Weekly Astrology Notes October 23-30, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes October 23-30, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Weekly Summary:  A busy week ahead with lots of planetary aspects.  Sunday the 23rd, Jupiter quincunx Neptune produces moment of compassion or confusion, depending on your perception.  On Monday, Mercury moves into Scorpio and communication becomes passionate for the next 2 ½ weeks.  Tuesday brings a bit of confusion with Venus square Neptune.  Wednesday is the opposite as Venus sextile Jupiter brings opportunities for relationships.  Thursday we are passionate, focused and creative with Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio.  Friday we get rather willful and aggressive with Mars square Uranus, which could also bring another false flag event.  Saturday relationships get serious with Venus conjunct Saturn.  And on Sunday, 10/30, along with the New Moon, Mercury and Moon in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces make this day the most psychic day we’ve had in a while.  A month of revelations.

Interesting Stories this week:  911, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  The 911 event chart hits an important milestone on November 4 and we should all be prepared.  And the tough transits for both candidates are over and both see good transits up through the election.

SUNDAY 10/23

5:00am approximate – Jupiter (Libra) quincunx Neptune (Pisces)  Pushing ourselves to extremes to overcome the guilt of social obligations that are not your responsibility.  Compulsive (quincunx) and excessive (Jupiter) display of compassion (Neptune).  We feel the need to reach out to the disadvantaged and help them so strongly that it’s impossible to turn away at this time.  Even if you philosophically disagree with them, you still feel compassion.

We seek to include all things Neptune into our perspective (Jupiter).  Jupiter believes what it sees, Neptune believe without the need to see, it operate on faith.  So now, we want to see what we don’t see.  The result is a massive expansion of consciousness.  The spiritual awareness and enlightenment is limitless.  Jupiter expands and Neptune has no boundary, so the expansion has nothing to slow it down.  Inhibiting beliefs (Neptune) don’t inhibit like usual, instead they cause a need to grow (Jupiter).  Very confusing.  Excessively (Jupiter) delusional (Neptune).  Or very (Jupiter) enlightening (Neptune).  Take your pick.  Both manifestations will occur.

The aspect has the potential to pull all segments of society together, such as in large crowds and demonstrations, protests and uprisings.  On a personal level you need to keep a positive attitude.  The guilt and pain associated with this aspect means it could manifest as health problems.  It is very easy to absorb the collective pain, so you need to protect yourself, and this includes avoiding places where there is potential for danger.

Stay in a secure place amongst spiritually minded folks and enjoy the better side of this aspect along with the nice Moon aspect.

5:44am – Moon (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra)  Feel warm and generous towards others, good for eating a big breakfast.

1:20pm – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  Our emotional needs are in harmony with others because we don’t want anything beyond what is reputable.

MONDAY 10/24
5:21am – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires).  Strong burst of energy to overcome limitations. Void of Course begins.

1:47pm – Mercury enters Scorpio.  For 2 ½ weeks until November 12th.  We are passionate about our views and feel compelled to get to the bottom of any matter and think it through carefully.  Ability to merge our thoughts (Mercury) with the collective (Scorpio) a be a part of something greater than ourselves.  We think about power, what it means, how to use it skillfully, the value of our words,.  Although Scorpio causes the mind to fixate and loose objectivity and get overly emotional.  Things done in secret (Scorpio) are talked about now.  Secrets inhibit communication.

8:16pm – Moon enters Virgo.  Period of increased activity, more helpful, more critical and discriminating, good for intellectual pursuits and attention to detail.  People are more sensitive to health concerns.

9:16pm – Moon (Virgo) sextile Mercury (Scorpio).  Mind and emotions very well in sync.  Lots of mental activity, go for working with others.


12:43am – Moon (Virgo) sextile Sun (Scorpio)  Harmonious, easy to find your way towards  companionship and a special moment together.

1:55pm – Moon (Virgo) square Venus (Sagittarius)  Find happiness in one thing before moving on to something more.

2:25pm – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces)  Helpful emotions dissolve into the collective, easy to absorb others feelings.  Confusion and critical feelings.

6:55pm – Venus (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)  The need to be in agreement with others philosophically (Venus in Sagittarius) creates confusion (Neptune).  Aspect makes you daydream, fantasize about the perfect relationship, which leads unrealistic demands on your partner and others in general.  Easy to disappointed and not exactly know why.  It’s the general confusion in the air.  Existing relationships need tenderness and a little fantasy or they seem harsh.  New relationships need to incorporate those things or risk loosing falling apart.  Because Venus and Neptune get along so well, it is really is not a harsh square, just so long as you leave room for forgiveness.

10:56pm – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius).  Emotions contract to conserve energy.  Hard to find the right words, so we don’t talk as much.


1:34am – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn).  Very helpful and confident.  Powerful instincts available to everyone.

8:19am – Venus (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter (Libra)  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Venus rules Libra, so it’s the perfect sextile!  A lot of eloquence and a special gift for social gatherings.  Great for a party.  Excellent for finding a partner.  Seriously, the desire to roam about freely and chat with everyone you meet is insatiable.  Big appetite, easy to overindulge in food and drink.  A general benevolence towards others pervades the atmosphere and no one wants to argue.

Existing relationships are feeling generous and lucky and new relationships that begin under this aspect are beneficial for both.  The abundant affection an warmth coupled with the opportunity of the sextile, make this one of the best aspects in the book.

11:33am – Moon (Virgo) trine Mars (Capricorn).  Good for physical activity.  Body feels stronger.  Good for building something to last.  Void of Course begins, continues until next morning.


6:51am – Moon enters Libra.  Our attention turns towards others and feel a strong need to be with others and improve relations.  Beauty and harmony.

9:17am – Sun conjunct Mercury (Scorpio)  Good time to express your ideas, it’s sure to be thoughtful and passionate.  Lots of talking, making plans, considering options, etc.  Although easy to fixate on your own ideas due to the obsessive nature of Scorpio.  The mind works well with this aspect and we are capable of expressing our creativity (Sun) with confidence (Scorpio).  Go ahead and start a conversation today, Sun conjunct Mercury loves to initiate contact and Scorpio gives us the energy to make a powerful connection.

Aspect is good for business and making an important decision or purchase.  Mercury rules transactions, Scorpio rules money, and with all this good planning sense, this should be a day of lots of important business deals.  A great aspect to start a new business, especially in Scorpio, it is sure to earn money and have lots of stamina.  When solving problems, you are sure to think things through thoroughly and come to the right decision.  We can act and speak with the power of the collective and have a strong desire to do the right thing for everyone concerned.  Aspect is good for involvement in social causes, seeking to merge our efforts with the collective.

FRIDAY 10/28

3:43am – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Libra)  Very generous attitude, easy to forgive.

7:44am – Moon (Libra) sextile Venus (Sagittarius)  Harmonious, easy going morning.

10:54am – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  Nice for making a good impression on authority figures.  Willing to put our heart into practical considerations.

1:11pm – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn).  Energy is tense as people sense a crisis and want to isolate themselves.  Want to severe yourself from emotional constraint.

9:05pm – Mars (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires).  Mars activates our desire to be free, unfortunately in an impulsive manner that could cause you to loose sight of better judgment.  With this aspect, it’s too easy to think you can do whatever you want.  We all need to show some self-restraint today.  We feel restless and bored, don’t want to work, and criticize our superiors or anyone who restricts us.  Uranus is a rebel and today we feel the need to prove how rebellious we can be.  Wanting change just for the sake of change is a recipe for arguments.

This aspect carries a particular challenge in that it is Mars square Aires.  So they ego takes a blow today.  Our desire to be in charge, on top, chief (Capricorn) feels threatened by the independence (Aires) of our equals (Uranus).  Challenging others and thinking you can do better than them leads to underestimating your opponent.  Uranus is intelligent, and this aspects make it easy to think you are smarter than the next person.  This could lead to ruthless behavior, severing yourself from equality while carrying the banner of freedom.

On a geopolitical level this is one to watch carefully.  This aspect could coincide with a false flag or a decisive battle in war.  There are some significant battles upcoming in Syria, like the battle for Aleppo.  We have been watching this current Mars-Uranus cycle, the only while Uranus is in the sign of Aires, and we have seen numerous war events, like Paris attack, the Nice shooting, the attempting coup in Turkey all coincide with Mars-Uranus aspects.  This will likely be no different.  In fact, because it is the last square, it is the test of validity, the decisive moment when the forces of oppression are forced out into the open for their final battle and loose.  Because Mars is in Capricorn, we are sure to see a karmic moment for some leader.  The potential for a significant event to unfold on the world stage is very high.


2:46am – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires).  Feeling drawn towards the unusual and not interested in structure.  Easy to loose yourself.

3:09am – Moon (Libra) square Mars (Capricorn).  Feeling domineering and hard to find agreement.  Void of Course begins, continues all day until early evening.

7:01pm – Moon enters Scorpio.  With the Sun and Mercury now in Scorpio as well, this will really bring out the moodiness in people.  Be careful who you bump into and what you say, people are very sensitive and may interpret your behavior as aggressive.

5:45pm – Venus conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius)  Feelings (Venus) contract (Saturn), hard to related to others.  A time to restructure our feelings and the way we relate to others.  People are more timid, respectable, concerned with reputation, and more stubborn.  Other people slow you down.  Lack flexibility with others.  Good day for therapy and any type of counseling, consulting an older, wiser person about personal issues.  Awareness of others recedes as we feel the need to focus more on ourselves for the day.  Nonetheless, despite feeling more insular, we may spend the day attending to our relationships because we are concerned if they can withstand the test of time.  It brings up irrational fears about self-preservation.  We have a more sober and realistic assessment of others and what they bring to our lives.  Existing relationships are more practical and not affectionate.  Relationships that begin today are not dynamic, rather realistic and more likely to last a long time as well as be very respectable.

SUNDAY 10/30
Psychic Sunday!  Mercury and Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces) produce a powerful merging of the conscious and subconscious mind, enabling us to focus on the cosmic divine connection.  Ecstatic states of meditation and psychic abilities are available to those who can keep the mind focused and remain open to the subtle impressions that permeate our awareness.  Can produce moments of euphoria.

5:58am – Mercury (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Very psychic.  The conscious mind (Mercury) can focus (Scorpio) and has stamina to penetrate deep on any issue.  The trine to Neptune means we easily receive input from the collective unconscious of humanity and it inspires us.  Opens the mind up.  The result is a strong increase in psychic abilities.  Lots of impressions fill the mind and we are intrigued to learn more about the inner workings of our own mind and our cosmic divine connection.  Illusions play an important role in the process, inspiring us to activate our innate mental abilities and allow our minds to merge with the collective and see what we can find.  Open your mind, see what you find, bring it on home to your people.

Very good for the study of spiritual people and topics.  The mind works better today when it comes to understanding things which are hidden.  We desire to reclaim elements of our mind that we have lost (Neptune) either through poetry and writing or reading about people who have lived the spiritual life.  Their stories inspire us to do the same and develop a more compassionate mentality.

Writing, especially poetry or lyrics and music, are especially favored.  Any writing is sure to come from your soul.  We are looking for inspiration, and the mind loves to wonder so much that purely technical topics are not enough.  We need great, expansive ideas today that help us transform our thinking and society.  It’ll be easy to get carried away on a great fantasy as well.

This aspect is great for all types of social work, helping the disadvantaged or working towards the betterment of society.  It makes you want to do something good for humanity.  In fact this aspect is particularly good for prison reform and police reform.  We are more compassionate towards law enforcement and the criminals and maybe this aspect will help to resolve the current dilemma facing law enforcement in America.

10:38am – Moon conjunct Sun (Scorpio).  New Moon at 7d44′ Scorpio.  This entire month should be rather interesting with a lot of revelations.  The New Moon in Scorpio brings light to things done in the dark or in secret.  The powerful psychic forces unleashed this month means this is a time of addressing our deepest fears and overcoming them through doing the right thing.  And if ever there was a time to learn how to meditate, this is the month.  And of course existing meditation practices will receive a big boost of energy and inspiration.  The amount of cosmic energy coming to planet earth this month is much greater than normal.  Valuable insights are available to everyone who puts out the effort to go within.

New Moon aspects has some rather interesting points.  Venus conjunct Saturn means relationships get realistic this month, but sextile to Jupiter and trine to Uranus means there are plenty of opportunities for change and growth.

But most importantly,  Neptune conjunct the South Node will occur this moon cycle on November 18th.  A powerful aspect that dissolves the past.  We let go of old, worn out beliefs and in doing so, let go of the past.  This could be a moment of suffering and disappointment for many who have a hard time letting go.  It may coincide with the death of a prominent leader or end of an era associated with a particular belief system.  Interesting to note is that this aspect also indicates a high degree of psychic ability.  So you can add that to the long list of indicators that this month is one of profound insight and healing.  Wouldn’t that be great if everyone’s psychic abilities are so heightened that no one is able to keep a secret?  This confluence of aspects could produce some profound revelations for society.  Some deep, dark secrets will be revealed.  It’s going to be really intriguing.

1:56pm – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Emotions dissolve into the collective and we feel tenderness and compassion.  The subconscious mind (Moon) joins with the conscious mind (Mercury) in feeling the collective.  We sense a connection to all of humanity that is rare and should be cherished for the insights and inspiration that come to you.  Water signs so there is an abundance of emotional outpouring and it feels good.  The genuine compassion we are all capable of at this moment is astounding.

3:12pm – Moon conjunct Mercury (Scorpio)  Passionate and sensitive.  Mind can focus and easily relax the body and the emotions to produce an inner awareness.  Activates the pineal gland to produce an ecstatic feeling or psychic vision.

Interesting Stories:

Just to remind viewers that the resolution of 911 arrives this month as well.  November 4th,  Saturn opposition Saturn.  Also note Jupiter square Jupiter, Uranus sextile Uranus and Uranus trine Pluto.  This is the month that so many people have been waiting for.  The people who committed the 911 false flag attack are now falling from power.  Exactly how much of the truth of 911 will be revealed at this time is questionable.  We still have to wait for things like the lawsuits from the families of the victims, which are now going through with the help of the Pentagon.  In the course of these trials, much of the truth will be revealed.  For now we can be sure that the authority (Saturn) that was in power during 911 has now had to face an opposing authority.  It always means a moment of karma has arrived.  This is one of the most certain transits in astrology.  The coincidental transits complete the storyline.  Jupiter square Jupiter brings legal action.  Uranus transits bring change and evolution.

It all seems rather obvious.  The abundance of psychic aspects that also accompany the revelations coincide with the lifting of the veil of illusion surrounding our minds.  These are very exciting times we live in.  I encourage everyone to get prepared.

Hillary Clinton
We haven’t heard from her much lately!  Has anyone noticed.  Hillary has canceled all appearances until the election, except for the last debate.  That is unprecedented in American political history.  How is it possible that a candidate for President goes into hiding during the election?  Obviously something is terribly wrong and the media is focusing on Trump’s comments about women in order to distract from the issue.

The Mars square Uranus aspect will activate her chart.  Mars sextile Mercury means she has the energy to talk and make at least some appearances.  And Uranus quincunx Mercury means she feels guilty about not making the changes she should have made in the past.  She uses the extra energy from the Mars transit to make a grand attempt at adapting to meet the obligations that society places upon her.  These transits makes her really determined.  In addition, the Uranus quincunx Ascendant transit means she feels a great expectation to show who she is capable of being.  So she really should not be hiding at this time.

And there’s more.  Saturn trine Mars, the last pass.  This transit is good for getting work done that requires patience and persistence and attention to detail.  The kind of transit you’d want if you are completing the finishing touches on your campaign.  So where is she?

Donald Trump
October 27th, Chiron square Moon.  This is the transit that is producing so many hurtful statements against his behavior towards women.  This transit is a Sagittarius-Pisces square, it unearths revelations from the past.  Hurtful things he’s said are now coming back to him.  Good to note the kind of manifestation this transit brings because by the end of this year we will be seeing the aspect Saturn (Sagittarius) square Chiron and I predict this will coincide with many hurtful statements against authority figures who have misled the people.

But, on October 25th he’s having Jupiter sextile Pluto (Leo / 12th house).  Very good for him.  Increases his popularity as he speaks about collective value (Pluto) and it reaches everybody (12th house).  Very good for broadcasting his message and getting financial support.  And Uranus trine Moon is getting closer and occurs shortly after the election.  Just like Hillary, he’s having some good transits leading up to the election.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes and please leave comments.

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