Weekly Astrology Notes August 7-14, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes August 7-14, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:

A rather intense week ahead that could bring up some profound issues both personally and in society.  Time for deep spiritual healing.  But also potential for a lot of pain.

Sunday:  Dreamy Sunday.  Mercury opposition Neptune.

Monday:  Moody Monday.  Long Void of Course in the middle of the day.  Not a good day for travel.

Tuesday:  Timid Tuesday.  Two pleasant and quiet Moon aspects.

Wednesday:  Intense and productive Wednesday with Mercury trine Pluto and First Quarter Moon in Scorpio.

Thursday:  Social Thursday with Moon in Sagittarius and Moon conjunct Mars.

Friday:  Puzzling and painful Friday with confusing Moon aspects, Jupiter quincunx Uranus and Jupiter opposition Chiron.

Saturday:  Saturn Saturday with Saturn going Direct and Venus square Saturn.

Sunday:  Compassionate Sunday with Venus opposition Neptune.

Three of the astrological events we are having this week (Saturn Direct, Jupiter quincunx Uranus and Jupiter opposition Chiron) require a long detailed analysis and so I’ve put them in a separate entry on my weblog, entitled “Saturn Direct and Jupiter quincunx Uranus in August 2016”. It is on the same weblog as these weekly astrology notes.

Also this week:
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, USA, Christmas Day 2016

Dreamy Sunday.

5:19am – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  Diplomatic and sincere, excellent for communication.

9:25am – Mercury (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces)  The conscious mind reaches out to the unconscious collective.  Be open to impressions and psychic ability.  Neptune tends to cloud out everything it touches, so today communication is cloudy, unclear, indecisive and very impressionable.  How you say something is far more important that what you say today.  You might be surprised by what unconscious thoughts may rise to the surface.

Easy to get carried away on idealism and perfection.  Easy to be deceived.  Not a good day for precise thinking or tasks that require precise use of the hands.  Double-check any math you do.  Neptune dissolves the thoughts in the conscious mind, so we loose mental confidence, and most importantly, loose our mental boundaries.  Loosing your mental boundaries has a bad side and a good side.  The bad side is the loss of ego which leaves you open to deception.  The good side it that it really can be a fun ride into never never land.  You need to loose your safe and secure boundaries once in a while in order to see all that you are missing.  Take advantage of the heightened psychic awareness and reach out to others in a more spiritual and compassionate way.  Relieve others of the need to be perfect around you and they’ll see you as a forgiving and spiritual person.

The worst side is to succumb to delusion and disappointment.  To avoid this, allow yourself to escape into fantasy, turn off reality for a while and make peace with the impressions that flow into your mind.  Let your mind loose the fire-wall, that preventative barrier between the conscious and subconscious.

The transit will make most people not want to get out of bed.  Great for a Sunday.

4:38pm – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Be cautious of behaving in a vindictive manner, if you do, you will sacrifice emotional security and diplomacy.  Leads to isolationism.  Look what happened to Ted Cruz last week on his Pluto square Moon transit.

5:29pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Sun (Leo)  Makes for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon.  Everyone is pleasant and getting their emotional needs met.

Moody Monday.  Long Void of Course in the middle of the day.  Not a good day for travel.

10:41am – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires)  Restless and edgy.  Breaks up the stagnant energy in our lives.  Feelings easily hurt by the arrogance of others.  Could be disruptive if you’re too emotionally attached to others.  Void of Course begins, last all day long.

9:51pm – Moon enters Scorpio.  Passionate and moody.  The high energy of Scorpio overwhelms the Moon if you’re not ready.  Good for work around the home and anything to transform your emotional state.

Timid Tuesday.  Two pleasant and quiet Moon aspects.

7:43am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Venus (Virgo)  A pleasant aspect, feelings and emotions agree, however they are deep as well in these signs.

8:38pm – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Dive deep into the emotional depths of your being and be open to the impressions.

Intense and productive Wednesday with Mercury trine Pluto and First Quarter Moon in Scorpio.

3:47am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Mercury (Virgo)  Communication is precise and intense.  Good for putting emotional energy in your words and getting your point across.

5:05am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)  Emotions are intense and driven to success.  Powerful drive that won’t be stopped, very focused and determined.  People will have no problem getting motivated this morning.

11:21am – Moon (Scorpio) square Sun (Leo) First Quarter Moon.  A crisis to get satisfaction.  Be careful of vindictive behavior and letting your insecurities show too much.  Impulsive actions could lead to accidents.

4:23pm – Mercury (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  Excellent aspect for all kinds of mental work.  Pluto enables the mind the delve deep and expands our interests to include esoteric subjects and hidden things.  The process oriented Mercury in Virgo will feel compelled to question and analyze every topic.   You will find you have the mental focus to attend to important matters and see them through to completion.  Hard to be fooled with this aspect as we are keen to sense deception (Pluto) and have the good sense (Capricorn) to avoid it.

With Capricorn, it does slow down the mind a bit, but that only increases focus and drive.  In earth signs, not interested in superficiality.  Good for business.  You’ll want to put your mind to practical use making plans, organizing and looking for opportunities for advancement.  Overall this aspect will be experienced by most as a strong burst of mental energy that brings confidence and strength.

The methodical and practical Mercury in Virgo gets excellent expression through the trine to Pluto, which adds mental stamina and focus.  This aspect is very productive, you can get tons of work done today.  It will be easy to set your mind to specific task and keep it there until complete.  Good for most anything that requires mental clarity.

Also raises interest in esoteric studies and psychology.  Anything that has to do with how the mind works will interest you.  So it’s excellent for psychic work and therapy.  Much easier to maintain focus and proper procedure for shamanic journeying.

Pluto has that urge to merge with the collective so it also increases interest in social causes and encourages people to “put their minds together” for a common cause.  The trine to Capricorn brings out conservative values.  We last had this aspect on April 17.

10:22pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)  Very social aspect, strong desire to be with others.  Void of Course begins.

Social Thursday with Moon in Sagittarius and Moon conjunct Mars.

10:24am – Moon enters Sagittarius.  Moon is active and loves to play in Sagittarius.  Interest in higher education and the law increases.  Loud and sometimes overindulgent, it’s a good time to seek the company of others and allow your emotions to expand with others.

6:04pm – Moon conjunct Mars (Sagittarius)  Aggressive and excitable, feeling lucky and willing to take a chance.  You want to do something exciting and expansive.  Tempted to bit off more than you can chew just because you love the challenge.  Great for social gatherings, this aspect brings men and women together for a good time.

FRIDAY  8/12
Puzzling and painful Friday with confusing Moon aspects, Jupiter quincunx Uranus and Jupiter opposition Chiron.

2:58am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Venus (Virgo)  Emotions and feelings disconnect, but middle of the night.

5:51am – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius)  Austere and quiet morning.  Focus on duty and looking proper.

8:39am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)  Confusing, hard to focus, want to run away.  Feel like you need to close off part of your mind in order to complete a thought.  The overconfident Moon in Sagittarius needs to slow down and leave room for intuition.  Easy to say the wrong thing this morning.

3:00pm – Jupiter (Virgo) opposition Chiron (Pisces) And opportunity to heal and old wound.  The Jupiter opposition to Pisces tends to draw people out into the streets for a common cause.  A sudden burst of information (Jupiter) is received by the collective (Pisces) and it expands and motivates the people.  With Chiron, the cause is the pain and suffering in the world.  Chiron is associated with an old wound, one that is holding us back on the most fundamental level of our being.  This wound must be resolved if we are to evolve spiritually.

In this moment Jupiter (wisdom, growth, prosperity) are applied to an old wound.  The effect of the opposition is to move energy back and forth until equilibrium in achieved.  In this case, when we try to grow (Jupiter) immediately we meet Chiron, an old wound.  Basically the universe is creating a situation where all attempts to growth must confront an old wound and resolve it.  This put a serious damper on our growth plans and can be very frustrating for some.  Some don’t want to do it because the problem is hidden (Pisces) and the wound hurts too much.  The amount of self-realization may be too much for some to handle psychologically.  The build up of energy forces the issue and there is a sudden attempt to stretch beyond our normal limits in order to address painful issues.

Sometimes the result is to cause more pain in the process.  Jupiter expands and Pisces has no limits, so there is nothing to put the breaks on expansion, and continues to expand, and to wound, until we finally realizes what we’ve been missing.  And this only comes from a direct divine revelation (Pisces).  It’s a difficult process, but it necessary to get to the root of the matter.

Deep spiritual confusion that is causing pain on a collective level comes to the surface.  Pain that is preventing us from growing will come to the forefront of our awareness now.  Poverty and the issue of the disparity between the rich and the poor seems worse than ever.  We will all become much more aware of the pain and poverty in the 3rd world.  News about the terrible state of the environment during the Olympic Games in Rio is a good example.

And during the process of healing, Chiron often manifests as hurtful words.  So unfortunately, we may expect some really serious name-calling at this time.  We’ll hear the kind of things that are meant to wound.  Sorry to say.  Best thing when confronted with that sort of energy is to remind yourself that you don’t grow in that way.  That will short-circuit the negative energy flow.

This is not a minor aspect.  Through all of this we will learn to expand our connection to God and seek new ways of dealing with humanities deepest issues.  Pisces perceives through direct divine revelation while Jupiter perceives with the eyes.  At this time we must expand beyond our current range of perception and seek direct divine revelation in order to heal the deepest wounds in our lives, both individually and collectively.

A much more detailed analysis of this aspect is included on my weblog entitled “Saturn Direct and Jupiter quincunx Uranus in August 2016”.

9:59pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Mercury (Virgo)  Emotions move from one thing to another too fast to assimilate.  Easy to get caught up in your own opinions, hard to maintain neutrality.  Feeling restless and unsatisfied and not sure why.

11:00pm – Jupiter (Virgo) quincunx Uranus (Aires).  At this moment, we will be looking to see a new (Uranus) ideal or vision (Jupiter) take shape.  This is the great compulsion to change and evolve we are all feeling at this time.  Whatever happens needs to be something that seems very positive, though it may not be.  It could coincide with another false flag event like the recent coup in Turkey.  Nonetheless, it will be advertized as a great hope for the future and now is the perfect opportunity.  A “carpe diem” (seize the day) effect takes place.  And because Uranus is now retrograde, this powerful urge to change is directed inward and this could make people explode from the repressed energy within them that must now come out.  Everyone needs to make a major adjustment in their life now and for some the pressure is too great.

Also because Uranus is now retrograde and Jupiter Direct, people will be expressing their discontent at their own failure to make the necessary changes during the last Uranus Direct period.  Specifically, the three passes of this aspect work as follows:  On the first pass, Nov 2015, both planets were Direct making a perfect expression of the aspect.  If you missed the opportunity on the first pass, the next two passes are further opportunities, each of which requires some type of internal adjustment because one of the planets is retrograde.  On the second pass, early March, Jupiter was retrograde, so we were looking to correct Jupiter, our perceptions.  On the third pass, Uranus is retrograde, so we are looking to correct Uranus, our evolution or lack thereof.  So if we haven’t evolved like we wanted to, then we get restless during the Uranus retrograde period and this aspect is sure to bring that out and compel us to make a change.  So by now people should have a very good idea of what is missing with regard to their evolution.  They will be restless and anxious about themselves and angry at those people who have lied to them and taken their freedom away.

So the geopolitical effect of this aspect could be tremendous especially since we have recently seen such an brash, public display of the government lying to us, taking away our right to vote through rigged elections.  The Bernie Sanders supports are much more angry than Bernie.  They are running away from Hillary in droves and the uprising against her will alarm the authority figures.  People are having no inhibition expressing their discontent.  This aspect will be a trigger to express their discontent.

On a inner personal level, now is the time to make a giant leap forward in your life.  Don’t miss this opportunity to cut away and eliminate anything that is holding back your spiritual evolution.  If you have missed opportunities in Nov and March, now is your last chance.  New friends and associates can suddenly come into your life.  Now it feels good to make that adjustment because you are expanding into something new.  Getting the most out of this aspect means doing something daring and audacious, but not necessarily destructive.  Learn to severe yourself from negative people and things like a surgeon, not a demolition expert.  We all need to take complete responsibility for our spiritual evolution and conscious expansion and now we can clearly see the things that were holding us back, we have digested them thoroughly and we know what needs to change.

These are Jupiter’s last few steps in Virgo and it needs to complete its work in this sign by expanding our critical and digestive faculties, thereby giving us a brighter hope and optimism.  As mentioned several times, an expanded health regime is necessary in order to make the most out of this passage.  Now may be the moment to make an adjustment for the good of your health.  This aspect appears to be the dominant theme over the course of this Saturn Direct period.

Since it’s been such a trigger mechanism lately, let’s look at the effect of this Jupiter quincunx Uranus on some geopolitical charts.  In the Event Chart we see that Uranus is still at 24d Aires and now Jupiter is at 24d Virgo.  In those charts that have planets at 24d Scorpio will see that planet form part of Yod formation.  This Yod formation will create a compulsion for immediate change (Uranus) based on new information (Jupiter).

A more detailed analysis of this aspect is included on my weblog entitled “Saturn Direct and Jupiter quincunx Uranus in August 2016”.

Saturn Saturday with Saturn going Direct and Venus square Saturn.

2:51am – Saturn turns Direct at 9d46′ Sagittarius.  This marks a time when the expression of Saturn turns outward.  It’s a time of moving forward with your plans for success and to take steps in becoming the authority in your own life.  But there is so much more say about this that I have made a entry on my weblog entitled “Saturn Direct and Jupiter quincunx Uranus in August 2016”.  Please check it out.

4:05am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Sun (Leo)  A nice aspect to get people to agree.  Emotions flow smoothly without inhibition.

7:31am – Venus (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  Venus takes a beating today.  Relationships seem a bit oppressive and it’s very hard to find your own feelings.  Venus in Virgo often neglects feelings and the square to Saturn means that it’s hard to feel anything at all.  Brings up desire for isolation.

In addition, you may feel tested by others today.  The Virgo to Sagittarius square has a tendency to nitpick over details and never find satisfaction that drives people to criticize one another.  So it is not a good day to settle problems, or deal with legal issues or start a new relationship.

Rather the best use of this energy is to reevaluate your needs from an isolated position so you can see them more clearly.  Avoid negative thinking, it leads to a downward spiral.  Embrace your limitations so you have a clear starting point for new growth.  And that is what the square is about, building a foundation for growth.  Aspect is good for introspection and will give a heightened awareness of other people’s fears.

10:28am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires)  A time to break from the usual.

10:37am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Jupiter (Virgo)  Emotions expand, temptation to overindulge.  Void of Course begins.  Lasts the rest of the day.

9:11pm – Moon enters Capricorn.  In its’ fallen sign.  Emotions feel limited to only those things that are respectable and traditional.  The materialistic concerns can be overbearing and emotions turn cold.  Avoid pessimistic thinking and eat a nice warm meal to counteract the negative influence.

SUNDAY  8/14
Compassionate Sunday with Venus opposition Neptune.

10:04am – Venus (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces)  A difficult expansion of boundaries.  A crisis to incorporate your beliefs into your relationship.  Can lead to unrealistic expectations from you or your partner.   Also can lead to delusional thinking, lack of critical awareness.

The genuine quality of Neptune in Pisces can have a profound effect upon Venus.  It can produce a moment of deep compassion towards another as well as very romantic feelings.  It can also give you a warm feeling like you are connected to everything.  Brings up idealistic thinking.  New relationships that start under this influence are not likely realistic, though maybe romantic.

Be careful of self-deception or playing ego games with your partner, casting yourself as selfless and supportive.  The willingness to give of yourself can go to extremes and can drain you.  Playing the role of door mat for another person will only lead to disappointment, a common theme with this aspect.  Allow yourself to dream and delve into fantasy and indulge in perfection is a harmless way.

Because the opposition from Virgo to Pisces enables us be analytical and process oriented towards the needs of others, this position is good for nursing and giving medical care.

6:14pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Compassion and maturity.  Good for getting/giving advice from a trusted source.

7:07pm – Moon (Capricorn) trine Venus (Virgo)  Feelings and emotions flow smoothly.

Interesting Stories:

My concern for this week surrounds the aspects we are having on the Friday 12th and Saturday 13th.

Donald Trump

Here’s the news story.  Fellow Republicans planning an intervention to help Donald stop putting his foot in his mouth.  What we are seeing is the last pass of Jupiter square Moon and Jupiter square Sun.  This is the worst manifestation of the Jupiter energy, which is bombastic, arrogant and so loud inside of their own head that it’s hard to hear anybody else.  This is showing the limits of his rhetorical style, which often lacks detail and is too broad, typical Jupiter traits.  Notice France President says “his excesses are sickened”, that’s Jupiter.

If my viewers recall, in December last year at the first pass of these transits, I predicted he would put his foot in his mouth.  And then he did, he came out and said he was against Muslim immigration.  For most people that would have been a bad move, but it helped him.  Nonetheless, he still was too broad in his approach and that incident should have taught him to temper his bellicosity.  Now at the last pass we see that he did not learn the lesson and this time it has come back to bit him.  He needs to learn temperance, it’s a virtue.  Now that the is last pass over, we’ll see if he has learned his lesson.

Hillary Clinton
On the day Saturn goes Direct she has Sun conjunct Saturn and Sun square Mercury.  So those transits will slow her down a bit, make it harder for her to get her point across.  She will seem colder than usual  but she will have something important to say, as usual.

In general I have found it a bit more difficult to get more material to work with on Hillary because she is very secretive (Scorpio rising).  Most of the news stories about her center around how she stole the election from Bernie Sanders.  She has no big rallies or news conferences like Trump.  In fact, I doubt she could draw a supportive crowd.  If she did have a rally, then all the disgruntled Bernie supporters would show up and that would backfire on her.  So she has to depend on her secretive, powerful supporters to get her elected.

Next week, on August 20th, she get Jupiter square Uranus.  This is going to be good to watch.  This square is going to compel her to break free from restrictions in her life in a destructive way.  Like Donald Trump with his recent Jupiter square, this Jupiter square is far more intense, creates far more restless energy and is far more disruptive.  I will leave the rest for later.

Here’s the story.  President Obama recently commuted the sentences of 214 people, a move the White House hailed as the most grants of presidential clemency in one day in more than a century.  It goes well with the transit Jupiter conjunct Neptune.  Neptune rules prisons and mental institutions, the people that society has swept under the rug.  Jupiter is the most benevolent and generous of the planets, so it makes absolute sense to see such an act of compassion and forgiveness coincide with this transit.

Christmas Day 2016

And now I would like to introduce my viewers to a very special chart.  At the end of this year we will be having a confluence of planets at 20 degrees in several signs.  Jupiter opposition Uranus.  Saturn trine Uranus and sextile Jupiter, and square Chiron. Venus trine Jupiter, sextile Uranus, and sextile Saturn.  And even the Moon comes into play.

I am convinced these aspects will coincide with a grand announcement.  The main aspect is the opposition which could produce a whole new vision (Jupiter) for humanity that will expand our process of spiritual evolution (Uranus).  Saturn beneficial aspects means that authority figures are in agreement.  Saturn square Chiron means some deep, dark secrets will be revealed.

The grand announcement, I believe, will be with regards to secret space programs and human contact with intelligent alien life.  It will also include information on ancient alien artifacts on earth and elsewhere in the solar system, especially Mars.

I will be mentioning this topic and this chart more as we move into the fall.  I just want my viewers to know that what we see going on now in politics worldwide is a reflection of serious power struggles going on in the upper echelons of government with the intent to control what information and how much information is released at this time, the end of 2016.

Thanks again for watching.  Please leave comments.

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This is the latest TV commercial from Boeing.  It is a hint of what lies beyond the veil of secrecy that controls humanity.

Boeing’s “You Just Wait” Ad Reveals 100 Year Partial Disclosure Timeline — Analysis | Disproving Partial Disclosure, Insider Testimony, and Steering Collective Consciousness Toward the Full Disclosure Timeline | Stillness in the Storm

Donald Trump:

Looks like Jupiter square Moon and Sun finally caught  up with him on the last pass.  He needs to learn his lesson.

Republicans Furious After “Disastrous” 48 Hours For Trump, Said To “Plot Intervention” | Zero Hedge

A “Revolted” French President Lashes Out At Donald Trump: “His Excesses Are Sickening” | Zero Hedge






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