Weekly Astrology Notes April 10-17, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes April 10-17, 2016

Note:  Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
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Highlights for this week:

A great week ahead with lots of positive and creative Mercury energy happening.  A week for overcoming mental obstacles as our minds flow freely to creative endeavors.

But watch out at the end of the week.  Mars and Pluto go retrograde on Sunday.  Two powerful energies turn inward and redirect the ego.  This will be the start of a challenging time.  So enjoy the creative evolution this week, you will need the insights you gain for the coming months.

Weekly Aspects


8:58am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Venus (Aires)
A pleasant aspect.
1:06pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Mars (Sagittarius)
Opposites attract.  But be cautious as overbearing Mars in Sagittarius can excite the Moon in Gemini, talk a lot, and loudly, and instigate a fight.

We are going to take this a bit further than usual today. Let us look at the Moon – Mars cycle.  The current Moon – Mars cycle began on March 28 with the conjunct.  On that day, we identified with our feelings (got in touch) and once again we promised ourselves that we would do the best we could to get what we want in life.  We do this every month, that’s the purpose of this particular cycle.

On the first square, April 4, we laid the foundation for the new cycle.  On that day, we apply energy towards our home/foundation (1st square = Cancer) and things that give us a sense of pride about the direction (Mars) we are going in life.  We are looking for ways to build self-esteem.

At the opposition, April 10th, we meet our ego self in outer form.  We are confronted with those elements of our ego that are out of balance with our emotional needs.  For this reason, we sometimes face emotionally unbalanced people at the opposition.  These opposing forces compel us to relocate the balance point within ourselves.  Through this opposition, we see where we are out of balance.

We’ll continue to spend more time studying this aspect with the last square, coming Sunday, April 17, also included in this report.

4:59pm – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)
You’ll need to attend to the needs of those whom you or society has neglected.  Time to build an emotional foundation for caring about others.  Good time to apologize to someone who’s feelings you’ve hurt, or help someone in need.

10:44pm – Moon (Gemini) square Jupiter (Virgo)
Feeling the need to show that you live a happy and expansive life, you seek to prove it tonight.  Be careful of overindulgence.  Or you just might feel lucky and willing to take a bit more of a social risk.


1:36am – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius)
Low energy level.  Time to check in with your better judgment and ask if yourself if you are living within your limitations.  Tendency is to worry if you’re unsure about success.  But it passes quickly.
8:58am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires)
Emotions are active and surprising.  Interested in the unusual.  Friends bring new exciting information.
11:57am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Sun (Aires)
Trust your instincts.  Intuition encourages us to take a step in the right direction.
Void of Course begins.

Monday night the Mercury sextile Neptune is in effect, so with the V/C Moon, it’s a great night to indulge in a dreamy fantasy.

1:07am – Moon enters Cancer
Moon feels like it’s in Aires at the start of a new cycle.  Emotions are strong and confidence without need of direction to initiate action.  Always a good time for planting, gardening, tilling the soil.

2:40am – Mercury (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces)
A pleasant Mercury aspect while the Moon adds a couple of harmonious aspects.  If you are trying to pick a day to get on someone’s good side, today would be a good day.  The agreeable Mercury in Taurus is available to talk to anyone about their needs.  The conversation is likely to be deep and meaningful.  Although for business negotiations, you may want to look over the details again at a later time as Neptune tends to cloud things up a bit.

This aspect opens the mind to intuitive abilities and gives you a good sense of what other people are thinking.  Psychic abilities increase, increases interest in divination tools like Tarot or Rune stones.  This aspect enhances any sort of spiritual visualization technique, such as shamanic journeys, past-life regression and group meditation.

This aspect gives people a vivid imagination.  It’s great for writing music and poetry, love songs especially as sensual Taurus meets dreamy Pisces in the best way.

If you are someone who likes using crystals and stones for healing purposes, this is a good aspect to delve into that as Mercury in Taurus loves to examine the earth and Neptune opens the mind to the mystical experience.

12:17pm – Venus (Aires) trine Mars (Sagittarius)
Harmonious energy between women and men.  Good for creative activities, recreation, spending time with the family and children.  In fire signs this aspect is sure to give folks a lot of inspiration and good feelings. Ego energies are in harmony with Mars represented at both ends of the trine and Sagittarius brings abundance of feelings (Venus).

It’s a good time to start a new project (if your transits support that), especially with the Moon starting a new cycle in Cancer today.  The creative balance of energies that flow with this aspect ensure that the project is well received and successful.  The energy is very attractive and people will want to be part of that energy.

This aspect increases attraction between partners, brings out the desire to romance and inspires creative activities.  A day to be charming and gracious.

4:50pm – Moon (Cancer) square Venus (Aires)
A pleasant square.
8:28pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces)
You feel connected to everyone else in a way that inspires creativity and compassion.  Attend to the needs of animals, they open a pathway to the collective conscious.

10:35pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Mercury (Taurus)
Good time to talk about your feelings.

Overall with 3 challenging Moon aspects, one in the morning, one at noon and one in the evening, it looks like we’ll need to practice patience today.  A day for building emotional fortitude and your heart may feel the strain.

2:13am – Moon (Cancer) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)
Emotions are warm and expansive.
7:57am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn)
Emotions get intense and conflicting.  Encounters with others take on a feeling of an inner power struggle or underlying sexual tone.  Some behave overly cautious and reserved – don’t disturb them.  You may be confronted with persons/situations that give a feeling of inadequacy.  Let it pass.
1:45pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires)
Do something in your home to establish your uniqueness.  You need emotional stimulation and can’t bear restrictions to your emotional freedom.  Conversations with people you disagree with are just cut off.  So, don’t expect people to listen well now, best to wait for this to pass.  You’ll need to incorporate adaptability into your day.  The Moon – Uranus cycle helps to relieve us of emotional stagnation.

8:59pm – Moon (Cancer) square Sun (Aires)
Your home-life/emotional life requires attention.  Bring light into your home/heart so you can remember who you are.  Conflicting emotions and objectives make it hard to get agreement.
Void of Course begins.


Creative and positive energies return.

6:53am – Moon enters Leo
People like to be on stage, show-off.  Time in to indulge in creative endeavors, hobbies, spend time with children.  This Moon in Leo will see 5 Moon trine aspect that are sure to get the creative juices flowing.

8:27am – Mercury (Taurus) trine Jupiter (Virgo)
People want to go shopping as Mercury in Taurus loves to spend money and Jupiter brings a happy-go-lucky feeling to the experience.  Other than that, it’s great for communication and exchange of ideas.  A quick expansion of ideas and communication.  Opportunity to broaden your perspective.

Good time to seek justice and fairness in disputes and legal matters.  Opportunity to settle legal disputes involving work (Virgo) or personal possessions (Taurus) as this aspect ensures both sides have the chance to speak openly and all the details (Virgo) are covered.

11:32pm – Moon (Leo) trine Mars (Sagittarius)
Amorous aspect that brings both sexes together.  Great for creative projects, especially those that require vision.  Increased energy level will add vitality to the Mercury aspect.


5:44am – Moon (Leo) trine Venus (Aires)
Feeling fired up, positive and creative.
12:30pm – Moon (Leo) square Mercury (Taurus)
Emotions and intellect conflict.  Fixed signs makes for stubborn disagreements.
1:12pm – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)
Controlled emotions flow easily to creative endeavors.
7:18pm – Mercury (Taurus) quincunx Saturn (Sagittarius)
We’re asked to make a precise adjustment to overcome stubborn mental patterns or outdated traditional beliefs.

10:26pm – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires)
Opportunity to do something different or creative with friends.  Emotions uplifted, people seek the unusual to stimulate the higher mind.  This aspect gets different minds to agree, appreciate differences.


Overall a relaxing lack of aspects with one harmonious aspect then several hours of V/C in the middle of the day.

10:48am – Moon (Leo) trine Sun (Aires)
The 5th trine for the Moon in Leo, the creative energy flows.
Void of Course begins.

4:23pm – Moon enters Virgo

Tomorrow’s Mercury aspect is early in the day and sure to be in effect on Saturday as well.


2:21am – Mercury (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)
The 3rd beneficial Mercury aspect this week is a great one.  Earth signs means that we can apply this aspect to earthly concerns.  Making plans and goals concerning wealth and finance or anything to do with success and reputation are highly favored.  You will find you have the mental focus to attend to important matters and see them through to completion.  Capable of working alone or with others, this aspect ensures everyone will get their most important concerns addressed.

Mental activity slows down a bit with Capricorn involved, but this only increases the level of focus.  People are more willing to take control of their own minds, are not interested in superficiality and are not easily swayed by the superficial concerns of others.  This aspect good for attending to all matters of concern.

People have their own (Taurus) thoughts and ideas (Mercury) and want to express them in a powerful (Pluto) way to gain respect (Capricorn) and improve their lives.  We are looking for ways to get power so they achieve their personal goals.  People are motivated.

This aspect facilitates study of any kind that requires reading and/or in-depth analysis.  Therapy is more fruitful now, but with earth signs, you will want to something physical.  Good for the studying geology, rocks and minerals.

Aspect good for repairing and improving your immediate surroundings (Taurus is our comfort zone), making home improvements and gardening (working with the earth).  A good day to work on your car as mechanical problems are easier to diagnose and repair.

Great aspect for helping others, getting involved in community projects.

So pick something important to attend to today and do it.

5:14am- Mars Stationary Retrograde at 8d54′ Sagittarius

Ego energies are redirected inward.  This can be a difficult time for some as they feel they cannot express themselves as easily as before.  The energy of Mars wants to express itself regularly, and when it cannot do this, pressure builds up inside of us, sometimes in a negative way.

Now is a good time for introspection.  Questioning yourself is part of life and not necessarily a sign of weakness.  You need not always get your way.  And if your desires are falling flat during this retrograde period, then you need to reassess your desires and decide whether or not they fit in you life any longer.

When ego energies get internalized, tension can build and manifest outwardly as accidents.  And some may find it hard to get motivated because energy levels are low when the ego drive turns inward.

The best way to deal with this period without decreasing your vitality is to let go of ego gratification as sustenance for your self-esteem.

Here’s a good summary of Mars retrograde through the houses, highly recommended.

Mars goes direct June 29 at 23d03′ Scorpio.

10:00am – Moon (Virgo) square Mars (Sagittarius)

This is the last square before the next conjunction.  The strong Saturn component of this aspect means that people experience a crisis of ego gratification.  On this day, people ask themselves “Am I getting the emotional satisfaction that I want in life?”.  Recall, at the conjunction we promised ourselves that we would try once again to get what we want in life, at the first square we did something to make that real, at the opposition we met the things we missed and at the last square comes the test of validity.  For those whose ego is not in balance with their emotional needs, it is a time of crisis as they demand respect from others what they did not honestly provide for themselves.  However, if you’re in balance, the last square is a time of reaping the rewards of whatever was accomplished on the the first square, April 4.  If you did the work, you get the pay-off today.

I hope this little bit of precise analysis of the Moon – Mars cycle is useful.  On April 24th we’ll have the next Moon conjunct Mars and a new cycle begins.  I think the Moon – Mars cycle is an excellent way to use astrology in our daily lives.

2:34pm – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces)
We are confronted by those we have hurt or neglected.  The more your practice unconditional love, the more profound your depth of feeling during this aspect.

8:04pm – Moon (Virgo) conjunct Jupiter
Emotions expand to heal any disconnect we feel between ourselves and others.  People want to bond emotionally.  A good time to go out in public.  Start of a Moon – Jupiter cycle means it’s time to feel optimistic about yourself and remind yourself of how you want to expand over the coming month.  Write down your travel wishes, indulge in fashion, rediscover your love of higher knowledge and wisdom or attend a sports event.

Monday 4/18 12:23am – Pluto Retrograde at 17d29′ Capricorn

This is an important event astrologically because it coincides with Mars retrograde and Pluto is the higher vibration or expression of Mars.  When Pluto goes retrograde the forces of transformation turn inward.  With Pluto, that means extra power to go within and overcome obstacles that are preventing you from evolving.  Pluto retrograde can be a very productive period for purging unwanted elements from you life because Pluto has stamina and is willing to do whatever it takes to reach it’s goal.

The inward direction of Pluto energy during the retrograde periods makes it a more productive time for therapy because it is now easier to define what is you and what is not you.  This problem of defining the boundary between self and others occurs with the 3 outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) due to their trans-personal nature.  These way we express these planets changes and evolves as we do.

During retrograde periods, a planet is recollecting (remembering) itself, or re-collecting (recuperating it’s energy), so the energy of the planet has as sort of neg-entropic quality.  Instead of being directed outwardly, the energy turns inward, refocuses, relocates it’s center and defines a new boundary of expression within the individual.

The function of Pluto is to connect us to the collective and therefore it reveals to us a part of ourselves that is beyond the control of the ego.  This makes it hard to find the boundary between our power within the collective and the power of others within the same collective.   In some sense, we all share the same Pluto and that can be a difficult realization to master.  Ultimately, Pluto challenges us to find the maximum use of our power without diminishing the power of others.  Pluto retrograde makes it easier to do that.

The Pluto retrograde period is good for getting your finances in order and improving your prosperity. Now is the time for remembering what belongs to you and what belong to someone else.  Ask yourself, “Am I using my power/money wisely or foolishly?”.  If you using your power to control others, then you are loosing the power to transform yourself.  Pluto is a two-edged sword.  Now is the time to let go of control over others and reclaim your power for yourself.  Your prosperity will improve.

Also a good time to heal sexual issues and feelings of vulnerability, victimization and psychological trauma.  Therapy is more engaging and productive now.

Pluto goes direct on September 26 at 14d55′ Capricorn.

With Mars and Pluto going retrograde on the same day, this could create a significant event.  As mentioned in my weekly report two weeks ago, Mars goes retrograde directly on the opposition to USA’s Uranus.  Something could happen at this time to weaken the USA by challenging it’s sense of freedom and independence.  This could be a dangerous moment for people and especially politicians who represent the Uranian spirit in USA.  Also note the Uranus sextile Mars happening concurrently.  Something’s gotta happen.

Interesting Stories this week:

Russia is now making public announcements regarding the the true role the USA has been playing in the creation of Daesh.  It is becoming common knowledge around the world that the USA is the real terrorist nation.  The backlash in America is soon to follow, and likely before the elections in November.

An unprecedented leak of the financial dealings of some of the world’s wealthiest people has occurred.   The first casualty is the Prime Minister of Iceland was forced to resign after his secret finances were revealed.  There will be more of this.  The important thing to remember is that this is all about jockeying for power amongst the world elite.  The Rothchilds will be picking up where these guys left off.  The crime is not stopping, it’s just moved from one company to another.

Reconsidering Addiction.
I came across what I think is the best 15 minutes spent on learning about addiction.  I highly recommend it because it reflects some of my theories about astrology.  Our connection to the environment plays a crucial role in our outlook on life.  In astrology, if we often look only at our own transits, but that is akin to seeing life like a solitary rat in a cage.  Watch the video, you will get the analogy.  The upshot is, we must look at the current aspect to get a grip on astrology.  In order to understand our life and our growth opportunities, we need understand the same in society as a whole.

Thanks once again for watching.  Please leave comments.

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