Saturn square Neptune: Crisis to Overcome Limitations II

Saturn square Neptune: Crisis to Overcome Limitations II

Personal Level

On a personal level, this aspect is forcing everyone to examine their beliefs and restructure them in a way that keeps them connected to the collective and leaves room for true spiritual growth. Now is a time when we are forced to face what we have refused to see about our lives, specifically the rigid (Saturn) mental perspectives (Sagittarius) that limit our spiritual (Pisces) growth.

Because both signs, Sagittarius and Pisces, are concerned with freedom, both desire to break free of limitations. Sagittarius frees itself through gaining knowledge and direct personal experience. Pisces frees itself though direct divine revelation. You must have both in your life. The need to harmonize both of these traits can make the square a force of tremendous personal growth.

This square, from Sagittarius to Pisces, is the last square before entering the last quadrant of the chart. As such is represents the learning lesson necessary to be successful on the last quadrant. If you fail at this square, the last quadrant is filled with more failure. If you succeed, the last quadrant becomes the area of your greatest success in life.

Saturn is in a tough place now – in its’ death cycle. This square unearths impressions from deep within the collective unconscious which may frighten us and even give us a vision of our own death if we don’t change our ways. Career, success and/or desire to achieve notoriety seems to lack a sense of soulful meaning if we don’t pay respect to the impressions we get from deep within us and develop spiritually. We must realize that our careers exist within the collective, and that includes careers for everyone. So you may ask yourself, what good is having a career if many others in society cannot and therefore the stability that I get from my career is threatened? Answering this type of question is what will bring you back in balance.

We look at this square from both sides. From the Neptune side, people are very disappointed in their career and don’t get the satisfaction they need from it. A disconnect is happening. The reason is because we now see more than before and have yet to admit it. From the Saturn side, our own internal structure seems to be cut-off from the collective, as if we are all alone in our struggle against forces we cannot define. The sum effect is people are ready to make a drastic change in their life in order to put the two sides back in harmony again.

Overall, for the majority of us, this aspect is felt as a general discontent with society and the direction it’s going in. If your beliefs are not rigid and your perspective remains open to learning more, then you will see this as a time to challenge the old, worn-out, tired and traditional beliefs and to embark on a more personal journey in life where you can develop your own set of genuine beliefs that are in proportion to and agree with your need for structure and stability.

For many of us, we find that conventional wisdom (Sagittarius) in society is no longer useful and decide to ignore societal norms and use better judgment instead. Doing so allows us room to grow and develop a much broader perspective on life.

The square from Sagittarius to Pisces always involves religious beliefs. So everyone is experiencing a spiritual crisis to establish spiritual beliefs (Saturn-Neptune), yet leave room to expand (Sagittarius) those beliefs. A tricky combination. The negative response is to deny/limit your own beliefs or those of others because the challenge involves personal development and a willingness to change some of your own beliefs. Eventually better judgment saves the day and helps you through this period of transition.

This denial of the truth occurs on a massive scale with religious institutions, government, institutions of higher learning, the media and even in professional sports. The conflict is between what is known (Sagittarius) and the totality of what can be comprehended (Pisces). Institutions can’t deal with the new information so they deny it exists in order to continue functioning.

The media (Sagittarius) really disappoints now. They lie constantly because they are being forced to maintain a beliefs system that is clearly out of date. The result of this is people pulling away from mainstream media in search of the truth.

A perfect example of this is the vaccine issue. New information shows that vaccines cause autism in many children. But the media, government, etc must deny this truth in order to maintain power. So they seek to limit/deny the truth because they fear that an awakened population is out of their control. So we see the crisis to overcome the limitation between what is known (Sagittarius) and all that can be known (Pisces) results in government limiting the people. The backlash is the work we do to overcome the limitation.

Everyone’s place in the world seems a bit more uncertain now, like society has lost its’ spiritual path. The general confusion that pervades this period drives people to isolation and critical, pessimistic thinking. Health and vitality are more pressing now as we seek to reserve our energy for really important matters. This is a time of uncertainty and critical testing and we must act like it. Most people feel uncertain about their future, their careers and in general are prone to questioning many aspects of life that they once thought to be secure.

It is easier to be misled by those projecting a perspective they ask you to believe. Anyone who tries to win you over now has an agenda that is currently threatened with extinction and they are desperate to get your help. Many will be deceived now. Watch out for obsessive persons, they are out of balance and will gladly take you with them.

The important thing is to not let your negative views block you from taking advantage of opportunities for growth. Avoid the temptation to make a permanent decision because it feels like you must. Beliefs, yours and others, are changing now and you cannot count on feeling the same way in the future. Allow your view of reality to change. Commitments can be very problematic at this time. You need to be really clear on others beliefs and leave lots of room for things that you cannot see. Deception is common and the deceiver is always convinced they have your best interests in mind.

And lastly on a personal level, now we all need to take care of our health. All Neptune squares, especially this one, lower vitality and bring up health concerns. Some may even experience a hypochondriac effect. It is important to not stress yourself out or worry too much. This only weakens you more. Make important changes to your health regime as necessary. Jupiter is still in Virgo so you have that added assistance.

And now for the political side of this aspect.

Saturn square Neptune Event Chart Aspects

Gives us a broader perspective of events at this time. Notice little ol’ Mercury (Gemini) is in a tough spot, opposing Saturn and squaring Neptune and Jupiter. That tells us that politics is in a major crisis to incorporate trans-personal values. A crisis to grow, pure and simple, and it will grow, that’s guaranteed. Opposition to Saturn means we feel oppressed by authority figures and feel the need to confront and challenge. The square to Jupiter means we sense a crisis to expand and learn and feel blocked, usually by the media which is now lying. Note a square to Jupiter involving Mercury/Gemini can inhibit a person from going to college. And the square to Neptune means we are being deceived and have to deal with a lot of things that we really don’t know.

But more than anything, conventional wisdom is completely dysfunctional now. People’s perspectives simply do not agree enough to find common ground and we remain polarized until some major event occurs that changes everyone’s perspective and we all realize that reality is far beyond what we thought it was.

Moon conjunct Mars quincunx Sun and Venus. We need to make a precise adjustment, intelligent action is mandatory. All personal planets, so there is a compulsion to adjust internally. This brings up powerful subconscious forces within you to compel you in some manner. Strong need to overcome oppression and fight for personal power. People prone to subversive or manipulative means to get what they want.

Pluto trine Jupiter is applying and ready to occur next week. That means that anyone who seizes the opportunity for growth will get it. So go for it.

This aspect effects an entire generation of people who will look back upon this time as a period in history when many uncomfortable truths were unearthed and society was fundamentally changed because of it. But we don’t see it clearly now because we are in the middle of it. Obstacles that have prevented humanity from moving forward are now being removed. If you just read the mainstream news you will not get the big picture. There are new scientific and archaeological discoveries being made that will fundamentally alter the way we view the past. And the political battles being fought now are a reflection of humanities crisis to overcome limitations from the past.

There are revolutions happening all over the world. Venezuela and Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and even in Europe the biggest protests ever seen in places like France, Germany and Sweden, places that seemed immune to such social unrest. The confusion and crisis to grow is being felt by authority figures all over the world who cling to the old ways (Saturn) ignoring their own dysfunctionality and outdated beliefs. I have several links to give you an excellent overall idea of what’s going on. The best on is a link to a video on “How the Illuminati destroyed Venezuela”. The story behind it can be applied, more or less, to most nations of the world. We see the world is controlled by a small group of elite who enslave humanity for profit and they are the main impediment to social progress on the planet.

Saturn rules the basic structure of society and the authority figures put in place to maintain that structure, including the government, the military and people in charge of finance, industry, commerce and other powerful institutions. While Sagittarius rules religious institutions, higher education, professional sports and the news media. Between the two of them that includes just about everything we depend on in society. The square from Neptune (Pisces) means that all things Saturn and all things Sagittarius are rather confused and uncertain now. All of these things face an identity crisis born of insecurities. The crisis to overcome their inherent limitations is now clear to see. If they can’t change their beliefs and see what they have refused to see then they become obsolete fast.

Specifically, they face a crisis to incorporate universal values (Pisces) into their structure. Currently, government doesn’t know which way to go, they are clearly confused and can’t relate to the needs of the people. Recall that all squares produce limitations. So the negative manifestation is that authority figures dictate the needs of the people to them and deny their true needs. With Sagittarius, they do this denial dance with incredible pomposity, arrogance and excessive broadcasting in a vain attempt to force their perspectives onto others. We see it all around us. Here is the USA we are seeing elections being rigged and outright fear from the political establishment regarding their most popular candidate.

The religious establishment is under the most pressure now. Their belief systems are completely out of touch with reality and they have no alternative to the rising tide of human awareness. So there is a lot of rhetoric coming out of them now. They are absolutely frantic about what is happening. Many people leave established religion as it can no longer nourish their spiritual needs. In these days, people find true religion by listening to their better judgment.

Often some leader faces humiliation. In 1979, which was the last time we had the second square in the Saturn-Neptune cycle, we saw the Iran hostage crisis. It humiliated President Jimmy Carter and cost him re-election. This aspect is acting as the catalyst for many dramatic political downfalls. Look at Rousseff in Brazil and Maduro in Venezuela, Bashar al Assad in Syria. The Saudi regime faces extinction in the near future. Here in the USA, Obama is a complete lame duck. In fact, many political leaders all over the planet face really hard times these days.

With this cycle, the first pass was November 2015, and the crisis to overcome limitations took shape. Link: “The Global Economic Reset Has Begun”. The financial realignment took the first step with the inclusion of the Chinese Yuan in the SDR basket of currencies and the immigration crisis began in Europe. In the USA, the political scene changed radically with Donald Trump. Since that time, it has been a series of revelations and battles to reveal more and more of the truth about who is really in charge and the agenda we are really following.

The culmination for many of these crisis will come at the last pass in early September. At that point, the major revelations will come to the surface. In the meantime, we all watch to see who will rise and who will fall as a result of all of this.

In the USA, John McCain is set to face more challenges. On this day, he is facing Jupiter square Jupiter, last pass. So he is sure to make some pompous statement about his authority, with a tendency to exaggerate his claims of perspective and experience. But he faces a tough test of validity. And the Jupiter conjunct Neptune happening soon after is sure to put him in the news more than usual. Jupiter expands, Neptune has no limits, but the square will put limits on him and this guy could explode. Watch out for him around this time.

Zbignew Brezinski
On the second pass, Neptune conjunct Venus and the last pass at 10 degrees in September, Neptune conjunct Mercury along with the accompanying Saturn squares. He faces a tough challenge to his beliefs at the same time he is just discovering what his beliefs are. I see a bit of an identity crisis for him. Let’s hope that the end is near for him as he is a neocon mobster and warmonger. Here’s a real good link about him.

Bernie Sanders. Uranus conjunct Mars and Jupiter conjunct Sun, he sure is gonna be feeling the burn on this day. My sense is that whatever happens benefits him. He gets a revitalized identity and expansion of his personal sphere. With his recent loss in the primaries he will be looking to change his identity. If the revelation is about Hillary, then he is set to take advantage of it. Or maybe he gets offered the VP spot. Look for Bernie to do something big around this time.

Donald Trump
Moon conjunct Mars opposing his Midheaven. He needs to be a bit careful. Someone could try to weaken him or even attack him. Either case, there is going to be some emotionally powerful opposition to his political platform, what he stands for, and they’ll push him to change his thinking.

European Union
On 6/17, they get Moon conjunct Mars right on top of their natal Mars conjunct Pluto and opposition their natal Moon. Their response to the coming revelation will be anger, after which they will want to invoke their own power and severe any ties that cause the destruction of their cultural identity. Let’s carefully consider this natal aspect in the EU chart. The Mars conjunct Pluto in the 4th house is just like Saudi Arabia. They have an intense protection of their home turf. Their collective resources are their culture identities. But notice how it opposes the Moon in the 10th house. The success they achieve is directly opposed to their cultural identity. Something has got to give. This will not work. In the long run they are destined to tear themselves apart. When Pluto conjuncts their Uranus and Neptune there will be both a revolution and a spiritual revival in Europe. The EU will not live long before it is forced to face the ultimate test of it’s cultural identity. The EU will destroy, then resurrect itself.

Pope Francis
You really must see this guys transits. This month could be the time he makes the big announcement. The Pope likes to do things on conjunctions to the Nodes. Last year, on September 23rd, he held mass at the White House when the Sun conjunct the North Node. Now we see Jupiter conjunct the North Node, a bit more rare. But more significantly it’s opposition his natal Saturn. There is no doubt in my mind that he will make a major move at this time and it relates to his tenure as Pope.

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