Weekly Astrology Notes May 29 – June 5, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes May 29 – June 5, 2016

Times shows are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Highlights for this week:

Jupiter square Saturn gave us the judicial action we were looking for with the reports that Hillary violated the government records act.  This is really a game changer for her.  A lof of confusion will come about because of this.

We have a challenging week ahead.

Sunday, 5/29 is a day for strong impressions from the subconscious.  A idealistic and confusing day.

Monday, Memorial Day, is very productive and good for get-togethers.

Tuesday is warm and energetic with one tough aspect late in the evening.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we have three challenging days in a row.  The combination of Sun, Venus and Moon together in Gemini and all making the same tough aspects, means that we have a cumulative effect.  Both feminine planets sharing a common fate with the Sun, our collective will and it’s a tough lesson.  Our feelings and emotions feel disconnected and repressed.  So we are bound to take a few bruises.  With the New Moon happening on Saturday, this configuration (Grand Cross) is happening in the New Moon chart, which is the chart for the upcoming month.

Nonetheless, Saturday and Sunday are good with Sun and Venus square Jupiter, and give us a chance to have some fun and recuperate.

The key word this week is Maturity.  We can’t expect authority figures to do what is best for us because they will be in chaos as well, thinking that everyone is speaking against them.  Rely on your best judgment.

Because there are so many planetary aspect this week, I need to summarize a bit more than usual.  You can get the rest of the details of this report on my weblog.

SUNDAY 5/29 – A very impressionable day.

Be open to impressions.  Recall, the symbol for Pisces is not one fish, it is TWO fish swimming in opposite directions.  The meaning is that you get where you are going by putting energy in the opposite direction.  A good thing to remember today.

12:48am – Moon (Pisces) square Venus (Gemini)  Easy to loose yourself caring for another.  Watch out for mixed messages.  The words (Gemini) don’t match impressions (Pisces).  Confusion happens.

5:12am – Moon (Pisces) square Sun (Gemini)  Last Quarter Moon.  Very confusing time, not sure who to trust.  Prone to idealism.  Challenge to overcome past mental conditioning in order to see clearly in the present.  Real easy to say the wrong thing.  This last quarter of the Sun-Moon cycle and you feel inadequate if you have not made any gains over the past 3 weeks.  A need to let go of old thinking patterns.

We have had this triple aspects effect on the Moon whereby it is making aspects to Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune close together within a 3.5 hour window.  (4/4, 5/2, but not as close)  The effect is a strong test of beliefs.  The value of this is what you learn about yourself and your beliefs can be significant.

11:13am – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces)  Feeling compassionate and open to impressions.  Logic is not important, details even less so.  Hugs all around as our feelings permeate all boundaries.  Truly one of the most expansive aspects for the Moon.  The capacity to feel seems limitless.  You can sense what others are thinking and for some that is discomforting.  Open to psychic impressions and visions.  At best, you could feel connected to and in love with everything.  At worst, you could feel disappointed.  That’s the range you can get with Pisces.

1:45pm – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  Overbearing and judgmental attitude can spoil an opportunity to let go of your limited perspective and feel compassion towards another.  A deep wound is uncovered for a few hours.  Most folks will prefer to spend some time alone.

2:30pm – Moon (Pisces) opposition Jupiter (Virgo)  Big expansion of emotional energy and desire to be in a crowd and to feel uninhibited.  Your heart leaps out of your chest as you search for the perfect thing, person, whatever, that fulfills your emotional needs.  Can be an unhealthy attraction.  Understand it’s all a reflection of something missing within yourself, hidden to you but not to others, and now you are being confronted with it.  In these signs, brings out a desire to feel connected to God.  Can produce a sense of spiritual unease as if you got a vision of life and your not sure how to interpret it.

6:58pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Mercury (Taurus)  Good to get conversation going.  The impetus for the Taurus bull to start moving comes from an impression.  Listen to your intuition, it will serve you well in this moment.  Powerful feminine energy creates an opportunity to see hidden things.  Very creative aspect, go for artistry.

When Moon hits the midpoint at 7:31pm, that will be a powerful moment.  A profound, powerful message comes through.

8:03pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)  A strong desire to reconnect with home and get in touch with your feelings behind closed doors.  Opens psychic abilities.

MONDAY 5/30  Memorial Day in the USA

The best week day this week.  All good aspects. Good for the holiday.

4:10pm – Moon (Pisces) trine Mars (Scorpio)  Creative energies unite with healing and compassion.  Very sensual aspect, you can really feel what your partner is feeling.  A strong burst of energy to bring people together.  Void of Course begins.

6:09pm – Moon enters Aires.  While in Aires, people generally want to initiate projects because they feel more courageous and confident about their heartfelt desires.  Can also cause emotional flare-ups.

8:05pm – Mercury (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn).  This is the 3rd recent pass (4/17, 5/12, 5/30).  Very productive aspect.  Good for getting work done, attending to what is important in life.  Taurus is our personal values/money and what makes us feel whole and Capricorn is our career.  So we are looking for opportunities to make money in our career.   With Mercury now Direct but Pluto still retrograde, with this pass we are ready to take a step, move forward.  And opportunity comes and this time we are sure to grab it.

Wide range of useful and interesting applications for this aspect.  Excellent for any kind of study, especially hidden or esoteric subjects, or any kind that requires reading and/or in-depth analysis.  Therapy is more fruitful now, but with earth signs, you will want to do something physical.  Good for studying geology, rocks and minerals.

Earth signs means that we can apply this aspect to practical concerns.  Making plans and goals concerning wealth and finance or anything to do with success and reputation are highly favored.  You will find you have the mental focus to attend to important matters and see them through to completion.  Capable of working alone or with others.

Also good for repairing and improving your immediate surroundings, making home improvements and gardening. Mechanical problems are easier to diagnose and repair.

Great aspect for helping others, getting involved in community projects.  Any work you do now is sure to pay off as Capricorn always pays in this lifetime.


A nice, easy-going day with one tough aspect in the late evening.

9:09am – Moon (Aires) sextile Venus (Gemini)  A warm and playful aspect, energetic and talkative.

12:01pm – Moon (Aires) sextile Sun (Gemini)  The New Moon is approaching and we take a moment to enjoy the friendships we have made.  Like the previous, playful and opportunistic.

4:23pm – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  You feel like you have a good idea where you want to go in life.  Any opportunity to get ahead.

10:35pm – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Hard-headed and argumentative square.  Easy to severe ties in a cold, calculating manner.  Can be explosive and/or willing to go it alone.  Beware of putting up a wall around yourself and try not to knock on other peoples’ walls.


The start of 3 challenging days.  Long Void of Course today.

8:42am – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires)  You may want to surprise someone, break up the monotony.  Time to break up the monotony as people feel a strong urge to express their individuality or unique qualities.  Uninhibited and intelligent, capable of adapting to any situation.
Void of Course begins. Continues all day until early evening.

7:43pm – Sun (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)  A rather confusing square.  Low vitality.  Feeling overwhelmed, possibly by the need to resolve issues from the past.  Can bring up episodes of worry and feeling like a victim.

It may seem that the precise words (Gemini) being said are different from the impression (Pisces) you pick up on.  This can lead to disagreements that are hard to resolve because the more words you say, the more impressions you put out.  This leads to a lot of mixed messages.  Try to avoid thinking with your mouth open.

Things that have been swept under the rug seem to crop up now, make us inhibited and trip us up, and give others the appearance that our words contain some hidden meaning, even though that’s not the case.  The flow of impressions bubbling up from the subconscious will keep people mentally in the clouds.  The overall effect is either to give you great insights into what others are thinking and their true motivations, or it can lead to confusion as you are not really sure how to interpret what’s being said.  Feelings of futility and inadequacy follow.

If you are open to impressions and idealism, not just logic, then you can gain valuable insights into yourself.  You get in touch with your beliefs.  The best use of this energy that I can think of is playing or writing music.  It is a very creative aspect.  (Example: David Bowie’s chart)  Drumming and dancing are also good.

In politics, now we are challenged to consider the needs of those persons that society has swept under the rug, this means the poor, minorities, the elderly, and people in prisons and mental institutions.  In this moment, society needs to create a structure to help those in need, address the needs of the poor and institutionalized, and gain maturity.

At the end of the day, this aspect shows us where we tend to play victim and where we have matured.

7:46pm – Moon enters Taurus.  Exalted in Taurus.  Normally a good time for planting but it’s still the last quarter Moon, it would be much better to plant on June 6th with the New Moon in Cancer.  It’s a sensual time, maybe you’ll feel like curling up on the couch, but if the Taurus bull gets up and gets motivated, you can pursue your heart’s desire in a steadfast and honorable way.


The toughest day this week with two challenging planetary aspects.  Both an idealistic day when our beliefs are tested and an oppressive day when duty overrides personal fulfillment.

3:10pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Open to subconscious influences, psychic impressions.  Good time to be with people who share your spiritual beliefs.

6:36pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Jupiter (Virgo)  Another aspect for spending money, this time on health and beauty needs.  As usual, good for social gatherings and meeting new people.

9:15pm – Venus (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)  It’s going to be a lot like yesterdays’ Sun square Neptune, only with more difficulty relating to others.  The issue of perfection in relationships arises.  Today people will have unrealistic expectations when dealing with others, especially in intimate partnerships.

Venus gets rather lost in combination with Neptune and Pisces.  Venus is wholesome, but Neptune has no boundaries, so the wholesome quality of Venus is lost in the vastness of Pisces.  It is not until we mature and understand our personal boundaries that we are able to handle an aspect like this without loosing ourselves to someones’ needs and end up feeling a bit lost, unfulfilled and demoralized.  Like yesterday, this aspect requires maturity.

Like many Neptune squares, this one lowers vitality and can be a blow to the ego.  When unrealistic expectations go unmet, we feel let down, disappointed and fatigued.

Be careful of people who make unrealistic promises.  Also beware of relationships that begin today.  The desire for perfection is a factor in your decision making and you will be disappointed.  Generally speaking, thinking is not clear Wed-Fri.  Despite all of these warnings, this aspect, like the previous, is great for making music, dancing and drumming.

On a societal level, this aspect adds to the previous, and is producing somewhat of a collective spiritual letting go.  We see a breakdown of relationships in politics as some people realize the tide has turned against them.  We face a collective identity crisis from the loss of feminine power.  Inability to let go of the past creates a crisis of beliefs (Pisces).  There is a lot of political reshuffling going on this week.  We are redefining the role of women in politics.

11:11pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  Burst of creative and sexual energy.  Like the Mercury trine Pluto on Monday, this is a very productive aspect.  Good for business.

11:38pm – Sun (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius)  This aspect is oppressive.  Energy levels are low to the point that many will prefer to not go to work Friday morning.  Considering this and the two previous Neptune squares, we just might set a record for people to call in sick today.  Responsibilities (Saturn) overwhelm personal identity (Sun) and mobility (Gemini).  Unless you are really comfortable with delaying present fulfillment for future gain, this will be a difficult aspect.

Working alone is preferred now as other people in general feel like a wet blanket around you.  Restrictions seem overwhelming.  Saturn isolates and limits whatever it touches.  The opposition to the Sun means everyone gets a strong dose of that limitation until they can find that balance point within themselves.  And that’s what happens with every opposition.  Energy flows back and forth between the two planets until equilibrium is established.

Saturn is your structure, your career and the things you create in order to stand up in the world.  Today you may feel like that is all your about, and nothing else.  The other aspects of yourself seem to pale in comparison.  So with concerns about your structure dominating your mind, you have little time for easy going, unprofitable or superficial activities.  This makes folks rather stern and seem a bit older and slower today.

On a societal level, authority figures are in conflict, mostly with the people.  They fear judgment and loss of prestige.


The low vitality and emphasis on work continues.

3:08am – Moon conjunct Mercury (Taurus)  Emotions and intellect work together in a fixed manner.  This aspect will help alleviate some of the negative effects of the surrounding planetary aspects.

4:02pm – Moon (Taurus) opposition Mars (Scorpio)  Very assertive emotions, like a bulldozer.  Temptation to seek power through subversive or secretive means.  Easy to provoke arguments.  With all these other aspects, this could start an argument.  Void of Course begins, last until 8pm.

5:47pm – Venus (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius)  So today is it Venus’ turn to oppose Saturn and feel the limitation.  Relationships seem oppressive today.  No one feels warm and loving like usual.  Any relationship that limits your freedom of expression and sense of beauty will seem intolerable.  A strong desire to be alone.  This will put a serious damper on Friday night activities.  Best to eat a warm meal at home as you feel the need to nurture yourself, take care of the home and feel emotionally secure.

Communication (Gemini) is sparse and to the point.  It is really not a good day to talk with a loved one about your relationship because you will emphasize the limitation.  Nonetheless, this aspect teaches us that you need to structure your relationships in such a way as to allow time for personal freedom to expand and learn new things.  Many people will be asking themselves if their relationship is giving them enough room to grow.

The lesson is to utilize (Saturn) your feelings (Venus) to inspire you to incorporate better judgment into your life.  Learn to master your innate sense of balance.

On a societal level, this aspect makes us feel repressed by authority figures.  We’re not happy and feel it is time for a change.

8:01pm – Moon enters Gemini.  Moon joins Sun and Venus in Gemini.  Mentally active but also a bit lost as Moon enters its’ death cycle.  Good time to practice music, art and writing, play games and keep the mind busy.  You can feel (Moon) with your fingers (Gemini).


Big day for communication.  Sun, Moon and Venus all in Gemini all squaring Jupiter.  Although the afternoon has two challenging aspects, the evening gets much better.

3:57am – Sun (Gemini) square Jupiter (Virgo)  A positive attitude, a desire to have fun and to know more.  The mind goes into overdrive and seeks a lot of stimulation.  Increased confidence will get people moving, talking and making plans.  Not a time for abstract impressions, people want rational explanations for everything. Sagittarius say “I perceive”, at the square people only believe what they see.  Nonetheless, a lot of questions pop-up.  The down side is the tendency to be too analytical.

People are generous, want to spend money and are looking for new opportunities to socialize.  The tendency is to be extravagant and bit off more than you can chew.  Be careful of overindulgence as it may lead to health problems.  A good time to inquire about enrollment in college or some institution of higher learning, make travel plans or just catch up on the news.  In general, a lot of activities as people jump from one thing to another without necessarily finishing any one of them.

That’s the basic interpretation, but with so much else happening this week, this aspect may be a dash to assimilate information.  Everyone feels the need to prove they are up to date on the current news and have a well informed perspective.  No one will tolerate feeling uninformed today.

People more interested in justice, but could be more self-righteous and unwilling to listen to other points of view.  People will seek to bring others over to their way of thinking.  Hard to find common ground.  But if you stay positive, things are almost guaranteed to work out well.

3:22pm – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)  Will add a bit of confusion to today’s mix.  The rational mind blocks impressions from the subconscious.  Don’t want to know what others are feeling because it seems overwhelming.  The Sun square aspect will help alleviate the negative effects.  Watch out for delusional thinking or not caring about others.

4:55pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius)  Emotions slow down the Moon for a couple hours but the concurrent Venus aspect should prevent you from feeling depressed.

5:49pm – Venus (Gemini) square Jupiter (Virgo)  Talkative Venus has a lot to say tonight.  Desire to socialize, find someone who appreciates how you feel.  Probably the easiest square in the book, Venus desires to expand and put aside all sense of responsibility.  This is truly a “get away from it all” sort of aspect.  Indulgence is a likely because it’s a rebuke of authority and stuffy tradition.  People will enjoy getting loud and a bit wild, but pleasantly so.

Relationships are favored by this aspect, as well as self-improvement.  People want to spend money, just be sure it is what you really need.

7:02pm – Moon (Gemini) square Jupiter (Virgo)  Happy hour begins.  Emotions need to expand.

7:08pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Gemini).  Feelings and emotions flow back and forth in harmony.  Very talkative, people pay attention to beauty and easily feel their way into relationships.

7:59pm – Moon conjunct Sun (Gemini)  The New Moon.  Start of the next Sun-Moon cycle.   The chart of the new moon is a good indicator of what lies ahead for the coming month.  There is a grand cross with the Sun-Moon-Venus all opposition Saturn, square Neptune and square Jupiter.  A crisis to confront restrictions to growth (Saturn), overcome outdated beliefs (Neptune) and self-righteousness (Jupiter), get in touch with our feelings (Venus) and emotions (Moon), and build new political connections (Gemini squares).  An intense time of testing.  With this comes judgment, changing alliances and removing dysfunctional elements within politics.  But a grand trine in earth Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto gives us lots of opportunities for growth this month.  We have all the energy and creativity to push aside the old and expand into something new.

The combination of Sun, Venus and Moon together in Gemini and all making the same tough aspects, means that we have a cumulative effect that is greater than the sum of its’ parts.  Both feminine planets sharing a common fate with the Sun, our collective will and its a tough lesson.  Our feelings and emotions feel disconnected and repressed.  So we are bound to take a few bruises.

In politics, we see a disconnect with feminine values with the Neptune squares (disillusionment) and a subsequent desire to rebuild with the Saturn oppositions (harsh reality).  A lot of testing of beliefs this month and many may feel demoralized.  This is a time of reassessing the feminine role in politics and in society as a whole.  Beliefs are being challenged.  Example: Germany to ban sexy women in advertizements.  Some see this as good for women and some as bad for freedom of speech.  This is a good example of a reassessment of commonly held beliefs regarding women that is happening during this time.

The key word this month is Maturity.  We can’t expect authority figures to do what is best for us because they will be in chaos as well, thinking that everyone is speaking against them.  Rely on your best judgment.

There could be some attempt by authority figures to reign in the people, control us in some way.  Maybe another false flag attack or some political discourse designed to redirect our attention and put our collective feelings into a restrictive pool, where emotions stagnate and progress is inhibited.  It will not work because the grand trine in earth is bringing many opportunities for growth.

All of this is setting the stage for two upcoming major astrological events in June.  Saturn square Neptune on June 17th (a revelation) and Jupiter trine Pluto (new financial system) on June 26th.

Slow Sunday, long Void of Course.

9:47am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires)  Feeling independent and want to something to express your unique qualities.  Surprise, burst of energy, intelligent and innovative.  Void of Course begins, continues all day until evening.

8:41pm – Moon enters Cancer.  Let the planting begin.  Start of a new cycle for the Moon and it’s now the 1st quarter.  Energy is focused around the home and heart for the next couple of days (Monday-Tuesday).  Attend to nurturing, cooking, and going into your shell, like a crab, to protect your vulnerable side.

Summary of this weeks aspects:

Interesting Stories:

Germany is set to suffer limitation and humiliation.  Note their Mars at 12d Gemini.  It is forming a grand cross with Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter.  All of this disillusionment is setting the stage for a popular revolt with Pluto conjunct Saturn next year.

Saudi Arabia has gone into full panic mode.  Check out this story.  A story has appeared in the Saudi  Press that tells the truth about 911.  Uranus square Pluto (4th house).  Uranus squares are really intense transits.  There can be an overwhelming need for recognition that precedes a harsh severance.  They are challenging the power structure (Pluto) to prove they have power and adaptability of their own.  That always happens when you have been repressing freedom (yours and others) and then, when you sense your freedom about to be taken away, you get into a fight with the people who were once your friends.

Brazil is set to have a big day Saturday, 6/4.  Notice the Sun and Venus square Sun while Jupiter conjunct Sun concurrently.  Look for big events and protests in Brazil this coming weekend.

Thanks once again for watching.  Please leave comments.

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