Weekly Astrology Notes March 20-27, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes March 20-27, 2016

Note:  Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Aspects
John McCain
Bashir al-Assad and Syria
Hillary Clinton
Huma Abedin
Recep Erdogan

Thanks to my subscribers for sticking with me.  That big Mercury day we  early in the week really effected me.  My head was in the clouds and I think it was reflected in last week’s video.  I’m wondering, did anyone else experience a really expansive yet confusing time Sunday-Monday-Tuesday?

Our biggest aspect this week is Jupiter (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius), happens on Wednesday.

A challenging Thursday and Friday morning, but a great set of aspects to start the coming weekend.

Palm Sunday
10:39am – Moon enters Virgo
Moon in Virgo likes to be prompt.  It’s time to emotionally digest.  People seek emotional hygiene, whether it be prayer in church, cleaning your home, or working with the earth to ground  and remove emotional impurities from the mental body.  This is the best way to overcome the critical energy.

10:46am – Venus conjunct Neptune (Pisces)
A slightly different interpretation this week.  This aspect produces daydreaming and idealistic ideas of romance and spirituality.  If your heart is in the clouds today, you’ll know why.  Due to the spiritual element and this being Palm Sunday, this aspect gives me notions of people loosing themselves in religious ceremony.  Women tend to enjoy looking perfect under this aspect.  Why?  Neptune rules illusion (Hollywood) and Venus loves to look perfect when Neptune or Pisces is involved, today we have both.  This aspect makes us want to “love everyone”.  We see others in a perfect light, not at all realistic, but a necessary perspective to help overcome the mundane and jaded way we view one another.  Don’t expect perfection from others.  Indulge in artistic endeavors, best to loose yourself in that.

8:13pm – Moon (Virgo) square Mars (Sagittarius)
Can make for attraction between the sexes, but an aspect to watch out for marginalizing someone’s feelings.  Any desire (Mars) must get the respect of proper procedure (Virgo).  Sagittarius doesn’t like specificity or limitations and may act in a brisk manner.  Another reminder to bring out the best in Sagittarius by being generous.

7:00am – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces)
9:14am – Moon (Virgo) opposition Venus (Pisces)
A bit blurry this morning as our feelings get extended to those in need or to hidden or forgotten things.  Be careful of being drained as your emotional energy dissolves into the environment.

5:19pm – Mercury enters Aires and will be in Aires until only April 6th, so that’s less than 2 ½ weeks.
It was an interesting ride while Mercury was in Pisces.  I had some mystical experiences that kind of changed my view of reality and some of my beliefs.  Maybe others recently decided to drop some of their beliefs as well. Pisces rules beliefs and while in Pisces, Mercury showed us our hidden beliefs and petty ego concerns.  This way we can identify them and let them go.

When Mercury enters Aires our minds move faster and like to get a lot accomplished.  Aires says “I am”. So people identify with what they are thinking and aren’t afraid to say it.  Communication is less cloudy now and thinking is more rapid and more objective.  People can get more done.  This is a wonderful addition to Sun in Aires as it will make it really feel like spring.

7:07pm- Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius)
7:27pm – Moon (Virgo) conjunct Jupiter
Taken together these two Moon aspect say the opposite thing.  Important to note the Jupiter/Sagittarius is involved in both, so that means people expand emotionally, but with the square may feel inhibited, like there is an insecurity underneath.

8:54pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)
Void of Course begins, continues until the next evening.  All day Tuesday Moon is V/C.
Stimulates sensitivity.  Good time to work at home improvement projects.

No exact aspects.
10:23pm – Moon enters Libra
Moon is happy and harmonious in Libra, never crass or unkempt.

Big Aspect of the Week

3:15am – Jupiter (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius)

On a societal level, this aspect can cause fights as people struggle to establish their viewpoints as the basis for conventional wisdom.  Everyone thinks they are right, and that’s how fights happen.

Society should contract when Jupiter squares Saturn, however this may not be the usual case this time.  With Saturn in Sagittarius, we could see some vain attempts to expand.  The expansion is always some method or vehicle for establishing their viewpoint in society.  I like to call it a “Tower of Babel”, because that’s what it seems like.  But recall the Tower of Babel soon fell and afterward, no one talked to one another any more.  That’s what this aspect feels like.  Some people cut ties with one another under this influence due to serious disagreements of perspective.

Jupiter in Virgo also has ability to see great significance in small details and wants to make a lot of corrections.  This Saturn square is a catalyst to bring that to the surface.  Problems arise when people think they have the whole truth but really just one part of it.  Disappointment comes when you place all of your hopes in just one place rather than being satisfied with finding truth wherever you happen to find it.

People have an intense craving for the truth now, like it’s essential nourishment or a drug that produces mystical visions.  And folks are willing to go through great lengths to find truth and broadcast it.  This is where we see vain attempts to expand.  There is little that can be done to stop it because people are convinced they have found the truth and you are the devil if you try and stop them.  This aspect will bring out the polarity in society.  An open fight is possible.

An interesting trait, both signs are concerned with religious initiation or rights of passage.  Letter of the law – procedural due process (Virgo) vs. spirit of the law – substantive due process (Sagittarius).  Virgo holds the door closed to all but those who perform the necessary rights while Sagittarius hold the door wide open to enable all to enter.  So at this time, political discourse is not limited to just the few who passed the necessary rights of passage (political establishment talking heads), but now everyone may contribute.

This aspect swings the political door wide open, so to speak, and invites everyone to join in the discussion.  So politics is expected to reach a fever pitch at this time as we experience the full range of people’s views and the full extent of their discontent.  People feel the need to establish a valid and respectable perspective and make a firmly held political viewpoint.  In a way, everyone wants respect for their opinion now.

While we are at this square to Saturn, we sense a crisis to grow in both ourselves and in the world, and it stimulates the need to make a change.  In general, we are more aware and concerned about success and failure in our lives and in society at this time.  We are more concerned with whether or not our lives provide us with room to grow.  We look for heroes to help us out of the mess we that perceive.  So we look to our leaders to see how they are handling the crisis.  And what they say means a lot more to us than usual.  So at this time, some leaders loose popularity and some gain, depending on how they handle the crisis.

Of course we are in the middle of the US presidential election cycle, so this only adds fuel to the fire.  Also, Jupiter and Sagittarius are concerned with judicial proceedings, so the potential for legal action around this time is high.  Let’s hope for an indictment for some of our politicians.

Beyond the USA, look for more grand announcements by political and religious leaders.

But getting caught up in politics is a terrible distraction from the personal issues.  On a personal level, this aspect asks us to re-evaluate our lives and remove people and circumstances that are holding us back.  If other people decide to leave your life now, do not be too concerned.  They were probably holding you back and you didn’t realize it.  There is a lot of letting go that can come with this aspect.

Last week I spoke about Jupiter in Virgo and how we learn the value and necessity of having some sort of religious discipline in our lives.  This discipline or regular practice makes the religious experience successful.  That is the key notion.  The 10th step in the 12 step process is the point of success or failure.  Jupiter is currently in its’ 10th step while in Virgo.  Jupiter is asking us to develop a spiritual practice.  So, rather than worrying about loss of friends or building your Tower of Babel, look for ways to incorporate a regular discipline in your spiritual practice.  It will change the energy within you and you won’t get so caught up in social polarity.

The general worry that accompanies this aspect is not major unless of course you happen to have natal planets at the same degree at the square (16d24′).  And there are a couple of political figures that do and I will share that at the end of the video.

4:11am – Moon (Libra) opposition Mercury (Aires)
5:01am –  Moon (Libra) opposition Sun (Aires)
Two early morning oppositions create polarity between emotional needs and the need to express your ideas and your individuality.  Emotional needs are incorporated in what you say and do.
Lunar Eclipse.  Here’s a link to follow that.

9:33am – Moon (Libra) sextile Mars (Sagittarius)
A nice aspect for working well with others.  Harmonious Libra enjoys the fire energy and wants to expand.
1:11pm – Sun (Aires) conjunct Mercury
People will want to talk today.  Overall a great day for communication.  Aires initiates, so no one is shy to get the conversation going.  Politics, ruled by Mercury, takes on more importance today as people identify with their political beliefs and will want to talk about it with like minded people. Overall, people are a bit smarter today.

7:33am – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)
9:26am – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)
Two morning Moon aspects indicating people will want to be alone, so try not to be too demanding of others this morning.  Utilizing the energy of the square to help someone can alleviate the self-criticism that you feel.
1:55pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires)
Void of Course begins, continues until next morning.
People in the mood for freedom, some will be argumentative.  Feeling the need for stimulation, some folks won’t be interested in mundane tasks.
3:45pm – Mercury (Aires) trine Mars (Sagittarius)
Mental confidence.  People will see an opportunity to get their point across.  Conversations become sporting events.  Ideas want to run and expand.  Lots of talking, lots of exchange of ideas and people expanding their views in light of new information.  Much like yesterday, a strong day for political concerns.  Let’s hope all of this strong Mercury energy means some politician just got indicted.

Note the early planetary aspects for Friday are in effect on Thursday evening.


3:01am – Saturn goes retrograde at 16d24′ Sagittarius
Saturn goes retrograde until 9d46′ on August 13th.  After that it will go up to 27d, then retro down to 21d.  Just like some of the early degrees of Sagittarius, Saturn will visit 16d24′ through 21d11′ only once.

4:58am – Venus (Pisces) opposition Jupiter (Virgo)
A usually nice opposition has some difficulties due to Venus in Pisces.    Be careful about overindulgence as Venus in Pisces looses it sense of limits.  The problem arises when we want to get along with everyone and in the process, loose ourselves.  Be careful divulging secrets to strangers.

9:48am – Venus (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)
This aspect indicates difficulty in relating to others.  It’s time for sober consideration of how you relate to others.  It’s a good time to be alone.  But Sagittarius may confuse some to think it’s a Jupiter aspect and add more indulgence.

Just like the two Moon aspects from Monday morning, these two Venus aspects say opposite things.  The schizophrenic effect can produce some rather strange behavior.  People may be very accessible on the outside, but cold on the inside.  People are more sensitive to the effects of mind altering substances.   Insecurities and unrealistic expectations are felt acutely and people seek to hide the pain with alcohol or drugs.  Use caution today as your feelings can get lost in Pisces delusion and oversensitivity and you may accidentally say something you later regret.

11:09am – Moon enters Scorpio
Fixed emotional energy can accomplish a lot.  People have more energy.  If you’re a gardened, like myself, Scorpio Moon is excellent for digging deep in the soil, such as tilling the soil for your spring garden. Planting seeds is also favored.

Note Saturday early morning planetary aspects are in effect on Friday evening.

3:33am – Sun (Aires) trine Mars (Sagittarius)
We just Mercury trine Mars a couple days prior, so it’s now the Sun’s turn.  Ego energies are in harmony.  People want to get active and move around.  A great day for physical activity and stretching your muscles.

4:10am – Venus (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)
A great aspect for being with others and helping others.  People are very tolerate of others’ needs are much more willing to lend a helping hand.  Teaching, getting advice from learned people, doing something to help the community, improving your home or immediate environment, all these activities are favored.  This aspect brings out the compassion in Venus and Pisces.

With the Moon in Scorpio, this makes for a lot of strong feminine energy.  These two aspects together indicate people have energy to accomplish just about any task.  So don’t hold back.  Let it out.  Outdoor activities are best.  Wonderful aspects for camping.

8:26am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)
A wonderful Moon aspect in the morning to accent the planetary aspects.  It’s it great how that works out?

7:31pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)
10:20pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile  Pluto (Capricorn)
Two good Moon aspects for being with others and expanding your horizons.  Good aspects for conversations over dinner.

12:25am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Venus (Pisces)
A pleasant Moon aspect in water signs.

Interesting Stories

Senator John McCain’s transits.
Let’s take a look at Senator John McCain.  He is likely facing retirement this year, one way or the other.  It would be nice if justice would show up and indict him.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune could put him in the news a lot.  Jupiter rules broadcasting and Neptune enables the broadcast to reach a universal audience.  It’s a great transit is you are running for President and both Hillary and Donald have this transit coming up this year.  But 7th house is the house of open enemies so this transit could increase that.

With Saturn square Neptune it’s a bit of a crisis.   It really makes life cloudy and uncertain as it seems your goals in life (Saturn/10th house) do not fit in with the rest of humanity (Neptune) or others (7th house).  It makes you feel less than appreciated and life seems overwhelming and more importantly, unrewarding on a spiritual level.  The sense of inner dissatisfaction can be severe is you have not lived your life in spiritual communion with others.  It is a time of loss of self-confidence and inability to adjust.  The negativity that accompanies this transit often spells health problems.

As I mentioned earlier, it could very well be a health crisis that takes him down.  That would be much more convenient to an establishment that wants to avoid any sense of justice.

Bashar al-Assad’s transits.
Also take a look at Bashar al-Assad of Syria.  Russia has recently declared the military activity in Syria has come to an end and claiming victory.

He’s getting Jupiter conjunct Pluto/8th house.  Certainly very fortuitous for a guy who is fighting for his very existence.  This aspect gives him plenty of resources to fight with.

But the Saturn square Pluto says the opposite.  Resources are limited under this aspect.  So in a way you could say he is experiencing both.  He is obviously getting assistance from Russia, but at the same time his country is completely devastated as millions of refugees flee the war-torn nation of Syria.

Let’s take a look at the 1963 Event chart that created modern day Syria.  Notice the similarities between Syria and it’s leader al-Assad.  Both getting a Saturn square, a strong Jupiter transit and a Pluto sextile.  What a coincidence!  Note:  Sun opposition Sun, makes a good relationship.  Pluto sextile Neptune vs. sextile Sun (Pisces).  Time of deep transformation for both.

Given the preponderance of good transits, it seems unlikely that he or Syria will fall at this time, rather the struggle will continue for while but still come out alive.  Nonetheless, there are numerous stories floating around the internet about partitioning Syria.  Here’s one.

Hillary Clinton
She’ll be getting Jupiter sextile Venus which could actually have the effect of broadcasting her love life. It’s a wonderful feel-good about yourself transit where you want to pour affection onto those you love, but it also makes you kind of lazy, lacking ambition.  It’s an excellent vacation transit.  Does that mean she won’t get indicted?  Not necessarily.  That could still happen.  The Saturn square Jupiter could manifest that way.  However, these transits don’t support it.

Huma Abedin
Check out her chart.  Not the correct time, just a guess on my part.  Notice her Venus and Hillary’s Venus make a close square, good for age difference in relationship.  Coming close to Saturn trine Venus, but not on this pass. , good for stability in relationships, makes you rather realistic in your love life and even favors relationships with an age difference like she’s got with Hillary.  Also notice Uranus trine Mercury, an exciting time of new ideas, interesting encounters and mental agility.

Taken together, it could be that their relationship may go public in some way.

Recep Erdogan
He just came out recently and made some rather fascist statements.  He says that democracy and freedom no longer have any value.  Well ladies in gentlemen, that is what Uranus square Uranus (2nd time) looks like.  If you ever want to get an idea of the most extreme negative manifestation of this transit, here it is.  One the first square you ask yourself what aspects of my individuality serve me?  Then you restrict your freedom in a way that enables you to evolve and develop your unique talents.  One the second square you should ask yourself what aspects of my uniqueness serve the rest of humanity.  If you really are unique, you get rewarded at this time.  Also true for Uranus entering the 10th house.  If someone makes an anti-Uranus statement at this square, it means they have done nothing to develop their uniqueness in this life, so he despises the uniqueness of others.  Teaches us so much.  When we don’t develop, we become negative and it gets expressed that way.  One way or the other, it must come out, it may as well be positive.  To do this, you must see others in yourself.

Of course, it helps that Uranus makes challenging aspects to his Ascendant and Pluto is soon to conjunct his Ascendant and Jupiter about to trine his Ascendant.  That adds fuel to the fire for sure.  But it’s really important to realize that Uranus can have a very negative effect when badly influenced.  It can make people cold and unloving.

Yet he is still getting money from the west.  The EU just gave him another 6 billions Euros, this after the 3 billion earlier for which he did nothing to stem to tide of immigrants.  The west is desperate to help him because they know the outcome if he fails.

So that’s it this week for Weekly Astrology Notes.  Thanks for watching and please leave comments.

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