Weekly Astrology Notes September 11-18, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes September 11-18, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:  It’s a rather eventful week ahead.  The early part of the week is mentally challenging and stimulating with Mercury and Sun (Virgo) square Mars (Sagittarius) and with Mercury conjunct Sun.  We have lots of encouragement to eliminate unwanted elements of the ego.  Stick to one thing, do it well and feel totally satisfied and you’ll learn the lesson of the Virgo to Sagittarius square.  The middle of the week is a bit calmer with a long Void of Course on Wednesday.  But the energy amps up at the Full Moon on Friday and the weekend is energetic with Mars trine Uranus on Saturday and intense with Venus opposition Uranus on Sunday.  The theme for the coming weekend is these aspects have the cumulative effect of pulling you beyond your safe and secure boundary and into uncharted territory where you can easily loose your common sense, but it’s where real growth does happen.

Also this week, we look at the USA, which is having a very challenging week.

But first, before the daily routine, let’s talk about Saturn Square Neptune.  Now that we are at the last pass of Saturn square Neptune, I though I’d go into a bit of interpretation for folks with planets at 10 degrees and mention how this aspect effects you.

For planets at 10 degrees Aires (Saturn trine and Neptune semi-sextile)  A new structure to express your identity along with a new responsibility and an opportunity to reclaim long lost elements of your character.

For planets at 10 degrees Taurus (Saturn quincunx and Neptune sextile)  A limitation causes restructuring of your values and a spiritual awakening, feels like recalling a past life.

For planets at 10 degrees Gemini (Saturn opposition and Neptune square)  Confrontation to test integrity, potential to exhibit poor judgment and character, and confusion, low vitality, ego-denial, some core false belief is dying, let it go.

For planets at 10 degrees Cancer (Saturn quincunx and Neptune trine)  Adjustment to the structure of the home, possible a move, along with a restructuring of emotional insecurities through therapy and a spiritual awakening and very creative and healing moment that feels like a cosmic hug.

For planets at 10 degrees Leo (Saturn trine and Neptune quincunx)  New career opportunity, more authority and an adjustment to your beliefs.

For planets at 10 degrees Virgo (Saturn square and Neptune opposition)  Health crisis, limitations at work forces you to overcome obstacles to your daily routine, and a sudden infusion of spiritual awareness into your daily work environment and how you process and solve problems.

For planets at 10 degrees Libra (Saturn sextile and Neptune quincunx)  Learning something new about relationships, maybe a new relationship, and uncovering hidden aspects in your partner.

For planets at 10 degrees Scorpio (Saturn semi-sextile and Neptune trine)  Restructuring regenerative capability, and a spiritual awakening that transforms your life and those around you for the better.

For planets at 10 degrees Sagittarius (Saturn conjunct and Neptune square)  A restructuring of your ideals after sober reassessment, and crisis to overcome limitations to your beliefs.

For planets at 10 degrees Capricorn (Saturn sexi-sextile and Neptune sextile)  Good advice comes from and older, wiser person, and long lost things, people, parts of yourself are reclaimed.

For planets at 10 degrees Aquarius (Saturn sextile and Neptune semi-sextile)  Desire to teach Sagittarius subjects, or join a professional organization, and opportunity to reclaim a long lost friend.

For planets at 10 degrees Pisces (Saturn square and Neptune conjunct)  Crisis to overcome limited beliefs, and dissolving elements of your character into the abyss, like whatever you learned up until this point falls away, then in flows direct divine inspiration.

Venus square Pluto.  An intense day with lots of power games.  Venus suffers a wound.

12:45am – Venus (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)  It can be hard to relate to others under this aspect.  The Pluto square brings up feelings of lack and abandonment along with paranoia.  The narrow-minded focus of Capricorn means that the issue is success and all that goes along with it, like prestige, reputation and authority.  So today we feel we have been denied our worth and feel vengeful towards those who’ve repressed us.

Relationships suffer a stinging setback as couples face a crisis to incorporate structure (Saturn) and collective value (Pluto) into the relationship.  Suddenly, both partners feel that their needs, likely sexual, are not being met, but understanding is difficult to achieve because Capricorn limits the discussion to issues of responsibility and self-preservation.

The unwillingness to share yourself with others because you feel neglected, unappreciated can result in a highly critical attitude towards your partner and others in general.  Understand that the universe is giving us a test to see if we can deal with others who are not meeting our needs and maintain our diplomacy (Libra).  If you sacrifice dialogue in order to achieve power, money (Pluto) or prestige (Capricorn) then you pay the price by loosing the same within yourself.

Some may experience this aspect as a sudden impulse to bond with others in a domineering way.  That means control games, lies, denial of one’s true emotional needs, sexual manipulation, and just a powerful sex drive.

It’s too easy to sacrifice yourself for another persons’ indiscretions under this influence.  Sexual and financial misbehavior may come to the surface and must be dealt with delicately (Libra) or you could kill a good relationship.  The urge to lie (Libra) about embarrassing past missteps is very strong.  Beware of uncomfortable revelations that pop up today, you will need to deal with them diplomatically and in a balanced way that ensures that no one is getting marginalized.

1:55am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Middle of the night, pleasant dreams.

10:36am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn)  Feeling like you want to carry a knife with you just in case of emergency.  Like you might need to coerce someone.  Self-preservation at its’ highest.

11:40am – Moon (Capricorn) square Venus (Libra)  Just like Moon square Jupiter, lack the instincts to follow through on your desires.  Leads to frustration.

7:36pm – Moon (Capricorn) trine Sun (Virgo)  Good for digesting the issues of the day.

10:37pm – Moon (Capricorn) trine Mercury (Virgo)  Good for digesting the issues of the day.

The most mentally active day we’ve had in a while with Mercury square Mars and Sun conjunct Mercury.

3:00am – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires)  Early morning is disruptive and preferring independence over agreement.  Energy is brisk and electric.  Void of Course begins.

11:59am – Mercury (Virgo) square Mars (Sagittarius)  High mental energy.  Mars activates the conscious mind.  Good for precise work that requires agility and confidence.  Although a bit impulsive, so not the best driving skills.  If you can keep your mind focused on a specific task and avoid disruptions, you can transcend the ego and get a much better picture on your life.  You can purify unwanted elements of your ego.

Tendency is to identify with your opinions and feel judged personally when someone critiques your views.  Can make you feel defensive, like you need to justify yourself.  But understand that everyone’s critical faculties are working overtime today.  Which brings up the main point, which is the need to evaluate all ideas that come your way and quickly eliminate those that don’t agree with your perceptions.  That means it’ll be hard to find agreement, unless someone’s opinion is sacrificed.  However, if you have to work alone, you can get a lot accomplished.  This can be a very productive aspect with a continuous drive to complete the task.  Easy to dismiss interruptions, sometimes in a curt manner.

Slow down if the tension builds.  Repressed energy sometimes manifests as accidents.

2:29pm – Moon enters Aquarius.  Instinct is to want freedom.  Mentally active and looking to evolve.  Can bring surprises and new friends into your life.  Good time for engaging in social programs or just being with friends and associates.

3:50pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra)  A great aspect for flying.  Totally liberated intellect, able to converse on a wide range of topics, very gregarious.  Excellent time to ask a friend for a favor.

4:40pm – Sun conjunct Mercury (Virgo)  Excellent for all kinds of communication, especially if you need to pay attention to details.  Very good for listening as well as speaking.  The mind is active and moves quickly from one thing to another without hesitation.  Lots of ideas pop up, many of a mundane (Virgo) nature.  Good time to attend to all of your paperwork, pay bills, write emails, etc.  Excellent for driving as you will find it easier to keep your mind focused on the road.

Many will talk more today as is seems necessary to express the will.  Our mind shines brighter and with more creativity.  Today we recognize the importance of keeping our mind clear and uncluttered, so we are ready to eliminate ideas and beliefs that are no longer useful and hold us back.  The need to stay fluid in your thinking means you have higher priorities today.  You thinking is important and serious.  It’s not that you lost your sense of humor, but sloppiness is not funny.  You may even turn into a bit of clean-freak today, wanting to cleanup you immediate environment, making it as clear as possible.

Good for all creative endeavors, writing, poetry, art and music.  Puts life in the fingers (Mercury).

High Energy with an opportunity to transcend the limitations of the ego with Sun square Mars.

9:30am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  A pleasant Moon aspect to keep work flowing smoothly.

1:39pm – Sun (Virgo) square Mars (Sagittarius)  This is a high energy aspect that encourages willful behavior, but can also lead to disappointment.  The square means we sense a critical moment has arrived when we are ready to activate (Mars) our will (Sun), so we are enthusiastic about what we can accomplish.  The down side is that Mars in Sagittarius may be over exuberant, so we don’t give ourselves time to process (Virgo) what is going on.  This leads to frustration and disappointment.

However, the enthusiastic and self-confident energy is good for teaching, acting or any type of stage work, or any type of presentation where you need to be mentally sharp and together.  With Virgo and Sagittarius, it’s also good for long distance travel and meeting foreigners, sports activities, or simply anything that requires independent action.  No one is feeling like a doormat today.

Despite the square, the Sun and Mars are so closely aligned in purpose that the worst with this aspect is your frustrated with yourself.  The best is the strong drive and high energy.

Use this aspect to focus on learning the lesson of the Virgo to Sagittarius square, which we must learn if we want to be successful in the 3rd quadrant.  Focus on one thing and make the most of it.  Get complete satisfaction from just one thing and you will transcend the limitations of your own petty ego.  Don’t let your ego tell you to move on.  Moving on, wanting more (Sagittarius) only to satisfy the ego denies us the chance to understand and appreciate what we have because we loose process (Virgo).  Activate (Mars) your perceptions (Sagittarius) to eliminate (Virgo) unwanted parts of your willfulness (Sun).

A square (Capricorn/Cancer) brings structure, maturity and security to both planets.  This square helps eliminate the hubris (regressive Aquarius = fallen Leo) within our will that prevents us from being successful in the 3rd quadrant, starting with relationships (7th).   We must learn to not sacrifice the Virgo process but instead sacrifice the ego, only then do we eliminate the worthless parts of ourselves and can truly share the good parts of ourselves with others.

11:41pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Venus (Libra)  Loving freedom and other people.  Nice aspect to express affection.

Very instinctual day, good for meditation, mental exploration.  Long Moon Void of Course.

5:23am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Mars (Sagittarius)  High energy in the morning to get folks moving.  Very inspirational, visionary, with a idealistic sense of possibilities.

8:31am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires)  Loving freedom to the max.  This aspect brings unexpected meeting with friends and associates.  Surprise others with you unique qualities.  Void of Course begins.

7:23pm – Moon enters Pisces.  The emotions expand to the unconscious collective.  Instinct (Moon) is to dissolve (Pisces), leads to psychic abilities and open to impressions, also confusion and easily deceived.

A quiet day, good for spiritual work.  Leave yourself open to impressions.  But beware the Full Moon brings some crazy energies.  Two Chiron aspects reduce vitality and deliver a powerful blow to our collective ego.

12:00am(approx.) – Sun (Virgo) opposition Chiron (Pisces)  The Wounded Healer emerges.  You understand the pain of existence.  You discover yourself through reclaiming missing pieces of yourself, not standing high on a pedestal where everyone can see.  Today you understand what it means to be a truly humble human being.  You are perfectly imperfect and see the same in others.  You live your life on your own terms and accept the same in others.

These two Chiron aspects deliver a collective blow to the ego.

12:00pm(approx.) – Mars (Sagittarius) square Chiron (Pisces)  Mars square a planet in Pisces.  Low vitality, ego needs to dissolve into the collective.  Best way to handle this is to help others deal with their pain.  Otherwise you develop an own extreme sensitivity to pain and feel anger towards everyone, very non-specific, and a general feeling of abandonment.  Beware of passive-aggressive behavior in yourself and others.  Take a holistic approach to dealing with the pain.

12:46pm – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces).  This month at 10d17′ Pisces.  A great time to connect with your soul, your purpose in life, the God of your Heart.

1:25pm – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  Emotions disconnect from the need for self-preservation.  May find yourself having critical opinions that don’t reflect your true emotions.  It’s like you lost your instinct for an hour or so.  Tendency is to withdraw, but now is when we do our best spiritual work.  Seriously, I know it may be a drag, but this aspect requires we reach out to others in a responsible manner, one that reflects our ideals (Sagittarius) and our beliefs (Pisces).  Your best spiritual work comes at these times.

8:35pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)  Feeling benevolent towards others.  Instinct is to transform quickly, use psychic ability to confirm your better judgment.

Crazy Full Moon energies.  High potential for conflict today.  Avoid dangerous places.  But you’ll need a good outlet for your vigor as Mars trine Uranus amps up the energy making for a wild Friday night.

12:46am – Moon (Pisces) opposition Mercury (Virgo)  Middle of the night.  Thoughts expand for a very spiritual moment.

10:17am – Moon (Pisces) square Mars (Sagittarius)  A crisis to express our ego without denying our emotional needs.  Makes it hard to express yourself.  However our instincts are activated to build something.  Sagittarius to Pisces, abundance of thoughts and perceptions, but we are confused when we encounter what we don’t understand and easily deluded.  It’s Mars square a planet in Pisces.  Crisis to dissolve the ego into the collective.  So at best, helpful towards the defenseless and the needy .  At worst, thinking you have to police everyone else.  Could bring judgment and criticism towards others and not caring about others as well as irritability and lead to disagreements.

12:05pm – Moon (Pisces) opposition Sun (Virgo)  Full Moon.  Along with the previous this could produce a lot of crazy behavior.  Best to avoid conflict today and avoid places that have potential for violence or unrest.  On the Virgo-Pisces axis, we have a loss of personal boundaries and common sense, a tendency to merge with others in an unhealthy way.  Very critical and confusing.  Easy to get/give the wrong impression.  Void of Course begins.

9:22pm – Moon enters Aires.  High energy for the next couple of days.  Identify with you instinctual drive, it will serve you well.

Early morning Mars trine Uranus is in effect all day Friday, especially in the evening.

High Energy continues throughout the day and the evening is absolutely electric.

12:04am – Mars (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires)  Mars activates our desire to change and evolve in an inspirational way.  For those looking to make a change in their lives, today is a good day to initiate that.  Egos are willing to adapt and not suffer insecurity.  Uranus is the higher mind, and Mars activates your curiosity and willingness to take a risk.  Out of the ordinary or surprising behavior is likely, if for no other reason than to demonstrate that you have a unique side to yourself.

The overall effect of this aspect is high energy and good feelings.  Sports activity is especially favored as Sagittarius rules sports in general and specifically it rules the thighs while Uranus rules the ankles..  So running, bicycling, soccer, etc. are all very good outlets.  Outdoor activities are best because both signs need freedom to move about liberally, any walled space seems too confining.  The trine is fluid and creative, but still be aware of the strong ego energies.  Some will talk like an expert (professor) when they’re not.  Mars says “I am” and Sagittarius is the college professor.

We sense a positive connection between our process of evolution (Uranus) and identity (Aires).  The highest manifestation of this aspect is to be dynamic and command your own direction in life, which is great, but realize it’s headstrong.  Because this aspect happens near the Full Moon, it will really amp up the energies is an unpredictable way.  Be cautious of thinking others are jealous of you if they don’t go along with your plans.  That’s not because of this aspect directly, but due to the concurrent Moon aspects.  My point is that this weekends’ aspects have the cumulative effect of pulling you beyond your safe and secure boundary and into uncharted territory where you can easily loose your common sense.

On a geopolitical level.  This Mars-Uranus cycle, the only one while Uranus is in the sign of Aires, means that Mars is the activating agent for change in Aires.  On the challenging aspects, this has been a recipe for self-destruction and has coincided with several false flag attacks, most recently in Nice, France during the Mars quincunx Uranus.  Now we come upon the trine, which last occurred Sept 8, 2015.  Add the Full Moon into the picture and this will bring some issues to a head.  This aspect could produce a lot of hubris, grand plans for the next step and so forth, all about what changes we should make.  Political discourse should be abundant and enlightened.  People are more blunt and unafraid to say what they feel.  This could have the effect of some honest moment from the mainstream media.  Be on the lookout for reporters who make a surprise message in a tweet which reflects a sudden and refreshing honesty.

12:06am – Moon (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra)  It’s still late Saturday night and this aspect will have people reaching for their partner.  Brings people together for a really good time.  Great party aspect.  You’ll want to dance, Libra loves to shake the hips.

2:54pm – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  Saturday afternoon.  Emotions subside to focus on home and security.

9:38pm – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Conflicting emotions, not good for agreement.  Instincts are really constrained.  Moon in the 10th step and square Capricorn.

Early Sunday morning Venus opposition Uranus very much in effect on Saturday evening, which could be rather surprising.

Exciting yet disruptive day that could bring a surprise, like a new friend into your life.

1:06am – Venus (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires)  Meet someone different today.  Our sense of balance is disrupted by the unusual.  A surprise encounter changes our mind.  The range of outcomes varies considerably from person to person.  This aspect is meant to give you a jolt of the unexpected and help you break free from stagnation and apathy.  Existing relationships will be looking for a change of scenery.  Relationships that start today are likely to be unconventional and unstable, in need of constant change.

This aspect is an occasion to confront restrictive people.  Anyone who does not give you freedom of expression will feel intolerable.  Therefore it can bring up intense encounters with others.  You may surprise others or be surprised.  Expect the unexpected.  Uranus brings change, Venus is other people, especially relationships.  So everyone is looking to make a change in their relationships.  The strong willed nature of Uranus mixed with the diplomatic Venus can make for strange, out of the ordinary behavior.  Some are loquacious, pouring on the charm in an attempt to make a new friend or business associate, even to the point of acting superior in order to impress others with intellect.  With Venus, the lies can get pretty big, and with the fixed nature of Uranus, people are determined to make a powerful impact on others.

Lots of desire for exploration, trying something new and different, often without consulting our better judgment.  That’s where danger can crop up because we are willing to put ourselves in situations that are out of control.  The willful nature of Uranus abandons common sense.  That is one of the most valuable astrology lesson I can teach you.

Lots of talk, much of it focused on how we’re changing in life, how we’re maintain our strength and mobility, how we earn money, etc.  We sense the need to reach out to others on this level.  Sometimes the result is surprisingly good and you make a great new friend, other times it’s just hubris meets hubris and the result is competitiveness which can lead to an argument.

It has to do with incorporating Uranus, our evolving self, and Venus, other people.  Along with Uranus comes a lot of notions and concepts about freedom and equality, or hubris, that we feel the need to project onto others.  This can make for headstrong behavior.  Insecurities arise and people are looking for emotional support but they will never admit it.  Uranus is too independent.  Instead they will insist that others agree with them and acknowledge their intelligence, like a cult leader.

The tightrope act necessary to balance these energies is much easier if you simply appreciate the difference in others and not try to adopt it as your own.  That’s the key, don’t think you need to adopt other people’s hubris, their talk of freedom and revolution.  “You say you want a revolution, free your own mind instead”.

Meet all intense encounters with diplomacy and never stray from that.  Aires energy dissipates quicker than any other, especially if it has no outlet.  Share your intelligence with others but keep your sense of balance and delicacy, don’t be headstrong.  You’ll find that you are more free when you consider the freedom of others and seek to balance the two.  Then you will successfully incorporate these two elements in your life and enjoy the inner freedom that brings.

11:32am – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires)  Instincts adapt.  Goes well with the previous.  Reach for something new but don’t let go of better judgment.

12:30pm – Moon (Aires) opposition Venus (Libra)  Strong attraction energy.  Instinct is to reach out to the not-self and bring them close to you.  Great for intimacy.

1:10pm – Moon (Aires) trine Mars (Sagittarius)  Lots of physical energy, good for a workout.  Keep yourself active.

Early Monday morning Venus (Libra) sextile Mars (Sagittarius).

Interesting Stories:


Early in the week, Monday and Tuesday, while we are all having Sun and Mercury square Mars, this is going to hit the USA pretty hard.  Notice Mars opposition USA’s natal Mars and Sun and Mercury square natal Mars.  On this day the USA suffers ego conflicts with the Mars opposition Mars.  Add the Mercury square Mars and you get irritability and hypersensitivity, then add Sun square Mars and there’s even more potential for ego conflicts.

I see this as a recipe for a lot of political battles.  Mars in Sagittarius loves to spar intellectually and sometimes looks like it wants a fights even when it does not.  There will be an abundance of criticism directed towards the USA and it’s aggressive (Mars) behavior.  Challenges will come mainly from overseas.  Everyone in the world is going to be a little irritable due to the Sun square Mars aspect, and because the USA is also getting Sun square Mars by transit, everyone’s irritability will be directed towards the good ol’ USA.

The reaction from the USA will be split, because it’s in Gemini, which has a dual personality.  One half will seize the opportunity and attempt to use the others side’s disadvantage to their advantage.  While the other half will scream oppression and fight back with force.  This day has the potential for lots of arguments.

I mention this because for Americans, this is just as important as the daily astrology.  Already we can see the challenges in the early part of the week, but this particular configuration means it’s going to be a decisive time for Americans.  In particular, we need to let go of old ideas that are holding us back and build a new structure for our identity.  Along the way we suffer a loss, an identity crisis, frustration, uncertainty, insecurity, then commit to a new ideal, (Sagittarius).  Afterward, what arises is a new ethical boundary for our national psyche.

Later in the week, Sun conjunct Neptune on Wednesday the 14th, and Mars square Neptune on Thursday the 15th.  Sun conjunct Neptune feels like you become a Pisces for a day.  Suddenly the world is full of impressions.  It makes it hard to defend yourself.  Puts USA in a weakened position.  Mars square Neptune has a similar effect, debilitating.  What is so notable is that this aspect is the biggest problem in the USA’s natal chart.  This is what causes the USA to play police for the entire planet.  It’s the psychological underpinning of all of our warlike nationalism.  This transit is likely to bring this issue to a climax.

Mars square Neptune also brings doubt and discouragement as the ego dissolves.  The limitless boundary of Neptune or Pisces causes an amplification of the ego, similar to Sagittarius.  However, the action of Neptune on Mars is like putting a drop of dye into a glass of water, the dye spreads until it mixes with all the water.  The effect seems to amplify initially as the drop gets larger, but ultimately the drop dissolves, the same effect happens to the ego.  Notice the size of America’s military.  It is so big that it covers the planet but it is too weak to do what it was intended to do, protect America.  This natal aspect is the underlying psychology.

With this transit (and aspect), often times Mars is tempted to deceitful behavior, trying to hide like Neptune does.  You may have noticed how most of what America’s military does is secretive, like secret wars, false flags, political coups, etc.  Bad advice comes from all directions and precious energy is wasted following dead ends.  The result is endless attempts at ego display until fatigue sets in.  Energy is so low that you can’t defend yourself.  By the Full Moon on Thursday, all of this will come to a head as the USA suffers a serious blow to the ego.

And very soon we see Chiron opposition Neptune.  That will be happening on September 26, the same day that Pluto goes Direct, the same day we see so many other major transits for political leaders.  That’s the day I’ve been talking about.  America will reconnect with it’s spirit on this day.  More on this later.

Since all of this is coming on the heels of Saturn square Neptune and the 911 Anniversary, it’s easy to predict that the challenges we’ll face will be connected to those events.  Intense frustration at failure on all levels of national policy, from domestic issues to our convoluted military policy.  But I also cannot help but wonder if Hillary is ready to quit due to health reasons and this set of transits give us the aftermath.  Once again I can’t help but mention her.

The coming Sun opposition Chiron lands right on her natal Moon at 22 degrees Pisces.  It looks to me like this is the aspect that reveals her health problems to the public.  In the aftermath, she will withdraw from the Presidential race as America faces a political and existential crisis.

Once again, thanks for viewing and please leave comments.

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