Weekly Astrology Notes September 4-11, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes September 4-11, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:  A momentous week ahead with Jupiter entering Libra and the last pass of Saturn square Neptune.

Sunday:  Moon in Libra.  No planetary aspects.  Check your transits.

Monday:  No exact aspects on Labor Day.

Tuesday:  Sun trine Pluto.  A change for the better.

Wednesday:  Venus sextile Saturn and Venus quincunx Neptune.  Structure fits well today, but we feel compelled to seek praise and loose ourselves in the process.

Thursday:  A challenging afternoon, but the evening is pleasant.

Friday:  Jupiter enters Libra.  Difficult Moon aspects and Mercury quincunx Uranus make this a challenging day.  Numerology for today is 9-9-9, a time of endings.

Saturday:  Saturn square Neptune, the last pass.  The crisis to overcome limitations reaches its’ climax.

Sunday:  Venus square Pluto.  An intense day with lots of power games.  Venus suffers a wound.

Moon in Libra.  No planetary aspects. Check your own transits.

1:13am – Moon (Libra) sextile Mars (Sagittarius)  Middle of the night.

5:30pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires)  Emotionally agitated at others antics.  You’ll need to let go of emotionally security for a hour or so.

No exact aspects.

5:38am – Moon enters Scorpio.

Sun trine Pluto.  A change for the better.

2:56am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Emotions expand to consider others.  Very compassionate and healing, but still be aware of get drained.

11:06am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Sun (Virgo)  The will and the instinct blend well together.  More energetic and willing to share secrets.

12:01pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)  Although it’s a sextile, the intensity of Pluto and Scorpio combined obscures the emotions a bit.  Good for home improvements.

10:17pm – Sun (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  A change for the better.  Today it feels good to empower yourself and make a positive change in your life.  The energies of the universe are working more in your favor today to transform your life and those around you.  Don’t hold back.  Scorpio says “I penetrate”, so with the trine to Pluto we feel confident to dive deep into any issue or complication, determined to see it resolved.

With this aspect, we have focus and determination, insecurities do not inhibit as much as usual, and we are able to display the more powerful side of our personality.  Although this aspect could produce intense encounters with others, it is not likely to lead to a disagreement, unless one or both of you are stubborn.  Rather it is likely to produce a learning experience, one that helps the both of you break free from a limiting situation.

It’s important that we include others in our thinking today.  The transformation we seek always impacts others and we must take that into consideration.  Anything that involves community service or helping to make the community better is an excellent expression of this aspect.  Pluto relates to collective resources, so today we are concerned that everyone is getting their fair share of what society has to offer.  Good for all social work.

In earth signs, this favors projects involving building and construction, grading and molding the land, as well as all mechanical work, like car repair.  Work is precise (Virgo), thorough (Pluto) and within budget (Capricorn).

Venus sextile Saturn and Venus quincunx Neptune.  Structure fits well today, but we feel compelled to seek praise and loose ourselves in the process.

4:34am – Venus (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)
Not a particularly eventful aspect.  This one slows us down, as with all Saturn combinations, and has us show affinity (Venus) for responsibly (Saturn).  The structure of our lives is based on our relationships to others, for this reason Saturn is exalted in the sign of Libra.  The more successful our relationship are, the more successful our life is.  It’s as simple as that.

So, with Venus sextile Saturn, we act more mature, more willing to work within the structure of relationships.  We get along better with authority figures and can more easily sense their needs and are willing to help them, like a friend or sibling.  A sextile is an Aquarius/Gemini aspect.

However, the generally positive energy is overshadowed by the energy of other aspects.  Hopefully this aspect may help to calm things down a bit.

Note: Times for quincunx aspects are approximate.

6:00am – Moon (Virgo) quincunx Uranus (Aires)  Creates a Yod pointing toward Uranus.  The Mercury quincunx Uranus arrives approx. 5pm Friday afternoon.  Once again we see an alignment to produce a powerful adjustment.  The compulsion to adopt a new identity (Uranus in Aires) will reach another high point this week.  Here’s a little more detail than usual for a Moon aspect because it’s part of a Yod.

This Yod formation is an activating agent, is likely to bring about a powerful event, maybe an act of desperation.  This quincunx to Uranus has brought about many significant recent events, the Nice attack, the failed coup in Turkey, police shootings in the USA, etc.  So let’s see what happens.

On a personal level, this aspect represents a sudden infusion of evolutionary life force that makes you want to individuate.  Instincts become heightened, thinking and reflexes are faster.  You feel like if you make one precise emotional adjustment, overcome one emotional insecurity, then you’d be free.  Of course, it never really works that way.  It’s easy to get caught up in your own hubris and feel guilty for past mistakes.  Emotionally we feel cold, erratic and rebellious.  For some this comes out as undisciplined behavior.

This aspect is also associated with social reform movement and equal distribution of resources amongst all the people.  China has this aspect in their natal chart with Moon on the Ascendant and Uranus on the cusp of the 6th house.  This aspect is what underlies their communist mentality and government and because it’s on the Ascendant, it strongly effects their personality and subsequently it is what they are well known for.

9:00am – Venus (Libra) quincunx Neptune (Pisces)  Very easy to give yourself over the another, seek praise and be taken advantage of.  The compelling desire to reach out and fulfill the needs of another can produce both very good and very bad experiences, it all depends on how you handle it.

The good side of this aspect is that it does produce a feeling of true compassion towards others.  It will be very hard to show indifference towards the suffering of others.  The boundary between your feelings and others’ dissolves and you feel forgiven and forgiving towards others  When you express this warmth and compassion with a significant other, then the experience is nothing short of religious.  Just don’t overdo it and pour heaps of feelings onto someone who is not your significant other and expect them to respond in kind.  This kind of energy needs to be reserved for people you can trust like your partner and within clear limits.

The bad side of this aspect is that the compulsion will feel very uncomfortable to some.  The loss of a distinct boundary between self and others is frightening and the reaction is to overcompensate with superficial warmth and caring, like there is no limit to your grace, a passive-aggressive ego trip.  In the process, you could totally deny your own feelings and accept burdens that are not your own.

Both Neptune and Venus are in their ruling signs, so the effect is a genuine expression of everything, including the quincunx.  Very important to note that this is a basic lesson that astrology teaches us about life.  This quincunx IS THE basic learning lesson necessary for success in the upper half of chart.  It encapsulates all of the aspects (sextile, square and trine) in the upper half of the chart.  All of the challenges and benefits requires us to make a precise adjustment to our inner selves.  We must learn to incorporate other people (Libra) and our beliefs (Pisces).  We must all accept and learn this basic principle of life.

A little Astrology lesson.  It works like this.  As we grow up, we develop beliefs about other people, many of them superstitious, and they get put up in 12th house.  Then, when we’re grown and reach the outer world, we meet others come face to face with the reality of our beliefs.  We see where we’re wrong and make a precise adjustment, like Virgo, and we eliminate beliefs which are no longer useful.  For example, let’s say you were raised with prejudice against people of a certain religion.  Then you grow up and meet one of those people.  You realize you were wrong and you make a precise adjustment to your beliefs.  If not, then you don’t get to share the life experiences in the upper half of the chart with them.  If you do change, then that person essentially moves from your 12th house to your 7th house.  They are no longer someone who is undefined or someone you’ve swept under the rug.  Now they are your partner in some way, someone with whom you share a one-to-one relationship.

It’s a tough nut to crack.  There is no “I” in either of these signs, Libra is the not-self and Pisces is dissolution of the ego.  So it’s hard to know how to bring these two together.  It’s different every time, and it requires one simple, precise adjustment.

Specifically, with regards to this day, this aspect could produce a tendency of trying too hard to be loved by everyone, a complete loss of self.  Also brings inhibition, shyness, inability to stand up for yourself, and a general desire to avoid confrontation.  Easy to be used by others and taken for granted, marginalized, clouded out, invisible.

But taken in combination with the Moon quincunx Uranus, we now see a moment in time when we feel a strong compulsion to make a change.  We may try to do too much.  My suggestion is not volunteer if it’s too much of a burden.  Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty about others needs.  Instead, take a stand against your own self-sabotage and seek balance.

9:38am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Mercury (Virgo)  With Mercury retrograde, this aspect brings introspection and a dedication to procedure.

5:43pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Jupiter (Virgo).  Emotions expand, but cautiously and with premeditation, like a criminal.  Opportunistic.  Void of Course begins.

6:20pm – Moon enters Sagittarius.  Optimism and better relations with foreigners.  Sagittarius likes to move about freely, laugh a bit louder, make more friends.  Religious beliefs, politics, education, perspective are more important.

A challenging afternoon, but the evening is pleasant.

3:06pm – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius)  Good time for therapy.  Saturn slows you down and Sagittarius brings perspective.  You may find yourself calm and wiser.

3:21pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)  The exuberant Moon in Sagittarius gets confused and seems out of touch.  It’ll be hard to stay focused as the mind wanders, often to fearful places.  Let go of disappointment.

6:54pm – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Venus (Libra)  Good moment to express your feelings.  Optimistic and balanced.

Jupiter enters Libra.  Difficult Moon aspects and Mercury quincunx Uranus make this a challenging day.  Numerology for today is 9-9-9, a time of endings.

4:18am – Jupiter enters Libra.  The last time it was in Libra was from 9/26/2004-10/26/2005.  In Libra until October 10, 2017.

Jupiter makes a splash as all planets do when they enter Libra.  They come above the horizon on this day and present themselves to the world as renewed and ready to make a statement.  All of the collective growth that we have done internally over the past 6 years is now ready to come into the outer world.  Yeah!  However, the big day for an outer planet entering a sign is usually the day that planet meets the Sun.  That will be September 25-26.  In fact Sun conjunct Jupiter and Pluto Direct happen within 8 hours of each other.  September 26 is a big day.

Relationships will be more important in the coming year.  We need them in order to grow.  Balance, beauty, diplomacy, fairness, delicacy, all need to part of the way we express ourselves.  Without someone to share the gentle aspects of life we feel a bit empty.

Jupiter inspires everyone to seek a partner.  Jupiter envisions a greater you in every sign.  It does this by giving us visions of how things could be.  Idealistic and not inhibited by practical consideration, Jupiter
removes inhibitions to self-worth because it’s along the Aires-Libra axis and heals past relationship issues that cause you to shy away from love.  Here Jupiter learns to cooperate because that’s the only way it sees itself, just as with all planets in the sign of Libra.

Venus and Libra are concerned with affinity, what we like and don’t like.  Jupiter removes the shyness about expressing our feelings towards someone.  It seems more natural and just the way to be.  Jupiter is blunt, honest and forgiving and overlooks the little things.  Jupiter encourages speculation, so people are more willing to take a risk and introduce themselves and make a relationship happen.  In fact, the indecisive nature of Libra means some could seek an abundance of relationships.  Bill Clinton has Jupiter in Libra.

Jupiter rules the courts and the justice system as is concerned with ethics.  Now in Libra, which insists on fairness, the courts should be more fair and ethical.  Let’s hope.  Jupiter rules the news media.  Over the past year while in Virgo, they have been obsessed with minutiae and not able to see the big picture.  Now they’ll need to at least appear fair and balanced, more diplomatic and not so brash.

Jupiter rules the fashion industry and Libra is delicacy and beauty and rules the hips.  Fashion should improve this year with a greater emphasis on beauty and balance as well as accentuate the hips in some way.

4:49am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Sun (Virgo)  First Quarter Moon and we face a crisis to establish a foundation for this months’ fulfillment.  Virgo to Sagittarius, we need to appreciate what we have before asking for more.  Be wary of feeling disappointed and using that as an excuse to move on to something else.

5:00am – Mercury (Virgo) quincunx Uranus (Aires)  Time is approximate.  So now we arrive at another quincunx.  This aspect bring a strong burst of mental energy, the entire nervous system is amplified.  The conscious mind (Mercury) is compelled to confront the hubris of others (Uranus).  It’s rather disturbing and causes mental instability, restlessness, and feelings of guilt for not doing more than you could.

It also engenders a strong desire for social work, but feeling very concerned about the state of society can cause mental overload.  We now feel compelled to change our mind in order to deal with the guilt.  We think that helps to alleviate the current mental anguish, but it doesn’t.

Take this as an opportunity to establish your mental priorities.  Dismiss the hubris of others without a second thought and move into some activity that truly benefits society.  Remember, you can free your mind only through dedication, not through a sudden, one-time effort.  This aspect is more internal, both planets are currently retrograde.

8:11am – Moon conjunct Mars (Sagittarius)  Nice one to go along with the First Quarter Moon.  Enthusiastic identification with emotions and instincts.  Easy to push too far and say the wrong thing.  Overconfidence pays a price.  Brings up brash idealism.  Very good for business as people may be tempted to make an impulse buy.

5:26pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Mercury (Virgo)  Once again a Virgo to Sagittarius square.  Conscious mind focuses on details while the instinct is to expand and ignore the details.  Easy to get swept up in idealism and forget what you are doing.  Pay attention while driving.  You need to control your emotions in order to think straight.

5:51pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires).  Hard to restrain your emotions and instincts.  Confidence enables you seek the independence you desire.  Void of Course begins.

Saturn square Neptune, the last pass and Mercury opposition Chiron.  The crisis to overcome limitations reaches its’ climax at the same time we need to address and old wound.

5:55am – Moon enters Capricorn.  Emotions contract and we become more concerned with mundane affairs and issues of self-preservation.  Instinct to connect with others diminishes.

6:10am – Saturn (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces) at 10d25′.  Crisis to overcome limitation to our thinking reaches a climax.  Longer discussion in another video.

6:22am – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra)  Lack the instinct to follow through on your desires.  Poor judgment about relationship issues.  Cautious of overindulgence.

10:10am – Mercury (Virgo) opposition Chiron (Pisces)  In the sign of Pisces, this will feel much like Mercury opposition Neptune.  Harsh words are the thing to watch out for.  Chiron is most closely associated with Virgo and with a deep, core pain that is best described as the pain of separation between higher self and lower self.  The reason being is that Chiron is between Saturn and Uranus.  Uranus represents the higher self, our process of evolution, while Saturn defines the boundary of the lower self, the part that needs to be preserved.  Chiron is very sensitive, like an old wound that never went away.

The result is heightened sensitivity to what other people say.  Inhibits communication, causes shyness.  The mind feels drawn to an undefined place where everything reminds us of the feeling of separation and we feel guilt and remorse.  The steadfast action of Virgo slowly unearths lost memories from deep within the subconscious that we threw away long ago.  The result is deep introspection for some and for others lots of talk about pain and suffering.

Interesting to note, this aspect happens right on top of Hillary Clinton’s Moon in Pisces, I’ll talk about that at the end of the video.

Note: The approaching Venus square Pluto will be in effect on Saturday evening.

Venus square Pluto.  An intense day with lots of power games.  Venus suffers a wound.

12:45am – Venus (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)  It can be hard to relate to others under this aspect.  The Pluto square brings up feelings of lack and abandonment along with paranoia.  The narrow-minded focus of Capricorn means that the issue is success and all that goes along with it, like prestige, reputation and authority.  So today we feel we have been denied our worth and feel vengeful towards those who’ve repressed us.

Relationships suffer a stinging setback as couples face a crisis to incorporate structure (Saturn) and collective value (Pluto) into the relationship.  Suddenly, both partners feel that their needs, likely sexual, are not being met, but understanding is difficult to achieve because Capricorn limits the discussion to issues of responsibility and self-preservation.

The unwillingness to share yourself with others because you feel neglected, unappreciated can result in a highly critical attitude towards your partner and others in general.  Understand that the universe is giving us a test to see if we can deal with others who are not meeting our needs and maintain our diplomacy (Libra).  If you sacrifice dialogue in order to achieve power, money (Pluto) or prestige (Capricorn) then you pay the price by loosing the same within yourself.

Some may experience this aspect as a sudden impulse to bond with others in a domineering way.  That means control games, lies, denial of one’s true emotional needs, sexual manipulation, and just a powerful sex drive.

It’s too easy to sacrifice yourself for another persons’ indiscretions under this influence.  Sexual and financial misbehavior may come to the surface and must be dealt with delicately (Libra) or you could kill a good relationship.  The urge to lie (Libra) about embarrassing past missteps is very strong.  Beware of uncomfortable revelations that pop up today, you will need to deal with them diplomatically and in a balanced way that ensures that no one is getting marginalized.

1:55am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Middle of the night, pleasant dreams.

10:36am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn)  Feeling like you want to carry a knife with you just in case of emergency.  Like you might need to coerce someone.  Self-preservation at its’ highest.

11:40am – Moon (Capricorn) square Venus (Libra)  Just like Moon square Jupiter, lack the instincts to follow through on your desires.  Leads to frustration.

7:36pm – Moon (Capricorn) trine Sun (Virgo)  Good for digesting the issues of the day.

10:37pm – Moon (Capricorn) trine Mercury (Virgo)  Good for digesting the issues of the day.

And it’s not going to get any easier with Mercury square Mars on Monday morning.

Summary of this week:  This week the quincunx aspects reveal a theme.  The quincunx connects two very different elements of the chart.  This week the universe asks us to reconcile two very different elements of ourselves.  We should not feel guilty about past mistakes, or think that we must believe the bad news that others bring.  We can resolve the paradox of these disparate elements of self and choose to mend through forgiveness, rather than judgment, which only leads to more guilt.  After all, if someone is guilty and we have gone along with them, then we are guilty too.  Our subconscious mind easily makes the connection.  So when we judge others, we judge ourselves.  We can choose the road less traveled this week by overcoming guilt and releasing judgment.

Interesting Stories:

Hillary Clinton
On September 10, the day of Saturn square Neptune.  The accompanying Mercury opposition Chiron happens right on top of her Moon (Pisces / 4th house).  This is going to make her illness the main topic of the day.  If you have been sincerely reading all the information on her condition there is absolutely no doubt she is very ill and unfit to serve as President.  The press is working non-stop to repress the information, but she still won’t hold a press conference, even after more revelations of deleted emails surface.  She can’t handle the heat, she’d fold in public and it would be all over.  At this point they are just waiting to make the announcement that she is dropping out of the race for health reasons.

Transiting Chiron is the collective wound that society feels from being separated from source, that is our sense of divinity.  It’s that nagging feeling that something is basically not right in the world.  This collective wound passes over her Moon, her emotions, her instincts, her passive and receptive side and all of the screams of pain in society are absorbed into her subconscious mind where her instincts reside.  There she feels the anguish of the collective and the pain and guilt are unbearable.  If you have done what she has done in her life, this transit is like the hammer of God slamming into your chest.  It really knocks the wind out of you.  That’s why she sleeps up to 18 hours a day.  She cannot live with the guilt.

Pluto quincunx Pluto.  Happening at the same time.  Transpersonal forces (Pluto) way beyond her control are making the necessary adjustment to her power (Pluto).  If any transit spells the end for her, it is this one.

So once again I am reiterating my take on all of this, which is that I doubt she will last through the end of September.  On the 26th are the most amazing confluence of aspects and transits that are sure to bring  this issue to a climax.

They just went through with the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff.  Chiron opposition Mercury.  This is a really good lesson.  We are having Mercury opposition Chiron aspect on Saturday, and this is the one that is hitting Hillary Clinton.  And I’ve since I have focused so much on Chiron this week, it just seems rather interesting that this is the transit that instigated this political (Mercury) maneuver.

Once again, thanks for watching Weekly Astrology Notes and please leave comments.

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