Weekly Astrology Notes July 10-17, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes July 10-17, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:

Sunday:  Active Sunday, good for recreational pursuits or just getting out of the house with Mercury trine Mars.

Monday:  Manic Monday.  The pace quickens, critical thinking is necessary with Mercury square Uranus.

Tuesday:  Intense Tuesday. 3 tough Moon aspects and the Moon enters Scorpio.

Wednesday:  Moon in Scorpio brings an emotional day with deep passions.

Thursday:  Good Moon aspects make for an expansive day with opportunities for growth.  Good for business.

Friday:  A good time for socializing in the morning, but by evening, Saturdays’ Sun square Uranus begins to take effect and people get anxious and irritable.

Saturday:  A great wedding day.  Despite the early Sun square Uranus, the overall tone of the day is very good, with Mercury conjunct Venus and Sun trine Mars, two excellent aspects.

Sunday:  No major aspects.  Void of Course all morning.  Looks like another relaxing Sunday.

Active Sunday, good for recreational pursuits or just getting out of the house.

1:32am – Moon enters Libra.  Relationships come to prominence for the next couple of days.  People in the mood to socialize and show off their good side.

7:00pm – Mercury (Cancer) trine Mars (Scorpio)  A great trine.  And once again a fantastic time for making plans.  You can sense your needs (Cancer) and the needs of your partner (Scorpio) and you want to plan for a future where both are in harmony.  Playing ideas of others comes naturally and without a fight.  And you will have no shortage of ideas and the desire to manifest them.

Good time for any mental work.  Mars is energy and Scorpio is a sustained drive, so you can confront difficult tasks and see them through to the end.  Obstacles only encourage you more.  Mars gives confidence to speaking, so people have less difficulty speaking their mind.

A good time to show off your mental skills as you can speak with clarity and honesty.  Aspect good for physical exercise as well.  You’ll find you have energy for play and sporting activities.  Not content with being a spectator, you will really want to break a sweat today.  Good for healing the emotions and just feeling really good about yourself, like you have the inner reserves of energy to attend to what’s really important to you in life.

10:45pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  We end the day with a pleasant Moon aspect, good for building relationships.

Mercury square Uranus happening early next morning is certainly in effect on Sunday evening.  Use caution while driving.  Drive defensively.

Manic Monday.  The pace quickens, critical thinking is necessary.

12:29am – Mercury (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires)  Sharp tongue.  Witty and quick to argue.  Everyone is smarter today and willing to challenge anyone who inhibits their free thinking.  A great day to apply yourself to difficult mental tasks, as you will develop mental adaptability as you work through challenging situations.  Squares make you grow.  This is a day of mental growth.

Alert:  Real opportunity for mental growth potential ahead.  Life may present a challenge to justify your opinions (Mercury) or your feelings (Cancer).  Important that we all rise to the challenge in order to see where we’re wrong and need to change our thinking.  Break-ups and break-through are possible.  Don’t sit back and let others roll over you today as it will present a particularly weak personality.  The more alert you are, the more you will be ready to make a quick change to avoid problems.  But if you are rigid, get upset or easily surprised, then you will not have the necessary adaptability to avoid a confrontation.  In this case, you get a learning lesson.  My guess is many people will be getting a learning lesson today.

This reason why this square is such a fire-starter is that Uranus is the higher vibration of Mercury, which rules the mind and your opinions.  With the square from Uranus, there is a crisis to incorporate a higher vibrational awareness into your mind, either causing you to develop more advanced opinions or justify the opinions you have.  The great thing, this aspect is sure to break up all the stagnant thinking that is holding you back.

Some people may seem rather idealistic today, talking about universal brotherhood and equality like it’s a regular daily concern.  To a certain extent, such behavior is genuine, but can be a bit irritating and that’s where petty disagreements arise.  Strong advice is to avoid the petty stuff and focus on what’s really important.  Reserving your opinions and limiting your own speech can sometimes be the highest method of demonstrating how advanced you truly are.  Recall all squares require limitation of some form, if you can do it for yourself it’s much better and you won’t attract limitation to yourself.

Drive cautiously as this aspect could produce overly confident, arrogant, know-it-all, driving habits.  The unbridled desire for freedom can cause serious accidents.  Be careful.

On a positive note, and this is a fantastic aspect, you will have a ton of ideas today, lots of inspiration, desire to work with others and be a part of the group.  You can gain true insight into yourself and learn new ways of working with others and appreciating the ideas of others.

9:46am – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)  This will certainly add to the previous aspect.  Be really cautious around this time.  Avoid sharp objects.

5:52pm – Moon (Libra) square Sun (Cancer) First quarter Moon at 20d Libra.  Here we encounter obstacles to our growth and feel inhibited in our expression.  Important that we don’t let personal comfort cause us to avoid relationship obligations.

10:34pm – Venus enters Leo, in that sign until August 6th.  Venus is rather amorous and romantic in Leo, likes to display beauty.  Big hair.  Venus in Leo is concerned that everyone has a chance at romance, so it’s rather helpful and wants others to find love.  Venus is others and Leo rules the stage, so Venus in Leo wants other people to shine.  Good time to attend to your relationships, also your hobbies and what you do for fun and enjoyment.

Intense Tuesday. 3 tough Moon aspects and the Moon enters Scorpio.

2:30am – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires)  Time to make a break from stagnant emotions.

8:01am – Moon (Libra) square Mercury (Cancer)  Ideas and emotions disagree.  Easy to say the wrong thing.  Finesse is best.  Void of Course begins.

1:52pm – Moon enters Scorpio.  Emotional energy increases and we desire to create something powerful and lasting.  Sex/money establishes emotional commitment.

3:39pm – Moon (Scorpio) square Venus (Leo)  Emotions and feelings disagree.

Moon in Scorpio brings an emotional day with deep passions.

1:47pm – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)  A nice lazy aspect, makes you feel empathetic towards others, good for artistic endeavors.

5:47pm – Mercury enters Leo.  In that sign until July 31.  Folks are bit more proud.  Good for public speaking, stage work and performances.  Just in time for the political conventions held the last week of July.

10:19pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)  Strong burst of emotional energy to accomplish an important task.  Can be a bit destructive if not handled adeptly.

Expansive day with opportunities for growth.  Good for business.

4:23am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)  Emotions expand.  Great workout aspect, as you are sure to focus and expand consciously.

11:45am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Sun (Cancer)  Very creative and transformative energy.  Great for work around the home, emotional healing, overcoming insecurities.

3:22pm – Moon conjunct Mars (Scorpio)  Intense identification with our emotions.  Very compulsive, could be accident prone.  Good for focused work and commitment to being the best you can be for the good of everyone concerned.  Void of Course begins.

A good time for socializing in the morning, but by evening, Saturdays’ Sun square Uranus begins to take effect and people get anxious and irritable.

2:14am – Moon enters Sagittarius.  Everyone’s gets a bit louder and boisterous.  Just in time for the weekend.  Good for parties and all social gatherings, even professional organizations.

8:42am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Mercury (Leo)  Greatest aspect for public speaking you could find.  Great for expressing your feelings.  Confident, funny, spontaneous, witty, everyone’s a comedian.

10:46am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Venus (Leo)  Very much like the previous.  People want to confabulate, make stuff up, exaggerate their positive side.  Good for socializing.  People will want to get the party started early on Friday.

10:45pm – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius).  Whoa, someone just through a wet blanket over your great plans.  Emotions contract, feeling inhibited.  You may ask why did this have to happen now, life is hard sometimes.

A great wedding day.  Despite the early Sun square Uranus, the overall tone of the day is very good, with 2 excellent planetary aspects and a special numerology day.

1:26am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)  Crisis to overcome emotional blocks to caring about others.  Easy to be deceived, easy to not listen or think you already know.

6:31am – Sun (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires)  People get irritable, want change for no good cause.   People have something to prove the themselves and the rest of the world today.  We all need to make a break from things that are not working well in our lives, and this aspect gives us a chance to do just that.  Although the most common manifestation is to just want to do something different, there is so much more going on under the surface.

Sun is in Cancer, so emotional insecurities arise when we have failed to live up to our own perfect image of ourselves.  Additionally, society itself seems to disappoint if we don’t feel free enough.  For many people, there’s so much limitation on our personal expression that we have a hard time expressing ourselves without some nagging inner voice that tells us that all in not well in the world.  Trans-personal concepts envelope the mind and give us this general disposition of unease and irritability.

Out of this inner turmoil great insight and awareness can come.  We intrinsically see that when others are not free, neither are we, so this inspires us to make a change in society.  It is as if everyone has become a part of a new social group or movement that is opposed to some basic element in society which they perceive as insecure, unfair, stagnant and uninspired.  People do not follow social convention or norms, instead choose to be different and change the dominant paradigm.  At this time we have an opportunity to restructure ourselves and overcome spiritual limitation and apathy.  We may find it difficult to work with others, but we must if we expect to bring about any meaningful change.

This square produces a lot of social awareness and intelligence.  Everyone tries to become a bit more like their higher self today.  The question is, how comfortable are they with that?  Are they ready?  Do they sense a crisis?  And most importantly, how comfortable are they with others being more evolved, more aware.  It’s a double-edged sword.  We see others better, but the same goes for them.

As I see it, the best use of this aspect is to actively seek out people, places and experiences that will assist you in your quest for spiritual evolution.  Seek to change your mind, your habitual ways of doing things, and most of all your emotional reactions to others.  Change yourself before you try changing the world.  Intense emotional responses need to be restrained if you expect to learn anything.  If you do fly off the handle today, you’ll know that there is something inside of you that desperately wants to change and you just created the impetus for it.

But if you can manage to give to others today, it will give you a sense of connection to others much greater than usual.  You can have a truly trans-personal experience that will, in fact, assist you in your path of spiritual evolution.

3:00pm – Mercury conjunct Venus (Leo)  Leo rules the stage and brings confidence.  Mercury is communication and Venus is love.  What a perfect aspect for pronouncing your wedding vows.

Everyone will want to be on stage.  Creative ideas fill them mind.  It is a very positive aspect in terms of people’s outlook, their desire to socialize and to share ideas with others.  In fact, people will not want a quiet setting, but prefer to be somewhere where they can socialize and confabulate (schmooze),  and it’s all because we need to be liked and be in agreement with others.

So finding agreement with others is important today if you expect to partake in the days festivities, which should be plentiful.  Listening to good music at a live venue would be a fantastic expression of this aspect.  So go and see a live show.  The performers will probably be better than usual today.

The overall positive outlook for this aspect makes it good for almost anything, especially traveling and meeting people.  You’re sure to show your positive side and others as well making it perfect for a special occasion, like a wedding.

4:22pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Jupiter (Virgo)  Great for social gatherings.  People get over-indulgent and no one is in the mood to judge.  The need to expand is so overwhelming that everyone will reach for some refreshment to liven up the day.

8:45pm – Sun (Cancer) trine Mars (Scorpio)  The masculine and feminine are in harmony.  People are emotionally confident and very creative.  Mars in Scorpio creates a well of energy that lasts a long time and gives the certainty to commit yourself to any creative activity.  Water signs, so dancing would be great.  In general, some physical activity is a must with this aspect.  You really need an outlet for all of this positive creative energy.  Very warm and loving and not afraid to show it.  This aspect is good for just about anything you put your mind to.

No major aspects.  Void of Course all morning.  Looks like another relaxing Sunday.

1:57am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires) Void of Course begins.

12:33pm – Moon enters Capricorn.

Interesting Stories:

USA’s birthday on 7/4.  Let’s go over the Solar return.  We see a stellum in Cancer all conjunct the Sun with Venus conjunct Mercury as well as Mars trine Mercury.  That’s good.  It’s a time of collecting your emotions and making plans for the future.

Saturn opposition Ascendant and Uranus.  Saturn coming into the 7th house has a double-edged meaning.  The nation must now answer to authority figures for past immoral behavior, and it is a time of new beginnings. It is very important to deal honestly with others with this transit.  If you don’t, it always comes back to haunt you.  If the past continues to holds us back then the next 14 years will be dysfunctional.  Over the next 2 ½ years leadership in America will experience inhibition in forming partnerships and will need to be much more diplomatic (Libra).

A Yod formation with transiting Mars and Uranus and natal Neptune.  This could produce quite a tumultuous outcome.  The need to incorporate universal, innovative and honest values (Uranus) into our belief system (Neptune) reaches a serious crisis.  The 4th house is the emotional foundation of the country, and the Uranus quincunx means an innovative, precise adjustment is necessary to save the nation’s soul.  The Mars sextile helps give us the energy, but the change necessary will not be easy.  It will likely bring violence.  Recall recently when we saw this Yod formation with all transiting planets Mercury, Mars and Uranus and how the completion of the Yod brought about a violent incident.  I think the same is likely here.  The need to adjust is accompanied by a intense dislike for those who have used you or deceived you.  We will need to go through some disappointment.  The year will be marked by changing associations as people overhaul their beliefs abruptly.  Many surprises are in store as leadership remains confused and stuck in the past, unable to respond quick enough.

Neptune comings into the 10th house for good this year and will be here for a while.  Starts an era of sacrificing the nation for some greater cause.  This will be the end of many long held beliefs about America.  It will seem very bad during this time, but the notion that America was built on freedom and that our nation has stood and fought for the freedom of others is a FALSE belief and will die during this era.  And new beliefs will emerge as a result of it.  Our true history will be revealed, especially archaeological discoveries that have already been made but yet to be revealed.

The Chiron (Pisces) opposition Neptune means there will be harsh words as beliefs are confronted, then die an emotional and very public death.  Politicians are sure to fall hard this year and it will be the absolute end of many of them.

Uranus square Mercury.  The political turmoil happening now and at the Conventions will be sure to leave it’s mark on this year.  A crisis to incorporate the needs of the collective into the political process.  This transit has manifested as vote rigging across the nation, only this time everyone knows it and they dark side doesn’t seem to care whether or not we know, that’s was so interesting about this.  Usually they try to hind their deceit.  So they are clearly in panic mode and are using violent means to prevent being caught.

On July 12th, Jupiter opposition Pluto (exact) and Mars conjunct Mars (and close the Ascendant), and Mars quincunx Mercury (exact), and just like natal, and Uranus quincunx Mars (exact).  Overall, this is very compulsive.  It would not surprise me if we see some sort of revolution take place.  The potential for a riot and accompanying violence is high.  The Jupiter opposition Pluto transit compels a popular movement to take the reigns of power.  The balance between power and how it is utilized for growth is the issue.  Also the 4th house means people seek to grow in a way that accomplishes their heart-felt desire.  Makes people passionate about life in general, feeling lucky like they could accomplish anything.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas)
Interesting story about him.  He’s saying that the FBI is set to ask Russia for copies of the 30,000 missing emails from Hillary Clinton, if you can believe that.  I am mentioning him again because he is somewhat famous for believing we need more people incarcerated.  You can where that comes from, Pluto opposition Mars and Venus (8th).  His most recent comments coincide with Neptune quincunx Pluto.  Also, he came close to Mars opposition Sun just before retrograde and I think that lit a fire under him a bit and contributed to his recent sarcastic comments.  But rest assured this guy wants political power for himself (Mercury conjunct MC).  In mid-October Saturn will trine his Mars and Venus and sextile his Pluto.  Look for him to make a move around that time.  Until then, his sarcastic revelations are showing how angry he is at Hillary.

Nigel Farage
Surprise announcement he has resigned as leader of the UK Independence Party.  Neptune opposition Ascendant.  It is as this point that Neptune begins its’ appearance in the upper half of the chart, comes into the outer world.  Now he sees his beliefs manifest right in front of him and it can be a bit frightening.  He says he wants privacy, well Neptune/Pisces rules that which is hidden, so that is rather difficult at this time.  Your beliefs, including your superstitious beliefs, which were once very private, become public knowledge.  Nonetheless, I can understand because it is very hard to draw a boundary around yourself at this juncture.  His personality has lost its’ safe and certain limits and he’s not quite sure who he is any more.  Everyone faces an identity crisis as this and any hard Neptune-Ascendant transit.  He is probably a bit delusional and not thinking clearly because he is unsure of his beliefs.  He is also worried about sacrificing himself for others, another common theme with this transit.

In addition, Saturn has already begun to enter the 4th and will be there for 2 ½ years.  Now is a career down-time for sure.  He is feeling the limits on his personal freedom and needs to restructure his personal life, home, family relationships, etc.

July 10-17, 2016
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