Weekly Astrology Notes April 3-10, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes April 3-10, 2016

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Weekly Astrology Notes April 3-10, 2016

Note:  Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

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Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will have extended Moon Void of Course periods lasting from early morning to late in the evening.

Four Sun (Aires) aspects to outer planets this week.  The same happened last week with Mercury.

On Tuesday, Mercury enters Taurus and Venus enters Aires.

Weekly Aspects

5:56am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires)
Emotions open to new ideas.

4:16pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Mercury (Aires)
Similar to morning aspect, emotions are open, good for communication.
Void of Course begins.

10:46pm – Moon enters Pisces
Try not to worry about the world’s problems.  The Moon is in it’s 9th /Sagittarius step and loves to expand across the ocean of Pisces.  The more you practice unconditional acceptance, the farther you can go.  If however, you get critical, then you sink into the depths and get emotionally lost.  Like a boat on the ocean, it doesn’t help to get angry at the waves.  Acceptance is the basic mind-set of the sailor.  Once you learn that, you can sail the ocean of humanity.


2:00am – Sun (Aires) quincunx Jupiter (Virgo)
That feeling arises that it’s now or never.  People feel compelled to expand in a precise manner or direction, like it’s time for that perfect correction, that one thing you need to remove obstacles to your growth (Jupiter). Go for it.

12:01pm – Moon (Pisces) square Mars (Sagittarius)
Inspired Mars isn’t interested in cloudy emotions.  Tensions rise.

4:42pm – Moon (Pisces) conjunct Neptune
Paint something, dance, play music, whatever it takes to stay on top of the waves.

11:34pm – Moon (Pisces) opposition Jupiter (Virgo)
Expansion of emotions, lack of discipline, indulgent, loud.  The emotional cloud expands and you want to grow but aren’t sure how.  Be careful of using mind altering substances, use moderation.

Long V/C today. Mercury and Venus change signs today.  Look for a big switch in the energy.

1:42am – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)
May feel like being alone.
3:33am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)
Emotions desire to help, care for others.
Void of Course beings, continues all day until late in the evening.

9:09am – Sun (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)
Wonderful aspect for getting along well with authority figures, people willing to work because they see the pay-off.  Good day for planning your future, getting in touch with your life goals.  Good day for deciding legal issues as people’s minds will be clear, sober and judicious.  Will help calm the day and get work done.

9:51am – Venus enters Aires, in that sign until May 1.
Venus is in it’s fall in Aires.  Venus can be a bit self-centered in Aires, and demands attention.  Why? Because Venus becomes self aware in Aires and notices it’s the most beautiful.  So we all become a bit more aware of our beautiful side and want to accentuate that.  Venus also represents our affinity, things that we are attracted to, things that make us feel whole, comfortable, sensual.  So we are more assertive about what we like and more willing to pursue it.

Special Note:  After observing the astrology surrounding false flag events and other dark ceremonies, it seems like the dark cabal chooses dates which correspond to astrological events on the Ascendant-Descendant axis (0 degrees Aires and 0 degrees Libra). 3 events to support this theory: (1) September 23, 2015 – Popes visit to Washington DC while Sun conjunct North Node at 0 degrees Libra.  (2) November13, 2016 – Paris attack while Mars at 0 degrees Libra.   (3) March 22, 2016 – Brussels attack while Mercury at 0 degrees Aires.  So, let’s see if this Venus enters Libra produces another false flag event.

4:10pm – Mercury enters Taurus, in that sign until June 13, so that’s almost 10 weeks in Taurus compared to only 2 weeks in Aires!  That’s because Mercury goes retrograde April 28 – May 22 , so it revisits 14 to 23 degrees of Taurus.

During this time of Mercury in Taurus, we are all turning our attention towards things that we value.  We spend more time paying attention to and improving our immediate surroundings.  Our personal comforts become more important, people like going shopping more than usual.  Business affairs take on more importance as people are more likely to engage in negotiations.  The sensual nature of Taurus makes all communication (Mercury) activities more elaborate and with an flair for comfort.  So business transactions are done in a more comfortable setting and there is a lot of finesse that goes along with business negotiations (schmoozing).  Discourse can become more lazy and enjoyable and people are more stubborn.  Unlike Aires, Taurus takes it’s time and only moves when it’s ready.

And there are some potential negative manifestations of this time to watch out for.  Challenging Mercury transits at this time indicate now is not the time for serious business negotiations as you are more likely to be cloudy and uncertain. So, check your own transits.

Notice Mercury is in it’s last step in the 12 step process that begins with Gemini, so it feels like Pisces to Mercury.  The constant pressure to focus on personal affairs dissipates the energy of Mercury and we loose sight of our own views and perspective.  In our rush to cozy up to others and get agreement, we can forget our own perspective.  Very much the opposite of Mercury in Aires where we rediscovered our own mind, so to speak.  Now we loose some of our mental edge to comfort and the necessity to find agreement.

Also, best not to loose yourself buying things you don’t really need or warming up to people just to get agreement.  Also be wary of being taken advantage of by others if you are experiencing Mercury squares during this time.

Note:  If you were born between 1939 and 1956, you have Pluto in Leo, so you will be getting Mercury square Pluto during this time.  Check your chart and use an ephemeris to find the day(s) when that transit is happening for you.  It’s a challenging transit that can bring insecurities and hidden psychological patterns of behavior to the surface.

Those born between 1956 and 1970 with Pluto in Virgo, will be experiencing Mercury trine Pluto during this time.  This is an excellent transit for digging deep on any issue in your life.  Very beneficial if you turn inward and use the energy to focus on something important in your life.

11:46pm – Moon enters Aires

1:01am – Moon (Aires) conjunct Venus
12:51pm – Moon (Aires) trine Mars (Sagittarius)
A nice Moon aspect to lighten the load of the challenging Sun aspect today.  Bring confidence.

1:10pm – Sun (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)
A day of testing to see if we have the power to stay on our own path or are diverted by powerful forces beyond ourselves.  Be cautious of interactions with authority figures, particularly the police.  Best to steer clear of any wrong-doing as it will likely lead to quick repercussions.  The forceful Aires Sun meets a serious challenge to it’s ego and to it’s validity.  Today, everyone feels a lingering insecurity as to whether or not they are good enough.

A day of accountability as the world seems to be looking for errors and omissions.  Be prepared to present the value of your work without deceit or coercion.  With Capricorn adding the need to stand up for one’s self, this is a serious day of testing.

This aspect can bring up a lot of anger and criticism in some.  Be cautious if you experience problems with alcohol.  Unfortunately this aspect can bring that out.  Avoid criticizing yourself and others at this time.  Try to remember that no one is perfect and ask yourself if what you are arguing about it is really worth it.  Usually not.

The fantastic thing about this aspect it that those who emerge victorious today will feel a strong sense of pride and inner worth.  Overcoming your demons today will make your life work a lot better in the future.

Another long Moon V/C today.
1:33am – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)
3:25am – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)
Two Moon aspect good for working alone and getting a lot accomplished.

4:24am – Moon (Aires) conjunct Sun (New Moon)
New Moon cycle begins.
7:56am – Moon (Aires) conjunct Uranus
Emotions unpredictable.  People want to go their own way, don’t like to use public transportation.  Schedules need to be flexible. Void of Course begins, continues until late in the evening, just like Tuesday, Moon has a long V/C period.

11:10pm – Moon enters Taurus
Moon in is exalted in Taurus.  Get a massage, feel the earth.  People are stubborn and fixed in the best way.

6:41am – Moon (Taurus) conjunct Mercury
Communication lazy and sensual.  No harsh words this morning.

4:26pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces)
Very sensitive, unconditional love towards others.

10:18pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Jupiter (Virgo)
Emotions expand, people want to spend money and indulge.

2:49am – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)
Great aspect for getting things done.
Void of Course beings, continues again until the late evening.  3rd time this week.

2:27pm – Sun (Aires) conjunct Uranus
Time to try something different.  The next step in your evolutionary process has arrived.  It doesn’t need  to be a big step.  You need to appeal to your higher intelligence today.  The boring and mundane will not suffice.  We all want to shine amongst our friends today.

Get ready for surprises today, or better yet surprise someone else.  Events often don’t go as planned today.  You’ll need flexibility.  There could be unexpected diversions or changes to plans.

Try not to get upset at all the unpredictable interruptions, it’s just life giving you more stimulus for growth.  If you feel like rebelling against restrictions today, maybe that’s a good idea.  People are more interested in what is unique about themselves.

Do something different today.  Operating on auto-pilot today is not going to work out well.   It’s doesn’t need to be ground-breaking, just something out of the norm to get your mind a bit more engaged in what’s going on around you.  Anything that heightens awareness of the present moment will do wonders to expand your mind and give you new insights and ideas.

Could be a rather electric day, so you may need to relax and calm your nerves.  Which would be a good idea because this is the third day this week that we have an extended Moon V/C period.   So, this week the universe is asking us to take some time to reflect and meditate.

10:59pm – Moon enters Gemini
Moon enters it’s death cycle in Gemini.  Amidst the increase in phone calls and communications, remember to spend some down time and calm your nerves.  The quick energy of Gemini causes the Moon’s energy to dissolve into mercurial activities depriving the Moon of the stability it craves.


8:58am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Venus (Aires)
A pleasant aspect.
1:06pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Mars (Sagittarius)
Opposites attract.  But be cautious as overbearing Mars in Sagittarius can excite the Moon in Gemini, talk a lot, and loudly, and instigate a fight.

4:59pm – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)
You’ll need to slow down to get in touch with your feelings.

10:44pm – Moon (Gemini) square Jupiter (Virgo)
Feeling the need to put something in your mouth, maybe eat a lot.  Careful of overindulgence.

Interesting Stories this week:

My Youtube channel seems to be catching on.  Last week, for the first time ever, I got more than 2,000 hits on my Weekly Astrology Notes.  This is amazing because I usually only get about 200, so that’s a big increase.  So I must say thank you to the Youtube community for your continued interest in these videos.

Saturn Retrograde
I would like to mention more about Saturn retrograde, which occurred on March 25.  I found a really informative article on Saturn retrograde.  Saturn retrograde period is a time of repairing your internal structure.  Now is not the time of complete rebuilding, but rather taking care of and improving what you already have.  Now is the time to work on removing the regular, annoying limitations to your life, whether they are bad habits, or failure to adopt good habits.  These unnecessary limitations represent a continual drain on your energy and prevent you from achieving happiness and success in life.

This particular Saturn retrograde period is rather challenging because Saturn in Sagittarius has a schizophrenic quality that wants to expand when it needs to contract.  The retrograde period only adds to that difficulty because Sagittarius has a big ego and doesn’t like to admit it’s mistakes.

The retrograde period began with a square to Jupiter (Virgo).  Both Saturn retrograde and Jupiter in Virgo ask us to make the most with what we have in life, to utilize our resources to the maximum efficiency.  This is all part of the purification process.   By using every tool in the toolbox, we find out which tools really are functional and worth keeping.  The rest (dysfunctional) we throw away.   In this way the old becomes renewed and you are rewarded with increased functionality in you life.

Saturn continue retrograde until August 13 when it goes direct at 9d45′ Sagittarius.

Bernie Sanders
He has been doing quite well lately.  Notice just got another pass of Jupiter conjunct Sun (last pass 6/19) and the last pass of Uranus sextile Jupiter.  He also has another pass of Saturn square Sun coming up on April 25 (last pass 11/14).

The two Jupiter related transits have certainly been reflected in his recent wins in 6 states.  Now we can already see calls for Hillary to step down.  For sure there were already people in the Democratic establishment who felt this way, but now they are coming to the surface.  However, let us consider the incredible margins by which Bernie defeated Hillary in the last 6 states.  He’s averaging a greater than 50 point lead!  That’s too amazing to not consider the possibility that the voting machines have been rigged to favor Hillary and someone stopped the vote rigging.  That’s the big news.  I’ll bet Bernie would have already gotten a lot more delegates if it hadn’t been for vote rigging.  So this wide margin can be seen as a clear sign that something very big has happened behind the scenes.

Donald Trump
Pluto will stop and go retrograde right on a square to his Jupiter.  So he’s getting this transit for an extended period of time, most of April.  These will be the first and second of five passes set to last until November 2017.  This is just about the most ambitious transit that a person can get.  The goals he is capable of achieving at this time are enormous.  The compulsion (Pluto) to do, make, build, etc (square) expands (Jupiter) as much as the world will allow him.  He will have all the energy he needs for a sustained effort to expand his life in whatever direction he wants (2nd house).

This transit brings a feeling of great power and the belief that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. The time when Pluto transits your 5th house is a overall period of personal transformation and this transit will bring much of that about for Donald.

This transit can fill you with delusions of grandeur because Pluto makes one obsessed with perspective (Jupiter).  He can convince himself he is invincible and over-extend himself.  Getting carried away by some political or philosophical ideal is likely if you don’t know your limitations.  This transit requires maturity otherwise you always think you are doing something for the good of all, and that’s the problem, it’s often not for the good of all despite your best intentions.  If you lack self-awareness, this transit really brings that out.  Also, Donald may see the potential for money and power at this time.  I wouldn’t normally say that, but with Neptune in his 2nd house as well, he has delusions about wealth and power.

The square from transiting Pluto in the 5th to a planet in the 2nd house (fixed) means a desire/fixation to use your possessions in a very powerful way to bring about sweeping change in yourself and others.  It makes you want to use your money and personal resources to bring change to the world.  So Donald financing his own campaign is exactly the type of manifestation one might expect with this transit.

I wouldn’t want to minimize the positive elements of this transit. This transit marks a profoundly personal time in one’s life.  It’s a turning point, a time of taking responsibility for your spiritual growth and evolution.  This square enables you to incorporate elements of the collective into yourself in a way that truly changes you.  After all Pluto is transformation and the 5th house is the self.

This transit can make you think you are above the law, which can lead to legal problems.  It can also lead to intense power struggles with others.

Let us always remember the square requires some limitation.  It is cutting him off from all of his personal possessions now because he is no longer free to use them with the same amount of freedom as before.  The square limits one way or another.

There is however, one particular caution that must said about this transit.  It can lead to accidents.  The compulsion to expand can lead you to expand without considering the needs of others.  The energy of Pluto can be destructive and self-absorbed.  In his hast, he could “run someone over”, so to speak.  He will need to watch out for inciting riots that lead to people getting injured.

The problem to consider the needs of others comes from Pluto transiting the 5th house, which means he feels like the power of the collective is in him and therefore assumes his actions are for the benefit of the whole.  That’s a big assumption.  It can lead to some pretty big power struggles.  Do you remember the generation called the “Me Generation”?  1939-1956.  All of those folks have Pluto in Leo (rules the 5th), like Donald.  There is a good chance he will run over some people in the process of HIS growth and transformation.

In summary, this is a very energetic and positive transit with some strong words of caution for Donald Trump.   It will give him all the energy he needs to accomplish almost anything, but he’s going to have some serious power struggles.

Recep Erdogan
It looks like Recep Erdogan, currently holding the title of the the world’s most popular psychopath, may be on his last legs.  The military doesn’t like the path he’s leading them on and we may see a military coup coming soon.  Notice in mid-May, Jupiter goes Stationary-Direct on the opposition to his Mercury and Venus in Pisces.  The opposition will increase dramatically.  He will think the whole world is coming after him, and maybe he will be right for once.  At this time he is liable to do something really bold and arrogant and that’s when people will say “enough is enough”.  What he cannot see (Pisces) may kill him.

Journalist admits the Mainstream News is all lies.
This is a must see.  In case you still think that the government does not control what you see, hear and read on the mainstream media, check out this video from a former mainstream news reporter about what he really used to do when he was a reporter.  Basically, all mainstream news stories are edited and/or approved by the CIA and many are written directly by them.  This guy tells the truth for once, we should all take notice.

Thanks once again for watching.  Please leave comments.

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