Weekly Astrology Notes March 13-20, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes March 13-20, 2016

Note:  Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) starting 3/13

The overall theme you can see by looking at the chart is that Jupiter in Virgo is strongly influenced, including opposition to the stellum in Pisces, trine to Pluto happening this week, square to Saturn happening next week and a quincunx to Uranus.  This strongly influenced Jupiter is increasing awareness and causing people to seek new ways to expand their lives.  Prosperity is very important to everyone right now, it’s like an indicator of whether or not you are connected to the collective.

Sharing vision and perspective is essential now for your own spiritual growth.  You need to expand your sphere of awareness.  Best to initiate some action to grow via working (Virgo) with others (opposition is a Libra aspect, signifies others).

Politics is also rather important right now as Jupiter is concerned with conventional wisdom and how it is broadcast in society.  So this is certainly having a strong effect on the current US Presidential campaigns.

Another theme I wanted to point out is that soon the Sun leaves Pisces and enters Aires,  so it’s time for new beginnings.  If there is something that you want to let go of, some emotional constraint or bad habit, this would be a good week to do that.  The Vernal Equinox on Saturday will provide a burst of fresh life force energy from Mother Earth, so it is best to let go now so you can take in more of that new energy and regenerate.

In addition, we have a big Mercury day coming up on Monday-Tuesday.


1:46am – Moon (Taurus) sextile Sun (Pisces)
Void of Course begins.
Nice time for meditation and an absolutely excellent time for a massage on Sunday morning.  Taurus loves to be stroked.

Daylight Savings Begins at 2am.  Times are now Pacific Daylight Time.

2:03pm – Moon enters Gemini
Moon is in it’s death cycle in Gemini, the last step in the 12-step process that begins with Cancer/4th house.  It feels like Pisces because the energy of Gemini causes the energy of the Moon to dissipate into temporary activities, thus depriving the Moon of the stability it craves.

5:21pm – Moon (Gemini) square Venus (Pisces)
A nice square.  Follow your Instincts.

6:42pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Mars (Sagittarius)
Great aspect for bringing women and men together.  Increases sexual attraction.  Mars is rather adventurous in Sagittarius, just don’t expect commitment as love is mercurial with Moon in Gemini.

Overall some really nice aspects for going out on Sunday evening.


A busy day with lots of aspects, including three planetary aspects, actually 4 if you include the Mercury aspect happening at 2am the next morning.  Overall, you will need to be careful about what you say as lots of subconscious energies may arise.  Note Moon is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury, so this is the most Mercurial day we’ve have so far this year.  This day is definitely a day to expand mentally.  Your instincts will drive you to communicate in new ways and with people very possibly very different from yourself.  You will need to challenge yourself or be prepared to get challenged, one way or the other you will be forced to communicate in a variety of situations today.   Overall it’s a day of letting go of control.

This is an excellent opportunity to really get in touch with the more profound side of Mercury.  It rules the conscious mind, and as such, acts as the gateway to the subconscious.  Where we put out attention (Mercury) we are.  Spiritual awareness carries with it an incredible instinct for the present moment.  Those who have read the book “The Power of Now” by Echhart Tolle, know precisely what I am referring to.  Your energy follows your attention.  You go where your energy goes.  Mercury is the arrow that points the flow of our energy.

During this time while Mercury is in the sign of Pisces, your energy can and will flow almost anywhere.  Pisces respects no boundaries.  It treats all life equally.  This is hard to grasp for the critical and decisive conscious mind.  People who pride themselves on conscious awareness of the “facts on the ground” may find this time rather unsettling.  While in Pisces, the conscious mind tends to wander and is not so concerned with the facts.  With Pisces, all causes bleed into one, so the facts don’t matter so much, we’re all gonna die anyway.

For pretty much everyone I know, including myself, events are not going precisely as planned.  There is a tendency to relax into the moment and dwell on memories and feelings.  In general we find ourselves much more aware and concerned about other people’s feelings.  We tend to spend more time just chatting with friends as it seems to make reality more solid.

The primary trait that you need in order to deal with this, and any Pisces aspect or transit, is flexibility.  After all, Pisces is the king and final dispositor of all the mutable signs, so mutability is it’s stock and trade.  If your are not flexible, then you get confused and are apt to not consider other people’s feelings. This leads to isolation, a common result from Pisces transits, aspects.  In fact, Pisces rules prisons and the things the society hides or sweeps under the rug.

So the thing to remember now is flexibility.  Don’t look for confirmation of your beliefs in concrete, physical terms.  Realize instead that your beliefs are based on your experiences and that other people have different beliefs because they have different experiences, not because they are foolish.  Understand that other people have beliefs and feelings based on things you either can’t or don’t want to see.  This is where you can really learn from others.  Other people may reveal to you uncomfortable truths about yourself.  Things you don’t see can trip you up and things you refuse to see can knock you over.  Learn from others.  Any you can do that now easier than other times.  Compassion for self and others is an absolute necessity, otherwise you will miss the expansion of consciousness offered by this moment.  And that’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, expansion of consciousness.

Also, let us remember that Mercury and Gemini rules the arms and hands.  So working with your hands takes on an etheric quality.  The conscious energy or life force or chi that flows through your arms and hands will want to respond to prompting from the subconscious mind, not just the conscious mind.  You must feed this need for your mind to consciously connect with the subconscious forces within and around you.  In my life experience, there is nothing better than drumming to accomplish this healing task.  But of course any music or artistic endeavor is recommended. You need to let go of control of your hands and let them demonstrate an innate intelligence of their own.

So, with Mercury in Pisces and Moon in Gemini and 3 Mercury in Pisces aspects plus 1 Venus in Pisces aspect, this day could be rather significant for some.  The realizations and/or confusion that can come at this time are fantastic.  Use caution while driving.

7:07am – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)
Confusing.  People have a hard time expressing their feelings and listening to others.  Not a good time to demand a heart to heart talk yet that is precisely what some will want.  Some folks just won’t want to get out of bed today.  Begin the day by recalling your dreams.  Don’t be afraid of building a structure for your dreams.   This way you can make peace with the cloudy, dream-like energy that will seem to pervade everything today.

12:26pm – Mercury (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)
Communication with authority figures is poor, you’ll need to go over the details once the air clears.  A rush to make an important decision may lack consideration for other people’s feelings.  Unconventional or superstitious beliefs (Pisces) disagree with conventional wisdom (Sagittarius).  Often, the need to defend one’s views arises and this is when we encounter people’s prohibitive beliefs.  The result can be a severing of feelings or lack of compassion for other people’s feelings.  Some folks may try to preach at this time.  And for some, the tendency may be to give in and allow themselves to be used as a doormat, or criticized unfairly, and that would be the worst manifestation.   Instead the need is to listen to what others have to say.  The best way is to quietly listen and offer emotional support without compromising your values.   Those who try to assert a position of religious or spiritual authority are likely to fall on their words today.  You may desire a lot of mental activity.  Just try not to get too critical or narrow-minded.

1:48pm – Venus (Pisces) square Mars (Sagittarius)
Relations between the sexes can seem a bit aroused, but things can get a bit confusing.  Mars in Sagittarius wants to run and play, find new paths while Venus in Pisces is sullen and needs reassurance.  Selfish Mars could spoil the moment.  If you direct your Mars energy towards generosity (Sagittarius) then you could accomplish a lot.  Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid of taking time to attend to someone else.  Compromise is the key with this aspect.  Use the strong attraction energy to assert generosity and warmth.

Note: With the following Moon aspects, it could be a bit too stimulating.  Don’t take what anyone says too seriously as people are apt to abstract thinking with their mouth open.  People may change their mind constantly.  Overall poor time for negotiations.  However, the Mercury aspect at the end may give the evening a special twist as the intensity of the Mercury sextile Pluto will pervade through all this evenings Moon aspects.

5:54pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius)
People are cool, aloof.  Important that you eat a nice, warm dinner in a relaxing environment.  Eat a nice bowl of soup.  Quick, on the go or cold food is contraindicated.  With Moon in Gemini, people may want to eat in their car.  Not a good idea especially with the next aspect.

6:44pm – Moon (Gemini) square Mercury (Pisces)
Unclear thinking.  Serious driving precaution.  Take extra time to get to you destination.

7:51pm – Moon (Gemini) square Jupiter (Virgo)
Potential to indulge, be careful.  Can be hard to handle the critical energy, some folks will seek to drown it out with indulgence.  Can make for impulsive driving.  Drive defensively.

10:36pm – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires)
Aires feeds lots of fire to the Mercurial Moon.  Can be argumentative.  Thoughts stream by at a fast pace.  You’ll need a notepad if you want to remember.

11:57pm – Mercury (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)
All Mercury-Pluto aspects enhance mental focus, hence any mental activity is intensified.  The sextile increases intelligence so it’s a great aspect for any mental activity.  This is rather helpful this evening as it will increase mental focus and determination.

Awareness of tradition and family memories may arise, enticing us to make a connection with departed loved ones, or explore past life memories.  Unearthing old memories is much easier now as Pluto in Capricorn gives our minds the energy and confidence necessary to explore the depths of our subconscious without fear.  One of the best aspects for uncovering things hidden in a deep, protected place within.

Strong recommendation for meditation and/or healing work.


2:42am – Mercury (Pisces) opposition Jupiter (Virgo)
Expands the mind like no other.  Jupiter expands and Pisces has no limitation.  Virgo keeps the process going and we find this to be one of the most mentally expansive moments in a long time.  Visions galore!  Perceptions, ideas, ways to expand, travel ideas (especially overseas) come to mind, a desire compare your perspective with others.  This aspect requires that you be with others more than the others.  The square early the previous day kind of isolates you, and the sextile a few hours before gets you focused which can be done alone.  But this opposition begs for company, otherwise with whom will you compare perspectives.  You need others to help you grow with this aspect so seek the company of learned people who can expand your mind and will enjoy having their mind expanded by you.

The negative side of this aspect is that you may want to overlook details (although the Pluto sextile should counter that) and some folks may become bombastic or professorial, think they know it all.  But that’s not too pronounced in these signs.  Just don’t talk over others or interrupt everyone and you’ll find the conversation stimulating.

10:03am – Moon (Gemini) square Sun (Pisces)
Void of Course begins.
Consider using the void of course to relax.  After yesterday’s heavy day and tomorrow as well, people will want to shut down for a while and recharge.

5:57pm – Moon enters Cancer
Moon rules Cancer.  Wonderful time plant, play in the garden.


2:44am – Moon (Cancer) trine Venus (Pisces)
12:10pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces)
What nice Moon aspects.  If you can’t find the fairies in your garden this morning, you really need help.  No, seriously, these two Moon aspects are the best for connecting to nature spirits.

1:26pm – Jupiter (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)
This is the big event this week astrologically.  The second of 3 passes.  The first was October 12, 2015, the last will be June 26.

From a geopolitical perspective, this aspect is one of the most important aspects in the financial world in the last 50 years!  Unfortunately most folks don’t quite realize it.  The new BRICS alliance, the new banking system to shut down the corrupt western-backed financial system, these things will soon effect all of us in profound ways.  The main reason, as I see it, that this aspect is so important is that this is the first time that we’ve had Jupiter trine Pluto in earth signs in more than 50 years.  That is why the magnitude of physical manifestation is so great.  The personal effects of this aspect vary depending on how connected you are personally to world events.

Nonetheless, we should all be experiencing a change for the better in our lives.  We should all be using this energy to get out there and make transformation happen in our lives.  You can’t sit back with the trine, you must get up and take the initiative.  Creativity is required.  Utilize (Capricorn) this time wisely (Sagittarius), to expand (Jupiter) the range of your connection to the collective (Pluto).  Doing something that is for the benefit of society is a must.  Pluto requires we use the energy of the collective for the good of the collective.  Put aside past grievances (Pluto) and let go of the pain.  You can expand to get a greater understanding of the pain you have felt from others and grow beyond it.  Pluto holds a grudge, holds onto pain and seeks revenge.  This is the worst aspect of Pluto primarily because those feelings block us from renewal and transformation.  But with this aspect, you can overcome personal grudges by growing beyond them.  Seek ways to commit yourself to a higher purpose and you will realize that pains from the past will get much smaller relative to the new, expanded person you have become.

With Jupiter in Virgo, adopting a spiritual discipline is necessary with this aspect.  If you want to manifest the energy, you MUST adopt some sort of spiritual or religious discipline (hygiene).  All religious discipline is based on the notion of hygiene.  Show me a religious practice, and I will show you how it is all just a form of hygiene.  Prayer and meditation cleanse the mind and aura, that’s hygiene.  Even the followers of Pythagorus, the famous Greek mathematician, who dwelt on the island of Samos had a particular ritual of making their bed every morning as soon as they got up because it cleanses the aura of etheric energy you may have contacted in your sleep.  It’s all ritual hygiene.  In fact, most ceremonies are group ritual hygiene.

The reason for this is that Virgo is the last square before Sagittarius.  Here Jupiter finds the lessons necessary for success.  It is here where every planet finds reality hits hard.   If you want to succeed in any sign/house, look to the sign/house at the 10th step (last square) in the 12 step process.  For Sagittarius, success requires Virgo.  That means self-discipline.  You must adopt some sort of regular commitment to your goal.  This aspect gives you that opportunity, it would be a shame to waist it.  So commit yourself to a spiritual practice that benefits others.

For those of you with planets at 17 degrees and in strong aspect to one or both of these planets, this is a time of transformation.  One the first pass last year, I experienced this personally and it changed my life.  I started this YouTube channel under the influence of this aspect!  So check your chart, and your friends and loved ones too.  As always I leave the comments open for folks who have questions and I will do my best to help everyone who asks.  But really you should try to figure out what transits you are having on your own, as it is a necessary practice if you want to practice astrology.


Some wonderful Pisces aspects for St. Patrick’s Day.  By the way, Ireland is, in many ways, a Pisces nation.  So the pleasant Pisces aspects are rather fitting.

1:00am – Moon (Cancer) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)
Energy in equilibrium, emotions expand.
1:08am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn)
Energy is compulsive, driven by sexual desire.
4:39am – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires)
Energy is intelligent and self-determined, desires freedom from restriction.
9:17am – Moon (Cancer) trine Mercury (Pisces)
A nice aspect for considering other people’s feelings.  Also great for gardening.
9:09pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Sun (Pisces)
Void of Course begins.
Take a nice hot bath.  A wonderful trine for relaxing and enjoying the company of just about anyone.


12:54am – Moon enters Leo
Moon in Leo loves hobbies.  Attend to your favorite hobby this weekend.

8:46am – Moon (Leo) trine Mars (Sagittarius)
Great aspect to be on stage.  Everyone likes to overact, so be on look out for theatrical displays.  Expands the Moon in Leo, desire to have fun and pursue personal interests.

Vernal Equinox
8:08am – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)
Attend to what’s important in life.  Saturn needs to feel the warmth of the Moon so it knows what it’s working so hard for.  This aspect reminds us why we forgo pleasure most of the time, which is to enjoy the moments that give us the feeling of inner success so we can regenerate.  Good for spending time with the family.

1:43pm – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires)
Void of Course begins.
Desire for freedom, feel the fresh air in your face.

9:31pm – Sun enters Aires
A fresh new start.  A new beginning.  The start of the Astrological Year.  Regenerate! Regenerate! Regenerate! Make it your mantra.  Life isn’t about how you deal with your past, it’s about how you embrace the present moment.

Palm Sunday
10:39am – Moon enters Virgo
Moon in Virgo likes to be prompt.  It’s time to emotionally digest.  People seek emotional hygiene, whether it be prayer in church, cleaning your home, or working with the earth to ground  and remove emotional impurities from the mental body.  This is the best way to overcome the critical energy

10:46am – Venus conjunct Neptune (Pisces)
This aspect gives me notions of people loosing themselves in religious ceremony.  Women will enjoy getting “dolled-up” under this aspect.  Why?  Venus loves to look perfect when Neptune or Pisces is involved, today we have both.  This aspect makes us want to “love everyone”.  We see others in a perfect light, not at all realistic, but a necessary perspective to help overcome the mundane and jaded way we view one another.  Don’t expect perfection from others.  Indulge in artistic endeavors, best to loose yourself in that.

8:13pm – Moon (Virgo) square Mars (Sagittarius)
An aspect to watch out for marginalizing someone’s feelings.  Any desire (Mars) must get the respect of proper procedure (Virgo).  Sagittarius doesn’t like specificity or limitations and may act in a brisk manner.  Another reminder to bring out the best in Sagittarius by being generous.

Interesting Stories

2 million year old figurine found in Idaho.

New Zealand archaeology story.  In a totally unrelated story that will help provide the necessary contrast to view our world, I offer this wonderful video to a story about the early inhabitants of New Zealand.  There were blond haired people, red-hairded people and even fairy beings who dwelt in the forest.  Information like this should give us pause to think about how little we know about life and human history.  Our current view of humanity and of life in general is very gross, and in many ways devoid of the notion of any history other than the one we were taught in school.  In particular, populations of totally peaceful, harmless, docile humanoids are left to fiction when in fact they were once in abundance.  What if the current human population could live that way?

The vote heard round the world!  Unfortunately not enough have heard it yet.  Maybe we can put the word out.  Check out this video about a 2011 vote by the Los Angeles City to move to amend the Constitution so that corporations are not given the same rights as human beings.  This is a particularly important political point that I feel must be made now.  I support the organization MovetoAmend.org, so I should mention that.  I don’t support many causes, but this is one of them.

Thanks for viewing.  We are all loved.  Please leave comments.

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