Weekly Astrology Notes May 22-29, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes May 22-29, 2016

Highlights this week:

Sunday the 22nd is a big day with Mercury going Direct and Sun opposition Mars.  People will want to get going early in the day.

Thursday the 26th, the last occurrence of Jupiter square Saturn in this series.  With this 3rd pass, we are hoping to see some outward manifestation of this aspect, like some judicial action to arrest a major politician, like Hillary Clinton.  But we also see that this aspect is showing us the problems with our voting system.  The inaccuracies in vote counting in the primary elections is now mainstream news.  On a personal level, this week we see the recent changes in our perspective, the breaks from the past that we have recently made, and we finally feel good about it.  For those who haven’t been able to let go of old perspectives, this could be a very confusing and disappointing time.

Late Saturday evening to early Sunday morning:  Strong driving advisory.  Two Pisces to Gemini squares are happening and it tends to brings out bad driving habits.

Sunday the 29th will be psychic Sunday with 7 Moon in Pisces aspects.  Best to reserve that day for quiet, pleasant time.  Put yourself in surroundings conducive to positive impressions from the subconscious.  Good day to gain valuable insight into the hidden and superstitious aspects of your beliefs.

4:17am – Sun (Gemini) opposition Mars (Sagittarius)  The exchange of energy back and forth will be rather strong.  The talkative Gemini Sun meets the professorial Mars in Sagittarius.  Opinions are expressed and met with opposite and equal force.  A highly charged political aspect.  Confrontation is likely. It is a time of critical testing to see if you can deal with hostility without escalating tensions.  Can you be diplomatic?

The balance between the Sun, our will, and Mars, our ego is marked by a important moment once each year when we expect to see our efforts rise to the surface and take shape in our lives.  Mars rules the Ascendant, so this aspect feels similar to the Sun entering the 7th house.  It is a this time when we rise up into the outer world and show everyone who we are.  It is also a time of meeting open enemies, those people who will naturally oppose our efforts. On a societal level, this aspect manifests as a political cause which rises to the surface and begins to express itself in the environment.

On this day, people expect to get their way and any attempt to stop them is met with ego force.  People sort of enjoy using their ego today because they are identifying with it more.  People are more confident as well as more confrontational.  With the Sun in Gemini, for some it will seem like we’re all playing a game, usually something about politics or religion or both.

Also some may have a sudden compulsion to travel, either get out of town for the weekend or plan a much longer trip overseas.  Mobility is very important to everyone today, so anything that restricts your mobility or your options in life will be confronted.  Whomever it is that you get angry with today will be the person(s) who tries to restrict your mobility.

6:20am – Mercury goes Stationary Direct at 14d21′.   So today we start 100 days of Mercury direct.  The day when Mercury goes direct is usually a rather active day, and today is no exception.  We have had time to reconsider the facts during retrograde, now people have made up their minds and they are ready to move forward with their ideas, plans and projects.

11:21am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)  Feeling disconnected from the collective, watch out for feelings of indifference towards the plight of others.  The Sagittarius influence requires that we expand our emotions but the square blocks expression towards higher, more noble causes (4th quadrant).  We feel a crisis to overcome the limitations of our own emotions and perceptions.  Sagittarius needs to learn to admit when it’s been wrong in the past.  It’s a blow to the ego, but ego-denial is exactly what happens during this time.

2:31pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Jupiter (Virgo)  Watch out for this one.  With Jupiter on both ends of a square, we get excessive behavior, indulgence, theatrical displays, folks making up their own rules as they go along.  But it ends soon, with…..

3:20pm – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius)  Slow down in the afternoon as emotional expression feels hard to do.  The desire to work hard will contrast with Sunday afternoon, usually a time to relax.

8:37am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires)  Time to broadcast our endeavors.  Surprise someone with your creative talents.  Very inspirational moment.  Use it to show the world how unique you are.  Void of Course begins, continues all day until evening.

10:34pm – Moon enters Capricorn.  Emotions contract so we may attend to responsibility.  Brings out a desire to be with authority figures and to take on an air of authority for yourself.  Success is important and so is status and reputation.  We tend to pull away from anything that is crass or impoverished out of fear.  If you are successful in life, then, satisfied with your own success, you may care a bit less than usual about others at this time.  If you are not successful in life, this placement brings up pessimism about your life and a desire to withdraw.

2:45am – Venus enters Gemini, continues until June 17th.  Venus is mercurial in Gemini, ready to talk, but just as quick to change directions.  Affections move from one thing to another until you find that healthy balance.  A good time for business negotiations, Venus is expansive and likes to present itself well in Gemini.

7:38pm – Venus (Gemini) opposition Mars (Sagittarius)  The first aspect for Venus after entering the sign of Gemini and the last aspect for Mars before leaving Sagittarius.  Here we see another political aspect.  People see an opportunity to expand and broadcast their ideas.  This is because the creative combination of Venus and Mars activates the Gemini-Sagittarius axis.  Mutable signs.

On a personal level, people feel ready to make a change, possibly even change their minds about certain things.  The need to find someone who agrees with you will facilitate overcoming your prejudices and finding agreement.  Can be a very expansive moment.  It’s like you feel that urge to connect with someone as you take your next step.  Good for dancing.

People are looking for reassurance about their perspective and will seek like-minded people, like a twin, someone who generally agrees with them.

Creative endeavors, especially relationships, are sure to be on everyone’s mind.  Great night for a date.

A very social aspect, it brings the sexes together.  Talkative Venus seeks a gallant Mars.  Will certainly bring up a desire to do something interesting to stimulate your mind as people seek an outlet for their feelings.  Stimulates desire for higher knowledge, wisdom and new information.

Overall a nice aspect that reminds us how much we need others to be with us, and on our side, as we take a step in life.

9:27pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  This aspect uncovers emotional needs in a quiet, respectful way.  Gentleness really pays off well now as we have the emotional strength to relate to others honestly.  Good for therapy.

12:39am – Moon (Capricorn) trine Jupiter (Virgo)  Expansive, lucky aspect.  We make a precise adjustment and look to get ahead in life.

2:35am – Moon (Capricorn) trine Mercury (Taurus)  An good opportunity to talk with someone about important matters.  In touch with your values, you can express your feelings without sacrificing reputation.

7:21am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn)  Strong burst of energy to transform your emotional state.  Can go from positive to negative or the opposite rather quickly.  Best to go with the former.  Be cautious of criticism or callousness towards others.

6:11pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires)  Anger, resentment at restrictions and lack of opportunity.  A break from stagnant situations is good, but just be sure your reaction is not superficial or the problem will return.  Void of course begins, continues until next morning.

5:28am – Jupiter (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius) at 13d41′.  This is the big aspect this week which overpowers all others.  This is the 3rd recent passage of this aspect.  August 2, 2015 Jupiter at 28d Leo square Saturn at 28d Scorpio.  Then March 23, 2016, Jupiter at 16d Virgo square Saturn at 16d Sagittarius.  This passage we see Jupiter at 13d Virgo square Saturn at 13d Sagittarius.

These 3 passes of this aspect are like the typical 3 passes of an outer planet transit.  The primary political manifestation of this aspect has been the crisis to include everyone in the political process.  During this presidential election cycle there are numerous stories of how the will of the people has been marginalized and overruled in primary elections across the country.  There is no hiding this fact, even in the mainstream news.  This is the political crisis that is coinciding with this aspect.

As I mentioned back in March, both signs are concerned with religious initiation or rights of passage.  Letter of the law or procedural due process (Virgo) vs. spirit of the law or substantive due process (Sagittarius).  Virgo holds the door closed to all except those who perform the necessary rights, while Sagittarius hold the door wide open to enable all to enter.  For example, Sagittarius say everyone gets a chance to vote, while Virgo says you must complete a voter registration form on time, in the proper format.

So at this time, political establishments face a crisis to prove that they are valid, which means everyone gets to vote.  And what we have seen is that the establishment has clearly failed.  Vote rigging is rampant across America.  The backlash effect will create a reaction that will change the system.  This square is showing us how much work we have to do in order to achieve that.

While we are at this square to Saturn, we sense a crisis to grow in both ourselves and in the world, and it stimulates the need to make a change.  In general, we are more aware and concerned about success and failure in our lives and in society at this time.  We are more concerned with whether or not our lives provide us with room to grow.  We look for heroes to help us out of the mess that we perceive.  So we look to our leaders to see how they are handling the crisis.  And what they say means a lot more to us than usual.  So at this time, some leaders loose popularity and some gain, depending on how they handle the crisis. Of course we are in the middle of the US presidential election cycle, so this only adds fuel to the fire.

This rise of Donald Trump has been assisted by this Jupiter square Saturn aspect.  All of the feelings that people have about not being in control of their government, and therefore their own lives, is feeding his campaign.  He is an outsider, the hero that Republicans have been looking for.

And lastly on the political front, Jupiter and Sagittarius are concerned with judicial proceedings so the potential for legal action around this time is high.  Let’s hope for an indictment for some of our politicians.  A Hillary indictment looms.  Now that major players like Sheldon Adelson have endorsed Donald Trump, there is enough of the establishment that is now backing him.  Furthermore, everyone can read the polls.  Although Donald has a poor rating amongst women voters, it is not enough to overcome the same problem that Hillary has.  People hate her more.  So let’s all hope for an indictment for Hillary so we can at least partially recuperate our political system.  This issue of the 28 pages, there’s actually more like 80,000 pages, regarding the role the Saudi government had in the 911 attacks will be like an explosion in American politics.  Awareness will continue to grow as more people realize what this all means.

What is rather interesting of recent note is that Donald Trump seems to indicate he has an inside scoop on the latest downed airliner.  He is not telling, but he says he knows, and that there will be much more of this to come and that it will create a world-wide crisis where people no longer want to travel on airplanes.  Obviously he knows that this was a false flag event, like so many others, and this event happens to be one that will help Donald get elected, so he’s using it.  People are more likely to support him if there is a military crisis of some sort.

But getting caught up in politics is a terrible distraction from the personal issues.  On a personal level, this aspect asks us to re-evaluate our lives and remove people and circumstances that are holding us back.  If other people decide to leave your life now, do not be too concerned.  They were probably holding you back and you didn’t realize it.  There is a lot of letting go that can come with this aspect.  At this last of 3 passes, I sense acceptance from those who have come to an understand how certain things must end and now is a time of moving forward.  With this aspect, comes a moment of deep understanding that we have uncovered the dysfunctional elements of our character and made peace with the changes we need to make in our lives.

During the time of Jupiter in Virgo we learn the value and necessity of having some sort of religious discipline in our lives.  This discipline or regular practice makes the religious experience successful.  That is the key notion.  The 10th step in the 12 step process is the point of success or failure.  Jupiter is currently in its’ 10th step while in Virgo.  Jupiter is asking us to develop a spiritual practice.  So, rather than worrying about loss, look for ways to incorporate a regular discipline in your spiritual practice.  It will change the energy within you and you won’t get so caught up in social polarity.

Health issues in general should take center stage in our lives right now.  Making positive changes in your diet and habit patters is easier now than before.  For example, quitting smoking would be a good use of this aspect.  Whatever you do, it should be to expand your life in some healthy way.

7:27am – Moon enters Aquarius.  As usual, time spent with friends opens the heart and gets us thinking about our universal values.  Brings up a desire to contribute to society in a way that benefits everyone.  People are also more concerned about personal freedom and are more apt to free themselves from restrictions now.

8:04am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Mars (Sagittarius)  Do yoga this morning.  Stretch and adapt to new ways of moving your body.

12:59pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Venus (Gemini)  Great aspect for socializing.  Should have no problem sharing your feelings with others and giving others the space to talk as well.

6:58pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Sun (Gemini)  Very much like the previous, great for socializing.  The second monthly trine in the Sun-Moon cycle, means it’s time to expand our social circle, meet new friends.


6:51am – Mars retrograde enters Scorpio.  Mars goes back into Scorpio.  Ego battles get more intense, but so does the capacity to work well with others, all depends on your ego.  The retrograde period is actually quite productive in Scorpio, which already forces Mars to get more introspective, conserve energy for important matters, and use our energy to direct our ego towards societal goals.  This is not a time of personal gain, although it may feel that way.  Now is a time of ego transformation with an eye toward bettering yourself and helping society. Mars in Scorpio until August 3rd.

8:32am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius).  A willingness to be the designated driver so your friends can drink.  Helpful Moon in Aquarius puts off immediate gratification for the sake of security and better judgment.  People like being responsible.

11:44am – Moon (Aquarius) square Mercury (Taurus).  Not the best time for business meetings as changing moods inhibits communication.  There is a danger of loosing an opportunity for freedom because you listened to someones’ stubborn viewpoint.


1:36am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires)  In the middle of the night, a desire for total freedom and inhibition.  Could prove rather interesting.  Strong desire to get involved in social causes.

1:19pm – Moon (Aquarius) square Mars (Scorpio)  Watch out for this one.  This aspect brings up a desire to hide things that should not be hidden.  A desire to deceive or misdirect someone in order to prevent release of privileged information.  Can bring out anti-social behavior.  Void of course begins.

2:06pm – Moon enters Pisces.  Despite the tendency to fall into the depths of fears, the Moon does enjoy the expansion it gets in Pisces, its’ 9th step.  Empathy and healing ability are enhanced.  The thing we always learn from this placement is that you cannot live your life on logic alone, you must leave your mind open to impressions and intuition.  Overcome your fears.

SUNDAY 5/29 – Psychic Sunday

12:48am – Moon (Pisces) square Venus (Gemini)  Easy to loose yourself to caring for another.  Watch out for mixed messages.  The words (Gemini) don’t match impressions (Pisces).  Confusion happens.  Poor time to make decisions at they may be rooted in childhood complexes and have nothing to do with the current situation.  Let go of the past.

5:12am – Moon (Pisces) square Sun (Gemini)  Last Quarter Moon.  Same as the previous.  Very confusing time.  Challenge to overcome past mental conditioning in order to see clearly in the present.  Real easy to say the wrong thing.  This last quarter of the Sun-Moon cycle could prove rather difficult if we have not made any gains over the past 3 weeks.  There will be a need to let go of old thinking patterns and overcome childish motivations that prevent success.  Alcohol clouds the mind more than usual and so a strong driving advisory goes for this and the previous aspect.

11:13am – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces)  Feeling compassionate and open to impressions.  Logic is not important, details even less so.  Hugs all around, but will not help the driving situation.

1:45pm – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  Overbearing and judgmental attitude can spoil an opportunity to let go of your limited perspective and feel compassion towards another.  A deep wound is uncovered for a few hours.  Most folks will prefer to spend some time alone.

2:30pm – Moon (Pisces) opposition Jupiter (Virgo)  Big expansion of emotional energy.  This aspect will bring back people’s appetite, so at least they get something to eat.  And likely a desire to indulge so as to cover up the pain and confusion.

6:58pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Mercury (Taurus)  Good to get conversation going.  The impetus for the Taurus bull to start moving comes from an impression.  Listen to your intuition, it will serve you well in this moment.

8:03pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)  A strong desire to reconnect with home and get in touch with your feelings there.

Interesting Stories:

Uranus trine Saturn (5/6/16, 10/29/16, 2/25/17) and they want to change leadership.  How appropriate!  Notice how Venezuela, just like Saudi Arabia, has Pluto in the 4th house, collective resources at home, they both have a lot of oil.  Notice how the South Node conjunct Pluto created a sudden scarcity of food.

A lot more challenges and crisis in store for them with Jupiter transiting the 10th house square Venus, square Jupiter, square Saturn and square Mercury, and most significantly, Jupiter opposition Pluto, all 1 pass only, in just a 6 week period this summer.  Here are the dates.

Jupiter square Venus (6/29/16)
Jupiter opposition Pluto (7/12/16)
Jupiter square Jupiter (7/24/16)
Jupiter square Saturn (7/31/16)
Jupiter square Mercury (8/11/16)

With Jupiter in Virgo, they will be going over the details and everyone’s perspective will be challenged.  The Jupiter opposition Pluto will be like a volcano of energy that will transform the entire country.  The Jupiter squares to Gemini planets will restructure the political system, and the Jupiter square Saturn and Uranus trine Saturn will give them a new leader.

Here is chart for a special day coming up on July 12th.  Jupiter opposition Pluto, Uranus quincunx Mars and Mars conjunct Mars all within a day or so.  Explosive changes coming around that day.  Make your travel plans accordingly, Mr. Maduro.

Nicolas Maduro, the current leader of Venezuela, is going through Uranus square Ascendant and Saturn square Pluto.  On June 17th, the day we have the second pass of Saturn square Neptune, he will get Saturn square Pluto and Neptune opposition Pluto.  Wow!  My guess is that this will set of transits will mark his departure and the powerful transits for Venezuela in July will mark the coming political crisis to elect a new leader.

Uranus square Jupiter (12th house).  A crisis to incorporate adaptability into their growth plan.  Challenges are surfacing from within the power structure.  They are facing a lot of difficulty in adapting (Uranus) due to hidden (12th house) issue.  The ancient families control China.  Their inability to adapt is causing this problem.

Saturn sextile Neptune and Mercury, doing their best to keep the economy flowing.  But Saturn square Saturn, leadership facing a test of strength and flexibility and a limitation to resources (8th house).

Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas.  Profile of a man on an intense power trip.  Natal Pluto opposition Moon, Mars and Venus.  He just came out and said that we need more people in prisons.  Uranus conjunct South Node.


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