Weekly Astrology Notes June 19-26, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes June 19-26, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:

It’s a powerful week ahead with the last pass of Jupiter trine Pluto on Sunday the 26th. In addition we have a Yod configuration this week between Uranus, Mercury and Mars at the point. This is going to bring up a fighting revolutionary spirit that will not tolerate restrictions.

Sunday is a day of changes, and it could be rather contentious.

Monday we have two challenging Mercury aspects. A good day to get a lot of mental work done.

Tuesday is easy going with pleasant Moon aspects.

Wednesday is another mentally active day, much like Monday, as we have another Mercury aspect.

Thursday is an enlightening and emotionally liberating day. Good day for flying.

Friday is a bit rough at the start and there is a long Void of Course, but Moon in Pisces mellows out the evening.

Saturday has a very pleasant morning to start of an intuitive and impressionable day.

Sunday is absolutely electric with Jupiter trine Pluto and Mercury sextile Uranus.

At second glance, instead of the pleasant day I spoke of last week, this day could be rather contentious.

1:15am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Jupiter (Virgo) We try lots of different things until we find what suits us best. Brings out indulgent behavior which should be just what we need to relocate our bearings after the past 2 days. But it’s the middle of the night.

Mid-Morning – Mars (Scorpio) quincunx Uranus (Aires) Throughout the course of this week we have a Yod in effect. This is going to give people a strong compulsion to prove their identity in a powerful way by making a precise adjustment. Strong capacity to fight for what you believe in. This configuration could bring out intense ego energies for good or bad. If it’s for good, then it brings much needed independence and transformation. If it’s bad, then people suddenly feel like they are able to use the power of the collective for their own selfish desires.

This Yod asks us to use our ego for the collective good. The feeling of personal power that everyone has this week will increase because of this configuration. We will all feel like we have the energy to do amazing things, almost like we can play the role of God. This energy, when used properly, will make some people into a leader who inspires others for a social cause. Revolutionaries are born this week. And they will lead others in order to transform society. All over the world, people we be ready to take action to transform society.

Highly intelligent, independent and adaptive, this combination makes everyone capable of wielding a sword with which to make a precise adjustment in their life. Politics will take on an intense and critical nature as people feel stimulated to fight for social justice and equality and demand answers from authority figures. Traditional roles are cast aside for whatever is necessary in the moment. Police actions (Scorpio) are more likely.

5:11pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires) We want to try something new. Independent and self-motivated. Visionary and intelligent. Good aspect for coming out of your shell.

Full Moon on Sunday evening. Emotional energy runs high.

A mentally active day, good for getting lots of work done.

4:02am – Moon (Sagittarius) opposition Sun (Gemini) Full Moon at 29d33′. Void of Course begins.
Everyone is running on emotional energy this morning, instinctively looking for emotional fulfillment and substantiation. We are enthusiastic about expanding our lives if things have gone well lately, but bound to meet people we don’t agree with if we have not healed inner turmoil in our lives.

4:55am – Moon enters Capricorn. Emotions turn cold for a couple of days. People more focused on work and have a hard time being with others who are not in the same career or social status. Can be pessimistic and generally inhibited.

7:56am – Mercury (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius) Saturn slows down and inhibits the thinking process. A time of testing for our ideas and opinions. Can bring up negative thinking and feelings of unworthiness. People tend to dwell on limitations instead of possibilities. Unconcerned with abstract ideas, you want concrete ideas that can be put to practical use. Not a good day for open-mindedness. Rather, time better spent working on some task that requires precise, critical thinking. The mental inhibitions can cause you to become obsessed with one idea that make it seem like things are far worse than they really are. Relationships with siblings could be strongly tested today. In fact, all relationships will face a sense of separation today.

If needed, find a person whom you trust to confide in. Keep you mental energy focused and the best thing to do is breath deeply. This, more than any other activity, will counter-act the negative effects of this aspect.

10:11am – Mercury (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces) Our second Mercury aspect today and like the first, it presents us with some challenges. The thing to remember is that everyone is not thinking clearly today. It’s like people are caught in some never-ending mental loop that prevents them from making a precise statement. Thinking is in a fog today, so you will need to have more patience than usual with others.

It’s really easy to get sucked into someone’s distortion. Avoid people who drain you. Very easy to be deceived, especially by perfect solutions or ideas. Important thing to remember is that impressions play an important role in how people perceive. Don’t demand precision, you won’t get it. Instead you get a perfect idea that you can dwell on as it opens pathways into the subconscious mind. You may feel like you are suffering.

Classically, this is considered to be one of the most confusing aspects. A time when people feel the need to sweep the past under the rug because they are ashamed of something that didn’t work out and they need to compensate for past loss. Subconscious fears bubble up into the conscious mind.

The best way to deal with this, as with all Neptune squares, is to make music, play drums, dance. Juggling would be a nice diversion. Let go of the need to be perfect or complete. Ideas are meant to be changed as needed for your development. Today is a day of letting go of old ideas that no longer serve you. Acting like your have perfect thinking is only going to cause you to miss an opportunity to let go of outdated beliefs. The impressions bubbling up from the subconscious are trying to tell you something. Listen, you may be surprised. Behind all that fear and uncertainly is a truly spiritual experience waiting to happen.

11:51am – Moon (Capricorn) opposition Venus (Cancer) Feelings seem to cancel one another out. You want it, but you don’t want it. Timid and indecisive. Try not to pretend you’re really strong and have no vulnerabilities, or you may get critical of others. Best to eat a warm meal, nurture yourself.

3:34pm – Sun enters Cancer. Sun goes into it’s death cycle for the next month. Sun is timid and shy, emotional and warm. People want to crawl into their shell and be at home. Good time to attend to your children and rediscover your own inner child. People are more sensitive playful, interested in hobbies and crafts.

Much more easy going that yesterday.

3:42am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) People open to psychic impressions. Compassionate and quick to respond to someone’s emotional needs.

10:59am – Moon (Capricorn) trine Jupiter (Virgo) Joyful and appreciative attitude. Very good for business. People want to be with others and express their most noble side.

12:19pm – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) In Capricorn, could bring up power struggles and isolationism as well as uncompromising attitudes. People take on an air of authority and omnipotence. Be careful of impulsive actions.

A mentally active day. Also we have a long Void of Course this morning, good for meditation.

1:03am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Mars (Scorpio) Good for physical activity. Strong burst of sexual energy.

1:57am – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires) People seek to liberate themselves from emotional restrictions, break up the stagnant energy. Actually confers a lot of intelligence, which can make some critical. Quarrelsome, able to severe emotional ties with strong judgment. Void of Course begins. Lasts until early afternoon.

1:08pm – Moon enters Aquarius. Emotions feel a bit liberated next couple of days. No one likes to be told what to do. Friends come first and we feel the need to change, evolve.

3:59pm – Mercury (Gemini) square Jupiter (Virgo) A strong desire to know a lot about many things. Can be a confusing day as we can’t seem to keep track of all of the things we are interested in. People are looking to bounce ideas of one another. Can bring up highly critical thinking, some good, some bad. Try to slow down a bit and stick to one thing before moving on to the next. Pompous and professorial, as if your vision is all that counts. This can lead to disagreements.

The flurry of activity will be good for business and trading. Politics could be more contentious than usual. No one wants to be caught lacking a perspective today, so they will likely limit their own perspective or marginalize someone else or both, and seem rigid and hypercritical in the process.

When applied positively, you can get a lot of work done. Tons of energy to make corrections and adjustments in your thinking process. Internalize it and make use of it. Find some activity that requires lots of attention to detail and do that. Reading, working on the computer, analysis and assimilation of knowledge are all favored.

May get an insight into a childhood memory, often involving a sibling, that shows you where you limited your mental growth and closed down. Now you can find the wisdom to heal that memory and restore your vision. I recommend singing in tune to help access that memory. You need to open your mouth, you need to let it out, but the more precise the better to force the latent memory to the surface.

Enlightening and emotionally liberating day. Good day for flying.

10:28am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) You work with a desire for a new opportunity to learn and grow, and reach for something better in life.

10:48pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Mercury (Gemini) Ideas come at you at lightning speed. Lots of talk, back and forth as the ideas just keep on flowing. Great aspect for flying.

A bit rough at the start and a long Void of Course today, but mellow with Moon Pisces in the evening.

7:26am – Moon (Aquarius) square Mars (Scorpio) Argumentative aspect. Desire to withhold what you consider to be privileged information, but isn’t necessarily. The issue is sharing what you have with your friends. If your greedy, this aspect brings it out. Watch out for those who want your money.

8:48am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires) A moment of enlightenment. Energy is electric. New ideas spring up, new ways of seeing solutions to old problems. Void of Course begins. Continues all day until this evening.

7:30pm – Moon enters Pisces. Emotions are vulnerable and compassionate. Be sure to take care of yourself. Leave room from impressions and lean towards gentle things to avoid feeling disappointed.

A very pleasant morning to start of an intuitive and impressionable day.

3:07am – Moon (Pisces) trine Sun (Cancer) Energy in harmony. Emotions flow freely. Let your intuition guide you. Very passive.

12:58pm – Moon (Pisces) trine Venus (Cancer) Just like the previous. Very passive, harmonious and warm aspect. Good for nurturing. Psychic abilities increase along with empathy.

3:54pm – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius) Emotions face a roadblock and people get hurt easily. Avoid commitment that seems too onerous. It’s alright if you don’t know what to say or feel.

4:47pm – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces) Once again this wonderful aspect comes our way. Check your chart to see which house this aspect is falling in (12d Pisces). Here you will find an opportunity to feel connected to everyone and everything. Fall into the ocean of Pisces and feel genuine love and compassion. However, can also bring up feelings of disappointment and feeling neglected. Be open to intuition.

The big day this week. Lots could happen today. It’s absolutely electric.

12:36am – Moon (Pisces) opposition Jupiter (Virgo) Driven to excess. Emotions expand and your heart leaps out of your chest as you look for information about self-perfection. Very warm and gregarious. People you meet seem perfect. Great for getting along well with women.

12:39am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) A strong burst of emotional energy to uncover and transform something, maybe rethink an old problem. Good time to spend around the home, your emotional base.

5:10am – Jupiter (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) at 16d25′. Last of 3 passes (10/12/15, 3/16/16). Interpretation at end.

12:14pm – Moon (Pisces) trine Mars (Scorpio) Good for physical activity. Very sensual aspect. Best to share this with someone special in your life.

12:55pm – Moon (Pisces) square Mercury (Gemini) Feeling and opinions don’t agree. Unresolved issues from the past slow down the thinking process. Void of Course begins, continues until early Monday morning.

About Midday – Mercury (Gemini) quincunx Mars (Scorpio). The second part of the Yod reaches completion. This aspect brings an intense identification with your ideas and opinions as well as power struggles. People need a precise adjustment to feel satisfied. My hope is that this Yod will cause people who have been minimized in the political process to strike back with stinging rebuke to those who have taken away their voice.

7:31pm – Mercury (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) So we have had Venus and the Sun sextile Uranus last week, and this week, we have Mercury. This is an excellent aspect in so many ways. Truly accepting of other people’s ideas and path of spiritual development and evolution. You can relate to a multitude of people you might not normally relate to. Excellent aspect for meeting new people and opening your mind to what they have to say. No better aspect for transfer of ideas. Events of the day should move rather briskly, so rigid thinking will lead to missed opportunities.

People are more open-minded and egalitarian in their thinking. Good time for study of spiritual or esoteric studies as they will seem to have a deeper meaning than usual. A time of new ways of thinking, new discoveries, and new ways of dealing with old problems. Also a good time to learn about new technology and innovation.

Not a day to keep to your usual routine, you’ll want to learn something new and you may change your plans suddenly to accommodate an opportunity that comes your way. Good this is happening on a weekend, so you can take advantage of opportunities more easily. Either way, keep an open mind to everyone you meet today and you’ll find that everyone has an interesting, unique perspective.

With the concurrent Jupiter trine Pluto, this will make the day positively electric. You may find you have more mental energy today than you’ve had in a long time. Uranus is the higher vibration of Mercury, and with the sextile we see a higher vibration of awareness available to the conscious mind. Some may find they have very strong psychic impressions that invigorate, instead of frighten. Mental confidence is at an all time high.

Jupiter trine Pluto

The initial theme that I wrote last October was “a change for the better”, and although it may not look like it on the surface, those who take advantage of opportunities to grow and transform at this time experience success and prosperity, as is often the case with Pluto and Jupiter. Earth signs means this aspect is certain to manifest on the physical level for those who reach for the opportunity.

With Jupiter in Virgo, the sign of health, we see lots of opportunities to take charge and reform your health regime. With Pluto in Capricorn, we see opportunities to improve career and reputation.
The energy of Pluto enables you to commit your energy over a sustained period of time. And Jupiter creates opportunities for growth and learning. The trine means a free flow of energy without inhibitions. Put it all together and you get the best aspect we’ve had all year. It’s time to make a change for the better in your life. Even if you do not experience financial success at this time, you are sure to have the energy necessary to fix whatever is broken in your life. But in all cases, you should utilize this energy in a way that benefits society as a whole, not just yourself.

Understand you are connected to everyone else and that any increase in power on your part results in a change in the life of everyone around you. So strive to improve the lives of others as well. In particular, for those who have desired to start a business that is a life long dream of helping and healing others, then this has been a very productive aspect. This last pass should be the outward manifestation of the idea that began at the first pass back in October. If you have been desiring to work in the healing arts and have yet to make the connections you desire, then this last pass is the best opportunity yet. There will be many other souls out there in the same spot as you, looking to connect. So this pass, take the effort necessary to expose yourself to people who can benefit you and help you become a benefit to society.

For me personally, this has been an amazing aspect. This is because I’ve had transits (Jupiter conjunct Pluto and Pluto trine Pluto) coinciding with this aspect. The production of this channel as well as several new opportunities for healing have come into my life. For people that I know who are like me, born in the 60’s and with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, this aspect has brought a lot of changes in their lives as well. So, you should check you chart and see how this aspect could be coinciding with transits to planets in your birth chart. The houses where these two planets are currently located are where this aspect will manifest in your chart. Jupiter is expansion, Pluto is transformation, apply those attributes to those houses and see what you find.

On a geopolitical level there could be a major event coinciding with this last pass. The first pass saw a new monetary system coming into being and the second pass saw improvements to that system. I’ve gone over this numerous times before, so no need to restate at this time. The point is the rest of the world has been creating a monetary system which is an alternative to the US petro-dollar. That system is now in place and ready to be implemented. And likely it will be at this last pass. This has major negative implications for the USA’s financial system.

Let us look at the Event Chart. Saturday 6/26 at 5:10pm PDT. The first thing that stands out is that Jupiter is conjunct the North Node. This could be a particularly lucky moment for society. Something really good that will benefit us collectively and give us a vision of what we could be. Many people will feel more certain of their purpose in life, as if life has shown them something good and lasting that they can believe in. So it looks like this is likely to produce some really good news. Please understand though that what is good news for some may be bad news for others. If the news is the creation of a new monetary system to replace the US dollar, then lots of people in the USA might not think this is such good news. However, the rest of the world will be quite happy to hear that the USA is no longer in control of the rest of the planet and no longer has the money to wage war on innocent people for false reasons. In either perspective, this will be an incredible day economically which will produce a whole new vision of what we can become.

Pope Francis. I mentioned him last week because this aspect coincides with Jupiter opposition Saturn for him. Also I noted that the Pope likes to make important events coincide with a conjunction to the North Node. Put it all together and it looks like the Pope will be in the news this week with a major announcement. He is a key player in world finance and politics, not just religion. Whatever happens, he knows about it first and whatever he says is part of the new financial plan.

Saudi Arabia. They are experiencing a bit of whiplash effect. Their experience is the opposite of everyone else. The North Node is conjunct their natal South Node and vice versa. It looks like a case of really bad timing for them. Their efforts to expand fall flat and they loose their national vision. A very confusing moment that may produce some attempt at grand overcompensation, but it will lack any sense of vision or hope for the future and will fail. Jupiter/Sagittarius is associated with foreigners, so relationships with foreigners as poor well. They have recently announced a plan to tax foreign residents, who make up an astounding 1/3 of the population of Saudi Arabia. They could not run their country if it were not for foreigners.

They will also be getting Mercury square Mercury on this day and that will only confuse matters more. It sits on their natal Moon (Gemini) square Mercury (Virgo). The 3rd to 6th square often manifests as a desire to know all the details about lots of things in order to overcoming problems of excess experienced in the 5th house, over-use of personal will. And that is their biggest problem. So with this Mercury square Mercury, they’ll display their typical response at it will be over-complicated, verbose and a sad attempt at revealing the truth far too late in the game, like their recent publishing of the fact that the USA blew up the World Trade Center in order to start a war on terror. Such revelations are far too little and too late. They try to make many adjustments and miss the big picture, a typical bureaucratic response. Likely, Saudi Arabia is going to handle the trine rather poorly and it will weaken their position in the world considerably. Foreigners will resent them and begin to leave in large numbers.

China. More with the Nodes. With them, it’s Pluto square the Nodes. It’s time for transformation that is harsh, but necessary for survival, a common them with challenging Pluto-Node transits. Note this first pass of Jupiter trine Pluto occurred at 13d which saw Jupiter conjunct Saturn and Pluto trine Saturn (8th house), and this coincided with a bold move on their part. With this pass, we see no close coincidental transits to planets. But Mercury quincunx Jupiter means they will not be silent on this day, they’ll feel compelled to say something visionary.

USA. Taking a look at the chart of the US Constitution, we see Jupiter conjunct Venus and Pluto trine Venus (8th house). That to me spells some sort of judicial (Jupiter) and/or police action (Scorpio), possibly involving a woman (Venus). Intriguing. Could spell trouble for Hillary, but really good news for the rest of us. This could be an incredibly positive moment for US law just as the first pass was good news for China.

Hillary Clinton. So it looks like the Yod happening this week is pointing close to her South Node and Ascendant and activates her natal Uranus. That’s a lot of energy being transferred to her natal South Node and Uranus (8th house). It gives her the compulsion and drive to carry out her plans and change/renew her identity. But with Mars in Scorpio and her natal 8th house Uranus, this could bring out police action against her or it could be a time when she reaches for a lot of power.

But also notice Saturn sextile Neptune, this transit is good and helps you strike a balance in life between spiritual and material needs, but it can also bring out a covert means of egotistical behavior. Note it’s the 11 house, so again Uranus is involved. All in all, this set of transits is difficult to gauge because Uranus is so unpredictable. It could embolden her to do something underhanded to gain power and secure the nomination or it could also bring powerful forces against her. Uranus likes surprises. My sense is that she is very aware of the coming economic crisis in America and is devising a way, with the help of her banking friends, to spin the situation to her advantage. 8th house rules banking and with Uranus in the 8th, she is an adept at 8th house activities. By the way, South Node on the Ascendant means she’s carried a lot of herself from a previous lifetime into this one, like she’s done this all before.

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