Weekly Astrology Notes October 16-23, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes October 16-23, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:  Sunday the 16th is relaxing with Moon in Taurus, but we have a challenging week ahead.  The highlight is Mars conjunct Pluto early Wednesday which is in effect Tuesday – Thursday.  Intense and disruptive, the era of transformation in leadership takes a big step as powerful undercurrents erupt and it could have serious geopolitical effects, like fighting and assassinations.    Mercury opposition Uranus early Thursday is going to make mid-week a bit nervous and tense.  Friday is contentious with tough Moon aspects and by Saturday you’ll want to stay in bed for the Last Quarter Moon. And on Sunday, Jupiter quincunx Neptune and people pour into the streets world-wide to release the collective stress of social decay.

With all this stress being released, we just might have a geologic event, like a volcano, earthquake or Tsunami.  It’s going to be wild ride this week!

Interesting Stories this week:  Duterte and the Philippines, USA, Bashar al Assad and Syria.

SUNDAY 10/16
Wonderful relaxing Sunday with Moon in Taurus.

8:04am – Moon enters Taurus.  Time to relax and get a massage.  Steadfast and determined, we have the energy to complete projects we’ve already started.  Sensual, we need to feel grounded and placid.   We feel more attached to our belongings, especially our money.  We search for affinity and comfort and feel like spending money on ourselves.

11:08pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces).  Good for rock medicine.  Opens you up to subtle impressions, psychic ability.

MONDAY 10/17
Energetic Monday morning with Moon trine Mars and Pluto.

5:39am – Moon (Taurus) trine Mars (Capricorn)  Feeling energized and ready to get going on Monday morning.

7:46am – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  Even more energy to get going this morning.  Instinct is to merge with the collective and work with the hope of future gain.  Void of Course begins, continues until next morning.

Feel like cruising when Venus enters Sagittarius, but the intense energy builds towards Mars conjunct Pluto early Wednesday, so Tuesday night is volatile.

12:01am – Venus enters Sagittarius.  For 3 ½ weeks until November 12th.  Excessive (Sagittarius) expression of affection (Venus).  In Sagittarius, Venus looses it’s inhibitions and likes to travel about in a quest for the ideal partner.  Broad minded (Sagittarius) approach to relationships (Venus).  Easy to forgive and move on as Sagittarius doesn’t hold a grudge.  Relationships are now built upon the need to explore, the need for freedom of expression, idealistic goals and agreement (Venus) with each others perspective (Sagittarius).  The need to agree philosophically with others is very strong.  The excessive quality of Sagittarius makes Venus very generous in love and affection, so this placement is very good for romance.  Existing relationships need to travel and expand or face problems like infidelity.  New relationships that begin now will have a strong need for freedom and excitement or they don’t last long.

7:30am – Moon enters Gemini.  Moon enters it’s death cycle on Gemini.  The pace quickens.  Time to catch up on loose connections, return phone calls, etc.  Release nervous tension through singing, drumming, using the arms and hands.

8:09am – Moon (Gemini) opposition Venus (Sagittarius)  Emotions very active and spontaneous, lots of talk.  Emotions expand to allow new people into your life.

9:11pm – Moon (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra)  Abundant emotional energy continues.  Could be an interesting evening as folks experience a strong burst of ideas coupled a desire to share.  It makes for a lot of superficial displays and a desire for excessive intellectual (air signs) diversions.   With all this Jupiter energy on the Moon, folks want to play.  Very forgiving as well.

10:47pm – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)  Confusion late in the evening as we receive a direct divine communication from God but we’re not sure what we should do about it.  Build a bridge.  Learn how to meditate.

Intense and disruptive.  Powerful undercurrents erupt with Mars conjunct Pluto.

4:18am – Mars conjunct Pluto (Capricorn)  This is a potentially dangerous aspect.  The ego gets a tremendous boost of energy and we think we can accomplish just about anything, and many times we can.  Be careful what you strive for today, you just might get it.  The drive and stamina of Pluto along with it’s predilection to play God and move mountains coupled with the initiative and cardinal focus of Mars means everyone turns on the afterburners and makes a powerful vector towards success and gaining reputation (Capricorn).

Aspect is sure to arouse a whole host of desires and compulsions, everything from a strong sexual desire to intense anger and jealousy.  Intense ego identification, vindictiveness and vengeful feelings cloud out better judgment (Capricorn).  Overall, an intense desire to get a grip on reality (Capricorn), which can be extremely good in some cases.  You can do something to take control of your life.  Probably has to do with money (Pluto).  People want more money today!

You can accomplish a tremendous amount of work with this aspect.  Capricorn means we absolutely must be working towards building a better future and not concerned about present gain.  That’s hard to do with Mars and its’ need for immediate gratification.  But restraint is a must in Capricorn if we expect to work towards future gain.  It is very easy to misuse this energy for ego gratification.

When thinking about Capricorn, try to put aside any notions of societal authority figures and make it a totally personal concept.  So you don’t want to restrain yourself for the sake of some outside authority, but rather restrain yourself for the purpose of giving more to yourself at a later time.  In this way you don’t suffer from the feeling that you have given your authority and your power over to someone else.  Giving up your power at one point in life leads to dark, vindictive expressions of your own power once you come into it.  You can use you own power to destroy yourself or to save yourself.  Capricorn gives us a change to use it to save ourselves.  In doing so we truly become the authority in our own lives, that is what this aspect gives us an chance to do.  You can fight for your personal power like a lone soldier in the wilderness, or you can allow the volcanic energy of Pluto to melt the impurities from the ego, let it be transformed (Pluto) to a more mature expression that now knows how to build things to last (Capricorn).

Mars conjunct Pluto is the mark of the surgeon.  At this time, we have the steady hands and deep, penetrating focus of a surgeon, and we can use that energy to cut away the old and useless.  Capricorn say “I use” and disdains anything dysfunctional or immature.  So we are looking to cut away the petty or childish things that limit us unnecessarily and make us feel like we have no value to the collective (Pluto).  When we give away our power, it makes us feel worthless, like we have no money.

Remember Pluto is collective value and today we all identify (Mars) with the power that we bring to the collective.  So we demand the right to play our role in society.  We identify (Mars) with the responsible, adult-like (Capricorn) power within us (Pluto).  We can direct (Mars) the volcanic energy of Pluto to initiate a powerful transformation in our lives and in society.  But whatever change we make, we must be sure it is for the good of all concerned.  With Pluto there is always the temptation to play with the dark side of power.  So use better judgment and avoid temptation.

This is not a time for naked power plays as they would undermine your reputation.  Today our ego is aligned with the collective and we all sense what needs to be done on a collective level in order to change society for the better.  The trick is to know what part you play in this grand production.  If you try to play the wrong part, the other players will whack you on the head and try to stop you.  If that happens, you’ll think everyone’s on a power trip, but no, it’s you.  Not everyone can have the lead role, we all need to know our proper place (Capricorn).  If ever there was a day to demonstrate the virtue of “knowing one’s proper place”, this is the day.  It’s hard to be pleasant and likable today, but you must try.  Please remember, what you do today effects tomorrow.  This is an absolute certainty with Capricorn.

On a geopolitical level, this aspect is cause for concern, especially considering the current political climate.  There is a high potential for conflict and war-like actions.  Plans in the works are likely to manifest on this day.  Pluto loves to premeditate, like a criminal, so we could see another planned incident, like another false flag attack.  Capricorn rules authority figures, so we could see some attempt to kill an authority figure either literally or figuratively by destroying their reputation (Capricorn).  And sex could be the issue.  Pluto rules police actions, so this aspect could bring arrests or indictments.  We could see some geopolitical figures face a sudden downfall.  We could see riots and demonstrations by people looking to tear down the power structure in society, so it could get violent.  And lastly, Capricorn is an earth sign so we could see a volcano erupt or earthquake around this time.  The collective pressure building up has both a human and geologic expression.  One way or another, it will seem like a volcano went off today.

4:40am – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius)  Brings up feelings of isolation.

6:59pm – Moon (Gemini) trine Mercury (Libra)  Instincts align and you can find agreement with another.

7:41pm – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires)  Enlightening conversation, moving from one topic to the next, easy to change your mind now.

Mercury opposition Uranus is sure to be more in effect this evening.

Mercury opposition Uranus brings lots of mental activity and potential for disagreements.

12:48am – Mercury (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires)  This aspect asks us to bring the higher mind (Uranus) into balance (opposition) with the conscious mind (Mercury).  In the process of achieving balance, we often go through competition and confrontation (opposition).  Ultimately, the opposition brings awareness.  One to one interactions (Libra) take on an electric (Uranus) quality and we feel like saying something surprising to break up the stagnant energy.  The mind is over-stimulated with an influx of new, revolutionary ideas and we want to experiment and see if we can come up with something original, or a new solution to an old problem.  This aspect helps us break free from limited thinking.  This day can be enlightening or competitive, depending on how rigid your thinking is.  Aspect can bring up nervous tension.

Today is a day to try something new, commute (Mercury) in a different (Uranus) way, take a diversion on your route home from work, it helps release the tension.  It’s better to instigate change than to have it come at you.  That’s the kind of mindset you need.  We have to deal with surprises and sudden changes in our everyday plans.

Intelligent people, your peers (Uranus), may oppose your ideas and challenge your thinking (Mercury).  This could lead to disagreements.  Uranus is different and unique, and if your thinking lacks that today, it shows.  In our meetings with others, we can sense what others are thinking and what they don’t understand, and want to engage them and see how much they really know.  People are very curious and have an inner desire to challenge authority figures because Uranus loves to do that.  It’s all just an opportunity to break up the limited thinking in the room.

If we are evolved, we sense equality (Uranus) with others and we are concerned about their freedom.  It is not enough to feel free in our thinking, but others must be the same.  However, the influx of revolutionary ideas into the conscious mind can make us think we are more important than we really are.  We need to come back to reality afterward and see if our insights have any lasting value.

Relationships may experience a sudden need for freedom.  This could bring up disagreements about petty personal concerns and thinking differently just for the sake of being different, not for a good cause.  New relationships that start today are born of a desire to try something different.  Usually they don’t last long, especially with the Moon in Gemini.  Not a day to make long range plans as the situation may change and thinking is not realistic.

Matters concerning freedom and equality of all people, as well as scientific topics and things related to new technology, like computers, are more prevalent than usual.  We all sense the need to be more mobile, adaptable and intelligent.  It’s also good for the study of astrology.

This aspect could contribute on a geopolitical level to the previous aspect by giving us more surprises and radical, revolutionary thinking.  It occurs just after midnight so it will actually be more in effect on Wednesday evening.

4:16am – Moon (Gemini) trine Sun (Libra). Always a creative moment, easy to find agreement on an intellectual level.  Void of Course begins.

8:28am – Moon enters Cancer.  Moon begins a new cycle.  People are more protective, sensitive and instinctual.  We desire home and comfort, not confrontation.

11:41pm – Moon (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra)  A nice square that brings overindulgence and a lot of sweetness.  Very warm and tender, forgiving.

FRIDAY 10/21
A contentious Friday with challenging Moon aspects.  Not a good day for business.

12:34am – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Pleasant dreams.  Great for astral travel and communication with animal spirits.  Very intuitive and dreamy.

10:13am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn)  We sense a power struggle and the reaction is to either merge with it and feel aggressive and domineering or withdraw like a crab in a shell.  Either way, we eventually learn to use the excess energy to balance our emotional needs (Moon) with the emotional needs of others (Pluto).  Sometimes that means giving in for a greater cause, sometimes it means offering sympathy to another, we can’t have our way all the time.

1:04pm – Moon (Cancer) opposition Mars (Capricorn)  Demanding and irritable.  Another burst of energy like the previous that brings domineering energy until we balance our emotional needs with the ego.  You can’t always get what you want.

10:44pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires)  Disruptive and independent.  Emotional extension towards the unusual.  With this aspect, we tend to dwell on what we are not getting from our friends and associates.  But we can see the same in others and use that awareness to adjust our own thinking.

Hard to get out of bed this morning with Moon square Mercury and Sun.  The energy picks up in the afternoon and we feel like showing off.

5:30am – Moon (Cancer) square Mercury (Libra)  We talk a lot but have a hard time listening to others.  Mind functions poorly.  Lots of thinking, but communication is diverted by trivial concerns, disconnected from what’s important.  We crawl into our shell and don’t want to get out of bed and move.

12:14pm – Moon (Cancer) square Sun (Libra).  Last Quarter Moon and we feel the need to prove our emotional worth and want the world to give us acceptance and comfort.  It’s all about the Moon reaching the high point in the chart relative to the Sun.  We all believe we are famous, and in a very real sense we are.  We are all famous in the lives of the people we know.  But when we loose sight of that we expect more from the world than we should and that’s what causes us problems.  An emotionally secure individual is famous on this day and that’s the important thing to remember.  Void of Course begins.

12:34pm – Moon enters Leo.  Strong need for recognition and flair for the dramatic.  Very creative and inspiring, romantic and loves recreation.  Good time to spend with your children.

4:46pm – Sun enters Scorpio.  Our will and creative energy (Sun) wants to penetrate (Scorpio) to the depths on any issue.  Scorpio is fixed water.  The relentless emotional energy compels us to merge with others for a collective human experience.  Try not to get fixated on any one idea or person or thing.  Get in touch with your healing power and merge with collective this month.

11:28pm – Moon (Leo) trine Venus (Sagittarius)  Warm and affectionate late in the evening.

SUNDAY 10/23
Jupiter quincunx Neptune and people pour into the streets world-wide to release the collective stress of social decay.

5:00am approximate – Jupiter (Libra) quincunx Neptune (Pisces)  Pushing ourselves to extremes to overcome the guilt of social obligations that are not your responsibility.  Compulsive (quincunx) and excessive (Jupiter) display of compassion (Neptune).  We feel the need to reach out to the disadvantaged and help them so strongly that it’s impossible to turn away at this time.  Even if you philosophically disagree with them, you still feel compassion.

We seek to include all things Neptune into our perspective (Jupiter).  Jupiter believes what it sees, Neptune believe without the need to see, it operate on faith.  So now, we want to see what we don’t see.  The result is a massive expansion of consciousness.  The spiritual awareness and enlightenment is limitless.  Jupiter expands and Neptune has no boundary, so the expansion has nothing to slow it down.  Inhibiting beliefs (Neptune) don’t inhibit like usual, instead they cause a need to grow (Jupiter).  Very confusing.  Excessively (Jupiter) delusional (Neptune).  Also extremely (Jupiter) enlightening (Neptune).  Take your pick.  Both manifestations will occur.

The aspect has the potential to pull all segments of society together, such as in large crowds and demonstrations, protests and uprisings.  The biggest demonstrations in modern history all coincide with a Jupiter opposition Neptune including fall of the Berlin Wall and the 2003 Anti-War Protest Event that drew millions of people into the streets world-wide.  The quincunx has a similar effect in that way.  People may pour into the streets world-wide to release the collective stress of social decay.

On a personal level you need to keep a positive attitude.  The guilt and pain associated with this aspect means it could manifest as health problems.  It is very easy to absorb the collective pain, so you need to protect yourself, and this includes avoiding places where there is potential for danger.

Stay in a secure place amongst spiritually minded folks and enjoy the better side of this aspect along with the nice Moon aspect.

5:44am – Moon (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra)  Feel warm and generous towards others, good for eating a big breakfast.

1:20pm – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  Our emotional needs are in harmony with others because we don’t want anything beyond what is reputable.

Interesting Stories:

Rodgrido Duterte: Neptune square Uranus.  This transit means he is rather confused (Neptune) about his process of spiritual evolution (Uranus).  He feels a need to prove that his connection to the collective (Neptune) agrees with his fellow human beings (Uranus).  So he needs to prove his faith (Neptune).  He has to show the world that he can protect and secure (square) the faith (Neptune) of the people (Uranus).

He has righteous (square) indignation, revolutionary ideas (Uranus) towards drugs (Neptune).  This transit has clearly manifested in his extremely aggressive stand against drug dealers, not allowing equal (Uranus) due process of law.  This is one of two Uranus-Neptune transits to consider this week, the other is with the USA.  These transits indicate that fundamental changes in human society are occurring.

For Duterte, he is feeling the tremendous weight of the collective needs of the people.  He wants everyone to receive what is rightfully theirs.  He is truly motivated by humanitarian goals as he lashes out at beliefs (Neptune) that go against equality of all people (Uranus).  He is taking out his aggression towards the USA, a very rich and Uranian nation.  He is seeing how equality (Uranus) is not universal (Neptune).  There are some who are more equal than others, so to speak.  He sees how those who talk of equality (Uranus) sometimes deceive (Neptune).  An important lesson we all need to learn.  This is why I mention him.  The disparity between rich and poor is a fundamental issue with humanity as a whole.

The approaching square (Capricorn) from Neptune to Uranus comes from transiting Neptune, which means the collective (Neptune) that speaks through him, is now challenging (square) those people who have all the money and mobility (Uranus) and make them prove that their talk of equality is valid.  The approaching square always a test of validity.  The transpersonal quality of both of these planets means that as he addresses the issue as an individual, the collective addresses the issue through him.  A now we can all see how hard it is to bring equality to the people.  The remedy in this case is to stop the deception and adopt new (Uranus) beliefs (Neptune) that will enable everyone to get their fair share of the bounty of this world.

Philippines.  As for them, starting in June of next year, Uranus (7th house) opposition Saturn (1st house/Libra).  Duterte will lead the nation on a new path.  The old authority had better watch out, a revolutionary leader is now being unleashed.

Uranus quincunx Neptune on 10/17.  This is another Uranus-Neptune transit just like with Duterte.  Again the issue is between those that have and those that do not.  Those who are intelligent and mobile (Uranus) have money, and those whom society has neglected are the poor and underprivileged (Neptune).  This transit has been highlighting the disparity between the rich and poor in the USA.  Ultimately, this transit makes you change (Uranus) your beliefs (Neptune) by way of a compulsion and precise adjustment (quincunx).  But you never know how you feel after a Uranus-Neptune transit until after it’s over.  So it’s really not a good time to make decisions.  With Uranus currently in the USA’s 11th house, the compulsion to change our beliefs comes from our friends and associates.  Our friends are telling the USA to change.

Jupiter trine Ascendant/Uranus on 10/20.  A stroke of good luck for the USA.  Opportunity (Jupiter) for change (Uranus).  Expansion (Jupiter) of our ability to be independent and unique (Uranus).  Lots of creative expression and new ideas, new ways to adapt and new knowledge and information.  It should be quite good for political discourse as people are more confident (Jupiter) about expressing (trine) how they believe the USA should evolve (Uranus).

Bashar al Assad
Mars conjunct Pluto happens on a trine to Uranus (8th house).  Wonderful for him.  But Saturn square Saturn concurrently.  The Saturn square is testing his endurance and ability to withstand challenges to his authority, but Mars and Pluto trine Uranus means he pulls through this challenge with help from his powerful (8th house) friends (Uranus).

Mars and Pluto sextile Neptune.  Wonderful synastry with Assad.  This confirms that they get the help they need.  This of course has ramifications for the war in Syria and this is why I mention it.  It looks like whoever wants Assad to go away is not going to get their wish.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes and please leave comments.

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