Astrology Trends for USA during the 2016 Presidential Conventions

Astrology Trends for the USA during the 2016 Presidential Conventions

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A brief informational video about the upcoming presidential conventions and some of the astrological trends happening.  I’ve been hearing a lot about the potential for a “brokered convention” so I began to look for it and found some interesting things to say about it.

Mitt Romney came out recently with some rather outrageous statements against Donald Trump.  He’s basically stumping for the establishment of which he is a lifetime member.

The reason why I bring him up now is because I want to show you all just how desperate the elite are about a Trump presidency.  Take a look.  Notice where he chose to give his speech.  Notice the backdrop.  It says “Hinckley Institute”.  This is a conservative Mormon organization.  But guess what?  It turns out that the great-grandson of the Hinckley who started this Institute was none other than John Hinckley Jr, the man who shot President Ronald Reagan.   Think really sincerely about that.  Do you see the connection?  For those who understand these types of things, it is clear that Mitt Romney is giving a not-so-thinly veiled death threat to Donald Trump.  This could be a rather difficult realization for some, but honestly if Trump gets elected, a lot of Romney’s buddies are going to jail.

Let’s take a look at the Presidential Conventions.  During the last two weeks in July we will see a rather challenging transit coincide with the choice of who will be the major party nominees.

Uranus (Aires) square Mercury (Cancer).  Transit for USA.
July 21 through August 8 and April 2017.  This transit is the one that could create a “brokered convention”.

Uranus represents the people and Mercury the political process, so this square will make it challenging for all the people to participate in the political process.  There will be a concerted effort to deny the opinions of some people.  Authority will attempt to restrict access to the discussions.

The second house is our personal values and Uranus our equality, so we see a challenge to prove the value of our universal values, such as equality, freedom and democracy.  And that is what is at stake during these conventions, democracy.

Aires is our identity and Cancer is our home.  So we see a challenge to demonstrate our identity as a nation that stands for universal values.  The people will demand their voice be represented.  Recall that the Moon rules Cancer and Venus rules the second house, both the feminine planets.  So this indicates a lot of disruption to our personal surroundings and agitation in the home.  Our sense of security will be shaken.  This will incite people to take action.

The square will sharply increase the amount of information flowing around the convention.  People will be required to make important decisions suddenly and quickly.  So it will be hard to render a clear decision.  The mind has a hard time functioning under this influence especially when challenged by others, and that is precisely what must happen.  People need to have their ideas challenged now.

Unexpected encounters, sudden misdirections.  It will be very hard to stick to a predefined position.  The square has the added effect of making people smarter.  So people are more aware of whether or not their opinions are being heard.  They are more aware of their social standing.  Nothing makes you more aware of your social inadequacies better than an Uranus square.

But what will really be highlighted today is the nervousness and narrow-mindedness of the establishment people.  These people don’t know it, but they are in a mind-controlled cult.  Because of this, they have not developed their unique talents and will fear the freedom of others.  These people will go a bit crazy, just like Erdogan did last week when he declared “democracy and freedom no longer have any value” after his Uranus square Uranus transit.  See my Weekly Notes for more detail on that.

If circumstances are holding back your evolution, then the square demands that you take action, overcome your inadequacy and prove your worth.  That’s the key issue.  So some people will see this as an opportunity to take the next step in their evolution and take action to ensure their future.  The square likes to build and establish something to ensure growth can occur.  But along with that comes insecurities that people have about the future.   There are a lot of people in this country who think the world will end soon.

So in summary, we could see an open fight on the convention floor and/or outside the convention.  And this could ultimately result in a “brokered convention”.  But that’s not all.

Jupiter square Mars.  People will be obnoxious, exuberant and overly-confident.  If you can focus, this transit brings very constructive energy, but if you loose control then you could undermine yourself badly.  The square requires some form of discipline in order to express itself in a positive manner.  This transit will give everyone the energy they need to make a bold move.  People will not quietly agree to have their right taken away.

Donald Trump is having what I now call the quintessential Donald transit, Jupiter square Moon.  This is the same transit he had when he said we need to end Muslim immigration.  He will be loud.  Fantastic to speak your heart to lots of people.  Add in the Jupiter square Sun in Gemini and he won’t stop talking.  Venus conjunct Pluto (Leo) the day before will give him drive and passion.

Saturn trine Pluto.  Excellent transit.  Exact on 7-27 and one more pass on 9-1.  Sustain, controlled use of power to gain authority and success.  Can draw energy from deep within and show others his ability and sincerity.  Good time to impress others.  Will help alleviate the effects of the Uranus square and give him the ability to ultimately succeed with gaining the trust of authority figures.

But the really dynamic transit he’s having is Uranus square Saturn (6/18, 9/10, 4/2/2017).  This has got potential to cause him to break with authority figures.  For sure, his ability to lead will be tested.  Unexpected actions to break free of limitations.  Crisis to incorporate flexibility and adaptability into your structure.  Break free of traditional authority figures.  Notice he’s going through Uranus trine Moon and sextile Sun as well during this time.  So he’s very intelligent and capable of attracting people across the age spectrum.  So it looks like he’s in for a hell of a fight with the establishment but will eventually win them over.

Ted Cruz is have Pluto square Moon.  This transit brings up deep repressed psychological patterns (4th house) as well as deep insecurities about self-worth and identity (1st house).  It’s a time of serious challenges to your personal life, which is in complete upheaval at this time.  A time of digging in and working harder than he’s ever worked before.  The temptation to manipulate others and play dirty leads to open displays of arrogance that could easily destroy him.  He is going to fight mean and nasty.  And he doesn’t have any positive, supporting transits to indicate success.

The thing with him is this Uranus conjunct Moon squaring Mercury in the 4th.  He feels that other people don’t listen to him.  This is a trait that reflects that same in the general population.  That’s why this guy is popular now.  Pluto is transforming that aspect of him and in the country as a whole through him.

Mitt Romney
He’s not officially running, but he sure wishes he was.  And if there is a contested convention, then he certainly wants to put his hat in the ring.  He is someone the establishment would gladly put in place in order to loose to Hillary like they really want.  Or if Hillary is indicted they want to make sure Donald doesn’t win.  Nonetheless, he is one of the guys who is leading the opposition against Donald.

Mars conjunct Moon, Jupiter and opposition Ascendant.  Confident, demanding, thinks he great.  Problem is that is opposes his Ascendant so it looks really inappropriate and poorly presented.  It will really highlight the deficiencies from his natal Mars square Ascendant which makes his ego not fit well with his personality.  With Mars in Pisces, he doesn’t realize it.   His big ego will show and it’ll look bad.

Jupiter opposition Sun.
This is sure to give him a lot of confidence and a big head as well.  Temptation is to expand, and with Sun in Pisces, there is no limit.  The overindulgence of Jupiter can take on unprecedented magnitude if you are a materialistic person.  For people like him, this transit brings a craving for possessions and prestige (10th house) without caring about others.  Details are not important, only results.  This is an very ambitious transit.

Neptune quincunx Pluto.
This is a tough one to gauge.  Interesting to note that he and Hillary are both having a Neptune quincunx at this time.

With all of these transits, it looks like Mitt just might try and bite off more than he can chew.  He could over-extend himself.

The Democratic Convention could be rather interesting as well.  Notice how the Uranus square is still pretty much exact.  But also notice that approaching Jupiter conjunct Neptune.  The whole world will be watching.

Hillary has good transits at the convention.  She is having Jupiter sextile Mercury and her Ascendant.  It’s a great transit to have while speaking to the masses.  Lots of talk.  It will expand her voice and her message and make her feel lucky, but also a bit lazy.  Note Neptune quincunx Neptune.

Bernie Sanders will face some challenging times before and during the convention.  Leading up, he is getting Uranus conjunct Mars and opposition Venus.

This opposition to Venus changes your relationship to others.  This result could go either way, some people leave him or some change to support him.  Usually, this transit causes some discontent in life to the extent that you aren’t getting the stimulus you need to evolve.  Uranus upsets your sense of balance and contentment (Venus).  This transit usually changes your relationships, could translate to people loosing their desire to support him because they seem him as unstable and not grounded in reality (too liberal).

The Uranus conjunct Mars brings out the fighter in him.  It’s explosive and unpredictable.  It brings unexpected encounters, changing circumstances, and requires adaptability.  With his natal Moon conjunct Mars, it could lead to temper tantrums on his part.  This transit requires that you change your identity,- reinvent yourself.  The difficulty depends entirely on one’s life circumstances.  For a man of his age, the ability to change is limited and that will make it difficult.  He’s going to get frustrated and impatient with others.  He could use the transit to identify (Mars) with change (Uranus) and cast himself as the embodiment  of progressive value.  He will insist on his (Mars, Aires) progressive (Uranus) ideas and not listen to others.  The best of this transit is that it will give him a lot of energy and get him to move around a lot.

But of more concern is Mars opposition Saturn happening exactly on July 28.  People will hit him in his weak spots.  His ability to meet the physical demands of the presidency will be called into question and people will criticize him a lot.  Isolation often occurs during this transit, so it raises serious doubts at to whether or not he will be nominated, despite the fact that he’s having great transits during the overall campaign.

In Summary, people will try to push him aside at the convention and put in a replacement if Hillary doesn’t succeed or gets indicted.

But what if Hillary is indicted and the democratic convention is brokered?

Note Joe Biden’s transits on July 28th.  It just so happens he is having Saturn opposition Saturn, last of 3 passes, exactly on that day.  Not exactly your rise to the top kind of transit, more of take stock of your life and see if it’s still meeting your expectations.  It can either be a time of increased responsibility or a time of limitations in your work environment.  For him it may be the former because of his natal Uranus conjunct Saturn.  He may rise as a dark horse candidate, just like Romney.

But if Hillary is not indicted, then she will likely get the nomination.

Nonetheless, we can expect a big fight at both of the conventions.  And with Uranus square Mercury, the true value of democracy in the USA is what this fight is all about.

In Summary, I hope this gives us all a better picture as to who is up and who is down and why.  For me personally, I am learning a lot about astrology by doing these videos and I hope you find them useful as well.  It’s a different way to learn astrology.  It  helps to see other people’s transits and how they are expressed and thereby understand my own growth process better.  For example, the challenge of the Uranus square has been the most significant challenge of my lifetime.  Also I am currently having another Uranus square transit.  So this coming Uranus square for the USA is something that I can reflect upon and learn.  I hope to shed light on others who study astrology and want to know what certain transits can do for you.

Of important note for social scientists like myself, is that the aspects and transits of the politicians reflect trends in society.  Ben Carson embodied a generation of people looking to finally make the political change they had always hoped from.  Ted Cruz embodies the feeling of an entire segment of the population who feels that no one listens to them.  Donald Trump embodies the reactionary spirit in American politics.  And Recep Erdogan, the man who hates freedom, embodies the feelings of a man who has lived a life without nurturing his unique talents.  What a good learning lesson that is for all of us?  Like ’em or not, they reflect something important in each one of us.

Thanks once again for viewing and please leave comments.

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