Weekly Astrology Notes Feb 14-21, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes Feb 14-21, 2016

Note: Times shown are in Pacific Standard Time (PST)

SUNDAY – 2/14 – Valentine’s Day
Some strong Moon aspects for couples on Valentine’s Day this year.
The Moon in Taurus loves to be sensual and comfortable and enjoy the good things in life.

7:27am – Moon trine Pluto
Express feelings of commitment and depth of feelings.

3:13pm – Moon trine Jupiter
Express a lot of feelings. Overall good for relations with women.

4:13pm – Moon opposition Mars
A great aspect for Valentine’s Day as is it tends to bring men and women together better than any other. Great for sex!

11:46pm – Moon square Sun
(First Quarter Moon) A somewhat challenging aspect for male-female relations. Be sure not to hurt anyone’s feelings tonight.

2:54am – Moon trine Venus
Void of Course Begins
6:35am – Moon enters Gemini
10:36am – Moon trine Mercury
Moon is in it’s death cycle in Gemini and with the trine to Mercury look for capricious behavior as people jump back and forth between different emotional states. Communication are brisk and instinctive as the pace quickens on Monday morning.

10:15pm – Moon square Neptune

9:10am – Moon opposition Saturn
Cool feelings on Tuesday morning as Saturn isolates emotional expression. Eat a nice warm breakfast to keep yourself emotionally connected.

1:30pm – Moon sextile Uranus
A great aspect for learning something new.

7:02pm – Moon square Jupiter
Much warmer aspect in the evening. Moon in Gemini needs to relax and Jupiter in it’s detriment in Virgo can get too critical. Can lead to excessive eating and drinking in some. The tendency to indulge needs to be directed towards healthy habits. Drink herbal tea. Learn about and adopt better eating habits.

8:17pm – Venus enters Aquarius
Feb 16 through March 12. Venus loves to be in Aquarius. The 5th step (5th house/Leo) so Venus really shines in Aquarius where she finds her creativity. The diplomatic and soft Venus nature bodes well amongst friends. A good time to make new friends and to learn new things. Anytime Uranus/Aquarius makes an aspect to Moon or Venus, I tend to recommend learning something new because that is the highest expression of these aspects.

8:37am – Moon trine Sun
Void of Course Begins
Overall a good aspect for comedy, especially with the Moon V/C. A light atmosphere pervades in the morning as people tend to reflect with Moon in it’s death cycle. This is an excellent morning for meditation. Delay starting new projects until afternoon when Moon enters Cancer.
11:24am – Moon enters Cancer
Start your garden. Plant seeds, till the soil, and do whatever is necessary to get your garden started this year.

3:50am – Moon trine Neptune
A wonderful nurturing aspect in morning.

5:34pm – Moon opposition Pluto
7:42pm – Moon square Uranus
Two powerful Moon aspects means an energized evening. Keep the energy flowing, don’t get stuck. Plans may not work out as anticipated as the Pluto opposition and Uranus square may bring out erratic and at times ruthless behavior in some, so be on the look out for emotional coldness and isolation.

9:34pm – Sun enters Pisces
From Feb 18 until March 20. Start a dream journal. Let your personal boundary expand to that which is hidden and bring it to the light. All things uncovered this month are either discarded properly or are carried forth into the spring cycle with renewed vigor. Things left covered may arise to trip you up in the next cycle. A time to seek healing, reconciliation, and a connection to everyone and everything.

Thursday is a fantastic day for gardening. With the Moon in Cancer, it’s always the best time, but with the trine to Neptune and Sun entering Pisces, this day is one of the best for getting in touch with Mother Earth.

12:48am – Moon sextile Jupiter
6:36am – Moon trine Mars
Void of Course Begins. Starts like Wednesday with a nice Moon trine in the morning leading into a V/C period. But this Friday the V/C lasts until early evening. So the day may seem to go slow until early evening when the pace picks up.

6:17pm – Moon enters Leo

Moon is Leo likes to be on stage and people will want to be entertained and be entertaining.
People like to dress up and show-off their bright side. Emotional displays are common as people feel comfortable putting their feelings on display. Excellent time for a party.
1:45am – Moon opposition Venus
11:28am – Moon opposition Mercury
An active Saturday morning as people will be in the mood to be creative and be with friends.

11:31pm – Moon trine Saturn
Sober evening. More able to parent yourself, assess your emotional needs. Can bring out the caring nature in many.

4:06am – Moon trine Uranus
People won’t want to do the usual this Sunday morning. Great for an early morning bike ride as uranus in Aires likes to stretch muscles.

5:17pm – Moon square Mars
Emotional discontent and agitated, some folks will step on others feelings. Best to be cautious this evening and do something constructive.

Full Moon the next morning so consider it a full Moon on Sunday as well as Monday. People will be emotionally on edge.
Interesting Stories
I have a few interesting stories from the past week that I’d like to share with viewers.

FBI confirms it is investigating Hillary.

Problems in the Iowa vote. This shows that the Iowa caucus system is subject to fraud.

The one who counts the votes decides who wins!

Hillary stumps to a half empty room.

And most interestingly, The Clinton Foundation is being subpoenaed over Huma Abedin’s work.

The point I want to make here is that her support is less than being reported and may in fact be manufactured and that her legal problems are far from over.
John McCain – Upcoming transits

The John McCain watch is now in full gear.

Last year I put out a video entitled “The End of John McCain”. Well I believe the upcoming transits will provide us with some important dates as to when that could happen. With this update on McCain, I am calling attention to the start of the next round of transits that likely lead to his downfall. Due to the preponderance of transits and upcoming aspects, now is the time to start watching John McCain.

Check out this video about McCain being furious that another of his false flags did not work out.

Also here is a recent video on a Senate hearing where McCain admits he knew about the oil coming through Turkey but says they decided not to bomb the trucks. The interesting thing in this video is that Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter refers to ISIS as ISIL, at 0:39, 0:59. Very important distinction which shows which side he is really on.

Feb 3 – Pluto trine Neptune
(7/10/16, 12/6/16)
A profound transit that opens you up to aspects of life and the universe that you never thought existed. Transforms your notion of the collective by bringing forth your deepest held beliefs and energizing you to act upon them. This causes the transformation to occur. For McCain, this transit will uncover elements of himself that he has completely hidden from others, and from himself. The tremendous energy that this, and any Pluto transit, unleashes into the environment has no boundaries (Neptune), so it cannot be harnessed, you have to let it flow out of you like a river. But if your energy is like a dam holding back a river, then a sudden breakthrough is necessary to release the energy. For spiritual people, this is a fantastic transit that will transform your life for the better. If you’re a guy like McCain, that transformation won’t seem like it is for the better, but it is. It is for the better of the collective and you only think this transit is bad if you have problems with the freedom of your fellow human beings.

Feb 14 – Saturn conjunct Jupiter
(5/5/16, 11/8/2016)
Saturn and Jupiter are the two social planets, so when they conjunct, your social life undergoes reconstruction, you can become isolated and pessimistic. Transit restricts growth in order to harness it to achieve success. Not one of the most enjoyable transits, but it does help to reorient your life towards success. Also, there is a tendency with this transit is to act like you are in charge of everyone around you because you see yourself as the leader. So a guy like him can react like a tyrant to anyone who limits his authority. Most importantly, this transit forces issues to the surface in order to start a new cycle of growth. So it can be a time of karmic endings, a time when you are shown to be inadequate. He could very well face arrest by the effects of this an other related transits.

With McCain, his Jupiter is in the 10th, so that adds a whole new dimension. And he has a natal square from Jupiter to Saturn, so his life-long issue with authority, why he never got the full authority he wanted in life, and the shortcuts he made along the way, all arrive at his doorstep as well. This is a time of karmic endings because it is a time when you are recognized for what you have done, and if it’s bad, then you fall dramatically.

The fact that Saturn is in Sagittarius means that McCain, like Recep Erdogan of Turkey, is likely someone who will display the negative manifestation of Saturn in Sagittarius. The expansion energy runs amok as you expend enormous amounts of energy to project your perspective onto others. Saturn in Sagittarius suffers dramatic falls that are seen by many.

For McCain, he will have to justify his perspective. He could face judicial proceedings by the 3rd pass. The first pass usually establishes the issue and it’s resolved by the last pass. So let’s keep an eye on him and see when he falls.

Feb 23 – Jupiter opposition Saturn
(7/21/16) This transit could not come at a worse time for him. Very restless time, you don’t whether your coming or going. And just like to previous transit it aggravates his natal square. This transit is difficult because it makes you want to please authorities way too much. You don’t know when to expand or contract, need approval for everything. Danger of making poor choices. Desire for freedom makes you want to break away from restriction, but it’s not possible. Because he’s over-extended himself in the past, he will not know how to handle this transit. Face opposition from legal entities. Transit has a lot of social significance because these two planets are the social planets. If you’re stubborn in nature, this transit makes you impossible to deal with as you loose all sense of who you are in society. His sense of proportion looses any connection to the real world and someone like him goes crazy. His reputation is on the line and it falls completely.

So these two transits Saturn-Jupiter transits are indicative of a major event on the horizon for John McCain. But it does not stop there.

March 8 – Saturn square Neptune
until April 12. {Saturn goes Retro at 16d24′ on 3/25)
Much longer than usual Saturn transit due to retrograde. Transit isolates you from humanity in order to restructure your beliefs. Crisis between analysis (Virgo) and perception (Sagittarius). In this transit we see the culmination of his hopes and dreams face their most serious test. His beliefs (Neptune) face a series test of validity. Disappointment is the most common manifestation when beliefs are out of touch with reality. Can be a tremendous blow to the ego and confidence. Transit also tends to unearth things from the past and he has a lot to unearth. His military career is filled with inaccuracies and inflated claims of heroism. 7th house, open enemies. Transit brings about serious health concerns for him (Neptune in Virgo).

Overall, a very bad prognosis considering the other aspects.

Now check out this aspects happening in mid-March.

March 23 – Jupiter (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius) Aspect
Crisis between authority and judicial action. Beliefs bounds by perceptions (Jupiter) face a test of a validity. Most definitely could manifest as legal action. The Jupiter-Saturn cycle is an important one because it reflects how society grows and builds. Social awareness comes primarily from these two forces which show us how to grow and how to get success in the world. With the square, society itself contracts to make an adjustment.

Note in the USA Constitution Event Chart, this aspect is close to coincident with transits to Venus. Jupiter conjunct Venus (3/20/16, 6/29/16) and Saturn square Venus (11/23/16, 1 pass only). Saturn goes retrograde at 16d24′, just shy of the square.

Point to be made with this Jupiter-Saturn aspects is coincidental with John McCain’s Jupiter-Saturn aspects. So I am excited about the potential to see this aspect manifest with a legal action against an authority figure.

I’d like to point out that there are additional transits for John McCain that indicate his number is up and it’s time to pay karma.

March 24 – Jupiter conjunct Neptune
Normally a wonderful transit, but for him it could coincide with him being in the news a lot.

April 3 – Jupiter square Jupiter
6/14/16). Excessive behavior. Delusions of grandeur. Need to know your limitations. For him it’s very problematic because of his already pompous attitude. He thinks USA has the right to bomb anyone, anywhere in the world whenever we think it’s necessary. He’s basically a madman.

April 8 – Neptune square Midheaven
(8/23/16, 2/8/17)
Confusion about your career and general direction/purpose in life. Can coincide with a career setback or complete loss. Can be the most confusing time in one’s life. Can have very negative consequences for a person like him.

June 10 – Saturn trine Mars
(10/13/16) The one decent Saturn transit he’s having.

July 5 – Saturn conjunct Midheaven
(12/30/15, 7/5/16, 9/21/16)
This is the biggest one for him. This is where authority catches up to him. I got interested in McCain last year precisely because of this transit, so if all the others transits don’t get him, this one will.

So, John McCain’s problems are likely to go into full gear this week and by end of September, this should all come to fruition.
Marco Rubio

He’s been on the news lately with a strong showing in Iowa so I thought I’d take a glace at this chart and transits. To start, he’s got a Neptune conjunct Jupiter in close opposition to Saturn. Sorry, but that makes for poor leadership skills. Transit-wise not much is happening with him right now. He really does not have the transits for success right now, so I doubt he will go much further, but he seems to be getting the backing of some powerful people. Check out this story.

Saudi Arabia

The last past of Neptune opposition Jupiter is happening this week, so I thought I’d include them in this weeks report. This opposition has manifested as a disconnect between Mecca and the Saudi Regime so they no longer have the support of the people. The attempt to start WWIII will be the mechanism that backfires and leads to their downfall. Desperate people do desperate things.

So, while so many people in the news are going through their drama, the rest of us have the opportunity to rise above all of this insanity outside by going within. Please allow me to share a wonderful website called Fractal Enlightenment. It contains wonderful, useful and easy to understand tools for everyday enlightenment.

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