Weekly Astrology Notes June 12-19, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes June 12-19, 2016

Times shown are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

The big news this week is Saturn square Neptune, second pass, happening on Friday.

Weekly summary at the end of the video.

One of the best Sundays in a while. A great day to explore and learn something new. Everyone needs to get out of the house and be with others.

1:10am – Moon (Virgo) square Sun (Gemini) First Quarter Moon. Momentary crisis to overcome obstacles to emotional growth. Time to make precise adjustments (Virgo) about the way we compare ourselves (Gemini) to others. If your sense of self, creative efforts, etc (Sun) is out of sync with your need to receive nurturing (Moon), then you need to make that adjustment.

4:26am – Moon (Virgo) square Venus (Gemini) Much like the previous aspect. Emotions and feelings don’t agree, in this case because we spend too much time comparing ourselves to others.

7:47am – Moon (Virgo) sextile Mars (Scorpio) Good aspect for physical exercise. Expending energy (Mars) in a fixed, continuous (Scorpio) manner will regenerate the emotional body quickly (sextile). Get a good workout in, especially if you really need it. Void of Course begins.

8:12am – Venus (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) One of the best aspects for teaching in the book. A true appreciation for people who are different than you. A desire to bring out the unique qualities (Uranus) in others (Venus) and to share in the benefits of life in a truly free society (Uranus). With this aspect we instinctively see that the evolution of others benefits us, so we want to help others achieve the freedom they desire. Information is exchanged without hesitation and without conformity to tradition. People of different age groups and backgrounds find it easier to communicate with one another.

Considering this and the previous aspect, I highly recommend getting yourself into some sort of physical exercise class, like yoga, this Sunday morning. Or get out for a bike ride or some other form of recreation. It would be a shame to waste such an enlightening aspect sitting at home and doing nothing. You really need to be out, talking with others about enlightened topics that will teach you about and give you an appreciation for others. You need to find brotherly love today. The deeper and more meaningful the better. You could really attract a wonderful teacher and friendship on this day if you put out enough positive energy. So get out of the house on Sunday!

On a societal level, politics takes a step up in vibration today, and a step forward as well. Uranus/Aquarius is the higher vibrations of Mercury/Gemini, which rules politics. Tradition is cast aside for a new idea. New political bonds and friendships are formed with an appreciation for the unique qualities they add to your own. Sum it all up: Political (Gemini) relationships (Venus) quickly (sextile) adapt (Uranus). So this aspect should be the response to the disillusionment we experienced from last weeks’ Venus square Neptune and Venus opposition Saturn.

4:22pm – Mercury enters Gemini. Begins a new cycle. In Gemini until June 29th. Ideas from the last cycle have been cast aside and now people feel ready to express their new beliefs. People are eager to compare and contrast (Gemini) with others in order to help them redefine the boundaries of their beliefs. It’s like a new idea is born (1st step in the 12 step process), and it needs to establish an identity, so it expresses itself quickly and with child-like inhibition in order to find agreement. In this way we redefine the new boundaries or our ideas.

On a societal level, politics begins a new cycle. Who cares what you thought before, it’s a new cycle, so what do you believe today? That what everyone wants to know. Have you adapted, learned anything new over the course of the last cycle? The last cycle began on May 2, 2015, which was just about the start of the Presidential election cycle. Right around that time most candidates declared their candidacy. Since then a lot of ideas have changed and alliances have formed, changed and in many cases, broken. Now new alliances emerge and take shape. People have the confidence (1st step is like Aires) to express their new ideas without fear.

5:33pm – Moon enters Libra. Time for our emotional self to emerge into the outer world. Like crossing over the Descendant, Moon in Libra comes out into the world. Now we want to show everyone that we are someone who is nurturing and who deserves to be nurtured in return. Moon in Libra is willing to show affection when ever needed to form and maintain a strong emotional bond. Relationships become more important over the next couple of days. Good time to share your feelings with your partner.

5:42pm – Moon (Libra) trine Mercury (Gemini) And there is no better aspect for than then this one. How convenient! Sunday afternoon is perfect for sharing feelings. Gemini likes to compare and contrast, and Libra is sure to give both sides a chance to share their thoughts.

Neptune goes retrograde today. Time to begin your spiritual work.

1:43PM – Neptune goes Stationary Retrograde at 12d02′ Pisces. Continues retrograde, down to 9d14′ Pisces, until November 20.

Neptune retrograde is like a tide that rises slowly and then overwhelms us. The retrograde motion pushes us into the flow of trans-personal cosmic forces. Imagine yourself walking upstream in a shallow creek. After a while the creek gets deeper the water flows faster and you must struggle to continue. Eventually you get to a river and can’t walk upstream any further. Despite getting disappointed when you realize you cannot go any further, the experience itself is a wonderful intuitive journey towards the common source of our spiritual insight. If you keep your imagination open, then it’s a journey and you learn something. At the end, a bit of your wall comes down and you can now feel more compassion for others who on their spiritual journey. But if you only see the struggle, the disappointment at the end is all the more bitter.

During this time, we experience heightened sensitivity to stimuli, are more psychic and intuitive, more able to know what others are thinking. But also a bit more apprehensive, harder to find the boundary between yourself and others. Some people can get really egotistical about their beliefs. Those people spend this time repressing others more than usual.

The more compassion you develop over this time, the easier life becomes when Neptune goes direct. One must head directly into the flow consciously. Walking around in an unconscious fog will cause you to miss it and possibly get deceived by others, a common theme with Neptune.

Most Neptune energy is wasted. That’s one of the biggest lessons that everyone of us regarding Neptune. There is so much value, so much insight available to one through the Neptune process, if we would just lay down our petty beliefs and realize we are so much more than what society tells us.

Neptune is a tricky nut to crack. Unlike Saturn, Neptune makes no promise of payment in this lifetime. You get paid in the afterlife, or the next lifetime, or maybe in this life, you never know. Or maybe it’s repayment for something you did in a previous life. The point is there a things beyond your personal sphere of perception that you are a part of, like it or not, and Neptune reminds us of this. You are a drop in the ocean and must go with the flow. You cannot demand clarity at every step. Nonetheless, this time is excellent for doing your spiritual work. Here is a good reminder from Muhammad Ali.

Meditation or some type of positive mental focus is essential to coping with this energy. You need to do something to face the unknowable with impunity. Drugs have a stronger effect at this time and so it is recommended that you avoid or use cautious when using intoxicants, especially alcohol. The impressions bubbling up from the subconscious mind are useful only if you have a sharp conscious mind with which to understand them.

Here is a link to a good article on Neptune retrograde that I recommend along with a couple interesting links to inspire you during this period of Neptune retrograde.

6:25pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) Harmonious and respectful. Things go smoothly in the early evening.

Sun sextile Uranus tomorrow morning in effect Monday evening.

Tuesday, a great day to learn something new.

12:54am – Sun (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) The learning continues and we see another Gemini sextile to Uranus. Very easy to get along with others and can appreciate the different and the unusual. Not concerned with conformity or tradition, it’s easy to learn new things. People let their mental guard down a bit.

Uranus activates the higher mind and incites people to take a step in their spiritual evolution. People are more adaptable and willing to take a chance. There is a strong burst of energy that comes into the mind and makes everyone feel more capable. People are smarter today.

Brotherly love, equality, friendship, are all more accessible for those with the inclination. A good day to meet a new friend or to just be in the company of people different than you. But for many, Uranus in Aires will simply activate their drive to succeed. Some may operate under the assumption that their freedom is automatically good for the rest of humanity, but that isn’t necessarily the case.

Innovative technology, new ideas and concepts that take humanity to the next level, so to speak, are likely to be announced this week.

Communication in general will flow more smoothly. People are more talkative and able to express themselves more intelligently. People express their more evolved identity and are looking to move away from stagnant people and situations. They have the prerogative to change their minds to suit the needs of the higher self.

Politically, people are forming new bonds and have renewed mental confidence. Although Uranus does inspire more egalitarian thinking, currently with Uranus is Aires is has a much more selfish perspective, so this aspect could do little more than produce a lot of confidence for many.

3:26am – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn) A tough square that makes people feel isolated and resentful. Strong burst of energy must be careful not to push others.

5:32pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires) A powerful burst of energy to release any stagnant emotional bonds. Be careful of arguments in relationships.

6:57pm – Moon (Libra) trine Sun (Gemini) Energies stabilize. Harmonious aspect brings agreement and easy flow of communications.


12:01am – Moon (Libra) trine Venus (Gemini) A warm and gentle aspect, good for expressing love and creativity. Void of Course begins.

6:18am – Moon enters Scorpio. Emotions get intense and we feel protective of our inner security. Emotional connection to our resources (money, position of power) and want to covet them. Scorpio likes to premeditate, like a criminal. So people look like their hiding something.

Note: The Saturn square Neptune storm begins and will last through the rest of the week.

A rather sensual day where it’s easy to slip inside someone’s aura and stroke them in just the right way.

6:40am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces) Lately, this seems to be an particularly good aspect. Neptune in Pisces makes these water trines feel really genuine and soulful. Take advantage of the opportunity to release your inhibitions and some of your disappointments along with it.

1:21pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Jupiter (Virgo) Emotions seek to expand quickly, but in these signs we should be cautious as the temptation to control is strong. Sexual energy is high, look for lots of display activity.

2:30pm – Moon hits midpoint between Jupiter trine Pluto – powerful moment. With Moon in Scorpio could produce a powerful psychic insight into the coming Jupiter trine Pluto aspect on June 26th.

4:03pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) A somewhat intense sextile considering the signs. Both are rather private and prefer activities behind closed doors. The intense energy on our emotional bodies drives us toward transformation of the home and activities that bring lasting value. Produces a powerful moment where we need to make a commitment to our emotional self. Like the previous, can produce a strong sex drive.

Powerful day for overcoming limitations. There’s a lot going on today. There will likely be some big news event to commemorate this day. Moon conjunct Mars, a long void of course, Saturn square Neptune, it all adds up to a day of culmination.

6:52am – Moon conjunct Mars (Scorpio) Emotionally intense and volatile. Be careful. Avoid arguments. Can bring up feeling of vengeance. Energy is fixed and compulsive and if you don’t have your ego in check you could sting someone for no reason. Void of course begins. Lasts all day until early evening.

12:39pm – Venus enters Cancer. In Cancer until July 14th. Venus does rather well in Cancer, both have a distinct feminine quality that blends well with one another. Feelings are very watery and vulnerable, feel good about your mother, good for a diet cause you want to eat what is wholesome and makes you feel good about yourself. Good time for cooking and romance, creative activities in the home.

6:34pm – Moon enters Sagittarius. Time to expand. Learn something new and rediscover our love of knowledge. Read a good book. Also a great time to be in a crowd. Emotions are positive and uplifting. Sing. Get loud. Turn up the volume.

8:23pm – Saturn square Neptune. The 2nd of 3 passes, this one at 12d02′. Crisis to overcome limitations is at its’ peak. I will leave the lengthy discussion for a separate video.

Overall, for the majority of us, this aspect is felt as a general discontent with society and the direction it’s going in. It is crisis to overcome limitations of our beliefs (Neptune) and the structures (Saturn) that hold them in place. Both Sagittarius and Pisces are concerned with freedom. Sagittarius sets itself free with knowledge and wisdom while Pisces sets itself free through direct divine revelation. Both are necessary. The crisis comes from the challenge to incorporate these two concepts into your life successfully. Those who do receive the reward of success in the 4th, or last, quadrant of the chart.

Religious beliefs are particularly subject to change now as people’s perspectives have grown beyond what traditional beliefs can provide. If your beliefs are rigid, then this is a very confusing time when your beliefs seem challenged by the changes going on in society. If your beliefs are not rigid and your perspective remains open to learning more, then you will see this as a time to challenge the old, worn-out, tired and traditional beliefs and to embark on a more personal journey in life where you can develop your own set of beliefs that are in proportion to and agree with your need for structure and stability. It is a time of deep soul searching.

It is also a time of low vitality. As with all Neptune squares people are low on energy and in need of a change to their health regime. Now is the time to make that important change in your personal life.

Many will look back at this time as period of immense social upheaval as society can’t seem to find it’s bearings, although there is great hope with a concurrent Jupiter trine Pluto about to occur next week. These two aspects together will make June a month to remember. Please see my video “Saturn square Neptune: Crisis to Overcome Limitations II” for a much more detailed look at this significant aspect.

Could be a confusing day. The mood is very active at noon, but subdued and disappointing in the evening.

11:49am – Moon (Sagittarius) opposition Mercury (Gemini) Very talkative and a bit confrontational. Can merge the subconscious and conscious mind in a powerful way. Expressive and quick, moods change rapidly. Things may not go along as planned.

6:07pm- Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius) Emotions contract which is impossible in Sagittarius, so we get confused, and emotional energy dissipates. Try not to get depressed when things don’t work out as planned.

6:15pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces). Fits right in with the Saturn square Neptune. Will put a damper on Saturday night. If you like dancing, then this is actually a good combination as you will actually get a lot of spiritual work done clearing out old, worn out energies. But it is depressing if you can’t seem to find the edge of your own emotional boundary. You may ask yourself, where do I end and others begin? If you are not in a safe place, it’s easy to get deceived.

Many would do well to find a quiet, tranquil place this evening.

This day starts off a bit better than the last 2 days and will be a welcome respite for a relaxing Sunday morning.

1:15am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Jupiter (Virgo) We try lots of different things until we find what suits us best. Brings out indulgent behavior which should be just what we need to relocate our bearings after the past 2 days. But it’s the middle of the night.

5:11pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires) We want to try something new. Independent and self-motivated. Good aspect for coming out of your shell.

Weekly Summary:
Sunday through Tuesday look really good with Venus and Sun sextile Uranus. Lots of mental activity and good connections with others.

Wednesday gets a bit broody with Moon in Scorpio and the approach to Saturn square Neptune begins.

Thursday is a very sensual day, great for intimacy.

Friday is the big day with Saturn square Neptune.

Saturday is a bit confusing and isolating.

Sunday is a bit better with two nice Moon aspects.

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