Weekly Astrology Notes July 24-31, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes July 24-31, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:

Sunday:  All pleasant Moon aspects.  Good for quality personal time.

Monday:  Monday morning is compulsive, but the evening is good for karaoke.

Tuesday:  Slow Tuesday morning, but the evening is stimulating.

Wednesday:  Electric Wednesday with Mercury trine Uranus.

Thursday:  Thursday morning is stubborn and compulsive and the evening is discouraging.

Friday:  Frustrating Friday.  This is the most challenging Friday we’ve seen in a while.  Tough Moon aspects in Gemini and Mercury square Mars, a very tense square.  Communication (Gemini) is really strangled today.  Strong driving caution.  If you can take the day off, do it.

Saturday: A good day to let go.  Let your emotional energy flow wherever it needs to go.

Sunday:  Overall a pleasant day for doing something different with Venus trine Uranus, just be aware of the Moon opposition Pluto in the afternoon.

Hillary Clinton / Democratic Convention
Ted Cruz

SUNDAY  7/24
All pleasant Moon aspects.  Good for quality personal time.

12:06am – Moon (Pisces) trine Mars (Scorpio).  Let’s dance.  This aspect is sure to get people on the dance floor.  Emotional energy is amplified and people feel their away to love.  Void of Course begins.

5:33am – Moon enters Aires.  Good time to attend to projects around the home.  Moon in Aires is good at building security (10th/Capricorn step).  People are self-motivated and have lots of energy the next couple of days.

9:17am – Moon (Aires) trine Sun (Leo)  Very good for creative projects, really goes well with the Moon in Aires.  Good for social gatherings.

10:46pm – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius).  Like the Venus trine Saturn earlier in the week, people are not crass or rude.  Good for social and/or professional gatherings.

Monday morning is compulsive, but Monday night is a good night for karaoke.

8:29am – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Bad time for career decisions.  This bi-monthly aspect gives us a chance to clear out stifling emotions and habits, often by severing you from these things.  The trick is to do it in a positive way.  If you can control your negative thoughts and apply the energy to something constructive, these moments can help clear up your day and your month.

9:48am – Moon (Aires) trine Venus (Leo)  Very nice trine to smooth out the morning.  Feeling and emotions harmonize.

7:55pm – Moon (Aires) trine Mercury (Leo)  Good time to express yourself.  Try singing.  Good karaoke aspect.

11:18pm – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires)  Monthly time when we check to see if we are happy with our unfolding path in life.  Some folks get frustrated with others, a bit demanding, that’s what causes tension and restlessness.  Void of Course begins.

Slow Tuesday morning, but the evening is stimulating.

8:37am – Moon enters Taurus.  People are steadfast and unwilling to change.  Good time to be lazy and get comfortable.

4:00pm – Moon (Taurus) square Sun (Leo)  Last Quarter Moon.  The moment each month when we criticize ourselves a lot.  If you’re happy with yourself, then it’s not so bad, but if not then you try to prove it and struggle for emotional fulfillment.

Electric Wednesday with Mercury trine Uranus.

12:45am – Mercury (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires)  This aspect is sure to break up the stagnant mental patterns and cause us to reach for something new and interesting.  A highly stimulating aspect that gets the mind moving in new directions.  You’ll have lots of ideas today, you may want to write them down.  Very inspirational aspect that ignites a desire to connect with others and learn about new ideas in science, new technology, new ways of looking at old ideas.  Esoteric studies and learning about unexplained phenomenon like UFOs will be more popular today.

Good for meditation because it encourages the mind to evolve to the next higher level of awareness where we can receive great insight into our lives and society.  Today everyone can find some avenue to open their mind beyond the limits of their current thinking, you just have to look for it.  And that’s what this aspect is about, going beyond the limitations of your thinking, and today we can all do this a bit easier.  While most of the country is concerned about politics, now might be a good time to disconnect from that emotionally and try to become an impartial observer.  You will gain valuable insight into people’s motivations.

It also inspires community and the desire to harmonize with others.  Excellent for all group activities that seek to improve social conditions.  Great for political organizing and inspiring others with a message.

On a geopolitical level, this aspect will ignite the same Uranus energies that have been so prevalent lately.  Recently, we have seen both the good and bad side of Uranus.  The violence and destruction that began at the quincunx to Mars will now be seen in a new way.  We now know that Recep Erdogan seems to have orchestrated the entire coup in order to institute dictatorial powers for himself.  I am thinking this aspect may help get that message out.

Because this aspect happens during the Democratic Convention, this is sure to motivate them.  We will all have a bit more of an enlightened perspective as we see the charade unfold before our eyes.

4:11am – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces).  A pleasant aspect to slow down the morning and make us open to impressions.

11:12am – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  Strong burst of energy to achieve success or personal comfort.  Good for business as people will be in the mood to spend money.

5:23pm – Moon (Taurus) square Venus (Leo)  Once again, a disconnect between emotions and feelings, hard to express yourself if you’re stuck in your comfort zone.

8:44pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Jupiter (Virgo)  Good for a party or gathering.  Earth signs means the energy is sensual and relaxed.

Thursday morning is stubborn and compulsive and the evening is discouraging.

5:17am – Moon (Taurus) square Mercury (Leo)  Fixed square brings up stubborn energy.  Can bring up nervous tension.  Be careful driving this morning.

8:13am – Moon (Taurus) opposition Mars (Scorpio)  People can get selfish, irritable and even a bit vengeful.  Eat healthy this morning.  Void of Course begins.

11:17am – Moon enters Gemini.  Moon in it’s death cycle.  It seems all the more difficult these days as we also get the square to Neptune and Jupiter and opposition to Saturn.  People change their minds and are more talkative causing emotional energy is dissipate.

10:17pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Sun (Leo)  Last sextile before New Moon means it’s time to be with friends and speak freely without inhibitions.  Important that we find a place to be harmonious equals with one another.

Frustrating Friday.  This is the most challenging Friday we’ve seen in a while.  Tough Moon aspects in Gemini and Mercury square Mars, a very tense square.  Communication (Gemini) is really strangled today.  Strong driving caution.  Not a good day for travel.  If you can take the day off, do it.

4:06am – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius).  This is just the 2nd aspect involving Saturn this week.  With Moon in it’s death cycle this aspect is confusing.  Feelings and thinking are limited and overpowered by duty and responsibility.  Authority figures seem particularly oppressive.  Eat a nice warm breakfast.

6:45am – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)  Confusion, emotions dissipate, feeling disappointed.  Brings up childhood issues and feelings of abandonment.  Crisis to consider other people’s feelings.

1:49pm – Mercury (Leo) square Mars (Scorpio)  This aspect is sure to ignite some disagreements and bring a lot of tension to politics.  The square between Leo to Scorpio can bring out intense behavior because Scorpio represents the deep, dark elements of the psyche where we have our destructive desires.  So there is a crisis, or battle, between the will (Leo) and the dark elements of the psyche (Scorpio).  The crisis ensues when we want to shine like the sun, Leo, but don’t want the dark elements of ourselves to be exposed.  So there is a lot of hiding, maneuvering, deception and misdirection that people will attempt in order to express their will.  There is also a strong sexual element that comes into play as well that may drive people to act on subconscious impulses.  Also beware of paranoid thinking and deception.

Because this square is from Leo (Sun), to Mars, our ego, it can bring up a lot of self-destructive tendencies.  That’s the worst part of this aspect.  So, it’s very important that you use this energy for creative purposes.  Drawing, craftwork, playing music or anything that involves careful, sustained use of the hands and fingers (Gemini) is sure to direct this energy towards positive ends.

On a positive side, there is a lot of clearing out of the dark places in our minds with this aspect.  We can see much deeper into our own impulses and purify them.  We can learn to use the spontaneous energy of Leo to brighten up even the worst parts of ourselves.  Don’t inhibit yourself today, rather let your true self shine and you will see that the darkness was not nearly as deep as it seemed.

Mercury rules driving, so we have a strong driving caution as people will be impulsive and controlling about their driving needs.  Any attempt to inhibit others could be seen in a paranoid way and tensions could flare easily.

On a geopolitical level, this aspect is one to watch out for.  Tensions all over the world could rise today.  The USA, Turkey, all of Europe, there is tension everywhere and this aspect will bring up everything the universe needs to get cleared out.  It is sure to bring up fights of all kinds.

2:06pm – Uranus goes Stationary Retrograde at 24d30′ Aires.  Continue retrograde until December 29, down to 20d33′.  During this time the energy of Uranus is directed inward where the universe asks us to change how we identify ourselves (Aires).  We make internal rather than external changes in our lives.  The general tone will be about assessing what we missed during the forward motion period, asking ourselves what external changes we wanted to happen but did not, and how we can change internally in preparation for the next cycle.

Now we look at the labels we put on ourselves and ask if they really set us free, or do they limit us.  For example, there is no one who could say they are a Democrat or Republican and not admit that, to some extent, those labels limit them in some way.  Limit friendship and association, mobility, adaptability and ability to change.  Uranus retrograde asks us to dissolve the labels we put on ourselves so that we may overcome limitations in order to do better in the future.

It is also a time of assessing how responsible we feel about the current state of society.  The transpersonal nature of Uranus often makes us feel like we need to do more than our fair share in order to help society, or that no effort is ever enough because with Uranus, we are not guaranteed any reward for our work, unlike Saturn.  Many will now feel a need to pull away from the radical changes happening in society in order to reassess where they stand on many issues.

We all need to evolve in this life, and Uranus is the planet that governs that process.  You need to change in order to evolve.  And you need to find your true spiritual identity.  And on a deeper level many will feel the need to reconnect with the true spiritual identity that they brought with them into this life.

Uranus is a transpersonal concept, so that means something greater, bigger and beyond yourself is now redirected towards your inner self.  Now the universe is asking us to change on the inside, remove the stumbling blocks and limiting beliefs that inhibit our spiritual evolution.

This retrograde period we will see Uranus trine Mars (9/17), Uranus square Mars (10/29) and Uranus sextile Mars (12/7).  All 3 of these aspects will have a slightly different interpretation due to Uranus retrograde.  Instead of events taking us a step forward, they will move us to change inwardly.

The Event chart for the Retrograde period tells what kind of evolutionary issues we expect to face during this period.  All the inner planets face challenging aspects, especially the Moon.  We will face a lot of upheaval, chaos and change during this time and we will all be personally effected by it.

On a geopolitical level, it will be interesting to see how these aspects manifest.  The Mars – Uranus cycle has been important to watch lately with Uranus is Aires.  The general theme of this cycle has been rather volatile because it puts Mars against Aires, and on the challenging aspects it produces a lot of self-destruction and destruction of others.  This certainly was true recently on the quincunx where we saw violence in every nation directly effected by the quincunx.  The slow movement of Uranus at this time aggravates the situation.

A good day to let go.  Let your emotional energy flow wherever it needs to go.

12:06am – Moon (Gemini) square Jupiter (Virgo)  Emotions expand, be careful of overindulgence.

12:55am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Venus (Leo)  Feeling warm and easy going.

4:46am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires)  Energy is spontaneous and independent.  Really good aspect for using your intuition.  Void of Course begins, last until early afternoon.  Should make for a relaxing Saturday morning.

11:19am – Mercury enters Virgo.  In that sign until October 8th.  That’s 70 days in Virgo!  It goes retrograde at 29d, then direct at 14d, so it will be moving slower and revisiting the second half of Virgo.

In Virgo, Mercury is analytical, a bit cold and calculating, critical and very concerned with mundane affairs.  However, we must remember that Mercury rules Virgo and is very confident in this sign.  During this time, communication takes on a vital nature and is precise and without flare.  People are more methodical in there behavior, more able to keep a schedule, more punctual and require the same of others, more critical and demanding of others.  Health issues are more important during this time, so this is a good opportunity to learn more about your health needs and attend to them.

Virgo rules process, like the digestive process, so people are more concerned about procedure and observing proper protocol.  Good thing is, you can get a lot done.  Mercury is put to good use in Virgo where it finds that quickness and precision are truly valued.  Smarter and more capable at handling the details, you will find this placement useful for getting all the elements of your life in order.  You can decide to eliminate those things that inhibit your thinking process.  Virgo is preparation for Libra and coming into the upper half of the chart.  Now is the time to make the last, often precise adjustment necessary to our thinking before we our beliefs are tested.  So we are looking to cut away unwanted things and make a good accounting of what we intend to keep.

The confident, yet mundane quality of Virgo coupled with the political quality of Mercury means everyone feels more adept at politics.  And maybe we should consider this long period in Virgo a blessing for us because it puts us in the right mind to scrutinize our political leaders.

2:09pm – Moon enters Cancer.  Moon begins a new cycle.  People seek home, comfort, emotional attachment.  Pleasant feelings for the next couple days.

Overall a pleasant day for doing something different with Venus trine Uranus, just be aware of the Moon opposition Pluto in the afternoon.

9:51am – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces)  A pleasant Moon aspect that makes you feel connected to everyone.  Good feelings abound.

5:03pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn)  People get intensely protective.  Outer world seems cruel, so people want to crawl into their shell.  Inhibits emotional expression while giving an intense burst of energy to transform your emotional foundation.  Can be disruptive.

9:07pm – Venus (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires)  Wonderful aspect for a weekend.  Likely everyone will want to something different today.  And it’s fire signs, so physical activity is a great way to express this aspect.  Stagnant energies are overcome and cleared out with ease and without inhibition.  Easy to correct yourself and change (Uranus) the way you relate to others (Venus).  Easy to forgive others as well as you are more able to appreciate the evolution of others.  More enlightened view of others and ability to appreciate the differences in others.  Good aspect for learning, especially something new.  Also great for attending a festival or concert, it is sure to be enlightening today.

Good day for relationships which are sure to be more exciting and electric than usual.  Relationships that start today will have a freedom-loving quality that will enable both to evolve.

Interesting Stories:

Democratic Convention:
First of all, I though it was rather interesting that during the Republican Convention we have a nice trine to Saturn, which is typically conservative, and during the Democratic Convention we have a nice trine to Uranus, which is typically liberal.  So interesting how that works out.  They must use astrology to pick these dates.

Hillary Clinton
She didn’t really garner the popular vote, but the vote was rigged so she get’s to be the nominee.  We have all seen that Bernie really garnered the popular vote.  And if you look at it astrologically, that bears true.  Hillary’s transits, although good, are more indicative of someone who gains the trust of authority figures, not the popular vote.  And that is exactly what happened.  The popular vote really did go to Bernie, but Hillary gets the nomination because those in power want it that way.  Astrology works, our democracy is broken.

At the Convention, she will be enjoying a fantastic transit, Jupiter sextile Mercury, with an approaching Jupiter sextile Ascendant.  One could not ask for a better set of transits to speak to a large group of people.  She’s very lucky with this one.  But it won’t always be that way.  As for now, apparently the universe is still using her to teach us something.

I’d like to point out her natal Mercury square Saturn.  It’s so close to her Ascendant that it really defines who she is for many people, especially since she is a political figure and there’s Mercury involved.  This is the most political aspect in her chart.  It causes her to limit what she says to only those things that are respectable.  It also means that she is a person who demands total respect for her opinions and uses her authority to control what other people think.

The good side of this aspect is that is forces her to articulate what she is thinking in a responsible manner.  She is very good at standing up for her beliefs.  But the bad side is that she is very stifled in her thinking and does not allow herself to adapt to new ways of thinking.  She is insecure and obsessed (Scorpio) with dominating (Ascendant ruled by Mars) all opinions and limiting all speech to only things that show respect for her.

Interestingly, this aspect makes Hillary appealing to some because it makes her determined to get respect for her opinions.  Women who feel unrepresented in government really like that about her.  To them it seems like she works hard to achieve success.  The dilemma comes when you realize that she is completely fixated on herself.

For this who dislike her, the reasons seem to come from the same aspect like I’ve just described.

So, ironically, the limiting effects of the Saturn square limit other people’s opinion of her to just this aspect.

There are parts of her that are dark and seriously repressed.  She is vengeful and will destroy anyone who gets in her way even to the point of recklessness.  But will this make any difference?

Last week on the fake failed coup they had Mars conjunct Jupiter and Uranus quincunx Jupiter which coincided with the Uranus quincunx Mars that caused havoc in so many places.  A more detailed look at their transits shows that Uranus opposition Saturn and Mercury is the main overall motivating force, while the quincunx gave us the precise moment.  It’s happening for an extended period of time due to the retrograde.

Saturn represents your grip on reality, Uranus is change, so they are currently loosing their grip.  The sudden change disrupts all the tried and true structures in their society.  4th house, so it means their common emotional bond with one another, which is the basis of their culture, is in a state of upheaval as well.  With Uranus currently in the 10th house, this sudden change is coming from authority figures, not from the people.  The transit is also known to bring about illness, usually to the bones(inner structure) or skin(outer structure).  They are loosing their democracy and all of the beauty that came with it.

Mercury is the political process.  Uranus is bringing sudden change there as well.  This transit in particular brings a lot of nervous tension.  People are very worried.  Political discourse is stifled (10th house) despite sounding like freedom (Uranus).

This is the worst possible outcome for this set of transits.  The last pass for Uranus over this degree is April 2017, (it comes really close again in January 2018).  Shortly after that, May 2017, Neptune conjunct Uranus.  Over the course of 1.5 years, this will likely dissolve the people (Uranus) into different ethnic groups.  At the least, it will change their beliefs entirely.

As you can clearly discern if you read through the links I have provided, that this is a false flag incident.  It was just like 911 in the USA.  It was a false flag carried out by the government in order to seize power from the people.

European Union
I keep on talking about the Uranus quincunx Mars aspect because it has had such a terrible effect on so many nations.  Another one is the EU.  With Pluto and Mars at 24d Scorpio, they also got caught in the crossfire of this aspect.  Just another example.  With Uranus now going retrograde, it moves much slower and will sit on the quincunx to their Mars.  This transit will continue to bring violence and upheaval to the EU.

Ted Cruz
Thanks to my viewer Fred Rogers for pointing this out to me.  On March 24 of this year I put out a video entitled “Astrology Trends during 2016 USA Presidential Conventions”.  In it I mentioned Ted Cruz.  Check out my prediction for him.

July 24-31, 2016
Good Article on Uranus retrograde
Uranus Retrograde 29 July 2016 – Astrology King

Just in case you still we’re sure that the elections were rigged:

Almost One Million Bernie Sanders Ballots Illegally Shredded | Your News Wire

And the Clinton body count grows:

Top Democrat Official SHOT TO DEATH In Washington, D.C. – BREAKING NEWS

The failed coup in Turkey was staged.  Erdogan just using it to gain power.

Failed Coup in Turkey realigns Ankara with Moscow — and saves Assad – Darkmoon
Target Liberty: Erdogan Crackdown On Steroids: Fires All University Deans; Suspends 21,000 Private School Teachers
Erdogan Purges 20,000 As Europe Voices Concern Coup Was Staged With “Prepared Arrest Lists” | Zero Hedge
Turkey Accuses US Of Being Behind Military Coup, Demands Extradition Of Cleric Gulen
Turkey Coup: Here’s Why They Did it and Who the Real Plotters Are | Alternative
“Why They Didn’t Fire Is A Mystery” – Coup Pilots Had Erdogan’s Plane In Their Sights And Did Nothing
Turkish soldiers thought coup was military ‘exercise’ — RT News
BEX ALERT – Did Erdogan STAGE the coup? US-based Turkish cleric facing extradition over botched rebellion claims president orchestrated plot to justify a clampdown on civil rights

Nice attacker story:

Nice Attacker sent $100,000 to his family in Tunisia, prior to driving attack. He had a low paying job.

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