Weekly Astrology Notes July 3-10, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes July 3-10, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:
Call this the Planning Week, but definitely not a work week.  With so many aspects to planets in Cancer, this is a week of enjoying your life and planning your life in a way that meets your heart-felt desires.  This is the week to write down your life goals and make a plan for success.

Also, I should have mentioned last week that when Mercury entered Cancer on Wednesday of last week, that means Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in Cancer while Mars is in Scorpio, another water sign.  Add to that, the Moon is in now Cancer for the couple of days everyone is extra sensitive and in need of emotional comfort, wanting to go into their shell.

Sunday, July 3rd is a relaxing day.

Monday, the 4th of July holiday here in the USA, has 7 Moon aspects while in Cancer, most of them good, so we feel pretty good today, emotions are active and positive, a true Moon-day.

Tuesday is impressionable and inspirational, not work minded.  Many will not want to return to work with Mercury trine Neptune.

Wednesday is looking really good with two positive inner-planet aspects.  Electric and harmonious.

Thursday is a day of power struggles with Sun and Mercury opposition Pluto and Venus square Uranus.

Friday is a day of learning and adapting and kicks of 3 days or getting in touch with your needs and making plans for the future.

The weekend, Saturday and Sunday, are looking really good for just about anything with two great aspects. So it looks like a great weekend is in store.

A Lazy Sunday.

4:02am – Sun (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Feeling idealistic and inspired to get connected to more people.  Feeling warm and empathetic towards others and not at all critical.  Great for scenic excursions or anyplace where you can experience beauty and serenity.  Strong appreciation for art and the sacrifice necessary for artistic accomplishment.  Willing to listen to others and make room for their needs, even to the point of denying your own needs if necessary.  Just like the Venus trine Neptune earlier in the week , this aspect increase intuition and psychic ability and you won’t want to work, so it’s a real lazy day.

6:20am – Moon enters Cancer.  Moon starts the next cycle.  Comfortable at home.

9:29pm – Moon conjunct Mercury (Cancer)  Everyone’s in touch with their feelings and know what they like.

A big Moon-day with 7 Moon aspect in Cancer.  Great for the holiday.
2:24am – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Dreamy and altruistic.  Helpful and understanding.  Pleasant dreams, try to remember them when you awake.

4:01am – Moon conjunct Sun (Cancer).  New Moon at 12d54′  Start of a new Moon cycle and it’s in Cancer!  We start anew.  Time to revisit our emotional needs and attend to them.  Caring and nurturing a the important theme for today.  Check out the chart of the New Moon.  3 planets in Cancer oppose Pluto means we will have power struggles this month.  Get ready for opposition.  But the 3 trines to Neptune means we get inspiration and creativity to sooth our consciousness.  Also 2 sextiles to Jupiter means we’re hungry for growth.  A kite formation, starting with a grand trine between Mars, Venus and Chiron.  Then add sextiles to Jupiter and the opposition to complete the kite.  That’s a ton of creative potential which draws its’ inspiration from the base, Chiron, and old wound.  So this looks a month for healing an old wound and using that healing energy to transform your life.  The quincunxes to Saturn means we need to make a precise adjustment to our structure, possibly confront authority figures and assume authority over them somehow.  Notice Uranus is not doing too well this month, squaring both Pluto and Venus and a quincunx to Mars, so rigid thinking patterns will prevent us from gaining the independence we seek.

9:47am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn)  Will bring some tension to the day.  Feeling a greater need for personal power.  Insecurities arise.

12:02pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)  A pleasant expansion to learn something new.  Good for business and relations with foreigners.

6:09pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Cancer)  Feelings and emotions connect.  Great for sensing the needs of your partner and fulfilling them.  Very warm and tender moment.

9:44pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Mars (Scorpio)  Physical exercise is a must on this aspect.  No one will lack the energy.

12:29pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires)  Mid-day we’re ready for a break from the usual and we have the intelligence to make a quick adjustment.  Void of Course beings, continues until next morning.

5:20am – Mercury (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces)  A rather dreamy aspect, and watery as well.  Not too ambitious, rather inspired and insightful.  Aspect stimulates the imagination and gets the creative juices flowing.  The mind needs to wander today, so no one is going to be in the mood for work.  It’s not lazy, but if you have hard work to do you simply will find it hard to keep your mind on track.  This aspect increases appreciation for art and beauty and the hard work it took to develop the talent.  Everyone is more impressionable and more sensitive.  People are sympathetic and understanding towards one another and may give of themselves even to the point of denying their own needs, although it won’t feel burdensome, rather helpful.

Aspect opens the mind to mystical and spiritual subjects, psychic abilities and it a great aspect for meditation.  The mind is released from the normal mundane aspects of life and free to wander the spiritual realms.

9:28am – Moon enters Leo.  Time to dust off those personal projects and revisit your hobbies.  You may find being on stage more comfortable and want to show off.  Good for creative projects, for gardeners, it’s not a good time to plant but good to pull weeds and cultivate the ground.

Excellent day.  Harmonious and electric are the key words.  Good day to enjoy the company of others.

4:42am – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  Inspired and creative, yet not looking for immediate gratification, willing to work.

1:17pm – Venus (Cancer) trine Mars (Scorpio).  The feminine and masculine are in harmony.  Very creative aspect that will bring people together.  Good for physical exercise and sex.  It’s a good day to pursue your desires and not offend anyone.  Charming and coquettish, this aspect will bring out the tease in many.  A great day to hang out at the beach as people will exhibit a lot of display behavior.  A good day to start a relationship or enjoy an existing one.  All relationship activity get a little boost today.

8:24pm – Sun conjunct Mercury (Cancer) at 15d27′.  This is a wonderful aspect, check out where it falls in your chart, there you will have a lot to say and it will be very important.  Today is a day of communication, and because it’s in Cancer, we should be just as good as listening as we are at talking.

People are absolutely electric with good vibes.  It’s a great time to initiate projects related to life goals and what will make you truly happy inside.  So it’s good for getting in touch with yourself and figuring out what you need to do in order to nurture your unique qualities.

Any activity that includes exchange of ideas and plans is favored.  Like so many aspects this week, this one is great for planning.  And of course, it’s also great for business, so commercial activity should be rather brisk today, and in fact, all week.

But we might get a bit self-absorbed and loose some of the social value of this aspect, which is the chance for valuable communication with others.  You need others to take you seriously, so try to be a good listener.

You may desire to start a new venture or pursue a new or existing hobby (especially with Moon in Leo).  Day to day travel takes on more importance, like you got something more important to do that just go to work.  People want to plan for the future and seek to create a world where everyone can have their needs met.  Both very personal and very political.

The only bad side of this aspect is the restless energy of Mercury creates nervous tension.  In Cancer, this will effect your stomach, so you need to eat slowly.

Today is a challenging day of power struggles.

3:30am – Moon (Leo) square Mars (Scorpio)  The perfect square to start of an argumentative day.  The issue is “Am I good enough?”  Leo is our personal will and Scorpio is our ability to merge with the collective, so this aspect brings up issues related to personal value.  We all want to be individuals, yet be a part of the collective.  Whatever people aren’t getting becomes a crisis at this moment.  Not a good time to spend money.

4:54am – Mercury (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn)  Mercury rules the conscious mind and Pluto if fixed emotional energy that drives to the depths to find the core issue.  Strong mental focus, ability to get to the bottom of any problem.  If the problem is another person, then a conflict can easily arise.  Differences of opinion are sometimes seen as attempts to control you or deny you your power, so there is a undertone of control games.  Old disagreements that have been left unattended come to the surface and demand resolution.  It may be impossible to avoid some confrontation today.

Things will get very personal if you don’t agree.  On the Cancer-Capricorn axis, this aspect makes people critical of others and brings up insecurities.  It can create an identity crisis where people feel a loss of power or status and seek to recuperate it.  The reason is because you were obstructed in the past and now the universe needs to balance itself out.  And that is kind of the theme with this aspect.  The trans-personal (Pluto) needs to find balance with the conscious mind (Mercury), so we all feel a lot more connected to the collective and more aware of our powerful nature because of it.  Just be aware that this is an energy balancing act going on and you need to let that happen.

It is often best to work alone under this influence as you find you can get a lot accomplished.  Any study that requires in-depth analysis or any task that requires perseverance is good for today.  Disagreements are best left for another day when not so much is at stake, however with the accompanying Venus square Uranus, it will harder be than usual to avoid power struggles.

This aspect is likely to produce a ton of propaganda and lies from the establishment.  Classically the most oppressive aspect for communication.  For sure we can expect some type of indoctrination from the government and media talking heads.  They will be trying to cover-up something they are afraid of being revealed.

5:06am – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires)  Void of Course begins, continues until afternoon.  The desire for freedom that comes with this aspect is totally overwhelmed by other planetary influences.

7:24am – Venus (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires)  This aspect is rather interesting in that it stimulates the mind in a way that enables you to perceive imperfections in others, but with that stimulation comes a desire for a confrontation as well.  This aspect makes people smarter, pure and simple.  And now people want to test one another other to see if they are smart and adaptable and basically who they claim to be.  People ask one another “Are you for real today?”  So be cautious of pushing people’s button.  Try to have patience with others today and be ready for others to be impatient with you.  We all need to be more flexible today.

The best side of this aspect is that is produces unabashed honesty.  People have no problem saying what they think about you and, if everyone remains calm, a lot can get aired out and old, worn-out and stagnant energies can be released.  It can be quite liberating if you don’t mind getting a bit upset in the process.  Relationships will be tested today for validity and flexibility.  Some will act primitive or adolescent and want extra freedom for absolutely no good reason, just change for the sake of change.  That’s where arguments arise.  If the energy expresses itself in this way, know that you need to grow up.

The desire for freedom is sometimes expresses as wandering interests in other partners and/or new experiences.  Additionally, this aspect encourages artistic endeavors, as you find you have more creative energy than usual.  All in all people want to do something different today.

In concert with other aspects today, this aspect will give people a willingness to fight for personal freedom, but will also make people rather disagreeable.  On an interesting note, maybe we should call this the Ann Coulter day.  She’s a conservative talking head and she has a natal Venus square Uranus, as well as a natal Mercury square Pluto (similar to the accompanying Mercury opposition Pluto).

3:24pm – Sun (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn)  And the challenges continue today.  This aspect will cause people to bump heads.  Conflicts are likely if you have a poor sense of your place in the world or don’t know how to use your personal power properly.  If you don’t know what is dangerous for you, then this aspect tends to show you.  Use caution as the intense drive of this aspect can make people accident prone.  Best to stay away from any activity that could get you injured, especially if your judgment is impaired.  People who don’t have enough experience to know their limits are likely to loose their sense of proportion, overstate their abilities, and have an accident.  Everyone is a bit more sarcastic, stinging, probing, and judgmental today.  On the Cancer-Capricorn axis like the previous, this aspect brings up lots of criticism and marginalizing of others, especially their feelings.

Relations, especially with women, are not good today.  You may have to face up to past behavior and demonstrate a willingness to air past grievances in order for a relationship to continue, otherwise a severance happens.  Be careful of how you deal with authority figures today, they will sense your unhappiness at restrictions and may see it as a flaw in your character.  Opportunities to hurt your reputation may present themselves, don’t fall for it.

On a good note, this aspect enable people to make fundamental changes in their lives.  Ambition and success play an important role in the actions we take today.  We are all looking to get ahead and if you realize that it is possible for everyone to grow together, then it’s a fantastic aspect.  A strong burst of creative energy envelopes everyone.  Because this aspect happens close to the recent Jupiter trine Pluto, we can expect some burst of creative change to come about related to that aspect.

On a very special note, those who put forth the effort to make positive change in the world today will find incredible success.

All 3 of todays aspects taken together (3 challenging aspects in a 10 hour period), means that society is ready to make some fundamental changes.  We are ready to confront authority figures and demand changes to the way they control us.  People are ready to fight for their freedom.  A poor way to handle this would be to go it alone.  For sure, you will meet powerful opposition.  Pluto is the collective and in order to properly assimilate the energy of Pluto we need to be working for the common good.  Efforts to make changes all by yourself will be seen as an effort to gain personal power over others and it will backfire. You must seek to enlist the agreement and help of others.  Much constructive change can happen today, but it will require much destruction first, and that’s the hard part to determine.  Just how much must end today in order for society to move forward is hard to gauge.  But we all need to air out and let go of repressive forces in our lives.  This includes relationships and our own self-sabotaging behavior.  All repressive elements of our lives will seem more repressive today, but that’s necessary to clean things out.  If you face an identity crisis today, you won’t be the only one.

3:41pm – Moon enters Virgo.  Now is the time for projects requiring critical thinking, attending to your health regime.

A change of heart.
2:06am – Mercury (Cancer) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)  People have a lot to say and it’s usually pretty well informed.  Optimistic, helpful and appreciative of others, we look for a precise outlet to share our feelings.  People are planning for the future, especially this week, and need to get a sense of their life direction.  They are looking to make new connections, make goals for the future, and allocate the resources for growth.

An abundance of thoughts fill the mind, you’ll need to decide which ones to attend to, otherwise you may do a little about many things and get nothing real accomplished.  You’ll need to be really clear on the details as Jupiter tends to overlook them.  A good aspect for working with others, so long as your needs are part of the overall plan.

With Jupiter in Virgo this aspect is excellent for correcting your thinking, and in Cancer it means you may experience a change of heart.  You will find you have the security and information necessary to make a change.  Thus, this aspect make people more adaptable, less argumentative, and willing to take a risk.

12:01pm – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  Emotions slow down for a while, not sure how to respond, you may withdraw for a while.

2:11pm – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces)  Desire to escape reality and work.  Opens the heart to deception and unrealistic expectations.  Disappointment for some.

10:27pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  Capricorn insists we contain our emotional outbursts, but sometimes you just can’t.  People want to let off steam and that’s a good thing.

All good Moon aspects today to accompany the great Sun sextile Jupiter.  Get out and have some fun this weekend.  The best weekend we’ve had in a long time.

1:06am – Moon (Virgo) sextile Sun (Cancer)  Great Moon aspect, feel like shining a warm and nurturing light over everyone you meet.

2:32am – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Virgo)  Impulsive.  Heart leaps out of your chest.  Great for being in a crowd and reinventing yourself.

7:19am – Moon (Virgo) sextile Mercury (Cancer)  Able to communicate your feelings with ease.

1:09pm – Moon (Virgo) sextile Mars (Scorpio)  Physical energy increases and Mars in Scorpio drives you to do as much as you possibly can.

8:28pm – Moon (Virgo) sextile Venus (Cancer)  Feelings and emotions in incredible harmony. Void of Course begins, continues until early next morning.

10:41pm – Sun (Cancer) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)  A wonderful sextile.  Good for just about anything.  With Sun in Cancer, people are looking to expand or improve their home or entertain at home.  Classically one of the most positive and expansive aspects, people are likely to indulge.  Can’t think of a better aspect for eating.  Great for family gatherings.

Optimistic and lucky are the key words for today as everyone will seem to be in a good mood.  Like so many aspects this week, this one is excellent for planning your future.  You will have a much better idea of where you need to expand in life and what resources it will take to achieve your goals.  You have the optimism and necessary attention to detail (Virgo) to really do a good job.  Whatever plans you make, they are sure to include some increase in perspective, as well as a group learning experience.  Everyone really needs to feel like they are part of a group today because Jupiter likes to hold the door wide open and let everyone in.  Good for all kinds of group activities, especially business gathering for professional organizations.

I must share a personal story.  When considering this aspect, I thought to myself this would be a great day for a hotdog eating contest.  After all, when you consider the Sun is in Cancer, which rules the stomach and Jupiter is in Virgo while rules the digestive tract.  And of course Jupiter likes to expand, and can be overly optimistic, and when considering that Jupiter also associated with professional organizations, the idea just came to my mind.  So, on a whim, I decided to look up the history of the hotdog eating contest, and I found out it was started from a particular place on Coney Island, New York by a guy named Nathan Handwerker.  No I did not make that up.  Check out the wikipedia page.  Ok, so I ran his chart and guest what?  Not only was he born with Sun sextile Jupiter, but Moon sextile Jupiter as well.  So Nathan Handwerker is our astrological inspiration for this day.

1:32am – Moon enters Libra.  Relationships come to prominence for the next couple of days.  People in the mood to socialize and show off their good side.

7:00pm – Mercury (Cancer) trine Mars (Scorpio)  A great trine.  And once again a fantastic time for making plans.  You can sense your needs (Cancer) and the needs of your partner (Scorpio) and you want to plan for a future where both are in harmony.  Playing ideas of others comes naturally and without a fight.  And you will have no shortage of ideas and the desire to manifest them.

Good time for any mental work.  Mars is energy and Scorpio is a sustained drive, so you can confront difficult tasks and see them through to the end.  Obstacles only encourage you more.  Mars gives confidence to speaking, so people have less difficulty speaking their mind.

A good time to show off your mental skills as you can speak with clarity and honesty.  Aspect good for physical exercise as well.  You’ll find you have energy for play and sporting activities.  Not content with being a spectator, you will really want to break a sweat today.  Good for healing the emotions and just feeling really good about yourself, like you have the inner reserves of energy to attend to what’s really important to you in life.

10:45pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  We end the day with a pleasant Moon aspect, good for building relationships.

Interesting Stories:
Omar Mateen
Last week, I made some claims around the Orlando shooting and I need to clarify.  As I see it, there are two types of deceptive attacks, the False Flag and the Hoax.  A false flag is a REAL attack where people are really killed, but the perpetrators of the attack are not who they say.  In this category I include 911 (the biggest False Flag in history), the Orlando shooting and even the assassination of JFK.  A hoax is like a false flag, but the people are not actually killed, such as Sandy Hook.  That event was clearly a hoax as there is a mountain of evidence on the internet to prove that those 20 children did not die.  Both of these attacks are carried out by a rogue element in our government, so both confuse the population, cause people to have a psychotic response and ultimately result in the polarization we now see in society.  I sometimes get confused between the two.  I now think the Orlando shooting was a False Flag, just like 911.  Thanks to my viewers Maureen Cox and MusicAlchemy for helping me to clarify that.

Looking at Omar Mateen’s chart and transits, we see an interesting story.  In his birth chart, there is some confusion at to his birth time, but I think he was a Gemini rising because the puts Uranus on the Descendant.  With this placement, we often see a rather intense complex where they have a love/hate relationship with the freedom of others.  On the one hand they are very attracted to the Uranian quality in others, but on the others hand they are inherently fearful and in competition with that same quality.  It’s like they need to be the most unique person in the room.  And his Uranus square Jupiter in Pisces, so this creates a crisis to find his own limits and define who he is.  It makes him intensely disappointed in other people and he falsely assumes that it is Uranian people who are denying him his God-given rights.  The square from Uranus to a planet in Pisces means he lives his life in continuous rebellion against society but isn’t quite sure why.  The negative result is a total rejection of social obligations.  But the positive is a whole-hearted willingness to become part of the solution rather than the problem in society.  This is an excellent lesson for so many of us, because this combination of a square from Uranus/Aquarius to Neptune/Pisces holds the same interpretation.  And that includes a lot of people.  You’re a rebel and you need to get real about it and use your altered consciousness to change society, not criticize others which only results in disappointment.  It is amazing how many people working for a cause have this combination in their chart, including myself.  Chiron on the Ascendant, he is renown for a wound.

For Omar Mateen on the day of the Orlando shooting, Sun opposition Uranus and Jupiter opposition Jupiter.  So for sure it was the natal Uranus square Jupiter that set him off.  Also note during the time of the shooting, Pluto was on the mid-heaven, destruction becomes famous.

Sacramento Neo-Nazi rally
Last week, on Sunday 6/26, Mercury quincunx Mars coincided with a rather intense situation in Sacramento, which is near where I live.  Fights broke out at a Neo-Nazi rally between the rally goers and some protesters that showed up.  We had two other powerful planetary aspects on that day, but I believe this is the one that manifested the fights.

Saudi Arabia
Interesting story about how a group of US diplomats in the US State Department are openly disagreeing with Obama.  This sounds like mutiny, but really it’s one group of people in a panic and trying to draw attention to themselves.  Saudi Arabia is behind this group, they are the ones that want the US to attack Syria.  Check out Saudi Arabia’s transits.  Mars (8th) trine Pluto.  It’s interesting how we always see attempts to obtain power coincide with some Pluto transit.  But this is happening while Uranus square Pluto is also happening.  This is the major transit that is producing the need for respect.  The Mars aspect is the activating force.  Good lesson to remember.

Once again, thank you for watching and please leave comments.

July 3-10, 2016
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