
Moon is exalted in Taurus. Enjoy building something, working with your hands like arts and crafts projects, anything to do with home improvement is favored whenever Moon is in Taurus.

2:43pm Mercury enters Aquarius
Mercury has been in Capricorn since Dec 11 (except for a few days at the beginning of January), so the period of mental rigidity gives way to mental adaptation. Mercury will be in Aquarius until March 5th. This will be a mentally active time. Talk with friends, meet new people who expand your mind. Don’t wait for it, be forward in expanding your mind, learning new things, adapt thru enlightening your thinking. A good time take a meditation class. Mercury/Gemini rules short distance travel, so unexpected changes to your plans, good or bad, are possible. Need to be mentally flexible. With the difficult aspects, nervousness can occur. Can be a difficult time for some folks who are adverse to changing their thinking. The best thing is to channel the energy into something positive, learn anything that helps you evolve spiritually.
2:29pm – Mars sextile Jupiter
Confident, wise, and looking to make friends. A good time to do just about anything as ego energies flow well together. Particularly good for physical activity. Excellent aspect for yoga.

6:37pm- Moon sextile Neptune

SUNDAY – 2/14 – Valentine’s Day
Some strong Moon aspects for couples on Valentine’s Day this year.
The Moon in Taurus loves to be sensual and comfortable and enjoy the good things in life.

7:27am – Moon trine Pluto
Express feelings of commitment and depth of feelings.

3:13pm – Moon trine Jupiter
Express a lot of feelings. Overall good for relations with women.

4:13pm – Moon opposition Mars
A great aspect for Valentine’s Day as is it tends to bring men and women together better than any other. Great for sex!

11:46pm – Moon square Sun
(First Quarter Moon) A somewhat challenging aspect for male-female relations. Be sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings tonight.
USA Update Feb 2016

In recognition of the USA’s last pass of Neptune square Uranus, I thought it would be a good idea to give an update on the USA’s birth chart. Actually, we’ll see a couple of major transits happening in the first half of February for the USA as well as some major transits to the USA Constitution Event Chart.

But before I continue, I just want to say that I have been hoping for some major event to happen to the USA’s power structure for a while now. This is based a lot on reading news stories, many of them on alternative media sites, and then trying to see if astrology validates any of the things I read on the internet. For example, I’ve been reading a lot about the possibility of Hillary getting indicted, so I thought it would be a good idea to see what transits she’s having and put out a video on that. But I want to make it clear to folks that you can approach astrology from a lot of of different angles. Mine has been to try and find the date of mass arrests within the context of astrology. Little by little we are building a community.

So let’s talk about these upcoming transits. Is the event chart of the USA really in effect? We have to ask ourselves that question. We have some good test dates coming up.

Feb 10 – Saturn sextile Saturn (1 of 3) (5/12, 11/4)
The typical Saturn sextile Saturn interpretation in a time of moving forward to achieve goals. Life tends to go on auto-pilot with this transit. That has good and bad consequences, so it is not necessarily a pleasant transit, life just seems to go without blockages during this time.

However, this is not the typical Saturn sextile Saturn transit. Really important point to make here.
This transit also represents a climax of the events of 911. On Sept 11, 2001, the USA was having the transit Saturn trine Saturn. So the current Saturn sextile Saturn coincides with the 14-year/Saturn opposition. Typically everything, no matter what, faces a serious test of validity when Saturn opposes the degree it was at when the event started. Whether it’s a person or event does not matter, the test is the same.

With Saturn opposing the degree it was at on 911, we should see an opposing force rising in the USA to assert authority. This force uses the truth of the events of 911 to gain authority and assert it’s position. But will this new authority be any better than the old one? Will they reveal and arrest members of the old authority?

The coincidence of Saturn sextile Saturn means a lot of progress can be made at this time. Careful planning and innovation to produce lasting results are the usual manifestations of this transit. The trine brought us a similar action, only then it was for the negative. Will the sextile manifest positive or negative? One thing seems fairly certain, the events of 911 will come to the surface once again. The reason why is because we don’t need to rely on the birth chart of the USA for this prognostication. We can rely on the tried and true awareness that everything that begins in a moment in time carries with it the qualities of that moment. So the mere fact that Saturn is in opposition to the degree it occupied on 9-11, 2001 is good enough to prognosticate that an opposing force will rise up to challenge the authority obtained in that moment. We just don’t know if that authority will press charges against the old authority.

As we wait and see what happens over the course of this transit (by November), we will see if this issue gets resolved in our collective favor.
The last pass of Neptune square Uranus is set to occur on Feb 12. This is the last of 3 passes and this transit has been one of the transits that has coincided with the fall of USA’s power over the course of the past year. In particular, this transit has shown the inability of the USA to deal fairly with the rest of the world, and hence a loss of respect. Neptune crossing the Mid-Heaven and then into the 10th has sent us on a mission to save the world. It has been one long delusional nightmare for the USA and the rest of the world. Along the way we have completely ignored our own Uranian values (progressive social values) and destroyed the freedom of others. In some ways, the Neptune square Uranus has brought an end to America’s dream.

But will this last square produce an arrest? What event, if any, will mark this moment in history when America lost the ability to take away the freedom of others? Will someone like Hillary Clinton have their freedom taken away? Soon we will know the answer.

This can be a rather unsettling transit as you are exposed to things about yourself and the world that upset your view of reality. You change your beliefs a lot. The transit often reveals a secret about yourself or other people around you that you would rather not face. Often you find that many of your views about the world are completely wrong and it causes strange mood swings and irritability. It is like the world is making you upset but Neptune makes it hard to pinpoint the problem.

Neptune dissolves the boundaries of anyone who can criticize the principles you espouse and the way you lead your life. If you express your personal freedom in a way that inhibits others, now is the time when others express their discontent towards you. With Neptune, it could be anyone.

This transit has coincided with so many other transits for the USA in the recent pass that indicate the loss of the USA’s power, a time when our karma catches up to us. But this transit, I believe, is the main factor in changing the world’s view of the USA. No longer is the USA seen as the champion of human rights and international law, it’s just the opposite.

Well according to Robert Hand’s Planets in Transit, this transit has the potential to expose you to truths you have been unwilling to look at before, or someone whom you thought you knew well, good or bad, may turn out to be quite different than what you thought.

Well that sounds like what I am many other have been hoping for.

I have also been looking at the Event Chart of the USA’s Constitution to give me some insight into what’s been happening in America. Some astrologers put more value on this chart than the Independence Day chart.

In mid-February we see the last pass of Uranus opposition Neptune. Curious, we have a Neptune-Uranus transit happening in the Independence Day chart. This transit can change your beliefs radically as you are exposed to entirely new dimensions of existence. A time when you must incorporate feelings of equality amongst men towards all humanity, like everyone on earth in your friend. A profound transit. Sometimes you wind up making the most unusual friends at this time, people who are in need of help. Point here is that something big can be revealed at this time because a whole new dimension of reality is opening up to you.

From a legal standpoint, my best guess at interpreting this transit for the USA is that there is going to be an attempt to revive the Constitution. Once again, the universal values that are supposed to be shared equally amongst all men and women as enumerated in the Constitution will make a comeback. So this transit gives us some hope that a revelation to help us revive the principles of the Constitution. Accompanying transits: Pluto square Neptune also could unearth an uncomfortable truth. Pluto trine Venus, also this month, could bring about legal action. Scorpio rules police action. A sustained effort at investigation and prosecution is possible. This is just the first pass.

The point I am making with all of this about the USA in this weeks report is basically this, the transits for revelation of 911 are now approaching. I spoke about this last year with the hopes that a revelation would occur now. Well, it is starting as can be seen by the re-emergence of the show the X-Files and articles such as these in the New York Times. Read this article closely and see how this is really big news. The X-Files was canceled by the Bush administration because they were going to reveal the truth behind the 911 attacks. Now the show has returned and one of the first things they did is start with a 911 conspiracy theory. This could be just the beginning.  Check out this story.

NY Times, Time-Life cover 9/11 truth | Veterans Today

Donald Trump is having a big week.  It is the pivotal moment in his campaign.  This week will see the last pass of Uranus opposition Jupiter and Neptune trine Mercury, the transit that started his campaign.  He’s also having Jupiter square Moon this week and Uranus sextile Uranus in another week.

So, that’s my take on this week’s energy. Have a good week. Thanks for watching and please leave comments.

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