Weekly Astrology Notes Feb 28 – March 6, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes Feb 28 – March 6, 2016

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Note: Times shown are in Pacific Standard Time (PST)

7:48am – Sun (Pisces) conjunct Neptune
Dreamy, longing for solitude and a sense of universal peace and tranquility. Everyone becomes a Pisces today. Some will handle it better than others. Lots of people will want to go to church or do something that gives them that special feeling of connectedness to everyone and everything. Pisces, a water sign that rules the feet, a wonderful aspect for dancing or swimming. People will be more aware in general and more concerned about others. Just don’t let the energy get you down. Disconnect if you feel overwhelmed. A great aspect for communion with nature and animals. It will seem like everything you encounter today will open a pathway to the subconscious mind, and if you are open enough, you can even feel what others are feeling much better than usual today.

8:16am – Moon (Scorpio) square Venus (Aquarius)
A supportive and protective aspect. Generally good for being with others. Fixed square means it’s a great aspect for living your life, doing what you want to do. We tend to live our lives mostly in the fixed signs and houses. The sustained energy of the Scorpio Moon and the creative Aquarius Venus means that it’s a great day for doing whatever you want to do. A great day for sailing!

1:39pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)
More energy to accomplish whatever task is at hand. Any emotional based activity today will have a therapeutic effect. Transformation to a higher state of emotional awareness is possible now. A good aspect for spring cleaning or any changes to improve your home.

6:42pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)
Another great aspect for getting things done, expanding your sphere and meeting new people.

11:30pm – Moon (Scorpio) square Mercury (Aquarius)
In the evening, an unusually active time. Folks won’t want to go to bed as conversation deepens and people become obsessed with an idea and desire to do something outrageous right away. Be careful not to get carried away.

Overall, Sunday is shaping up to be a great day to do just about anything. My only advisory for this day is that with the Moon in Scorpio, try not to get so caught up in what you are doing that you become obsessed.
11:55am – Moon (Scorpio) conjunct Mars
Void of Course Begins.
The intense energy may make lunch unsettling. People will want to get a lot of work done instead. This aspect also increases sexual energy.

3:56pm – Moon enters Sagittarius
Time to play, grow, learn. Good for running. Spend time in public. Relations with women are good for the next couple of days.

5:07pm – Venus (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)
An excellent aspect for getting guidance from a woman. You’ll want to be amongst equals this evening as discuss what’s most important to you in life. Open your life to someone new and interesting, someone who’s maybe a little out of the norm.
10:49am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)
A tough square. Tendency to ignore other people’s feelings. Try to remember how emotionally connected we all are and to develop compassion awareness of other people’s needs.

3:11pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Sun (Pisces)
Much of the same from the previous aspect. This aspect could bring out even more arguments as people are working at cross-purposes to one other. An event may occur that forces you to consider the needs of someone else, possibly someone unrelated to you.

11:15pm- Moon (Sagittarius) conjunct Saturn
An evening of sober consideration of how you are growing in life. Ask yourself if you are really working toward your goals or pursuing some unrealistic dream/vision. Relations with women are diminished and people don’t want to go out. Best to stay home and cook a nice warm meal.
2:29am – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Venus (Aquarius)
3:54am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires)
5:15am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Jupiter (Virgo)
Early morning expansion. Try not to overindulge or talk without thinking things through. Generally a good aspect for nourishing the body as Virgo rules digestion and Moon in Sagittarius expands the stomach. Some may feel the desire to start a new project, one which creates an opportunity for growth.

5:13pm – Venus (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires)
A change of scenery. A wonderful aspect for being with friends and meeting someone new. People you meet today may teach you something new that could open new doorways for you. This aspect removes inhibitions to creativity and allows people to express themselves without restriction. A great day for any artistic endeavors. Also a wonderful day to learn something new.

6:55pm – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Mercury (Aquarius)
Void of Course Begins. Great aspect for conversation and also for meeting with friends. Good for learning technical things, expanding your mind. Find something that challenges you mentally.

2:01am – Moon enters Capricorn
Relations with women get cool for a couple of days as we tend to hunker down and not want to go out and play with Moon in Capricorn. Use this time get in touch with your life goals.

7:57pm- Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces)
Good time to attend to other people’s needs. Very responsible and considerate.
4:32am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Sun (Pisces)
9:17am – Moon (Capricorn) conjunct Pluto
Intense aspect. Sexual energies run high. Concerns about financial matters abound. Everyone feels connected to the collective. People want to make a deal, settle an argument, spend money.

11:58am – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires)
A sudden rise in awareness that could be rather unsettling. Feeling the need for freedom, some will want to cut cords from the past. Stimulating conversation over lunch with friends. You may feel what’s lacking in others/the world and you may want to do something to change it. A great aspect for addressing whatever isn’t working properly and finding creative solutions. Relations with women may be uneasy.

12:30pm – Moon (Capricorn) trine Jupiter (Virgo)
Actually somewhat the opposite of the previous aspect, which could make for an even more stimulating afternoon. There is usually lots to talk about with this aspect, which brings opportunities for growth, laughter and dreams of travel. With Virgo trine the Moon it’s always a good time to attend to your health. The healthy things you do now will give you a clear vision of your desire for success.

9:43pm – Mercury (Aquarius) square Mars (Scorpio)
Could be an irritable evening as friends don’t agree. Best way to handle this aspect it to not get defensive or take a stand unless it’s really important. The nice part of Mars in Scorpio is it enables people to put their ego aside for the benefit of the common good. If you don’t defend a boundary around yourself, but lend yourself to others at this time, then a lot of good can come of it.

Some folks who think they know everything may find problems for themselves this evening. The is a tendency for some people to be extra sensitive about their personal space and not want to share what they have with others. This leads to conflict especially while driving. You may experience this energy is project form, so be extra careful while driving this evening. Stubbornness is a poor trait to have this evening. Understand that other people need access to what you have and share yourself with others appropriately this evening.

2:24pm – Mercury enters Pisces
Until March 23. Can be a confusing time as our instinct is to believe what we cannot see. Can be a superstitious time for some. Good time for poetry, not for making plans for the future. Dreamy and idealistic, decisions made often have to be re-worked to fit in with reality.

8:05am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Mars (Scorpio)
Void of Course Begins. It’s the last aspect for Mars in the sign of Scorpio as well. Interesting.

8:22am – Moon enters Aquarius
People love to be with friends with Moon in Aquarius. Creativity and individual expression are emphasized and people feel a bit more enthusiastic than the previous sign.

6:30pm – Mars enters Sagittarius
Mars will go retrograde at 8d Sagittarius on April 17, and reenter Scorpio on May 28. So it will not spend a lot of time in Sagittarius before going retrograde. Mars loves to gallivant in Sagittarius, so some may feel the desire to travel, go to school, or expand their mind in some way.

10:04pm – Sun (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)
Another challenging square this evening. There is a tendency to disregard others who you may feel are not in any way related to you. This aspect is characterized as a crisis between duty and self-gratification. However, the boundaries of self are expanded to include just about anyone else that you empathize with. Those who are self-centered or who find it hard to let go may experience anxiety about societies problems and may want to disconnect.

Overindulgence is rather detrimental tonight as the very same things that you believe will bring relief often fail to do so, depression follows. Impatience and indifference towards others are a sure sign that your life does not include enough self-gratification, that is why any sense of duty towards others now may feel overwhelming. Take stock of your social endeavors tonight and see that include the needs of others. You may find this to be more satisfying that pursuing your own vision.

Energies are generally low at this time, so people may not want to go out. Time spent taking care of others is well spent as it will help you realign your goals towards more humanitarian purposes.

12:01pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)
Excellent aspect for working in a group. Our individual desires agree with our need for structure.

4:11pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires)
A great day for new ideas. Wonderful aspect for enjoying the day doing whatever makes you happy. Personal fulfillment is an absolute must with an aspect like this. Don’t repress it, do something interesting and enlivening.

8:38pm – Sun (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)
A good aspect to evaluate your needs and for making changes in your life. You may use the realizations gained over the week to decide what parts of yourself need an update or transformation. Another good Sunday aspect for cleaning up around the house and your immediate environment and getting ready for spring. The changes you make now will reflect your better judgment (Capricorn) and you will have the sustained energy (Pluto) to accomplish what you set out to do. A great aspect for spiritual growth because Pisces gives us the compassion to heal while Pluto gives the energy to heal.

Any work you do today with a group is likely to work out well, especially if it’s for the benefit of society as a whole. People will feel dedicated and sincere towards one another much more than usual. This aspect is particularly good for group brain-storming and coming up with new ideas to transform society and yourself. People will be able to put their ego aside and seek to mold themselves towards the needs of others.
European Union (EU)
On March 5, the second pass of Jupiter trine Uranus & Neptune. And on March 10, the last pass of Uranus square Uranus & Neptune. So it’s sure to be an eventful week for the EU. We see the immigration crisis tearing apart the fabric of European society and now it has grow to unprecedented levels. This last Uranus square is sure to produce a rebellious outcome. Some nations in the EU will certainly want to go their own way as the people (Uranus) have lost faith (Neptune) in the experiment. This is only the beginning. When Pluto conjuncts Uranus & Neptune is the not too distant future, we see complete upheaval in the EU. Most certainly, the monetary system will be completely overhauled. But for this week and the next, look for a lot of protest and rebellion from the EU citizens who are fed up with the immigration problem.

Also, coming up for an country in the EU, Germany is having the last pass of Uranus square Saturn on March 11th. It’s time to change leadership in Germany as this last pass will likely reveal that. Look for challenges to Merkel’s leadership this month.

March Heads-Up

March is shaping up to be an eventful month with some major aspects happening.

March 8 – Solar Eclipse on International Women’s Day

March 16 – Jupiter (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)
Second of three passes. First pass was on October 12, 2015. Third pass will be June 26, 2016. I did a video entitled “Jupiter trine Pluto – A Change for the Better” and another video entitled “China – A New Path” in which I talk about this event.

On the first pass, we saw a rather significant event occurring in China with the creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank which rivals the western-backed SWIFT financial system. This was a monumental step in enabling China and other countries to trade in denominations others than the US Dollar. After looking for stories to follow-up on China’s financial activities as it relates to the new currency exchange, I came across this excellent story which features a quote by Zhou Xiaochuan, the central bank governor of China, the equivalent to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve here in the USA. His most important quote comes deep into the story, where he states, “In the next step, we will strengthen the reference to a basket of currencies.” What that may mean is that China will no longer be pegging it’s currency to the US Dollar. If that happens, there could be a rapid adjustment in the value of the US Dollar.

Although the first pass of this aspect coincided with a major transit event for China which foretold this type of outcome, there is no major transit for China coinciding with this pass at 17 degrees. However, another occurrence of Jupiter trine Pluto in earth signs leads us to speculate that another big banking announcement is likely at this time. If not China, then maybe someone else.
March 23 – Jupiter (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius)
Another pass is due on May 25th. This is going to be a major aspect. Note we will also be having a Lunar eclipse that day and Purim is the next day. With Sagittarius on both sides of the square, we could speculate that judicial actions are more likely at this time.

As I mentioned in my weekly update for Feb 7-14, Crisis between authority and judicial action. Beliefs bounds by perceptions (Jupiter) face a test of a validity. Most definitely could manifest as legal action. The Jupiter-Saturn cycle is an important one because it reflects how society grows and builds. Social awareness comes primarily from these two forces which show us how to grow and how to get success in the world. With the square, society contracts to make an adjustment.

This aspect coincides with really difficult transits for John McCain. Let’s keep him in mind as we look to see if there are any more changes in US policy towards Daesh (erroneously called ISIS), or if John McCain is forced to face judicial proceedings for his actions. The problem of course with arresting John McCain is the government that has enabled him is still very much in power, so it’s unlikely that his arrest would occur without others being arrested, thereby decreasing the likelihood of that occurring. More likely is he will face a health crisis and will choose to resign rather than face responsibility in legal terms. Check out my weekly report from February 14-21 to get a complete update on John McCain. I will talking more about this aspect as it approaches.

One more note regarding the square, it will coincide with transits to the chart of the USA Constitution. I feel this is further indication that some legal event could take place in the USA.

Interesting Story

Do Americans live in a false reality?

Do Americans Live In A False Reality Created By Orchestrated Events?

“We are heading into Anarchy”: Official says EU will “Complete Break Down in 10 days”

“We Are Heading Into Anarchy”: Official Says EU Will “Completely Break Down In 10 Days” | Zero Hedge

Afghan Refugee Takes Class On “How To Behave With Women”, Promptly Rapes Belgian Woman | Zero Hedge

Transcript: Zhou Xiaochuan Interview

Peter Schiff: Dollar Collapse Will Be the Single Biggest Event In Human History :: The Last Great Stand

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