Weekly Astrology Notes October 30 – November 6, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes October 30 – November 6, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) until 2am Sunday, 11/6.

Weekly Summary:  We start this week on a New Moon that indicates a very productive as well as psychic month ahead.  During the week we see only good planetary aspects, and even the Moon aspects are better than usual, which present opportunities for positive change and transformation in our lives.  This is a week of evolving and expanding our efforts to merge with the collective.  Beneficial Pluto and Scorpio aspects give us the extra energy to make some real progress in our efforts to get ahead.  Use this time wisely to do the right thing and produce a sense of belonging with the rest of humanity.  What you do personally effects others, even if it’s just exercising your own free will within the acceptable limits of society.  Your dreams and others’ are connected.  It’s time to tune into that.

On Tuesday, Sun (Scorpio) trine Neptune brings an uplifting of faith and compassion and a desire to do the right thing.  On Wednesday, Mercury (Scorpio) sextile Pluto to give us mental focus and opportunity to transform our thinking for the better.  On Friday, Venus trine Uranus brings a much needed change of pace and someone new and interesting in your life.

SUNDAY 10/30
Psychic Sunday!  Mercury and Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces) produce a powerful merging of the conscious and subconscious mind, enabling us to focus on the cosmic divine connection.  Ecstatic states of meditation and psychic abilities are available to those who can keep the mind focused and remain open to the subtle impressions that permeate our awareness.

5:58am – Mercury (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Very psychic.  The conscious mind (Mercury) can focus (Scorpio) and has stamina to penetrate deep on any issue.  The trine to Neptune means we easily receive input from the collective unconscious of humanity and it inspires us.  Opens the mind up.  The result is a strong increase in psychic abilities.  Lots of impressions fill the mind and we are intrigued to learn more about the inner workings of our own mind and our cosmic divine connection.  Illusions play an important role in the process, inspiring us to activate our innate mental abilities and allow our minds to merge with the collective and see what we can find.  Open your mind, see what you find, bring it on home to your people.

Very good for the study of spiritual people and topics.  The mind works better today when it comes to understanding things which are hidden.  We desire to reclaim elements of our mind that we have lost (Neptune) either through poetry and writing or reading about people who have lived the spiritual life.  Their stories inspire us to do the same and develop a more compassionate mentality.

Writing, especially poetry or lyrics and music, are especially favored.  Any writing is sure to come from your soul.  We are looking for inspiration, and the mind loves to wonder so much that purely technical topics are not enough.  We need great, expansive ideas today that help us transform our thinking and society.  It’ll be easy to get carried away on a great fantasy as well.

This aspect is great for all types of social work, helping the disadvantaged or working towards the betterment of society.  It makes you want to do something good for humanity.  In fact this aspect is particularly good for prison reform (Neptune) and police reform (Scorpio).  We are more compassionate towards law enforcement and the criminals and maybe this aspect will help to resolve the current dilemma facing law enforcement in America.

10:38am – Moon conjunct Sun (Scorpio).  New Moon at 7d44′ Scorpio.  This entire month should be rather interesting with a lot of revelations.  The New Moon in Scorpio brings light to things done in the dark or in secret.  The powerful psychic forces unleashed this month means this is a time of addressing our deepest fears and overcoming them through doing the right thing.  And if ever there was a time to learn how to meditate, this is the month.  And of course existing meditation practices will receive a big boost of energy and inspiration.  The amount of cosmic energy coming to planet earth this month is much greater than normal.  Valuable insights are available to everyone who puts out the effort to go within.

New Moon aspects has some rather interesting points.  Venus conjunct Saturn means relationships get realistic this month, but sextile to Jupiter and trine to Uranus means there are plenty of opportunities for change and growth in the month ahead.  Beneficial Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn aspects means we have more energy than usual to get things done, so we are very productive.  In fact, Jupiter square Pluto on 11/24 brings a lot of productivity.  So with all of these aspects applying at the New Moon, this month should be rather productive.  And this month Saturn trine Uranus starts to become active, happens exactly at the end of December.  This is going to produce a creative change (Uranus) in leadership (Saturn).

This is a great week and month ahead for opening yourself up to trans-personal elements of life.  Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are the trans-personal planets meaning they include not only ourselves, but elements of other people as well.  This means that there is, in a very real sense, a part of you in others and a part of others in you.  So what you do personally effects others.  So this month is a time of contemplating and expanding our connection to others.  The more connected we are already, the more profound these aspects will be.  Many may simply find things go a bit easier this week as people don’t seem to run into each other as much, but there is so much more going on under the surface.  Really we are all working on making ourselves better connected to everyone else, more understanding of others and willing to merge our efforts with the collective.  This is a week of taking the next step in our evolution.

And interestingly Neptune conjunct the South Node will occur this moon cycle on November 18th.  A powerful aspect that dissolves the past.  We let go of old, worn out beliefs (Neptune) and in doing so, let go of the past (South Node).  Our past (South Node) faces a moment of conclusion (Neptune / Pisces).  Things left unresolved may never be resolved if we never see things as they truly are.  Illusions must end eventually.  The illusions (Neptune) we’ve held about the past come to an end (Pisces).  And it happens in a collective (Pisces) way.

This could be a moment of suffering and disappointment for many who have a hard time letting go.  It may coincide with the death of a prominent leader or end of an era associated with a particular belief system.  Interesting to note is that this aspect also indicates a high degree of psychic ability.  So you can add that to the long list of indicators that this month is one of profound insight and healing.  This confluence of aspects could produce some profound revelations for society.  Some deep, dark secrets will be revealed.  It’s going to be a really intriguing month.

1:56pm – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Emotions dissolve into the collective and we feel tenderness and compassion.  The subconscious mind (Moon) joins with the conscious mind (Mercury) in feeling the collective.  We sense a connection to all of humanity that is rare and should be cherished for the insights and inspiration that come to you.  Water signs so there is an abundance of emotional outpouring and it feels good.  The genuine compassion we are all capable of at this moment is astounding.

3:12pm – Moon conjunct Mercury (Scorpio)  Passionate and sensitive.  Mind can focus and easily relax the body and the emotions to produce an inner awareness.  Activates the pineal gland to produce an ecstatic feeling or psychic vision.

MONDAY 10/31

1:49am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn).  The psychic energy continues as we sense opportunities to merge with the collective.  Very productive and positive aspect.  Capricorn keeps the combination stable.

7:44pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Mars (Capricorn).  Another productive aspect.  High energy which can easily be put to good use.  Egos agree in order to merge with the collective experience.  Void of Course begins.


1:17am – Sun (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces).  Whenever there is a positive Neptune aspect, there you have an opportunity to share yourself unconditionally and received unconditional acceptance in return.  In this case the Sun, our creative drive, flows effortlessly enabling a lot of creativity.  The quality is Scorpio which is penetrating and relentless.  So today we have an abundance of creative energy which we can easily share with everyone.  It should be very easy to get along with a wide variety of people as Neptune represents collective humanity.

Rather fortuitous this aspect is applying during the evening of Halloween.  It will encourage people to be creative and explore fantasy.  Neptune rules illusions and fantasies, so this aspect is perfect for putting on a costume and becoming whoever you want to be.  Aspect encourages forgiveness and tenderness towards others, everyone is more willing to let criticism go, at least for a while, as we dissolve (Neptune) our boundaries and explore.

People are more in tune with the spirit world and more at ease with that aspect of life.  Perfect for Halloween.  The confluence of psychic aspects from Sunday through through Tuesday is really interesting.  This is a great opportunity to let go of limiting beliefs (Pisces) and allow yourself to discover something new about yourself and other people.

7:43am – Moon enters Sagittarius.  The Moon wants to explore and learn new things, feeling restless and idealistic, wanting to move on to bigger and better things.  Inspirational and visionary with a desire to break from of limitations.  And this same powerful energy continues tomorrow.


2:35am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)  Very sensitive.

6:58am – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter (Libra)  Open minded, easy to find agreement with others.

1:09pm – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius)  In Sagittarius this has been a easy conjunction for the Moon, not as rigid as in other signs.  Focus on work and obligations.  Let go of unrealistic ideals.  Eat a warm meal.

10:08pm – Mercury (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)   Communication is passionate (Scorpio) and masterful (Capricorn).  Not at all interested in the superficial, this aspect brings out our desire to delve deep below the surface of any issue to discern the inner meaning.  Profound insight and reflection.  Reserved and powerful.  Honorable and private.  Capable of merging with others in a collective effort to transform our thinking and society for the better.

With all of this Scorpio energy on Mercury, we will all be surprised at the increase in conscious awareness of things that normally escape us.  Hard to fool others or be fooled today.  Our mental faculties are intense and relentless, fixating on what’s really important.  We stick to our opinions strongly and defend them with conviction.  But all this energy is released through the sextile, which means an opportunity arises, sometimes a surprise.  So we can utilize the energy for positive ends.  It should be a rather positive day as things tend to work out for the best on beneficial Pluto aspects.

A good time to research any issue and get to the bottom of any problem.  Also a good time for therapy and getting to the heart of a phobia or insecurity.  You’ll be sure to see it through to the end and not overlook any critical details.  Meditation is easier as we can calm the mind and maintain focus.  All types of alternative healing and energy work such as Reiki are also enhanced.

Other aspects to come will add to this overall pattern of productivity we see for this month, including Sun sextile Pluto on 11/7, Mercury sextile Mars on 11/15, Mercury sextile Jupiter 11/22 and Jupiter square Pluto on 11/24.

10:32pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Sagittarius)  Positive, idealistic outlook on life.


3:35am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires).  We look for ways to break free of limitations, open minded, independent.  Void of Course begins. Continues all day until evening.  Long Void of Course means today is a day for introspection, not starting new projects.

8:05pm – Moon enters Capricorn.  Material concerns dominate our mind for the next couple of days.  The focus is on self-preservation, that includes career, stability and tradition.

FRIDAY 11/04
911 Saturn opposition Saturn

2:35pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  We are more sensitive to others needs, but energy level is low and we feel like relaxing.

7:56pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra)  The urge to expand is stifled by Capricorn which won’t allow it.  Doubt and uncertainty, really poor time for decisions.  Overindulgence likely.

10:18pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Sun (Scorpio)  The first sextile after the New Moon and we harmonize easily with others and find agreement.

11:23pm – Venus (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires)  A wonderful aspect that brings a lot of creativity.  Really easy to harmonize (Venus) with others and appreciate their unique (Uranus) qualities.  Good for teaching and learning as we sense the benefit to the personal development of other people.  Our need to find philosophical agreement (Venus in Sagittarius) finds an excellent outlet as we are willing to try something new and different.  Open minded and uninhibited, different people (Uranus) don’t disturb our sense of balance (Venus), rather we find differences stimulating and an opportunity to start a conversation.

Aspect is great for all creative efforts, especially group musical performances and things of that nature.  A great aspect to start a new band.  Existing relationships should enjoy a lot of creative expression and do very well.  New relationships that start today will have a lot of freedom, be interesting and have some unconventional element to it.  The couple would evolve together.  Whatever you do today, leave room for surprises as this aspect can bring someone new and interesting into your life who could relieve you of restrictions, set you free in some way.  A spiritual teacher or soul mate could come into your life.  So today is a day of treating one another with the utmost in freedom, letting go of limitations, and finding the unique qualities in yourself and others.


2:25am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn)  Intense and compulsive (Pluto) need (Moon) to feel secure (Capricorn).  A good aspect to reach for your partner in the middle of the night.

10:06am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Mercury (Scorpio)  Instincts (Moon) and conscious mind (Mercury) agree.  The outcome is clear communication, masterful (Capricorn) and passionate (Scorpio).

2:48pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires)  We have a curious fascination with the unusual.  Can make people rather disagreeable, hard to find satisfaction from others.  Situation seems more restrictive that it really is.

SUNDAY 11/06

1:56am – Moon conjunct Mars (Capricorn)  Emotionally in charge of the situation.  But it’s the middle of the night.  Void of Course begins.

2:00am – Daylight Savings Time Ends.  Standard Time Begins.

5:55am – Moon enters Aquarius.  Looking for a bit for freedom and a change of pace.  Aquarius rules friendship and association, so we look to make more social connections and get involved in social causes.

Interesting Stories:

Just to remind viewers that the resolution of 911 arrives this month as well.  November 4th,  Saturn opposition Saturn.  Also note Jupiter square Jupiter, Uranus sextile Uranus and Uranus trine Pluto.  This is the month that so many people have been waiting for.  The people who committed the 911 false flag attack are now falling from power.  Exactly how much of the truth of 911 will be revealed at this time is questionable.  We still have to wait for things like the lawsuits from the families of the victims, which are now going through with the help of the Pentagon.  In the course of these trials, much of the truth will be revealed.  For now we can be sure that the authority (Saturn) that was in power during 911 has now had to face an opposing authority.  It always means a moment of karma has arrived.  This is one of the most certain transits in astrology.  The coincidental transits complete the storyline.  Jupiter square Jupiter brings legal action.  Uranus transits bring change and evolution.

It all seems rather obvious.  The abundance of psychic aspects that also accompany the revelations coincide with the lifting of the veil of illusion surrounding our minds.  These are very exciting times we live in.  I encourage everyone to get prepared.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes and please leave comments.

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