Weekly Astrology Notes August 28 – September 4, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes August 28 – September 4, 2016

Note: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Special Note:  You should always check your own transits.  Those override the daily aspects in terms of your own life cycles.  The daily moon and planetary aspects show us what the world is going through and if read carefully, show us where there is collective opportunity which we can take advantage of personally.  We can ride the tide of planetary influences like a surfer.

Preface:  This will be the start of an incredible month.  September will bring the last pass of Saturn square Neptune on 9/10, along with some important astrological events for many nations and political leaders.  The tension will build all this month as we’ll see a continued push to expose Hillary Clinton, everything from the emails to her health problems.

September 26 will be a pivotal day.  Pluto goes Direct, Sun conjunct Jupiter and Saturn squares the Moons Nodes.  On the same day, major transits for political leaders, even the 911 Event Chart reaches an important milestones coming up soon.  So I am looking forward to this month.  Some major event to shake up the political establishment is on the horizon.

Also this week we’ll take a look at China and Iran.

Weekly Summary:

Sunday:  Another great weekend day.  Excellent for social gatherings and all relationship activities.

Monday:  Expressive Monday.  Good day for artistic endeavors, Moon enters Leo and Venus enters Libra.

Tuesday:  Communication breakdown with Mercury Retrograde.

Wednesday:  No exact aspects.  The quiet before the storm.

Thursday:  Sun square Saturn and the Solar Eclipse curb the enthusiasm of the New Moon.

Friday:  Sun opposition Neptune and Mercury conjunct Jupiter, very inspirational, thinking goes way beyond our normal limits.  Not a good day for making decisions, but great for spiritual insight.

Saturday and Sunday:  A weekend for relationships with Moon in Libra.  No planetary aspects.

SUNDAY  8/28
Another great weekend day.  Excellent for social gatherings and all relationship activities.

2:41pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires)  A challenge to maintain your composure despite annoying people.  Very socially aware.  You see the weakness in others and it upsets you.  Ask yourself why.

8:54pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Jupiter (Virgo)  Feeling warm and generous, makes for good company.

11:23pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Venus (Virgo) and Moon (Cancer ) sextile Mercury (Virgo) happening the same minute.  This is really nice.  The Moon makes a sextile to Mercury conjunct Venus.  Very harmonious moment in time.  Pleasant thoughts and feelings are shared by everyone.

11:32pm – Mercury conjunct Venus (Virgo)  We last had this aspect recently, on July 16.   It is a very positive aspect in terms of people’s outlook, their desire to socialize and to share ideas with others.  In fact, people will not want a quiet setting, but prefer to be somewhere where they can socialize and confabulate (schmooze), and it’s all because we need to be liked and be in agreement with others today.

In Virgo, we will be looking for that perfect setting for a romantic evening.  It will be easy to find agreement with your partner now and it will seem like you are both thinking along the same lines.  A good evening to attend a festival or music venue.  We all want to hear pleasant sounds.

The reason why this aspect is so pleasant is because Mercury rules the conscious mind while Venus rules beauty and harmony.  Put the two together and you get a person who prefers pleasant thoughts and conversation.  With the Moon forming a sextile concurrently, it’s hard to imagine anyone in a bad mood at this moment.  Be sure to share it with others, no sense in wasting it alone.

The overall positive outlook for this aspect makes it good for almost anything, especially going out and meeting people.  You’re sure to show your positive side and others as well making it perfect for a special occasion, like a wedding.

MONDAY  8/29
Expressive Monday.  Good day for artistic endeavors, Moon enters Leo and Venus enters Libra.

1:11am – Moon enters Leo.  Feeling the need to display emotions and feelings, like acting.  At this time our heartfelt desires take center stage in life and often we refuse to accept limitations on our personal expression.  It’s good for social gatherings and romance.

7:07pm – Venus enters Libra.  In Libra until September 23.  Venus begins a new phase.  You could say today is Venus’ birthday.  Our ability to relate to others on a one to one basis is foremost on this day and  in general during this time.  We need to feel appreciated so we are more gentle, diplomatic.  We all feel the need for a relationship now and we may be a bit shy if there is no partner in your life, like you lack social skills because of it.  But now is the time to learn more graceful social skills like etiquette and patience.  It’s also a good time to show an interest in art and beauty.

7:20pm – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  Feeling good about the existing structure in your life and happy to work within it.

Communication breakdown with Mercury Retrograde.

12:51am – Moon (Leo) trine Mars (Sagittarius)  Middle of the night could get energetic.

6:04am – Mercury goes Retrograde at 29d03′ Virgo.  Continues retrograde until September 22 when it goes Direct at 14d49′ Virgo.  It’s time for the conscious mind to turn inward and seek regeneration.  We are shy about making plans about the future because inside we can sense our views are changing and we don’t know how we’ll feel in the near future.  So now is not a good time to make plans, start a journey or make an important decision, if you can wait.  Typically there are more traffic and scheduling delays during this time.  Not a good time for business.  Rather it is an introspective time when we should carefully consider our opinions and not speak until we are certain.  It is limiting, but necessary.  A time to correct our thinking both personally and on a group level.

9:20pm – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires)  Always a potential for surprises.  Can bring confidence, like we are doing well in life and we refuse to accept any limitation from authority.  Good for freedom of expression.  Void of Course begins.

No exact aspects.  The quiet before the storm.

8:22am – Moon enters Virgo.  For the next couple days good time to attend to work, health and mundane affairs.  Moon enters a more conscious, active phase seeking correction and precise adjustment.  Good for details, not innovation.

Sun square Saturn and the Solar Eclipse curb the enthusiasm of the New Moon.

2:03am – Moon conjunct Sun at 9d21′ Virgo.  Instinctual is the key word with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse.  Good moment to get in touch with your instincts (Moon) while the will (Sun) doesn’t outshine them.  The New Moon is normally a good time, one when your instincts and will are aligned and you feel more complete and empowered.  In Virgo, it could mark the beginning of a new health regime, new work opportunity, and it’s usually a good time to start a personal project at the New Moon.

Very contentious chart on the New Moon.  Look at all those oppositions, it will be a confrontational month ahead.  Sun and Moon both square Saturn and Mars and oppose Neptune forming a double T-square.

The Saturn squares means we loose confidence in authority figures as they seem disconnected from us and there is a lot of judgment and criticism going back and forth.  The Mars squares create ego battles and a crisis to overcome limited thinking.  Mars conjunct Saturn means we feel restricted in our expression and are frustrated at authority figures who fail to act responsibly.  It also serves to activate the Saturn square Neptune.

The Neptune oppositions mean that we feel compelled to reach out beyond our normal limits to include our spiritual beliefs in what we do.  It also leaves us open to deception and delusional thinking.  Some people can get a really grandiose idea about themselves, even to the point of a God complex.

And the Saturn square Neptune means a lot of stuff to be unearthed.  It’s all about breaking free of limitations that keep us from incorporating both our perceptions of reality (Sagittarius) and our spiritual beliefs (Pisces) into our daily life.  This requires a change in collective wisdom, therefore a collective experience is necessary in order to get us all on the same page in reality, so to speak.

We have lost collective or conventional wisdom in our society because we are all looking at things from a different perspective.  We are so disconnected individually that we cannot collect ourselves enough to form a universally agreed perspective.  We can’t collectively agree.  Have you noticed that when you get into a disagreement with someone over perspective the argument inevitably leads to some belief lying beneath the surface that is out of reach?
That’s really bad for society in the long run.  People loose their grip on reality.  Fear arise when we loose the ability to function because we can’t incorporate both what is seen (Sagittarius) and what is not seen (Pisces) into your lives.  The tendency is to choose one or the other to our detriment until we decide to grow up and realize that the beginning of wisdom is to first realize all that you do not know.  The reactive attitude is to turn away and not want to see/perceive (Sagittarius) anything that disagrees with our beliefs (Pisces).  Such as with the Safe Space movement on college campuses.

This crisis between what is known (Sagittarius) and what is not known (Pisces) reaches it’s peak at the last pass, happening next week, 9/10.  Religion, the media, sports and higher eduction all face tremendous upheaval at this time and are spewing more fear mongering than ever before.  We should all be facing an existential crisis by now, seeing the stark limitations to our news media and political establishment.  Any normal person would see this as a complete breakdown of functionality in society with no clear authority to guide us.

To see us through we need a moment of collective redemption.

Next, Jupiter conjunct Mercury and Venus, and it’s all opposing Chiron and the Midheaven, and no other aspects, that’s it.  This month will include lots of politicians (Mercury) and so called experts (Jupiter) facing a time of confrontation with pain.  Chiron on the Midheaven means pain becomes famous.

This is very powerful chart.  With so much going on in politics rights now, I suspect this chart heralds the most difficult month we’ve seen in ages.  Likely some very powerful figures are going down in flames this month.  This chart is just simply too confrontational, things must come to a head now.  Two forces meet, one has to give in.

3:25am – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  Hard to share feelings without taking a risk, so we hold back.

4:33am – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces)  Easy to give too much of yourself and feel disappointed.  Let go of expectations, others may feel more lost than you this morning.

11:39am – Moon (Virgo) square Mars (Sagittarius)  Always a test to incorporate the emotions and the ego, they are such different aspects of ourselves.  This is a day for the Virgo to Sagittarius square, which produces a lot of restless activity as we move from one thing to another, never feeling satisfied.  People more likely to express their dissatisfaction and be quick tempered with one another.  Try to see the big picture (Sagittarius).  That’s the challenge in general today.  Virgo can get bogged down on the details and avoid seeing the picture, but that is the lesson for today.  You need to force yourself, not others.

Thursday afternoon

12:59pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  In the midst of these other aspects, we sense an opportunity to transform for the better.

8:22pm – Sun (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  Hard to see the big picture.  Today we sense a challenge to incorporate structure into our will.  We sense the limitations of our own self and this makes us self-conscious, inhibited.  Today we seen in clear detail the ways in which we limit ourselves unnecessarily and decide to take clear steps to change the situation.  This can be hard because in the midst of this collective crisis we meet those who are going through the same crisis and it’s hard to be around them.  It makes our lives, our jobs, etc all the more restrictive.

Often times the structure of our lives does not give us adequate room for personal expression.  Everyone would agree.  Today it seems worse than usual because we feel lost in the mundane tasks (Virgo) and have a hard time seeing the success (Saturn) yet to come.

Today we feel that the basic structure of society does not meet our needs for security and certainty.  So we seek to restructure our lives to be more successful, more secure.  The issue here is that Virgo is an earth element sign and is usually in harmony (trine) with Saturn, an earth element planet.  But here we see them in crisis (square), not harmony.  It feels like work (Virgo) doesn’t produce success (Saturn) like it normally does.  So we become restless and move from one thing to another, never finding satisfaction.  The key is to be satisfied with what little gain we achieve and not spoil it by wanting more.

This often comes at the expense of our personal expression (Sun) and work (Virgo) seems particularly onerous.  So, we re-prioritize our work, eliminate the dead weight, cut costs, reduce overhead, etc, so we feel like we are doing something that will help us in the future.  But no one enjoys these moments, despite the necessity to clean up our lives from time to time.  Your reduced energy level will make it seem like if you don’t let go of excess baggage you will collapse, so it can be a crisis to let go.

Saturn lowers vitality and this aspect along with the next will have a double effect of lowering vitality and endurance.  The stress of this aspect coupled with the low energy will be a bit too much for some.  Likely many will be opting to stay home on Friday if possible.  Either way, be sure to give your body extra rest and do not push yourself too hard during the day.  No sense in burning out.

Some will experience this aspect as hyper-sensitivity to criticism and a tendency to isolate themselves.  If you run into difficult situations today, let each hit to your ego be a gift that helps you let go of the kind of self-importance that only holds you back.  Few people will have the energy to defend their ego today.  Be sure you have all the facts straight if you have to defend yourself.  It’s hard to see the big picture in Virgo to Sagittarius squares.  This is a bad time to make agreements.

Sun opposition Neptune and Mercury conjunct Jupiter, very inspirational, thinking goes way beyond our normal limits.  Not a good day for decisions, but great for spiritual insight.

9:38am – Sun (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces)  At this time we sense a need to expand our awareness to other people.  Our connection to the collective is in the forefront of our mind.  Our thoughts are filled with impressions and visions and we seek solace in spirituality and religious faith to help us get by.  At it’s best, this aspect gives us a much greater appreciation for the plight of others and evokes and deep sense of connectedness to all of humanity.  At it’s worst, it creates terrible confusion where we are easily deceived by others.  Hidden beliefs in yourself and others that come up can startle you to retract and avoid others.  Poor time to confront others, people are too shy and no one is clear enough to defend themselves, so you get nowhere.  Best to address the issue another day.

With Neptune in Pisces, strong urge to express our beliefs, some even to the point of proselytizing a religious point of view or equating oneself with a religious figure in some way.  It can get out of hand with some, so be on the lookout.  The idea is that this aspect can take away our better judgment for a time and make us think or behave unrealistically.  Illusions and fantasies and even superstitions play a role in our lives, but we need to keep a sense of proportion.

Bad day to make decisions, sign contracts, etc.  Easy to miss the important details.  Lowers vitality and ambition, so you probably don’t want to do that today anyway.  Best to let go of expectations and enjoy the deep spiritual connection you find with others.

10:18am – Mercury conjunct Jupiter (28d25′ Virgo)  2nd of 3 passes.  First pass was 8/22, last pass will be 10/11 (Libra) due to retrograde Mercury in Virgo.  This aspect is going to add a twist on the other aspect.  The energy of this aspect will encourage us to explore the better part of Sun opposition Neptune and we could have a truly spiritual experience.  This aspect carries a very positive outlook on life.  The conscious mind is curious and tempted to expand at any stimulus, decreases discernment and forgives easily, because Jupiter opens the mind and avoids the details in favor of the big picture.  The combined result of both aspects is the mind expands way beyond common boundaries and is free to contemplate and daydream without inhibition.  You have license to write (Mercury) the rules (Jupiter) to fit your needs.

It’s not a good day to make decisions.  Common to bite off more than you can chew, loose site of your own limitations.  Thinking is out of proportion to the situation.  Your perceptions overwhelm normal decision making.  Loud, over-reactions possible.  Be careful of talking over others.  This aspect will produce a lot of talk, some won’t be able to keep quiet.  Lots of ideas and never ending inspiration.

But  don’t think you need to come to any conclusions today, or solve others’ problems.  Thinking out of proportion, not knowing your limits, feelings the world’s problems, it’s easy to get caught up in something that really isn’t that important.  You might need to ask yourself if your outside of yourself too much today.

Instead, take all that excess mental energy and use it for creative endeavors.  Excellent day to write music, poetry, paint, etc.  Lots of communication, phone calls and emails.  Current events in the forefront of our mind, yet due Sun opposition Neptune, likely too see things much deeper and prefer to contemplate before taking action.  A good day to think, but not necessarily take action just yet.  Mercury is now retrograde so this experience is largely internal, meant to help you rethink something from your past and gain new insight for the next Direct motion period.

The third pass in October 11th (Libra) will see new thinking and we’ll be able to put these valuable insights into action then.

3:00pm – Moon conjunct Mercury (Virgo)  Mentally active and alert.

3:13pm – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Virgo)  Heart opens to grow, seek a group or location to expand into.  Good time to ask for a favor. Void of Course begins.

5:55pm – Moon enters Libra.  Emotionally balanced.  Open to relationship activities and artistic endeavors.  Emotions are colored by those around us, so it increases sensitivity and shyness.

A weekend for relationships with Moon in Libra.  No planetary aspects.

4:30am – Moon conjunct Venus (Libra)  Very sensitive but also very shy, able to feel others feelings.  Good for intuition.  Very romantic.

1:55pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  The promise of future gain works in favor of building relationships.

11:39pm – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Intense energy to overcome emotional blocks, could produce disagreements.


1:13am – Moon (Libra) sextile Mars (Sagittarius)  Middle of the night.

5:30pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires)  Emotionally agitated at others antics.  You’ll need to let go of emotionally security for a hour or so.

Interesting Stories:

The Moons Nodes crossing over their natal Saturn.  Home expansion meets restriction.  UN voted against them and their recent construction of military facilities on the Spratly Islands.

This week Mars makes several transits as it goes the 11th house.  Mars square Saturn, Mars sextile Mercury and Neptune, and Mars trine Mars and Pluto.  Mars going through the 11th house, can lead to conflicts as you seek to stake your claim amongst equals.  Internally likely there is a lot of debate (Mars in Sagittarius) but they are like crouching tiger, hidden dragon right now with the coming Pluto quincunx Mars.  They will wait to see if the US is in political disarray by the end of this month.

On October 12 we will see a pivotal moment for China.  Uranus square Jupiter.  They’ll be restless.  My instinct tells me this is the moment they make a decisive move.  It could be military action, but more likely it will be economic and the military build-up is really just a defensive maneuver.  We must not forget that the ancient families hold all the wealth (Jupiter in Capricorn in the 12th) so this Uranus square Jupiter transit will work to bring them out into the open financially speaking.  In fact Pluto transiting the 12th house has been doing that for a while.  Powerful ancient forces are being released through these Pluto transits as it goes through the 12th house and it will culminate with Pluto conjunct Jupiter much later.

Pluto quincunx Mars.  This one is rather special in that Pluto is going Direct at 14d55′ on September 26th.  So that gives an extended period of time for this quincunx.  It is very volatile and makes them itching for a fight.  It could easy coincide with military action or a serious accident.  They’ll have an strong impulse to make a precise adjustment to their ego (identity) and prove their merit.

The natal Mars conjunct Pluto makes them simmer in anger for a long time, and this quincunx will bring much of that to the surface, making them impulsive.  However, because Pluto is involved it also adds a banking aspect to whatever happens.  Which further leads that this will manifest as a major economic event and military action only necessary to support their economic move.  Note it also makes them excellent at self-defense.  Mars conjunct Pluto is the mark of the surgeon, in this case surgery is done on others people and it is done with finesse (7th house).  Strong martial arts combination, makes sense for China.

Jupiter conjunct Sun.  A confidence builder.  They’ll be looking to expand their sphere of influence, make themselves bigger.  And they want to make the rules too.  We can see this in their refusal to abide the UN resolutions which recognize Thailand and Philippines having a valid stake in the Spratly Islands, that’s expansion according to their rules.

China is ready to make a bold economic move in October and it looks like they are preparing themselves in case someone tries to stop them.  The last pass of Uranus square Jupiter will be March 11, 2017.

The recent payment of $400 million is being highly criticized by US politicians.  Notice the recent Jupiter conjunct Mercury opposition their natal Mars conjunct Mercury (8th house). But a more interesting trend for them at the end of this year.  A grand alignment at 20d will effect them very strongly.  Their Neptune semi-sextile Uranus will get numerous transits concurrently.

Now I am revisiting this issue of the end of 2016.  I mentioned this event chart a few times before, now I am beginning to show how it will affect certain nations.  With Iran, this Neptune semi-sextile Uranus is what defines their authority structure.  It’s very complex, but basically it means their collective evolutionary process has a spiritual destiny.  I believe this has to do with them carrying the Shiite cause all of these years.  With Saturn conjunct Neptune there is a restructuring of their faith and a loss of superstitious beliefs.  And the Jupiter sextile Neptune means it results in an expansion.  Uranus trine Neptune brings change, a sudden leap forward in their spiritual evolution.  And Chiron square Neptune means the old religious guard is cast aside.

Once again thanks for watching Weekly Astrology Notes and please leave comments.

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