March Forward in the EU

March Forward in the EU

A really big day in the EU and especially in Germany.

In my weekly report for the March 6-13, I mentioned the coming Sun opposition Jupiter aspect in some detail as it is the biggest astrology event of the week.  What makes it even more interesting is the coincidence of transits for the EU.

Let’s take a look.  Here’s a few good stories.  The big issue is the Syrian refugees storming the border crossings in Greece.  The whole immigration crisis is causing a split in the EU and this is all reflected in the astrology of the moment.

Uranus represents the highest level of attainment in the life.  As such, it is concerned with the spiritual evolution and adaptation of the individual.  It also rules rebellious behavior, the desire for freedom and unrestricted movement.  The first square from Uranus happens for everyone in the mid-20’s.  It is a time when you put aside the foolish and worthless aspects of youth and create a new structure for your spiritual evolution.  It is typical and society has it’s own ceremonies for this, like college graduation, and getting married.

But the square to Neptune is quite a bit different.  Neptune represents the collective, all of humanity.  So this aspect is characterized as a time when you put aside, cut yourself off from those individuals who do not fit your need for spiritual evolution.  It is time in your life when you seek to remove spiritual parasites from yourself so that you can make progress and evolve.  This requires adaptation, change.  The change often takes the form of a new structure in life which effectively embodies the new values and beliefs that you have adopted in order to take your next step in evolution.

Neptune/Pisces rules beliefs.  Uranus is change.  All Uranus-Neptune transits produce a change in beliefs.  And because of this, you often don’t know what you belief until after the transit has passed.  However, the nature of the square is to build something, a new structure, so some action is required at the square.  If a new structure itself cannot be immediately built, then the forces of change erupt into violence thereby bring to light the changes that need to occur.

When you add the Jupiter trine to the mix, we see a whole new dimension emerge.  Jupiter expands, looks for solutions.  It is mutable, so it can change.  Jupiter perceives, so it lights the way.  The trine indicates create solutions to the problem.  The fact that’s it’s in earth signs, means a new structure is almost guaranteed to emerge from all of this.  Jupiter presides of legal matters, so new laws and changes to existing laws are also sure to come at this time.  If not on this pass, the certainly by the next pass which is set to happen again on July 12.

Between now and then we will see the aspect Jupiter trine Pluto occur twice, March 16 and June 26.  The first occurrence of this aspect was last October and it coincided with transits to China’s chart.  The result was a new currency which has had profound effects in the world of international finance.  A new structure was created.  The next two passes of Jupiter trine Pluto will produce more of the same, most likely.  Only now, the changes will become more widespread as the effects of the first pass build momentum and further changes for the better come into being.

The changes set to occur this year are unprecedented and all encompassing.  This week in the EU will be fantastic to see what new laws are put forth to deal with the situation.  And of course, which politicians will suffer defeat as a result.  It looks like Angela Merkel is having some serious problems.

In Germany we see the Uranus square Saturn transit coincidental with Jupiter trine Saturn.  The confluence of these 2 transits to Saturn means a lot of tension on authority figures and structures.  Add the Jupiter opposition Moon and people will want to take to the streets and voice their opinions.  People are demanding changes and they have the energy and vision to see it through.  The crisis caused by the square is a crisis between the higher needs of the people (Uranus) and tradition (Saturn).  If leadership cannot provide the direction necessary to evolve, then the people will create a solution on their own and leave the leadership behind.

As a wise lady once taught me,  Everything is connected, everything changes, pay attention.  This is spirituality in 10 words or less.  And what’s so cool about that is it’s only 7 words, so you have room to add 3 of your own, like “Love is everything”, or “Life is good” or “Eat a quesarito”.
My point is, all of this is connected.  The Jupiter trine Pluto is bringing about changes that will effect everyone.  Check out this other story about an insurrection brewing in the USA.  I’m not sure how people are fully aware of this, but Mitt Romney just issued a not-so-thinly veiled threat against Donald Trump.  As I mentioned in my weekly report, they really want to kill him.

Take a close look at this story and you will see a sub-plot begin to emerge: The Brokered Convention.  This is something that I have been thinking about for a little while ever since I started doing research on the astrology of the Republic and Democratic Conventions.  I will give a quick preview of a much more in-depth video in the making.

We see here that Uranus is set to retrograde precisely on a square to the USA’s Mercury during both conventions.  This is ominous.  This foretells a time when the people (Uranus) will be left out of the decision making process (Mercury).  I have examined the charts of the major candidates and I can see that this coincides with some really interesting transits for the major players.  Just to give you a little tease for the Democrats.

But for this week, let’s stay focused on the EU and Germany in particular.  Let’s see what progressive changes arise from the current crisis.

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