Planets in Politics – Weekly Astrology Notes October 2-9, 2016

Planets in Politics
Weekly Astrology Notes October 2-9, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:

Sunday: Another extended Void of Course lasts all day from late Saturday evening until Sunday afternoon. Good day for meditation and reflection, not a day for starting new projects. However, Mercury quincunx Uranus could bring some surprises.

Monday: A deep, meaningful and very psychic Monday. An good opportunity for healing.

Tuesday: A great day to get ahead in life with Sun sextile Saturn.

Wednesday: Super high energy day with Venus sextile Pluto and Mars square Jupiter. No couch potatoes today.

Thursday: Good feelings with Moon (Sagittarius) aspects.

Friday: Mercury enters Libra and we want to talk to everyone. But Sun square Pluto brings up this weeks’ biggest challenge. Moon is Void of Course all morning until mid-afternoon. Not a good day for starting new projects.

Saturday: A character building weekend. Challenging Moon (Capricorn) aspects make for a emotionally cold Saturday and Sunday. So let go of the need for emotional fulfillment this weekend as we need to work with the promise of future gain.

Sunday: Long Void of Course from mid-morning until late evening. We’ll want to break free from the heavy Moon in Capricorn, but we remain focused on mundane affairs until late evening.

Interesting Stories: The European Union, current transits. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Also announcing that I am now available for private readings and consulations. Email me at
Another extended Void of Course lasts all day from late Saturday evening until Sunday afternoon. Good day for meditation and reflection, not a day for starting new projects. However, Mercury quincunx Uranus could bring some surprises.

11:00am – approx. Mercury (Virgo) quincunx Uranus (Aires) A bolt out of the blue disrupts our thinking process. We desire something to help us break free (Uranus) from the regular work routine (Virgo). We feel compelled to assist friends and others and obligate ourselves beyond our material resources. Uranus is adaptable, so this aspect can make us think we are more adaptable than we really are. This can lead to overestimating your flexibility and having an accident, or it can lead to impulsive driving habits. On the good side, inspirational, intellectual, you can radically change your thinking about some specific (Virgo) issue. Uranus delivers electrical energy to the conscious mind, so you can use that extra energy for positive goals.

12:43pm – Moon enters Scorpio. The Moon is like an iceberg in Scorpio, 90% below the surface. Easy to sense other people’s feelings. Can make people moody and intense, leads to jealousy and possessiveness. Good for home improvement.

8:27pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Mars (Capricorn) With Mars now in Capricorn, beneficial Moon to Mars aspects give us a great instinct for self-preservation and success.

A deep, meaningful and very psychic Monday. An good opportunity for healing.

8:34am – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces) Committed to seeing the best in others, tender and compassionate. Good for psychic ability.

1:57pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Scorpio) In Scorpio we are very intuitive, sense feelings of others really well and are willing to accommodate.

6:54pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) The most psychic energy of all. The mind can fix on an emotion and use that energy to probe deep into the psyche where paranormal abilities reside. Use the energy to uncover and heal your emotional problems. Capricorn is our better judgment, so this aspect can help heal issues of self-sabotage. This is particularly true due to next mornings Sun sextile Saturn.

A great day to get ahead in life with Sun sextile Saturn.

9:59am – Sun (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius). The Sun is our will and Saturn is structure. So, today we have a more structured will about us. We are concerned with getting things done, accomplishing every task with a minimum of effort and without superficiality. The congenial Libra Sun is able to adapt (sextile has Aquarius quality) to whatever needs to be done, even it means getting your hands dirty. Very intelligent (Libra) and looking for new ways (Sagittarius) of doing things that are more efficient, more resourceful and more valuable in the long run (Saturn).

People feel more masterful and mature (Saturn) and able to strike a balance (sextile has Gemini quality, dualistic) between sobriety (Saturn) and creativity (Sun). So whatever good you do is sure to gain the attention and respect of authority figures. All business related matters are favored. Anything related to work and career work out better today.

A good day to seek advice from someone who is wiser (Sagittarius) or older (Saturn) than you (Sun). Therapy is sure to be productive. Also a good day to make plans, consider your options and decide on a definitive course of action. A good day for friendships as well. Overall, a great day to get ahead in life.

6:04pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Mercury (Virgo) Able to see the deeper meaning in your feelings. Scorpio to Virgo sextile is very helpful towards others. Void of Course begins, continues until early tomorrow morning.

Super high energy day with Venus sextile Pluto and Mars square Jupiter. No couch potatoes today.

1:26am – Moon enters Sagittarius. Great way get the party started today. Inspirational and looking to expand your sphere of influence for the next couple of days.

12:56pm – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter (Libra) Very warm and congenial. Great party aspect. Puts folks in a really good mood.

2:20pm – Venus (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Generally speaking, this is a good aspect for teaching and sharing (Venus) resources (Pluto) with another. We sense a deep need to belong to others, to be part of a group, to trust and be trusted by others. We sense the deep power contained within each individual and wish to help bring it out. Very helpful, but does not make anyone a doormat.

With Venus in Scorpio, that is a lot of intensity on Venus. The passion and consuming feelings may drive some to seek nothing less than a transcendental experience. The sustained level of energy that accompanies this aspect is very useful for transforming your life. You may feel compelled or driven by deep psychological forces. Use this energy wisely as it can truly help you achieve something very worthwhile. Scorpio brings confidence, that feeling that if you need to, you know that you can muster the energy from deep within if necessary. This makes for a quiet, smoldering confidence. Great for sex.

This aspect is one of the best for relationships that exists. It drives you towards your partner in a powerful way, like a wave of energy that swells beneath your feet and carries you. Sex in particular takes on a very meaningful quality. Not content with just superficial warm and satisfaction, couples seek a transcendental experience through the sexual experience. Existing relationships should experience a very good day. At the least, couples are very helpful, caring and dedicated to one another. New relationships that begin today will have those qualities, making them the type of relationship that can transform your life. Possibly even the day to meet your soul mate.

If you find it hard to find balance today, it is because you lack an outlet for all this wonderful Pluto/Scorpio energy. The best suggestion that I can give is to plan ahead. Scorpio likes to premeditate, like a criminal, and loves to plan ahead. Put yourself in a place to express this energy. Where is Scorpio in your chart? That is where you will experience the force of this aspect.

2:45pm – Mars (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra) Very energetic aspect. This aspect brings out the strongest qualities in Jupiter: overconfidence, boisterous, blunt, loud, and energetic. Normally this aspect could lead to some reckless behavior, because the immediate forceful nature of Mars has no breaks with Jupiter. However with Mars in Capricorn, that could slow down the Mars energy just enough to make this one of the most productive aspects. You can really get a lot of work done today.

Today will be a day of physical awareness. We will all be more aware of our physical bodies and what we can do with them. It will be like a rebirth of the more powerful being that you are. Of course this is fantastic for sports, but there is so much more that can be done with this energy. Today we seek to expand our lives, meet new people, make new friends, take on new commitments. The tendency to make commitments beyond your resources is tempting today, so be cautious about impulse purchases or suddenly making plans to travel. The energy level is so high that you really need to exercise some caution.

Also be cautious of excessive (Jupiter) ego (Mars) displays. Some folks think the know more than they really do and this aspect is sure to bring out some of that. The best part of this aspect is that it strongly activates (Mars) our curiosity (Jupiter) to learn new things that expand our perspective (Sagittarius) in life.

9:12pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces) A good aspect for dancing. Let the confusion move into your feet and move you in every direction.

Good feelings with Moon (Sagittarius) aspects.

1:44am – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius) Middle of the night.

5:02am – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Sun (Libra) Good feelings in the morning. Everyone’s got creative energy to get moving.

11:26pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires) Looking for a change of scenery. Open to try something new. Void of Course begins, continues until tomorrow afternoon.

Mercury enters Libra and we want to talk to everyone. But Sun square Pluto brings up this weeks’ biggest challenge. Moon is Void of Course all morning until mid-afternoon. Not a good day for starting new projects.

12:05am – Mercury enters Libra. Until October 24. If you have trouble deciding which sock to put on which foot first this morning, you’ll know why. Mercury does well in Libra, diplomatic, talkative, congenial, very good at one to one contact. In fact, Mercury finds itself center stage in Libra because here communication is held in highest regard in carrying out the process of balance. All things Libra require Mercury to be balanced and the more eloquent the better. Relationships and all one to one interaction requires conscious mental balance. You must listen as well as you speak.

In Libra, Mercury learns the most important qualities it needs to be successful. In fact because Mercury in Libra can be so diplomatic and persuasive, it leads them to so much success, that they think that all they need to do is open their mouth and they can get what they want, just like a king. So Mercury says, wow this feels like Leo (5th step).

So Mercury does very well in Libra. The cardinal air gives Mercury flight where it’s free to indulge in all sorts of creative endeavors, like writing and poetry. All intellectual interests seem more natural and pursued without asking permission, like a king.

During this time, we should use our mind for it’s highest and best purpose, like a king would do. Engage in your favorite intellectual pursuits, reading, writing, music, poetry, whatever it may be. With the Sun and Jupiter, again we have 3 planets in Libra.
12:31pm – Sun (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn) Today we need to let go of the insecurities (Pluto) that hold us back from experiencing the finer qualities in our relationships (Libra). The inflexibility in both Pluto and Capricorn create serious blocks to expressing (Sun) our true feelings (Libra). The inner struggle of Pluto in the persistent sign of Capricorn can cause us to misdirect our insecurities onto a partner causing disagreements.

This aspect is sometimes associated with secret love affairs. This issue could arise either with a new affair or an existing one is revealed. In general, the issue of honesty (Capricorn) and commitment (Pluto) in relationships (Libra) is more prevalent today as we sense a crisis to receive commitment (Pluto) and respect (Capricorn) from other people. Those who do not receive the respect they feel they deserve will be easily offended.

Pluto delivers a strong burst of sustained energy as with all Pluto aspects. This energy can be used for getting to the heart of any matter that concerns you. You can pursue intellectual interests (Libra) with intensity (Pluto) and efficiency and practicality (Capricorn). Doing so will enable you to integrate (Capricorn) the disparate thoughts in your mind and bring more structure to your thinking process. You have the energy to overcome mental obstacles, but you must persist. You can use this energy to heal (Pluto) your mind and give you confidence.

Generally speaking this is not a good day for starting new projects because you make lack the resources for a sustained effort (Pluto) and lack the support from authority figures (Capricorn). Mechanical failures are associated with this aspect.

If you find that things are not working out well today, if things do go as planned, or if things break down unexpectedly, it is because you are seeing the outward manifestation of your own unharnessed power. This aspect shows us where we have not harnessed the powerful forces in our own lives (Pluto) for our own success or done so in a respectable manner (Capricorn). If you have given your power over to others or misused your own power, things break down eventually. This aspect shows us where we need to refocus our attention towards what needs repair in our lives. You can use this energy to fix your life and in the process of doing so, take back some of your power, and hopefully empower others as well. But you must put out the conscious effort. No one can afford to relax and just let things happen on a challenging Pluto aspect, especially with Capricorn involved. You can’t just hope for the best. Too much stuff comes at you. Some effort in the positive direction is required . And in the end, humor is always the best tool to cope with a difficult Capricorn aspect.

1:40pm – Moon enters Capricorn. Our attention turns towards career and reputation. Self-preservation is the key concept with Capricorn. We are looking to invest in things that will last a long time, so we are willing to forgo immediate pleasure in exchange for future gain. It is recommended to eat a warm meal, especially lunch, during this time. This is because the Moon/Cancer rules the stomach and Capricorn is cold. This hinders digestion. In Ayurvedic medicine they would say it reduces the “Agni”, the fire that drives digestion and metabolism. Saturn also rules the mid-day Sun. So that’s where the recommendation to eat a warm meal at lunch comes from. And again, I should mention that humor is always the best remedy for Moon in Capricorn.

3:40pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Mercury (Libra) Confusion as Mercury in Libra cannot seem to make up it’s mind and decide on a practical (Capricorn) course of action. The instinct (Moon) is to disregard (square) indecisive or shy (Libra) people. Easy to get preoccupied on past missteps of others. Don’t worry about the details. Let the past go. Driving caution.

A character building weekend. Challenging Moon (Capricorn) aspects make for a emotionally cold Saturday and Sunday. So let go of the need for emotional fulfillment this weekend as we need to work with the promise of future gain.

1:56am – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra). Middle of the night.

4:18am – Moon conjunct Mars (Capricorn). Domineering and forceful. Instinct is to do what needs to be done. Strong reliance on self brings isolation. Easy to exclude others, seemingly for your own protection.

8:46am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Very much the opposite of the previous. We’ll need some flexibility now as our emotional needs (Moon) dissolve into the collective (Pisces). The only respectable (Capricorn) response is to adapt (sextile), not argue. That may involve sacrifice (Neptune/Pisces), but it’s for a worthy cause as you strike a balance between your need to serve and maintaining your reputation.

6:56pm – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Intense need for self-preservation. Tempers flare easily. Isolating your emotions from the crowd is a good lesson to learn, it’ll help you in the long run.

9:33pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Sun (Libra) First Quarter Moon at 16d19 Capricorn. We sense a crisis to build a home for this months’ dreams. Our attention turns inwards, to home and security. But Moon in Capricorn does not give us the privacy we need, so we become overly protective, maybe even a bit paranoid, and indecisive (Libra) as well. It’s necessary to let go of criticism. This enables us hold space like a parent (Capricorn) which allows another person (Libra) to shine like the Sun, through which we get emotional fulfillment. And we do this in a public, respectable (Capricorn) manner. This month with Sun in Libra we face a series of tests to teach us how to work with others, this is one of them. It builds fortitude when we forgo personal fulfillment for future gain. It doesn’t feel good, but Moon in Capricorn aspects are all about that.

Long Void of Course from mid-morning until late evening. We’ll want to break free from the heavy Moon in Capricorn, but we remain focused on mundane affairs until late evening.

3:11am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Venus (Scorpio) Early Sunday morning is sober and reflective.

9:51am – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires) As we come to Moon square Uranus, the limiting energy of Capricorn becomes a burden and we feel a strong urge to break free. We shun traditional obligations in favor of a much needed change to avoid stagnation. Void of Course begins.

11:33pm – Moon enters Aquarius. We’ll be looking for a change of scenery early next week. The plans you made today could easily change by tomorrow morning.

Interesting stories:

European Union
One of my viewers asked about the upcoming vote in Hungary against the mandated immigration on October 2. We see Uranus (9th house) sextile Saturn (7th house). Jupiter/Sagittarius/9th house is associated with foreigners. Uranus going through the 9th house means a 7-year era of changing their perspective on foreigners. This sextile enables them to strike a balance between their need for change (Uranus) and their need to maintain structure (Saturn). So given the current chaotic state of the immigration crisis in Europe, this transit should bring some sanity.

Uranus is the people and their sense of unity. Saturn is authority. In this case, the people (Uranus) are now telling the authorities (Saturn) to adapt (sextile) and develop a more balanced (Libra/7th house) approach to the issue of foreigners. My instinct tells me that the vote in Hungary will be to go against the current EU immigration policy. But the real immigration crisis in Europe has not really even begun yet.

The big changes to the issue of immigration will occur next year. Uranus opposition Jupiter (6/27/2017, 10/8/2017, 4/10/2018) is going to be extremely contentious. In fact, it is likely there will be open fighting against the immigrants at that time. Let me just say that all of this depends on the EU staying together and therefore this chart still holds some value. If the EU falls apart, so does this chart. But as of this point, this Uranus opposition Jupiter, if it comes to fruition, will create so much change in perspective and so much tension that there almost no way that fighting can be stopped.

There is an innate debility in the EU chart, Jupiter is fallen in the 3rd house. As always, planets in their fallen sign or house act in a childish, adolescent or primitive way. In this case, Jupiter lacks a higher education! It prevents them from responding in an adult, mature manner to crisis involving the 9th house, such as we now see.

Because it’s a situation where a planet opposes it’s own sign or house, a self-destructive pattern sets in. This includes problems in politics, religion, sports, higher education and most notably a serious inability to deal with the issue of foreigners.

Let me remind my viewers that Uranus opposition Jupiter is the transit that is now bringing serious problems to Bill Clinton. The lesson here is that the people who come to oppose you during an Uranus opposition have Uranian qualities. They are intelligent, adaptable, different, evolved and most importantly, are tied to your own process of spiritual evolution.

Some natives of the European continent will welcome the foreigners as a much needed change and will choose to adopt their perspective. This will further divide Europeans. I believe internal struggle and war in inevitable with this combination.

Pluto conjunct Uranus/Neptune (Capricorn). (2/25/2017, 6/15/2017, 12/29/2017). This is the transit is coming sooner and it is the one that will produce a lot of nationalism. We must remember that nationalism came into being during the time of Pluto in Cancer. With Pluto now in Capricorn, we will see the same type of energy. These dual transits will bring both a revolution and a complete change of beliefs. The European Union will likely not hold together during this tumultuous time. And there is sure to be open warfare against the immigrants in 2017.

Donald Trump
Uranus sextile Sun on 10/3. Adaptable. Surprising.
Jupiter conjunct Neptune on 10/6. Transit is one of the best in the book in terms of how you feel towards others. Bring out the best, most helpful attitude towards others. Expands (Jupiter) your connect to the collective (Neptune).

Hillary Clinton
She sure looked much better at the debate. Did you notice how she stared like she was reading from a teleprompter. Well it turns out she was. They have invented contact lenses which have a computer screen embedded in them. Here’s the link.

But even better is a great video on why you can’t trust anything you see on TV. Highly recommended.

Also wanted to let people know that I am now gladly accepting donations for my work. And I am now available for private readings. My paypal account is under the email:

Please feel free to write me with any inquiries about private readings.

Once again, thanks for viewing and please leave comments.


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Interesting story about how Hillary cheated during the debate with Donald.  It was done with hi-tech contact lenses.  A teleprompter that no one can see but her.

Lame Cherry: How Hillary Clinton Was Fed Information In the Trump Debate

Hillary received the questions for the debate in advance.  More cheating by Hillary.



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