Weekly Astrology Notes May 15-22, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes May 15-22, 2016

Highlights this week:
Beginning of the week, Moon in Libra will keeps things diplomatic.  Mid-week Moon in Scorpio will bring intensity with some creative aspects to get a lot accomplished.  And the weekend Moon in Sagittarius will be loud and obnoxious with a Full Moon on Saturday.

Sun enters Gemini on Friday.  Then, Mercury goes Direct and Sun opposition Mars on Sunday 5/22.  It will be a very politically charged upcoming weekend.

Also, more news on the 911 Event Chart and the USA, Bill Clinton, and Recep Erdogan

1:02am – Moon (Virgo) conjunct Jupiter.  A nice aspect to be with others.  At 1am it should keep the Saturday night festivities rolling.  But this could be a moment when you can really open your heart because this is the first such conjunction since Jupiter went direct on Monday.  The forward motion of Jupiter has a bit more uplift to whatever it touches now more than in the recent past.  So, this aspect could bring feelings of hope and inspiration, possibly even a vision of how you could become more (whatever that means to you).  Nonetheless, remain cautious about what you put in your stomach.

3:21am – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  Very much the opposite of the previous aspect.  Another Virgo to Sagittarius square like yesterday morning, this aspect brings up feelings of inadequacy and difficulty sharing feelings.

6:31am – Moon (Virgo) trine Mercury (Taurus)  The pace quickens in the morning, facilitates pleasant communication.

9:00am – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  A strong burst of emotional energy to create with the goal of achieving success or increase in reputation.

1:21pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Venus (Taurus).  Slows down the afternoon and make for a relaxing time with family and friends.

2:20am – Moon (Virgo) trine Sun (Taurus)
The first trine in the cycle means positive flow of energy.  We see opportunities for growth and finding agreement is easier. Void of Course begins.

10:33am  Moon enters Libra
Good time for socializing and artistic endeavors.  Libra appreciates pleasant surroundings and lighthearted conversation.  Emotions are in balance and people are more diplomatic.

5:54pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Mars (Sagittarius)
Similar this the morning aspect.  An energetic aspect that makes people want to run (Sagittarius).  Excellent aspect for a good workout or yoga session.

3:34pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)
A constructive aspect that brings people together for a better plan.  Good time to consult a guide or teacher, someone who opens your world to new opportunities.

9:37pm – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)
A powerful burst of energy occurs, we severe ourselves from restrictions and suddenly find ourselves working very hard to accomplish our goals.  Brings up feelings of inner fortitude, like a doomsday prepper.  This is a common aspect in the charts of doomsday preppers.  It makes one capable of calling upon deep reserves of energy.  A willingness to go it alone and stubborn refusal to give in, even if you’re wrong.  Those who can’t cope want to control others.  Highly critical and demanding feelings.  Can create powerful disagreements that could lead to violence.  Best to avoid arguments tonight and leave discussion of important matters to another evening.

8:23am – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires)
A unsettling opposition that can bring up feelings of inadequacy when you’re faced with the truth of your own emotional phobias and how you limit yourself.  Other people’s freedom makes you restless.  Stagnant emotions get moving once again.  Be aware of you own prejudices and jealousy.  This aspect makes people uneasy and in need of extra assurance.  A sudden encounter shows either (a) someone who has learned something about life that you haven’t, and you can learn from them or (b) someone who upsets your delicate balance (Moon in Libra).  You’ll need flexibility or disagreements can lead to arguments.  Be ready for sudden changes in plans.  Void of Course begins, continues until late evening.

11:30pm – Moon enters Scorpio
The Moon doesn’t like to admit that it loves Scorpio, but secretly it does.  The Moon is on stage (5th step = Leo) in Scorpio.  Scorpio is fixed water.  Your predominant emotion is the force that leads the fixed drive of Scorpio and which it uses to penetrate the depths of our emotions.

If your emotions are predominantly positive, then you can penetrate deeply within yourself and return with powerful inspiration.  However, if your predominant emotional state is negative, then you cannot go very deep and feel a lack of connection with the collective (Scorpio).  This leads to frustration and feelings of inadequacy.  Manipulative behavior ensues as you seek that connection to the collective.

The sexual element plays out in both the positive and negative manifestations.  In the negative, there is the tendency to coerce someone into having sex, while in the positive, sexual intercourse is the reward for having a positive emotional state.

This is the important concept with Moon in Scorpio.  If you have an emotional block, you often encounter it when the Moon is in Scorpio.  However, if you are not blocked emotionally, then you find this time quite liberating and you are rewarded with center stage in someone’s life.  The Moon is your emotional needs while Scorpio is your partner’s emotional needs.  So if you’re positive, someone wants you to take center stage in their life.

Despite the facts that the Moon is in it’s detriment in Scorpio, there is always a lot of opportunity for those who can remain positive, steadfast and trustworthy.

11:32pm – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)
Opens you up to psychic abilities and impressions into what others are feeling.  If you are comfortable with that, then this is a great aspect.  If not, you feel a bit hazy but not upset.  The thing is that the information that you receive while in this empathic state is not always good, so we block it.  90% of all good Neptune aspects/transits go unappreciated because the energy is so subtle.

2:39am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)
Sexually charged Moon has very specific (Virgo) needs.  Brings a pleasantly promiscuous disposition.

4:48am – Moon (Scorpio) opposition Mercury (Taurus)
With Mercury still retrograde, this opposition could bring up a lot of unconscious motivations that result in stubborn behavior.  The intense impulses bubbling up from the subconscious will be difficult for the slow-moving Taurus to handle.  Critical mental adjustment is impeded.  Strong driving caution for this aspect.  A really bad time for communication and forget about making any agreements now, they won’t work out.

7:37am – Sun enters Gemini
A good month to learn how to juggle.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and both are associated with politics.  They are also associated with the conscious mind.  The Sun brightens the mind, increases curiosity and quick thinking.  Spontaneous ideas are spoken before thinking about it too deeply.

10:18am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)
A double dose of powerful emotional energy will provide all the energy necessary to accomplish any task.  Good for home improvement projects, therapy and counseling.

This day is looking to be a day that will bring up strong political tensions.  Both Moon aspects and the early Sunday morning aspect will bring politics to the surface even more than they already are.  Political debate will be fierce as we see people expressing a perspective that is far from reality.  Today is a good day to see the incredible difference of perspective that people have on the same reality.
Saturday evening could see political protests and other sorts of gatherings.  Overall, it is a bad night to start a argument with someone.

Ultimately maybe someday we will learn that politics should not be about our need to expand (Sagittarius), but rather based on our better judgment (Capricorn).

4:40am – Moon (Scorpio) opposition Venus (Taurus)
Can produce profound feelings of loyalty towards your partner, but this creates just as profound of a disconnect between your own feelings and emotions.  Need to honor your own personal values and not loose them to someones’ needs.  Void of Course begins.

11:48am – Moon enters Sagittarius.  To be honest, the Moon is the most promiscuous in Sagittarius.  The willingness to jealously make your own the rules for emotional causes coupled with the Sagittarian fire is often too tempting to resist.  Sagittarius rules legal action and with Moon in Sagittarius, a person feels like they have their own personal legal team to protect them in the course of their social interactions.  This encourages one to “play with fire”.  In addition, as always, Sagittarius expands the Moon and encourages social interaction, higher learning, and sports activities.

2:14pm – Moon (Sagittarius) opposition Sun (Gemini)
Full Moon.  Brings out the crazies and tonight they will be loud and obnoxious.  Perceptions (Sagittarius) oppose opinions (Gemini).  This aspect is sure to incite political tensions.  Caution:  Do not talk politics with someone who might punch you in the mouth (Gemini).  Strong potential for disagreements, so be flexible.

3:43pm – Moon conjunct Mars (Sagittarius)
This aspect will make the previous more troublesome.  The start of a new Moon-Mars cycle and Mars is still retrograde, so we are still being asked to remain introspective while identifying with our emotions.  Unrestrained emotions come in bursts of inspiration which lead to risky behavior.  Strong desire to tell others what’s on your mind and to write your own rules of social conduct.  Discourse is loud.  Don’t discard caution or think your perspective is always right.  If you have the mind for it, you can use the Mars retrograde energy to rise above the fray and observe people.  You may find that in the past, many of you opinions were based on going along with the crowd.  Today you can change that and during this Moon-Mars cycle you can use the retrograde Mars to reflect on how you come across to others.

4:17am – Sun (Gemini) opposition Mars (Sagittarius)
The exchange of energy back and forth will be rather strong.  The talkative Gemini Sun meets the professorial Mars in Sagittarius.  Opinions are expressed and met with opposite and equal force.  Another highly charged political aspect.  Confrontation is guaranteed with this aspect. It is a time of critical testing to see if you can deal with hostility without escalating tensions.  Can you be diplomatic?

The balance between the Sun, our will, and Mars, our ego is marked by a important moment once each year when we expect to see our efforts rise to the surface and take shape in our lives.  Mars rules the Ascendant, so this aspect feels similar to the Sun entering the 7th house.  It is at this time when we rise up into the outer world and show everyone who we are.  It is also a time of meeting open enemies, those people who will naturally oppose our efforts. On a societal level, this aspect manifests as a political cause which rises to the surface and begins to express itself in the environment.

On this day, people expect to get their way and any attempt to stop them is met with ego force.  People sort of enjoy using their ego today because they identify more with their ego today.  People are more confident as well as more confrontational towards others.  With the Sun in Gemini, for some it will seem like we’re all playing a game.  With these two signs, the arguments will be about politics or religion or both.

Also some may have a sudden compulsion to travel, either get out of town for the weekend or plan a much longer trip overseas.  Mobility is very important to everyone today, so anything that restricts your mobility or your options in life will be confronted.  Whomever it is that you get angry with today will be the person(s) who tries to restrict your mobility.

6:20am – Mercury goes Stationary Direct at 14d21′ Taurus.  Continues direct until August 30th at 29d Virgo.  That’s 100 days of Mercury direct.
Mercury in Gemini (17 days), June 13-29.
Mercury in Cancer (15 days),  June 30 – July 14.
Mercury in Leo (16 days) , July 15 – 30.
Mercury in Virgo (69 days) , July 31 – October 7.

So today we are gearing up for 100 days of Mercury direct.  With the Sun opposition Mars indicating a desire to travel, Mercury going direct will add to that effect.  The day when Mercury goes direct is usually a rather active day, and with this weekends’ aspects, this will get everything moving.  We have had time to reconsider the facts while retrograde, now people have made up their minds and they are ready to move forward with their ideas, plans and projects.

11:21am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)
Feeling disconnected from the collective, watch out for feelings of indifference towards the plight of others.  The Sagittarius influence requires that we expand our emotions but the square blocks expression towards higher, more noble causes.  We  experience a crisis to overcome the limitations of our own emotions and perceptions.  Sagittarius needs to learn to admit when it’s been wrong in the past.  It’s a blow to the ego, but ego-denial is exactly what happens during this time.

2:31pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Jupiter (Virgo)
Watch out for this one.  With Jupiter on both ends of a square, we get excessive behavior, theatrical displays, folks making up their own rules as they go along.  But it ends soon, with…..

3:20pm – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius)
Slow down in the afternoon as emotional expression feels hard to do.  The desire to work hard will contrast with Sunday afternoon, usually a time to relax.

Interesting stories

911 Event Chart
I’d like to start by introducing the chart of General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff.  I believe he is the guy in charge of the USA right now.  Note: we don’t have birth time, so we don’t have the Ascendant.  Jupiter square and Saturn conjunct the Sun is ongoing at this time.

Stories are coming across the alternative media saying that the President no longer has any power.  Check out what he said at his last Correspondent’s Dinner.  He has also created a transition team.  He knows, they know, it’s over and they are putting together a team of people who are going to destroy evidence of past wrongdoing.  So, at this point, Obama is just a figure-head kept in place so as to not upset the public.  The people who carried out 911 have surrendered and a new, more positive power structure has taken command under the leadership of General Joseph Dunford.

As to when we will see a public presentation of the facts is not yet clear.  The main point is that the people who committed the 911 false flag event are no longer in power.

Let’s look at the transits for the 911 Event chart.  On May 8, Saturn (retrograde) opposed it’s position on 911.  This is the transit that must bring about the resolution.  The is the second pass, the manifestation of the opposition.  The last pass will be November 4th.  Final resolution should be made public around that time.  Another transit happening now is Jupiter square Saturn.  This too is influencing the resolution of this event chart.  This transit creates a crisis to build a structure (square) necessary to expand.  Expansion brings about greater perspective.  And that’s what brings about judicial action. And that’s what has occurred, only it has been behind the scenes and we haven’t heard about it yet.

Also note that Mercury was at 14d Libra on 911, conjunct USA’s Saturn. Now we see Saturn sextile Mercury in the Event chart.

But also notice on the same day, the Moon’s North Node made a conjunct to the Sun of the 911 Event chart at 18d Virgo.  The Moon’s Nodes always bring about karmic resolution.  This looks like the big one, we just haven’t heard it on the mainstream news yet.  I believe it will happen shortly after the election.

As I’ve mentioned in previous videos, the Saturn opposition Saturn in the 911 Event chart coincides with a Saturn sextile Saturn for the USA, as well as a Saturn sextile Midheaven.  Both of these transits say about the same thing, a slight slow down that enables you to balance all of your needs successfully. Usually we take a step forward but in such a balanced way that we hardly notice.

Also note the concurrent Uranus quincunx Neptune 4th.  It’s just the first pass of 3 (5/15/15, 10/17/16, 3/8/17), but this transit could bring about an enlightenment (Uranus) in universal (Neptune) matters concerning the home and security (4th house).  It could bring about an unearthing of past history that gives us a whole new perspective.

Bill Clinton
Uranus opposition Jupiter.  Specifically,  Uranus (Aires) transiting the 7th house opposition Jupiter (Libra) 1st house.  (6/1/16, 9/27/16, 3/23/17)  This is a real good one for Bill.  Other people (7th house) who are intelligent (Uranus) and forceful (Aires) oppose and reveal the excessive and licentious (Jupiter) relationships (Libra) that have come to epitomize his identity (1st house).  My guess is that more of his sexual escapades will be revealed and this time it will be seriously damaging.  When Uranus opposes a planet in the first, other people get the courage to tell you what they really think about you.

Recep Erdogan
Jupiter opposition Mercury and Venus (Pisces).  This is the last pass on May 22.  He just saw his former ally, the Prime Minister, resign amid political turmoil.  Basically, Erdogan is trying to consolidate his power even further and his former ally got in the way.  At this point Erdogan thinks he is omnipotent.  The combination of Jupiter/Sagittarius/9th house and Neptune/Pisces/12th house often gives a person a God complex.  It is also going to embolden forces against him.  There will likely be calls for his resignation around this time.  Notice he’s just had the second pass of Saturn square Mercury and Venus. The last pass will be 10/24/16.  My guess is that his power will end around that time and it will coincide with a revelation about what he has really been doing.

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