Weekly Astrology Notes May 8-15, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes May 8-15, 2016

Highlights this week:  Beginning of the week will be some of the best days we’ve had in a while with Jupiter going direct, Venus sextile Neptune and Sun conjunct Mercury on Monday, and Venus trine Jupiter on Tuesday.  If fact, if you don’t feel good by Tuesday morning, see an astrologer.  On Thursday, Mercury trine Pluto, once again just like April 17th.  Then Friday, Mercury conjunct Venus and Venus trine Pluto.  Overall a fantastic week ahead.  A good time to get your affairs in order, update your calendar and make a fresh start.

Also this week, news about Germany, the EU and Iraq.

SUNDAY 5/8 – Happy Mother’s Day

4:19am – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces).   A crisis between the conscious mind (Gemini) and the collective unconscious (Neptune/Pisces).  Confusion and self-deception lead to disappointment.  Fear of what others think about you makes people timid.  {I made an error with this aspect in last week’s report, thought it was a trine}

6:51am – Moon (Gemini) square Jupiter (Virgo) Impulsive, non-committal and not good with details.  Conscious mind desires quick expansion but is stymied by the details.  Nonetheless, brings people together for mutual indulgence.

9:32am – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius) Tough opposition.  People want to expand (Sagittarius) but Saturn limits and depresses causing frustration.  Ideal stop flowing for a few hours as communication slows down.

9:15pm – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) A more lively aspect for the evening.  Good for release of emotional tension, change the mood, break away from restrictions.
Void of Course begins, continues until next morning.

The best aspect of this Mother’s Day is happening early Monday morning and will be in effect during Sunday evening.


HUGE DAY!  First quarter Moon in Cancer, Jupiter goes Direct and two planetary aspects!  A lot of activity today.  Get yourself ready for this day in advance to take advantage of all the great energy.

5:16am – Jupiter goes Stationary Direct at 13d15′ Virgo.  On this day everyone takes a step forward in life.  Everyone does something to expand.  Over the course of the retrograde period (January 8 – May 8) we have been forced to delay projects and go over unfinished business.  During retrograde we study, turn inward and reevaluate our priorities.  We work hard in the hopes of future gain, not immediate success.  When it goes Direct, we taste the fruits of our labor over these past 4 months.  We are ready to expand and will push over anything that holds us back.

5:41am – Venus (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces).  Probably the best Venus-Neptune aspect.  Planets in their ruling signs, so we expect a pure expression of this aspect.  This aspect brings up ideas of perfect romance or relationship, heightens sensitivity to art and music, stirs the imagination and gets the creative juices flowing.  Aspect brings an appreciation for quality and the sacrifice it takes to make fine art.  But mostly, it brings up tremendous compassion and forgiveness towards others.  Everyone is warm and tender.  This is the quintessential Mother’s Day aspect.

However, the dreamy interpretation that comes with this aspect will not be the same as usual with so much else going on.

8:12am – Sun conjunct Mercury (Taurus).   Also a Transit of Mercury, meaning Mercury is between the Sun and Earth.  This makes the aspect much more intense.

May 9, 2016 TRANSIT of MERCURY Retrograde in TAURUS! | Cerena Childress, Astrologer!

Today we focus on our ideas and desire to communicate.  Everyone wants to be acknowledged as a competent communicator today, someone who has something important to say.  For this reason, many will express their ideas about politics and morality, but mostly, whatever is important to them.  Some may become too focused on their own ideas and loose the opportunity to learn about others’ point of view.  With Mercury retrograde, listening can be more important than talking today.

The placid and content Taurus will keep the pace of communication steady, and calm the restless energy that often accompanies this aspect.  Although people will voice their opinions quickly, they will also avoid arguments.  So people are willing to placate a lot.

Today there is much planning for the future.  People will check their schedules, update their address book and see what lies ahead in the near future.  A good time to set goals and to ask for other people’s opinion.  With Mercury retrograde, the input you receive today could more valuable than usual.  But you must be willing to listen.  The introspective quality of Mercury retrograde coupled with the passive nature of Taurus will lower the social barriers a bit and enable valuable input from people you normally wouldn’t consider listening to.

Mercury is in it’s death cycle in Taurus.  Here its’ energy dissipates because the steadfast, immutable quality of Taurus inhibits the quick, adaptable Mercury.  So this loss of mobility creates an inhibition to change.  But once that fear is addressed, there is a release of control that enable the conscious mind (Mercury) to sit in total equanimity, like the Buddha, and see the interconnectedness of all things.  This can bring about a profound, peaceful and wholesome feeling.

This aspect is a significant event during Mercury retrograde period, a time when we see if we can listen as well as talk.  After Mercury goes direct, it will catch up with the Sun again on July 6th when they are both in the sign of Cancer.

10:24am – Moon enters Cancer.  First quarter Moon (the week between Moon conjunct Sun and Moon square Sun) means today the summer planting season begins.  It is the best time to plant crops when the Moon has just started a new cycle and when the Moon is in Cancer.  Wait until the Moon enters Cancer and plant.

Even bigger Planting Day.  Today will be much like yesterday with Moon still in Cancer.  And the morning aspects are all excellent for planting as well.  You could not find a better day than today to put your plants in the ground.

6:18am – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Planets in their ruling signs.  Pure expression of the signs.  Guaranteed to make you feel good.  Emotions are deep and nurturing, protective and compassionate.

8:39am – Moon (Cancer) sextile Venus (Taurus)  Once again ruling signs means a positive expression of the best of both.  Feelings and emotions in harmony.  Warm and tender feelings.  Steadfast and honorable.

8:56am – Moon (Cancer) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)  The good Moon aspects just keep coming.  Emotions find room to grow and feel good about something.  Putting our energy into a lot of specific tasks feels like were building for the future, but it feels good in the present moment.

These three Moon aspects have the combined effect of really connecting you to your body.  Sometimes it can be hard to connect spirit to body.  Tension, fatigue, emotional discord, etc, make us want to escape.  But when there are so many positive Moon aspects, the tensions and discord subside long enough for everyone to take a good, long deep breathe.  The ease in grounding the body and calming the emotions will make everyone want to just be themselves and not complain about anything.

12:00pm – Venus (Taurus) trine Jupiter (Virgo)  And the warm and tender feelings just keep on coming.  The aspect brings people together for mutual social gain.  Earth signs make it easy to find practical application for the abundance of warmth .  Could not think of a better day to have a party with friends or any enjoyable diversion.  The universe must really like Tuesday this week.  The generosity of Jupiter allows everyone to get their feelings met.  Lots of hugs and supportive intentions fill the air.

The only possible drawback is some folks with just feel lazy and not want to get off the couch.

4:04pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn)  This aspect brings up jealousy and repressive behavior in some.  We feel a demand from society to account for our over-protective nature.  Things you covet selfishly can become a source of discontent with others who may accuse you of acting immature.  It all seems like an emotional power-play on everyone’s part and usually it is.  Best thing is to ask yourself what is at stake and if it’s really worth fighting for.

6:10pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Mercury (Taurus)  The positive flow of energy returns.  Communication quickens, people express their feelings in a generally agreeable fashion and we can all digest the events of the day in peace and comfort.

10:23pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Sun (Taurus)  Add one more beneficial Moon aspect to an already glorious day.  The first quarter sextile means opportunities for growth present themselves.  Take advantage of a good opportunity tonight.  Aspect good for intimacy.

12:34am – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires)  A sudden change of plans or other disruption.  People get a new idea and want to act quickly before emotions can catch up.  Can cause disagreements.  Best to not react, otherwise emotions could get hurt. A mini-identity crisis, this aspect forces us to see the difference between our need for change and independence, and our need for comfort and stability. Pulls us out of stagnation.  Void of Course begins, continues all morning until the afternoon.

2:32pm – Moon enters Leo.  Leo rules the stage and for the next couple of days everyone is an actor looking for their audience.  People seek attention, especially from a loved one.  Good for romance and other creative endeavors.

11:50pm – Moon (Leo) trine Mars (Sagittarius)  People looking to assert their ego, pursue their desires.  Another good aspect for romance as it tends to bring the sexes together.

5:29pm – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  The first aspect of this day and in the late afternoon.  The amorous Leo Moon looks for attention from someone older or wiser.

7:51pm – Mercury (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  Last occurrence was just April 17th.   Very productive aspect.  Good for getting work done, attending to what is important in life.  With both Mercury and Pluto retrograde, this aspect could really bring a lot of inward focus and fortitude.  Excellent for any kind of study, especially hidden or esoteric subjects.

Earth signs means that we can apply this aspect to practical concerns.  Making plans and goals concerning wealth and finance or anything to do with success and reputation are highly favored.  You will find you have the mental focus to attend to important matters and see them through to completion.  Capable of working alone or with others.

People have their own (Taurus) thoughts and ideas (Mercury) and want to express them in a powerful (Pluto) way to gain respect (Capricorn) and improve their lives.  People want power to achieve personal goals.  They are motivated with something important to say.

This aspect facilitates study of any kind that requires reading and/or in-depth analysis.  Therapy is more fruitful now, but with earth signs, you will want to do something physical.  Good for the studying geology, rocks and minerals.

Aspect good for repairing and improving your immediate surroundings, making home improvements and gardening. Mechanical problems are easier to diagnose and repair.

Great aspect for helping others, getting involved in community projects.

8:20pm – Moon (Leo) square Venus (Taurus)  Leo Moon wants attention and can be demanding.  A rather selfish square that will make it hard to share feelings.

10:28pm – Moon (Leo) square Mercury (Taurus)  Fixed square will get people going only after they are good and ready, then like a bull, they charge.  This square brings up boisterous behavior as people look for a way to release nervous tension.

Excellent set of aspect for today.

8:02am- Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires)  A desire to get ahead as people look for ways to adapt and evolve.  Restrictions are quickly dropped in favor of something better.  Opportunities for creative endeavors arise.

10:02am – Moon (Leo) square Sun (Taurus)  First Quarter Moon.  Happens every month.  Crisis to overcome emotional limitations experienced over the past 7 days.  This month, we ask ourselves, do I have the money (Taurus) to pursue my creative (Leo) endeavors?  This could be anything from romance to artwork, but most likely romance.  And with the incredible Venus aspects we’re having today, people will be willing to rob a friend to get the money needed for Friday night carousal.  So be sure to get your finances in order by this Friday, otherwise you may feel disappointed in yourself.  Void of Course begins, continues until late this evening.

12:11pm – Mercury conjunct Venus(Taurus)  Mercury is communication and Venus is your feelings, so it is time to discuss your feelings.  The calm stillness of Taurus coupled with the introspective Mercury retrograde make it a good day for therapy, meditation in quiet, pleasant surroundings.

You will be drawn to and have more appreciation for things that are pleasant or give you comfort.  A good day to tell someone how you feel about them, share thoughts of love and affection.

Venus rules your immediate environment.  Today you’ll want to organize you life, get your calendar in order and look for ways to simplify and bring the disparate elements of your life together.  Unpleasant circumstances that have been lingering can be addressed today with more fairness and objectivity, which also make it a good day for business negotiations.  Retail sales may increase as people are looking for the right thing that will help them improve their mobility and their connection to others.

Whenever I think about Venus, I think of the word “wholesome”.  In more popular terminology, the word “healthy” is often used.  It’s a general truth about magazines and food labels, that all there needs to be is the word “healthy” on the cover and it will sell.  Venus is healthy and wholesome.  So, Mercury conjunct Venus brings about a general increase in awareness of what is healthy for you.  People are more apt to discuss health related topics, or do something beneficial for their health.

Mercury rules driving and Venus rules pleasant surroundings, so a drive to the countryside would be a nice idea.  Communication is more pleasant as well, as people seek to find affinity with one another.

7:18pm – Venus (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  So yesterday we had Mercury trine Pluto and today it’s Venus’ turn.

The beautiful meets the intense in a creative and explosive way.  Intense expression of love and affection.  A profound need to feel connected to the power of transformation within you and express it in a creative and fulfilling way.  Strong desire for sex, intimacy, and building strong bonds with a partner.  This aspect will bring about new relationships and strengthen existing ones.  Aspect favors applying yourself to artistic endeavors, the energy and insight reveal the depths of your passion and your influences.

The trine from Taurus to Capricorn draws our attention to our resources (Taurus) and what we have achieved (Capricorn).  So at this time, we are looking for ways to utilize (Capricorn) our access to collective resources (Pluto) in order to enhance or beautify (Venus) our personal surroundings (Taurus).  It’s in earth signs, so we are looking to build something.

Taurus loves to own it’s own business while Capricorn builds a career.  So this aspect will inspire some to take steps to building their own career or in some way seek to earn money by doing what you love.

For most people, this aspect will increase their sex drive making Friday night an evening to start new relationships.

10:52pm – Moon enters Virgo
Be sure to eat healthy this weekend.  Use the discriminating energy of Virgo to discern what’s best for your body and mind before you eat it.

7:28am – Moon (Virgo) square Mars (Sagittarius).  Last square.  People are agitated.  Crisis to overcome critical (Virgo) emotions and expand (Sagittarius).  People go from one thing to another, never finding satisfaction.  The dissatisfied seek relief through indulgence and ego displays.  So, considering last nights aspects, if weren’t successful last night, your might be angry this morning.  Mars is retrograde, so best to be satisfied with and make use of the wisdom (Sagittarius) you have already found.

10:03pm – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces).  The practical realities of life are disrupted by the need to take care of someone else.  A time of ego-denial and self-sacrifice.  Be careful of building too critical a boundary around yourself as it may manifest as pain in the body.   Attempts to go to great lengths to find emotional satisfaction may take a toll on of your health.  Best to scrutinize what you eat tonight and make sure the fish (Pisces) is fresh.

1:02am – Moon (Virgo) conjunct Jupiter.  A nice aspect to be with others.  At 1am it should keep the Saturday night festivities rolling.  But this could be a moment when you can really open your heart because this is the first such conjunction since Jupiter went direct on Monday.  The forward motion of Jupiter has a bit more uplift to whatever it touches now more than in the recent past.  So, this aspect could bring feelings of hope and inspiration, possibly even a vision of how you could become more (whatever that means to you).  Nonetheless, remain cautious about what you put in your stomach.

3:21am – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  Very much the opposite of the previous aspect.  Another Virgo to Sagittarius square like yesterday morning, this aspect brings up feelings of inadequacy and difficulty sharing feelings.

6:31am – Moon (Virgo) trine Mercury (Taurus)  The pace quickens in the morning, facilitates pleasant communication.

9:00am – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  A strong burst of emotional energy to create with the goal of achieving success or increase in reputation.

1:21pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Venus (Taurus).  Slows down the afternoon and make for a relaxing time with family and friends.

Interesting Stories:

Germany is experiencing a Plutonian charge of energy, similar to Iceland.  They are taking control of their nation and the results are astonishing.  The new Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is suddenly rising in the polls.  They are only 3 years old, and describe themselves as “a nationalistic conservative force”.

Notice the Pluto sextile Pluto in the 4th house, transformation of the home and security of the home.  This Pluto energy is also the force behind the nationalism, so it look like that will continue for quite a while.  In 2017, they will get Pluto conjunct Saturn and Pluto sextile Moon (8th house).  This is sure to continue the Pluto energy and bring transformation to Germany.  The reason why this is so significant for them is that Germany is considered to be a Capricorn country, much like the USA is a Cancer county.  In Germany, they refer to their nation as the “Fatherland”, so they identify themselves with Capricorn and Saturn.  With Pluto in the sign of Capricorn and conjunct Saturn, this is basically the transit that changes their identity.  It will bring more change to their county than any other transit.  With the Pluto sextile Moon happening concurrently, this will mean a transformation of the homeland.

These transits will also do something else rather unexpected.  They will unearth Germany’s dark past from WWII, and the new information that comes to the surface will be the catalyst for the new identity that will emerge after the truth is revealed.
Germany’s Third Largest Party Adopts Anti-Islam Manifesto: Says “Muslims Are Not Welcome In Germany” | Zero Hedge

They just recently took the next step towards total integration with a new law that allows 80 million Turks to travel to Europe.  Currently, they are going through Uranus opposition Venus while Uranus has just entered their 9th house.

For an individual, Uranus in the 9th is a 7 year period that can rather unsettling depending entirely on how your have lived your life up until that point.  If you have been rigid, it’s a difficult time when you argue with other people who have a different perspective on life.  But if you can get past that, then new people, especially teachers, come into your life.

For a nation, or group of nations, like the EU, this can also be a rather unsettling time.  A time when it is hard to get agreement because people have such different perceptions and are so individualistic at the same time.  Everyone wants freedom now but can’t agree on what that means collectively.

By the time the 7 years are over, Europeans will be able to find collective agreement.  The will remove many of the walls between themselves, old prejudices will be destroyed, and once bitter enemies from long ago will now work together like never before.  The process will take all of the 7 years, so their problems will not go away overnight.

Iraq is going through what could be termed a revolution.  Notice the first pass of Uranus square Sun (4/24/16, 11/19/16, 2/7/17) recently, which is encouraging them to show the world that they have a Uranus, that is to say, they have freedom and self-determination and can guide their own process of evolution and adaptation.  There is a desperate need to incorporate Uranian values into your life now.

But the transit that is setting them off politically is no doubt the Uranus opposition Jupiter.  Happening exactly on (5/12/16, 11/22/16, 3/4/17), so this is just the first pass.  This is what is making them behave more evolved, independent, adaptable and above all, courageous.

But I believe this all leading up to something much more significant.  First let me share will you a couple of links regarding the real reason why the USA invaded that nation.  It was not to find weapons of mass destruction, but rather to find ancient alien technology.  This includes an ancient star gate as well as other exotic technology.  These were the real weapons of mass destruction.

At the end of this year, around Christmas, there will be an incredible configuration, and it will effect Iraq in a powerful way that will reverberate across the whole world.  A grand alignment at 20 degrees. Jupiter at 20d Libra, Saturn at 20d Sagittarius, Chiron at 20d Pisces, and Uranus at 20d Aires.  All of these powerful forces will make transits to Iraq’s natal Saturn opposition Venus/Moon (5th -11th house) as well as  Sun at 21d Cancer and Jupiter at 22d Libra.  Of special note is the Saturn square Chiron aspect in Pisces, which is very much like the Saturn square Neptune aspect that has been ongoing.  This last aspect is the one that promises to unearth secrets for ancient past, such as ancient alien technology.  And that is precisely what we can expect at this time.

One way or another the world will experience an awakening at this time.  The Jupiter opposition Uranus will fundamentally expand our collective evolution and the concurrent trine and sextile to Saturn will mean that a new structure will arise overnight to deal with the new information.  An era of esoteric awakening will occur in 2017 as a result of this.  This will be one of the most profound moments in modern history.  And I believe that the ancient technology that lies below the sands of Iraq will be made public.  And it will change our perceptions about our world, our history and our collective future.

I will be doing a much longer video on this in the near future.
US-Created System In Iraq Is Collapsing: Protesters Storm Parliament, State of Emergency Declared – Live Webcast | Zero Hedge

Star Gate Found in Iraq

Oh, So THIS Is What ET Looks like: Proof Of Ancient Aliens In …

Once again, thanks for watching and please leave comments.

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