Weekly Astrology Notes September 18-25, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes September 18-25, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary: Overall a really great week ahead. Excellent time for personal transformation. Sunday is an exciting yet disruptive day with Venus opposition Uranus that could bring a surprise, like a new friend into your life. Good vibrations on a sensual Monday. Everyone should feel good with all pleasant Moon (Taurus) aspects and with the accompanying Venus sextile Mars. Excellent day for a party. On Tuesday, the good vibrations continue to flow with Sun trine Moon and we start an extended Mercury trine Pluto which brings 3 days of strong mental focus to dig deep and transform your thinking process. Mercury goes Direct on Wednesday, so it’s time to move forward with our plans. Sun enters Libra on Thursday. Venus enters Scorpio on Friday which starts a 3 ½ week period during which when we need to take care of our emotional body. Some regular cleansing ritual is recommended. Saturday is a bit calmer with no major aspects. Sunday is wonderful with Sun conjunct Jupiter (Libra), a fantastic aspect for a party. So overall it looks like a great week ahead with some really pleasant and positive aspects and no challenging ones.

This is the last week of Pluto Retrograde before it goes Direct on 9/26. I will be going into that in a separate video.

Exciting yet disruptive day with Venus opposition Uranus that could bring a surprise, like a new friend into your life.

1:06am – Venus (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires) Meet someone different today. Our sense of balance is disrupted by the unusual. A surprise encounter changes our mind. The range of outcomes varies considerably from person to person. This aspect is meant to give you a jolt of the unexpected and help you break free from stagnation and apathy. Existing relationships will be looking for a change of scenery. Relationships that start today are likely to be unconventional and unstable, in need of constant change.

This aspect is an occasion to confront restrictive people. Anyone who does not give you freedom of expression will feel intolerable. Therefore it can bring up intense encounters with others. You may surprise others or be surprised. Expect the unexpected. Uranus brings change, Venus is other people, especially relationships. So everyone is looking to make a change in their relationships. The strong willed nature of Uranus mixed with the diplomatic Venus can make for strange, out of the ordinary behavior. Some are loquacious, pouring on the charm in an attempt to make a new friend or business associate, even to the point of acting superior in order to impress others with intellect. With Venus, the lies can get pretty big, and with the fixed nature of Uranus, people are determined to make a powerful impact on others.

Lots of desire for exploration, trying something new and different, often without consulting our better judgment. That’s where danger can crop up because we are willing to put ourselves in situations that are out of control. The willful nature of Uranus abandons common sense. That is one of the most valuable astrology lesson I can teach you.

Lots of talk, much of it focused on how we’re changing in life, how we’re maintain our strength and mobility, how we earn money, etc. We sense the need to reach out to others on this level. Sometimes the result is surprisingly good and you make a great new friend, other times it’s just hubris meets hubris and the result is competitiveness which can lead to an argument.

It has to do with incorporating Uranus, our evolving self, and Venus, other people. Along with Uranus comes a lot of notions and concepts about freedom and equality, or hubris, that we feel the need to project onto others. This can make for headstrong behavior. Insecurities arise and people are looking for emotional support but they will never admit it. Uranus is too independent. Instead they will insist that others agree with them and acknowledge their intelligence, like a cult leader.

The tightrope act necessary to balance these energies is much easier if you simply appreciate the difference in others and not try to adopt it as your own. That’s the key, don’t think you need to adopt other people’s hubris, their talk of freedom and revolution. “You say you want a revolution, free your own mind instead”.

Meet all intense encounters with diplomacy and never stray from that. Aires energy dissipates quicker than any other, especially if it has no outlet. Share your intelligence with others but keep your sense of balance and delicacy, don’t be headstrong. You’ll find that you are more free when you consider the freedom of others and seek to balance the two. Then you will successfully incorporate these two elements in your life and enjoy the inner freedom that brings.

11:32am – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires) Instincts adapt. Goes well with the previous. Reach for something new but don’t let go of better judgment.

12:30pm – Moon (Aires) opposition Venus (Libra) Strong attraction energy. Instinct is to reach out to the not-self and bring them close to you. Great for intimacy.

1:10pm – Moon (Aires) trine Mars (Sagittarius) Lots of physical energy, good for a workout. Keep yourself active.

Early Monday morning Venus (Libra) sextile Mars (Sagittarius). Venus and Mars are alright tonight.

Good vibrations. Nice, sensual Monday. Everyone should feel good with all nice Moon in Taurus aspects and with the accompanying Venus sextile Mars. Excellent day for a party.

4:53am – Venus (Libra) sextile Mars (Sagittarius) The energetic time for Venus continues with Venus sextile Mars. Always a nice aspect that brings the sexes together in mutual understanding, this aspect is great for all parties and gatherings. It should make Sunday evening perfect for a social gathering.

The loquacious Venus in Libra finds a willing partner in the vigorous Mars in Sagittarius for enlightened discussion regarding social values, ethics, and relationships. The exuberant of Mars in Sagittarius makes folks loud and full of laughter and Venus in Libra just wants to connect. Fantastic party aspect, good fun to be had by all. A good time to spend with friends and make a new friend as people have something interesting things to talk about. Existing relationships are flowing smoothly and new relationships that begin now will be romantic and idealistic. In fact, this aspect is particularly good for starting new relationships. Libra = Relationships, Sagittarius = Growth.

Aspect is really good for creative endeavors. Anything artistic is sure to be delicate (Libra) with finesse and inspirational (Sagittarius). This aspect is sure to arouse idealism and people have the confidence to make a connection with someone interesting.

2:26pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces) The sensual Moon in Taurus is feeling the for a deeper connection. This aspect and the next two are great for work with healing stones. Good for getting in touch with nature spirits.

10:11pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn) You sense an opportunity to change your life. Feel drawn to earthly, communal healing.

10:32pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Mercury (Virgo) Completes a grand trine in earth for the Moon. Great opportunity to get in touch with mother earth and all her healing properties. Good for massage.

The good vibrations continue to flow. Mercury trine Pluto bring strong mental focus and Sun trine Moon brings grounded awareness.

6:41pm – Mercury (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Excellent aspect for all kinds of mental work. Pluto enables the mind the delve deep and expands our interests to include esoteric subjects and hidden things. The process oriented Mercury in Virgo will feel compelled to question and analyze every topic. You will find you have the mental focus to attend to important matters and see them through to completion. Hard to be fooled with this aspect as we are keen to sense deception (Pluto) and have the good sense (Capricorn) to avoid it.

With Capricorn, it does slow down the mind a bit, but that only increases focus and drive. In earth signs, not interested in superficiality. Good for business. You’ll want to put your mind to practical use making plans, organizing and looking for opportunities for advancement. Overall this aspect will be experienced by most as a strong burst of mental energy that brings confidence and strength.

The methodical and practical Mercury in Virgo gets excellent expression through the trine to Pluto, which adds mental stamina and focus. This aspect is very productive, you can get tons of work done today. It will be easy to set your mind to specific task and keep it there until complete. Good for most anything that requires mental clarity.

Also raises interest in esoteric studies and psychology. Anything that has to do with how the mind works will interest you. So it’s excellent for psychic work and therapy. Much easier to maintain focus and proper procedure for shamanic journeying.

Pluto has that urge to merge with the collective so it also increases interest in social causes and encourages people to “put their minds together” for a common cause. The trine to Capricorn brings out conservative values. We last had this aspect on August 11.

8:32pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Sun (Virgo) Goes well with the previous aspect. Another trine in earth means both Monday and Tuesday are relaxing days. Void of Course begins.

10:53pm – Moon enters Gemini. An urgency to complete tasks quickly. A flurry of activity, but emotional bonds not based on reality tend to fall away before the Moon enters Cancer and begins a new cycle. Good for all communication matters.

Some challenging Moon in Gemini aspects in the afternoon just before Mercury goes Direct make this a good day to tie up loose ends before the Direct motion period begins.

3:08am – Moon (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra) Another great relationship aspect, middle of the night.

3:43pm – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces) Crisis to reclaim lost sentiment. Thinking is confusing and full of impressions. Hard to consider others. The needs of others delays your own emotional satisfaction. Disappointment lingers like you’re waiting for an overdue flight.

5:13pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius) Communication is stifled as career concerns make you want to slow down and reflect.

10:31pm – Mercury goes Direct at 14d49′ Virgo. Continue direct until December 19, in Capricorn. So Mercury is now Direct all the way through the election in November. In terms of the election cycle, this marks the final march to the election. Time to move forward with your plans. Mercury (conscious mind) moves out of the reflective state and into the more active state. Mental confidence returns and we are ready to make decisions with more clarity about the future. It is particularly serendipitous that Mercury goes Stationary Direct on the trine to Pluto. That makes this whole week really focused and decisive. Fantastic for making plans and for getting ahead, using each moment to the fullest and avoiding obstacles.

11:38pm – Moon (Gemini) square Mercury (Virgo) Intuition is cut off. Be careful of limiting views regarding women. Avoid an argument…take a knee, ride out the clock. Note: Saudi Arabia has this aspect in their natal chart and in that country, they don’t allow women to drive.

Still in the midst of Mercury trine Pluto, our mind stays focused, and with the Sun entering Libra, we seek to work with others and build lasting relationships.

7:22am – Sun enter Libra. Sun is in it’s detriment in Libra. This makes Libra shy and inhibited. Nonetheless, Libra can be a great fighter because they are able to see things from their opponents’ perspective. During this month we focus on what relationships mean to us and how they sustain us through the hard times. This month, we learn more about ourselves though Libra activities, such as one-to-one encounters. Because we see ourselves through the eyes of others, it is important to expose yourself to as many one-to-one encounters as possible. Whenever there is a challenge this month, seek to enlist the aid of your partner or associate rather than trying to do it all by yourself. This month, it is important to realize that no one is an island unto themselves and in fact our entire existence happens in relation to and relationship with the existence of others. Everything we do effects others, even if it’s meditating alone on a mountain somewhere, it still effects others. Libra reminds us that whatever we do in life, we can do it better, and with more enjoyment, if someone else is included.

2:11pm – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) Very active Moon. Lots of new ideas, ways to adapt and move into a better situation.

8:53pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Mars (Sagittarius) An irritating opposition. Folks are indulgent (Sagittarius) and wanting quick satisfaction.

The Mercury trine Pluto energy begins to dissipate by Friday evening, but by Friday we could see a significant event coinciding with this aspect. Last Quarter Moon brings emotional struggle in the morning and Venus enters Scorpio means we must begin a regime to heal our emotional bodies.

12:57am – Moon (Gemini) trine Venus (Libra). Middle of the night. Void of Course begins.

1:33am – Moon enters Cancer.

1:36am – Mercury (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) AGAIN! Twice this week. Very lucky to have this trine happening for an extended period. After 3 days of mental focus, our thought processes should be transformed to flow more smoothly and more aware of collective value.

Because it’s in earth signs, it is possible that we could see another climax in the overall process of a new global currency. Recall last year and earlier this year we saw radical changes with regard to a new global currency during the aspect Jupiter trine Pluto. It was during this aspect that we saw the SDR basket of currencies come into place on the first pass, and subsequent passes brought more advancement on that level. This has been bad news for the US petro dollar which has enjoyed special status since the end of WWII. And with internet rumors once again about with stories of further demise for the US dollar, it would not be surprising if we saw more advancement on that level once again. Look for significant financial news to come about at this time. Possibly a new currency exchange or trading system that makes it even easier to trade internationally without the US petro dollar.

2:56am – Moon (Cancer) square Sun (Libra). Last Quarter Moon. Once again the struggle for emotional fulfillment reaches its’ monthly climax. Tensions arise when desperate acts cause a disconnect with genuine feelings. This month we see the Cancer to Libra square where emotional complexes and needs (Cancer) interfere with a relationship (Libra). This happens when we project issues surrounding our parents onto our partner. The most obvious manifestation of this square is feeling like you are having a hard time living with your partner.

6:48am – Moon (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra) Emotions expand in a congenial way. With idealism comes a little boost of energy.

7:51am – Venus enters Scorpio. In this sign for 3 ½ weeks, until October 19th. Relationships gets serious and a bit secretive. All things Venus, like relationships, but really all one to one encounters, take on a Scorpio quality. All of our one-to -one encounters take on a powerful emotional quality. There is a sexual undertone to Venus in this sign. People are persistent, fixated by a subtle need for money, power and lust. Here Venus experiences jealousy, rage, and destructive tendencies. To avoid the negative manifestations, you need to be involved in a healing regime on a regular basis. Emotional healing, in a fixed, relentless fashion is sure to transform you from a scorpion to an eagle where you can take flight above the ego conflicts and act as an agent of regeneration for society. So find some regular practice that can heal your emotional body and do that on a regular basis. Hopefully the Mercury trine Pluto will get your energy flowing in that direction. This placement takes on extra importance because the Sun and Jupiter are in Libra right now.

7:06pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) Open to psychic impressions. Immerse yourself in water, preferably with herbs like rosemary, which heals your psychic space. This could be the start of your monthly plan to heal your emotional body. Use it wisely.

A bit calmer today with no Moon aspects in the middle of the day.

3:42am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Feeling a bit vengeful and emotionally hemmed in. Middle of the night.

4:15am – Moon (Cancer) sextile Mercury (Virgo) Get started early this morning with positive feelings and good communication flow.

6:42pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires). This evening we feel like severing a chord to avoid a stagnant situation. Social intelligence is heightened, and so it willfulness. Be careful of talking about others in an inconsiderate manner. Void of Course begins, continues until next morning.

A Jovial Sunday. Sun conjunct Jupiter (Libra) means we are all looking for a party and to expand our relationships today.

6:48am – Moon enters Leo. Emotional needs on stage for the next couple days. A bit dramatic, selfish, but willing to share the stage. Moon in Leo is enthusiastic and romantic and really wants to be recognized.

11:36pm – Moon (Leo) square Venus (Scorpio) Despite the square, it is still a generally positive aspect.

12:33pm – Moon (Leo) sextile Sun (Libra) Emotions flow smoothy, sympathetic toward other people.

1:14pm – Moon (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra) Generous attitude towards others.

11:59pm – Sun conjunct Jupiter (Libra). This is the day that Jupiter in Libra becomes fully activated. Sun conjunct Jupiter (Libra) means we are all looking to expand our relationships today. Everyone wants an abundance of attention from their partner. Partners are very generous towards one another. Everyone’s relationship takes center stage in their life right now. If you don’t have one, it’s a good time to expand and learn the congenial qualities that lead to one.

We’ll see more makeup and dress up than usual as folks are wanting to look their best. People are more happy, jovial (Jupiter), Excellent aspect for a wedding. Any relationship that begins today is sure to work out well and give both of you room to grow as well as giving you a new identity.

This is also the day that Jupiter officially arrives in the sign of Libra with all that placement implies. We all need to grow through partnerships over the course of the coming year. Going it alone will not get you the results you are looking for in life. You really need to work with others.

Once again, let me remind my viewers that Venus in Scorpio takes on special significance now because Venus rules Libra and whatever happens to Venus happens to all the planets currently in the sign of Libra. So, if you lack a relationship due to poor maintenance of your emotional body, then it will become rather clear today. This is because you are going to really open up and perceive (Jupiter) many things about yourself (Sun) and if your feelings (Venus) are not up to the task of guiding you through this moment, then you’ll feel like something is missing. The thing to do is don’t shy away from others now. Use this opportunity to learn how to be emotionally available for others without inhibition. A strong expression of your diplomacy will go a long way.

This aspect brings good luck and opportunity. Any activity to expand your mind and your perspective is favored. Group activities are the best. Look for a party or have one yourself.

Once again, thanks for viewing and please leave comments.

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