Weekly Astrology Notes August 14-21, 2016

1 August 14-21, 2016Weekly Astrology Notes August 14-21, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:

Sunday:  Compassionate Sunday with Venus opposition Neptune.

Monday:  Monday morning looks easy-going but the evening sees us wanting to get out and spend time with others.

Tuesday:  Lively and electric Tuesday with Sun trine Uranus.

Wednesday:  Intense Wednesday with Venus trine Pluto and a Full Moon and eclipse early Thursday morning.  The most powerful Full Moon we’ve seen in a while.  Explosive combination of aspects make this evening one to plan accordingly.  It will be a powerful and fateful day.

Thursday:  Confusing day in the midst of the the Full Moon and Moon in Pisces.

Friday:  Impressionistic Friday with Moon in Pisces.  Low vitality, business is slow.

Saturday:  The morning is needy and confusing and seems to last a long time.  Afternoon is more enthusiastic.

Sunday:  Good day for starting new projects and spending time around the home with Moon in Aires.

Also this week:  Forecast for the Full Moon and more in depth on Hillary Clinton and Associates

SUNDAY  8/14
Compassionate Sunday with Venus opposition Neptune.

10:04am – Venus (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces)  A difficult expansion of boundaries.  A crisis to incorporate your beliefs into your relationship.  Can lead to unrealistic expectations from you or your partner.   Also can lead to delusional thinking, lack of critical awareness.

The genuine quality of Neptune in Pisces can have a profound effect upon Venus.  It can produce a moment of deep compassion towards another as well as very romantic feelings.  It can also give you a warm feeling like you are connected to everything.  Brings up idealistic thinking.  New relationships that start under this influence are not likely realistic, though maybe romantic.

Be careful of self-deception or playing ego games with your partner, casting yourself as selfless and supportive.  The willingness to give of yourself can go to extremes and can drain you.  Playing the role of door mat for another person will only lead to disappointment, a common theme with this aspect.  Allow yourself to dream and delve into fantasy and indulge in perfection is a harmless way.

Because the opposition from Virgo to Pisces enables us be analytical and process oriented towards the needs of others, this position is good for nursing and giving medical care.

6:14pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Compassion and maturity.  Good for getting/giving advice from a trusted source.

7:07pm – Moon (Capricorn) trine Venus (Virgo)  Feelings and emotions flow smoothly.

MONDAY  8/15
Monday morning looks easy-going but the evening sees us wanting to get out and spend time with others.

2:04am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn)  It’s the middle of the night.

11:59am – Moon (Capricorn) trine Mercury (Virgo)  Communication flows easily.  Good for travel or making travel plans.

6:42pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires)  People are ready to go against tradition in order to make a statement and break free from stagnant circumstances.  Could bring up disagreements.

7:45pm – Moon (Capricorn) trine Jupiter (Virgo)  Good for social gatherings, people feel generous and observe proper behavior.  Void of Course begins, continues until next morning.

Lively and electric Tuesday with Sun trine Uranus.

4:52am – Moon enters Aquarius.  Feelings liberated over the next couple days.  Inspires interest in social causes.

1:23pm – Sun (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires)  Sure to liven up the day.  A trine in fire signs is sure to stir up the creative juices.  People are looking for new ways of expressing themselves.  More adaptable, more intelligent, not so rigid.  Good day to start a project, especially one involving new or innovative technology.

On this day, people are not held back by rigid or traditional ways of doing things.  They are more capable of taking the lead themselves and adapting to do whatever is necessary to succeed.  People need very little oversight today.

This aspect is very good for involvement in social causes and is sure to raise awareness about things like social justice, fairness and equality.

This aspect is very good for learning something new and for teaching as well.  For learning, the mind is more open and willing to accept new information.  For teaching, enjoyment comes from helping another grow and expand as well as you see that doing so also helps you in some way.  There is a lot of inner gratification that comes with sharing knowledge and wisdom, so you are not looking for ego gratification, rather you are satisfied with enlightening someone else.

Uranus is associated with entrepreneurial activities.  The creative energy coupled with the intelligence and need for self-direction makes this aspect perfect for anything that gives you an opportunity to express your unique qualities.

Good for just about anything.  Should make Tuesday an electric day.

3:50pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Mars (Sagittarius)  Wonderful for physical activity.  Witty and looking to share ideas in an uninhibited format.

10:21pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  Good time to write in your journal, collect your thoughts and free the mind through a good structure.

Intense Wednesday with Venus trine Pluto and a Full Moon early Thursday morning.  The most powerful Full Moon we’ve seen in a while.  Explosive combination of aspects make this evening one to plan accordingly.  It will be a powerful and fateful day.

7:15pm – Venus (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  This aspect brings out the persuasive side to everyone.  Today you are good at sensing the needs of others and doing whatever is necessary to bring about success in your relationships and in your dealings with other people in general.  Everyone will be feeling more competent, more willing to express themselves, and more dedicated to do what is right for everyone concerned.

Good for all relationship activities, and any relationship that starts today will have the quality of transforming your lives for the better.  Pluto is other peoples needs.  So it’s very easy to sense what others are missing and fill in the gaps.

Pluto is the planet of psychology and how you work on the inside.  With the trine from Venus, we all feel more compassionate with ourselves and make room for healing our psychological problems and fears.  Hence, this aspect is excellent for all types of therapy and getting in touch with your soul and your life purpose.  Many things in life that seem superficial will seem deeper, more meaningful today.

This aspect brings out the teacher in all of us.  You sense your own power and want to empower others as well.  It also inspires community service and anything that positively transforms society.

This aspect excellent for all creative projects, drawing and artwork, music, especially group performances.  Pluto brings drive, stamina and intensity.  So all creative projects not only reflect a deeper, more spiritual quality, but also passion and that intense energy that comes when someone is in the act of receiving soul inspiration.

With Virgo to Capricorn (earth signs), “perfect timing” is the key phrase for this aspect.  Endues masterful use of physical things.  A perfect opportunity presents itself, and it should be easy because everyone will be looking for the same thing.  If you find it, there is enormous satisfaction potential.  It’ll be like fulfilling a life-long dream.

Overall, many will experience this aspect as simply a more intense drive that stimulates them to transform their life for the better in some way.

11:50pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires)  As the Full Moon approaches we sense a moment of enlightenment and anticipation.  Opens the mind for spiritual journeying.


Confusing day in the midst of the Full Moon and Moon in Pisces.
2 Full Moon 8-18-2016
2:26am – Moon (Aquarius) opposition Sun (Leo).  Full Moon at 25d52 and Lunar Eclipse.  It’s the Full Moon once again and this time we have a Lunar Eclipse to go along with it.  Because the Moon is occulted (blocked) it means that Aquarius is blocked.  So society and even friends seems emotionally unfulfilling.  It also means that Leo shines brighter and our will easily overcomes social constraints.  So, this Full Moon is marked by a time of establishing your unique identity without the need for social acceptance.  That makes it highly charged and easy to severe yourself from inhibiting people and circumstances.

What makes this Full Moon and eclipse so intriguing are the accompanying aspects.  With recent Jupiter quincunx Uranus and Moon sextile Uranus means the Moon forms part of a Yod as well as the opposition to the Sun.  This brings a whole new dynamic into the picture.  It creates a compulsion that sweeps people up into a collective frenzy towards Jupiter.  Jupiter is expansion, your perspective, your religion and ultimately it makes up your personal sphere, the finite boundary within which you live your life.  This boundary experiences a sudden expansion into unsafe territory where tried and true wisdom no longer suffice.  Society moves into uncharted territory.

So everyone is compelled to grow rapidly, usually by making some precise adjustment in their lives.  The critical (Virgo) nature of this adjustment means eliminating (like the digestive process) things that are not good for you.  Jupiter in Virgo presents a particular problem, which is a wealth of information about many specific things which creates a challenge to see the big picture.  The overall effect of this will drive some people to crazy, outlandish behavior, some of it very emotionally charged.  And because Uranus is retrograde and the Full Moon in Aquarius is eclipsed/occulted, this diminishes everyones connection to the collective evolution of society so everyone is free to evolve in whatever way suits their needs.  People will take license to be who they are and not care much if their behavior is socially acceptable.

On a societal level we are looking at nothing less than an collective religious experience, one that we all see and experience and it changes our perspective.  Considering all of the false flags we’ve seen lately and the recent Jupiter quincunx Uranus and Jupiter opposition Chiron, this Full Moon could give us another false flag attack.  Sorry to say.

The geopolitical effect of this aspect creates an intense need to know more (Yod points to Jupiter) and to experience more.  This Yod has a very specific purpose (Yod with Jupiter at the point), and it’s hard to know exactly what it will be until we get there.  It is all the more political because Mercury is conjunct Jupiter and shares the same aspects.  We are all looking to expand and make a specific correction in our thinking process (politics) at the same time.  People are not happy with the lies and limitations the government has place onto their lives and will look to outflank authority.  The oppositions to Chiron (Pisces) can draw people out into the streets for a social cause, usually having to do with collective pain and suffering.  It can also create explosions, especially gas explosions.  And these oppositions add so much to the Moon opposition Sun by creating even more conflict.

This may spell disaster for some politicians if they happen to be in the way of the collective tide of social discontent.  The burst of new information may change the landscape so dramatically that they are left in complete confusion and with no viable options.  And with the Yod we also see that fate plays a strong role in what happens.  So this Full Moon marks a rather fateful time and we could see this manifest as some people dying.

2a Germany at Full Moon 8-18-2016
Again, this is more for Wednesday evening, but still applies Thursday as well.  Void of Course begins.

9:34am – Moon enters Pisces.  Be open to impressions for the next couple of days.  This way you can avoid disappointment.  Good for quiet time and connecting with your soul.  Avoid working too hard or anything that irritates or makes you nervous.

9:53pm – Moon (Pisces) square Mars (Sagittarius)  Thursday evening. Potential for conflict.  Mars wants to limit/control the emotions of others.  We face a crisis to overcome egotistic behavior in order to meet the needs of others and address our own emotional needs.  Important to listen.

FRIDAY  8/19
Impressionistic Friday with Moon in Pisces.  Low vitality, business is slow.

2:19am – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  A isolating square, but it’s the middle of the night.

4:22am – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces) at 11d01′.  Once again while Neptune is in Pisces, this aspect gives us an opportunity to connect with unconscious collective, a cosmic poke at your belly button.  Look to see where this is happening in your chart.  Great insight can be achieved.

11:33am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)  Feeling a bit restless, uncertain.  But it leads to a deeper appreciation of the struggles we all go through in life.

3:24pm – Moon (Pisces) opposition Venus (Virgo)  Critical feelings hold back emotions until you find balance by loving people where they are at.

The morning is needy and confusing and seems to last a long time.  Afternoon is more enthusiastic.

3:41am – Moon (Pisces) opposition Mercury (Virgo).  Early morning is confusing, hard to find your keys.

5:21am – Moon (Pisces) opposition Jupiter (Virgo)  Emotions expand in a needy way.  Easy to overextend yourself and be deceived.  Void of Course begins.

12:18pm – Moon enters Aires.  Emotions turn aggressive with lots of ups and downs.  After Pisces, the Aires Moon needs to find its’ boundary again, so people can be a bit selfish.  Use the energy for physical activity and starting new projects.

SUNDAY  8/21
Good day for starting new projects and spending time around the home with Moon in Aires.

2:09am – Moon (Aires) trine Mars (Sagittarius)  High energy in the middle of the night.

4:43am – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  Good energy for getting started on a new project on Sunday morning.

1:42pm – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Feeling isolated and wanting more power.  Could be disruptive.

Interesting Stories:

Hillary Clinton
3a Hillary Clinton 8-20-2016
This week I have a bit more than usual to say about Hillary Clinton.  There are so many negative stories about her in the alternative media and now even the mainstream media is beginning to pick up on it.  Her health problems, the email scandal that keeps getting worse with each new disclosure, the list of dead bodies in her wake, the illegal dealings with the Clinton Foundation, and even how she used the crisis in Haiti to make millions for herself.  It just doesn’t stop with her and at some point somethings gotta give.

This week, on August 20th, she gets Jupiter square Uranus.  This is the one and only pass of this transit as Jupiter visits 23d -30d Virgo only once.  This is going to be good to watch.  This square is going to compel her to break free from restrictions in her life in a self-destructive way.  Like Donald Trump with his recent Jupiter square, only this Jupiter square is far more intense, creates far more restless energy and is far more disruptive.

This transit has two sides.  The good side is a lucky opportunity comes your way, a chance to change for the better.  The bad side is that is makes you very restless and want to change only for the sake of change.  It makes you bristle at authority and do things contrary to your better judgment.

We can’t underestimate the effect of this transit.  Jupiter is going through her 11th house (Uranus) and it squares Uranus, so we have another one of those self-destructive patterns where a planet squares its’ own sign or house.  The growth (Jupiter) that she attempts to accomplish in some way causes her to sacrifice a part of herself, in this case, her friends/associates.  Or it could be in reverse, they destroy her.  It all depends on how much sacrifice or denial of true self that she has done with regards to her natal 8th house Uranus (retro).  If she has sacrificed herself a lot, and I believe she has, then the universe must balance itself out and create a sacrifice on the transit.  In this case, it’s the secrecy (8th house) about her opinions (Gemini) and the true state of her mind (Uranus).

Likely her own people, her associates, reveal secrets (8th house) about her.  Something that she is hiding comes to the surface and it has to do with money and/or secret dealings and sex is often thrown in the mix.  That’s because with the square from Scorpio to Uranus, the issue always involves privileged information.

On this square from Jupiter (11th house), some overconfident behavior from her and/or her friends/associates is forced to the surface where she must take account for her actions.  Mercury is also squaring her natal Uranus (Gemini) making all the more likely that she will say something self-destructive because it’s Mercury square Gemini.  She will have some explaining to do.  This privileged information being brought to the surface could involve police actions (8th house).  For Hillary this could mean that she is either the subject of a serious legal challenge or she does something rather brash and reckless and completely disregards the law as Jupiter likes to make its’ own rules.

Obviously she’s had this transit several times before in her life, only this time, the stakes are much higher than ever and the amount of denial of true self is great than ever.  So a lot of her secretive behavior needs to be revealed on this pass.

Jupiter is lucky but overconfident as well.  The temptation is wanting to prove something to yourself or the world, display your Uranian qualities excessively.  So there is a need to prove that you are free, unfettered, can change whenever you like, have unique qualities, have lots of friends, etc.  But if you do these things without a good reason, it just creates problems and is seen as arrogant.

She may do something brash and reckless and create a serious problem for herself.  She may use this opportunity to try and obtain more money, power, prestige from her associates and it gets her into trouble.  Or things she gained from her associates in the past cause her difficulties.

She’s been having a lot of health problems lately with her nerves and this transit, along with Mercury square Uranus could make that worse because Uranus rules electricity like the electrical activity in the brain and the nervous system.  These transits could cause an nervous breakdown and cause her to faint or fall.

Looking at this transit from the potential to cause her downfall leads us along a path to Hillary’s closet associates.  A transit obtains its’ basic energy from the house it’s going through.  In this case Jupiter pulls energy from the 11th (her friends, associates) so the manifestation for this transit could come from other people in her life.

For example, Ng Lap Seng, a 68-year-old Chinese billionaire, was embroiled in a financial scandal with Bill and Hillary Clinton in the 1990’s when he made illegal contributions of over $1 million to Bill’s presidential campaign at the time.  Now he’s being held by New York police, Congress have announced plans to interview him on the matter.  This is huge.  This is yet another noose with which to hang Hillary.  An associate reveals secrets about her.

And the Clinton Foundation may be what comes to the surface.  She has been using this Foundation to get funds from people and governments all over the world in exchange for political favors and sweetheart business deals in the US.  It’s all very illegal and an incredible number of people in the government would go down with her if this was revealed.  Again more friends/associates who could reveal damaging information.

And lastly, let me underscore the concurrent Mercury square Uranus.  This transit really fries the nerves, brings up emotional insecurities, and forces her to account for what she has said in secret (8th house). She is going to have a lot of explaining to do.  And in fact, that might be the most interesting part of this whole show.  Because Mercury is also coming from the 11th house, this could manifest as people talking about her secrets in public.  A common problem with her throughout her life.

Huma Abedin

3b Huma Abedin 8-20-2016
The Moon’s Nodes crossing over her Mars in the 12th house.  Something karmic from her past comes to the surface and her true Mars nature is revealed.  Actions brought about by ego desire face karma.  Even more interesting is Saturn conjunct Neptune, 9/22.  This transit brings up a lot of subconscious thoughts that need to be restructured.  It leads to pessimistic thinking and sometimes a lot of worry.  The reason being is Neptune is your connection to the collective unconscious and Saturn limits that, so you feel alone, even though you may not be.  It can even produce a whole bunch of health problems, especially skin problems.  This transit makes you loose touch with Saturn, your structure, so you feel like you life has lost its’ purpose.  It leads to poor decision making due to a lack of solid, supportive figures in your life.  It’s not a good time for career decisions.  For her the best part of this transit could be the worst, which is to loosen your grip on the material world so you can let go of your materialistic attitude and learn the lasting value of spirit.

Also Neptune square Neptune, 2nd pass just recently with last pass due in Feb 2017.  This a is mid-life crisis transit where you question the validity of your life and how spiritually tuned in you are.  It’s a confusing time where it’s easy to get deluded, especially to the 3rd house (Mercury).

It looks likes she’s feeling pretty isolated now and these transits could give her the necessary impetus to be one of those friends/associates who turns against Hillary.

Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin Synastry
3c Hillary and Huma Natal Synastry
There is a lot to their synastry, but notice the have Venus square Venus exactly and Mercury square Mercury, both Leo to Scorpio.  So there is some jealousy between them.  Also Hillary’s Saturn and Pluto dominate Humas’ thinking, feelings and emotions.  Hillary controls her.  But notice Humas’ Pluto conjunct Ascendant (Libra) is on top of Hillary’s Neptune, so Hillary really does not see Humas’ manipulative personality and ability to lie.  Also Huma’s Uranus conjunct Hillary’s Sun creates a test of wills. This is not good synastry at all and it destined to fall apart dramatically (Leo) on stage.

So this could be it for Hillary.  Let’s all watch this one carefully.


4b USA 8-14-2016
Jupiter sextile Mercury on Sunday 8/14.  Excellent time for making a precise (Virgo) decision.  The nations’ thinking should be quite clear and can see all of the details.  Great for facilitating discussion on important matters (Cancer) and it should give politics a lot more clarity and vision than recent days while Uranus square Mercury has produced so much conflict and confusion.

USA Progressions

4c USA Progressions 8-20-2016
Progressions.  I don’t talk about them to often, but the USA is having it’s progressed Midheaven conjunct Saturn.  The Midheaven is the point of greatest respect in your chart.  It is also associated with fame.  So we can deduce that this means that Saturn, structure and authority is held in utmost regard and becomes famous.  Saturn is also the God of Karma in astrology, so this could be a rather karmic moment for the USA.  This transit is much like Saturn conjunct the Midheaven, which is time of culmination for all your efforts at success.  If there is a lack of true structure in your life, then this transit causes you to fall completely.

Although it’s clear I am looking for that moment when Hillary goes down.  Although all of these transits are fairly common, however this whole set of transits happening concurrently for her and the nation, coupled with her current circumstances are enough to end her career rather suddenly.

We shouldn’t underestimate our ability to see the picture clearly and use Astrology to give us the dates with the highest probability, and in the process learn more about Astrology.

The strong possibility still exists that her health and reputation get worse and that she is unable to complete the race.  Maybe she dies or maybe she just drops out due to health reasons.  Either way Obama may then try to postpone the elections until another viable candidate comes forth.  Don’t count out Joe Biden, he is still biding his time or Bernie Sanders who still has two more passes of Pluto trine Sun and more great Jupiter transits and powerful Uranus transits.  Maybe he’s not as done as we think.  My point being if Hillary can’t go on, then one of these two could easily step in.

Once again, thanks for watching and please leave comments.


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