Saturn Direct and Jupiter quincunx Uranus – August 12-13, 2016

Saturn Direct and Jupiter quincunx Uranus in August 2016

Saturn Direct Event Chart – August 13, 2016

Introduction1 Saturn Direct 8-13-2016
Looking at the aspects in the Event Chart shows us the challenges we need to face during the Saturn Direct period which continues until April 6, 2017 when it will reach 28d Sagittarius.  Just like the Event Chart for the recent Uranus retrograde period, we see all of the inner planets in turmoil further indicating that we will all experience a lot of stress during this time.

Saturn Direct
The general interpretation of Saturn Direct is that Saturn turns outward after several months (since March 25) of inner restructuring and adjustment.  Now is the time when we are keen to achieve our Saturnian goals, those related to career and reputation as well as financial security, basically become the authority in our own lives.

Saturn spends most of it’s time direct, so the Direct motion is not particularly significant, rather the moment it goes Direct is significant because that it is the time when we move forward with our goals.  So, as Saturn slows down for several days before and after going Direct, people slow down a bit and are even a bit apprehensive.  Everyone is more goal and career oriented, but Saturn is slow getting started.  People exhibit their Saturn side, more mature, more serious, and more masterful.   On the most basic level, this is the time when we seek to “get a grip on reality” by becoming our own authority.  Everything from improving your work conditions to starting your own business work out better when Saturn is Direct.

Uranus has recently gone retrograde, so untempered desire for freedom recedes as maturity and duty rise in importance.

On a geopolitical level, this is the time when authority figures begin to roll out the plans that they have been working on quietly behind closed doors for the past few months.  New laws, rules and regulations, may be introduced now, but they may not necessarily be bad.  Governments will need to at least appear genuine as they try to solve society’s problems.  It will also be a time when conservative values will rise in the polls and nationalist movements, like the recent Brexit vote, will gain more respectability.  This could have a rather encouraging effect on nationalist movements throughout Europe and even in the USA.

Tower of Babel
Viewers of this channel may recall in the past I have spoken about Saturn in Sagittarius as being a time when authority figures are seeking to rebuild there rhetoric (Sagittarius) because Saturn rebuilds every sign it is in.  So, in order to accomplish this, they build a “Tower of Babel” with which to broadcast their perceptions and views to the general population.  It is a Herculean effort to try and tell you what to think.  This building takes on a frenzied, restless quality because Saturn is in it’s death cycle and they sense loosing power before Saturn begins a new cycle in Capricorn.  But the Tower is doomed to fall by the start of the next cycle.  What this means is the most basic terms is that now is the time when government tells it’s biggest lies.

The Tower of Babel will go into full swing during this Saturn Direct period.  It will be particularly strong on Mars conjunct Saturn, 8/26.  This is when authority, which for the most part is political, will try their hardest to push their viewpoint onto the general population.  Real movement towards a New World Order will attempt to take shape now.

But what will also happen during this time is that people will begin to take charge of their own lives.  As Saturn re-emerges with renewed strength and purpose after a long period of inner reconstruction, people are looking to become the authority in their own lives, to govern themselves.  So, despite authority figures (government, religion) trying harder than ever to get people to listen, people will be tuning out more than ever.

Over the course of the next several months we will see people demanding more accountability from government and there will be a moment of culmination at the end of this year, which I will go into detail in another video.  But first let’s take a look at the accompanying aspects.

Jupiter quincunx Uranus
This aspect is even more important that the Saturn Direct in some ways and one of the reasons why I need to make a separate video on this topic.  It occurs exactly less than 4 hours prior to Saturn Direct.  The Uranus quincunx has been a trigger point for so much conflagration lately.  Recall the Mars quincunx Uranus coincided with the Nice Shooting and the staged coup in Turkey.

At this moment, we will be looking to see a new (Uranus) ideal or vision (Jupiter) take shape.  This is the great compulsion to change and evolve we are all feeling at this time.  Whatever happens needs to be something that seems very positive, has great hope for the future and now is the perfect opportunity.  A “carpe diem” (seize the day) effect take place.  But it will often only seem positive to the politicians.    My concern is that this aspect could produce another event like the recent coup in Turkey.

And because Uranus is now retrograde, this powerful urge to change is directed inward and this could make people explode from the repressed energy within them that must now come out.  Everyone needs to make a major adjustment in their life now and for some the pressure is too great.

Also because Uranus is now retrograde and Jupiter Direct, people will be expressing their discontent at their own failure to make the necessary changes during the last Uranus Direct period.  Specifically, the three passes of this aspect work as follows:  On the first pass, Nov 2015, both planets were Direct making a perfect expression of the aspect.  If you missed the opportunity on the first pass, the next two passes are further opportunities, each of which requires some type of internal adjustment because one of the planets is retrograde.  On the second pass, early March, Jupiter was retrograde, so we were looking to correct Jupiter, our perceptions.  On the third pass, Uranus is retrograde, so we are looking to correct Uranus, our evolution or lack thereof.  So if we haven’t evolved like we wanted to, then we get restless during the Uranus retrograde period and this aspect is sure to bring that out and compel us to make a change.  So by now people should have a very good idea of what is missing with regard to their evolution.  They will be restless and anxious about themselves and angry at those people who have lied to them and taken their freedom away.

So the geopolitical effect of this aspect could be tremendous especially since we have recently seen such an brash, public display of the government lying to us, taking away our right to vote through rigged elections.  The Bernie Sanders supports are much more angry than Bernie.  They are running away from Hillary in droves and the uprising against her will alarm the authority figures.  People are having no inhibition expressing their discontent.  This aspect will be a trigger to express their discontent.

On a inner personal level, now is the time to make a giant leap forward in your life.  Don’t miss this opportunity to cut away and eliminate anything that is holding back your spiritual evolution.  If you have missed opportunities in Nov and March, now is your last chance.  New friends and associates can suddenly come into your life.  Now it feels good to make that adjustment because you are expanding into something new.  Getting the most out of this aspect means doing something daring and audacious, but not necessarily destructive.  Learn to severe yourself from negative people and things like a surgeon, not a demolition expert.  We all need to take complete responsibility for our spiritual evolution and conscious expansion and now we can clearly see the things that were holding us back, we have digested them thoroughly and we know what needs to change.

These are Jupiter’s last few steps in Virgo and it needs to complete its work in this sign by expanding our critical and digestive faculties, thereby giving us a brighter hope and optimism.  As mentioned several times, an expanded health regime is necessary in order to make the most out of this passage.  Now may be the moment to make an adjustment for the good of your health.  This aspect appears to be the dominant theme over the course of this Saturn Direct period.

Since it’s been such a trigger mechanism lately, let’s look at the effect of this Jupiter quincunx Uranus on some geopolitical charts.  In the Event Chart we see that Uranus is still at 24d Aires and now Jupiter is at 24d Virgo.  In those charts that have planets at 24d Scorpio will see that planet form part of Yod formation.  This Yod formation will create a compulsion for immediate change (Uranus) based on new information (Jupiter).


2 Turkey 8-13-2016
Turkey, with Jupiter at 24d Scorpio they will experience a Yod with Jupiter at both lower points while the Yod points to Uranus (Aires).  My sense is that at this moment in their history, the sudden expansion of information (Jupiter) will push them beyond safe and secure boundaries to recuperate their lost freedom.  Restless and anxious to the extreme, the government will work very hard to indoctrinate the masses in the powerful new rhetoric/propaganda.  Jupiter rules higher education and the legal profession, notice how many thousands of teachers and other professionals have lost their jobs because of this precise adjustment in rhetoric.  The old, secular ways of thinking are being pushed aside and being replaced by a religious (Jupiter/Sagittarius) ideal.  We could see a strong counter push to this movement by Erdogan.  This will be a very good situation to watch to see how it manifests.  The coup came with a Mars quincunx Uranus while Direct, now that’s retrograde, we need to see some type of internal correction.

An important point to make.  Uranus can signify the person or symbol that epitomizes a nation.  Every nation has a individual who reflects the highest universal goals and aspirations of the people.  For USA it’s Benjamin Franklin.  For Turkey it is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the first president of the Republic of Turkey.  Jupiter rules religion and the rhetoric that comes with it.  The Jupiter quincunx Uranus has the effect of incorporating religious idealism into the national symbol in a sudden and precise way.  Felt all of over the world as a rebirth of national idealism, For example, what is truly means to be an American, or to truly be a Turk, or a German, etc.  Every citizen in every nation feels compelled to re-familiarize themselves with the principles that unify their nation.

The European Union

3 EU 8-13-2016
European Union 8-13-2016

The EU will experience much of the same.  With Mars and Pluto both at 24d Scorpio, there will be much of the same for them as we have seen in the recent past.  If you just watch the mainstream news, you might not notice that most of Europe is in a stage of siege.  The immigration situation is causing problems everywhere, especially France, Germany and Sweden.  The divisions forming within the continent all stem from their natal Moon opposition Mars and Pluto, the natal aspects that are a recipe for self-destruction.  So, the compulsion that comes with this quincunx is aggravating this fundamental flaw in their chart.  I suspect this aspect will cause a strong increase in their domestic problems and many separatist movements will rise in prominence.

The Jupiter trine Moon and Jupiter sextile Mars and Pluto (4th house) is going to be really good for them. The overall effect of these transits is to encourage people to come together as all Jupiter-Moon transits do. The positive energy that comes with these transits means there will be more than enough energy to motivate people to work towards a better future.

Jupiter opposition Chiron.
And opportunity to heal and old wound.  The Jupiter opposition to Pisces tends to draw people out into the streets for a common cause.  A sudden burst of information (Jupiter) is received by the collective (Pisces) and it expands and motivates the people.  With Chiron, the cause is the pain and suffering in the world.  Chiron is associated with an old wound, one that is holding us back on the most fundamental level of our being.  This wound must be resolved if we are to evolve spiritually.

In this moment Jupiter (wisdom, growth, prosperity) are applied to an old wound.  The effect of the opposition is to move energy back and forth until equilibrium in achieved.  In this case, when we try to grow (Jupiter) immediately we meet Chiron, an old wound.  Basically the universe is creating a situation where all attempts to growth must confront an old wound and resolve it.  This put a serious damper on our growth plans and can be very frustrating for some.  Some don’t want to do it because the problem is hidden (Pisces) and the wound hurts too much.  The amount of self-realization may be too much for some to handle psychologically.  The build up of energy forces the issue and there is a sudden attempt to stretch beyond our normal limits in order to address painful issues.

Sometimes the result is to cause more pain in the process.  Jupiter expands and Pisces has no limits, so there is nothing to put the breaks on expansion, and continues to expand, and to wound, until we finally realizes what we’ve been missing.  And this only comes from a direct divine revelation (Pisces).  It’s a difficult process, but it necessary to get to the root of the matter.

Deep spiritual confusion that is causing pain on a collective level comes to the surface.  Pain that is preventing us from growing will come to the forefront of our awareness now.  Poverty and the issue of the disparity between the rich and the poor seems worse than ever.  We will all become much more aware of the pain and poverty in the 3rd world.  News about the terrible state of the environment during the Olympic Games in Rio is a good example.

And during the process of healing, Chiron often manifests as hurtful words.  So unfortunately, we may expect some really serious name-calling at this time.  We’ll hear the kind of things that are meant to wound.  Sorry to say.  Best thing when confronted with that sort of energy is to remind yourself that you don’t grow in that way.  That will short-circuit the negative energy flow.

This is not a minor aspect.  Through all of this we will learn to expand our connection to God and seek  new ways of dealing with humanities deepest issues.  Pisces perceives through direct divine revelation while Jupiter perceives with the eyes.  At this time we must expand beyond our current range of perception and seek direct divine revelation in order to heal the deepest wounds in our lives, both individually and collectively.

Also, Jupiter rules judicial proceedings, so we could see quit a bit of that.  In Turkey there are many judicial proceedings against innocent people, causing more pain.  That is a good indicator that during these times many innocent people may get trampled under the wheels of misplaced justice.  We must all be very careful and remain mobile enough to avoid such terrible tragedy.

And lastly, let’s consider the positive element of this aspect, which is to expand until you reach the cosmos and can once again feel totally connected to everything.  And when you get there, you get a big cosmic hug.  A reward unlike you’ve ever received or even imagined is awaiting for those who transcend the limitations of their own thinking and release the pain of their lives.  Give it up to God.

Mercury and Venus (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces).
We will have to contend with much confusion and delusion from outdated spiritual beliefs.  We face a challenge to confront health issues, especially mental health issues such as how vaccines are causing autism.  But the overall effect of Saturn Direct making people want to take control of their own lives coupled with these aspects means people will feel very disillusioned by authority figures (government and religious) and will begin turning away from these people and institutions to look for solutions to our social problems.

Venus (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius)
This aspect, Virgo to Sagittarius, will keep us searching for new information to contend with feeling disconnected from the decision making process.  The problem is feelings are not the best guide at this time as they tend to to slow you down and are not helpful.  Partnership can feel unfulfilling, like nothing is ever good enough.  We’ll all need to develop the ability to go it alone and not depend on others, even our partner.

A Grand Trine
It’s not all challenging.  We see a Grand Trine between Uranus, the Sun and the Moon.  This will give us the internal balance and peace of mind to evolve quietly inside of ourselves.  Opportunities for personal evolution by setting yourself free should be plentiful during this time, despite society going through deep confusion.

This Saturn Direct will unleash powerful forces for change within each of us and in society.  I suspect August 12th-13th will coincide with a significant event in world affairs.  The accompanying quincunx will once again be a trigger for many violent events in the same countries that have seen it before.

2 thoughts on “Saturn Direct and Jupiter quincunx Uranus – August 12-13, 2016

  1. I appreciate the postings . Although I don’t understand some if it . Your wisdom is clear . Will America be ok ? That’s my concern and its not exactly clear to me . I’ve just awakened this past year and it’s frightening to think a mental case Hillary in the WH . Thanks for doing the astrology politics and the world .


    1. Thanks Karen. I tend to hold out hope for the USA, just like my father did. In the end, somehow we will pull through. Hillary is the representative of the banks and that’s why she is still around. We need to spread the word about all the recent additions to the Hillary hit list. In fact, the man who originally put together the hit list just got killed last week! We all need to raise our vibration, seek higher truth and wisdom from within. Meditation is what keeps me sane, partially anyway. Many blessing to you. Thanks for the feedback.


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