Weekly Astrology Notes November 6-13, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes November 6-13, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST) starting 2am Sunday, 11/6.

Weekly Summary:  Most only Moon aspects this week, just one planetary aspect.  The big story is Election day 11/8, there’s a summary at the end complete with the transits for the USA and both major candidates.

SUNDAY 11/06

1:56am – Moon conjunct Mars (Capricorn)  Emotionally in charge of the situation.  But it’s the middle of the night.  Void of Course begins.

2:00am – Daylight Savings Time Ends.  Standard Time Begins.

5:55am – Moon enters Aquarius.  Looking for a bit for freedom and a change of pace.  Aquarius rules friendship and association, so we look to make more social connections and get involved in social causes.

MONDAY 11/07

12:22am – Sun (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn).  More in effect on Sunday evening.  The inner power of Pluto emerges in an electrifying way in the already intense Sun in Scorpio.  The result is everyone feels the power of the collective and seeks ways to use it in an innovative way.  People are looking for change, transformation and ways of finding their inner power.  Everyone wants to merge their efforts with everyone else.  And its’ intense (Scorpio) and authoritative (Capricorn).  Great opportunities for change are on everyone’s mind.

The deep and earnest quality means there is no room for superficiality.  People are also feeling very in control of themselves and will respond capably to any infraction upon their sense of power.  So don’t step on anyone’s toes.  All this energy means you have the energy to accomplish just about any task you put your mind to.  Scorpio on both sides of the aspect means stamina in high quantities.

On a geopolitical level this aspect will certainly aid in group efforts to get out the vote.  All social work, especially with authority in mind, is sure to be a great expression of this group consciousness.  This greater awareness enables folks to put aside personal ego needs in favor of feeling the inner gratitude that comes with doing what is best for the greater good of society.  So last minute political maneuvering will be in high gear on Sunday evening and into Monday.  Things will be intense (Scorpio).

5:38am – Moon (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra)  Positive attitude on Monday morning.  Love of freedom and liberty (Aquarius) and a desire to experience a lot (Jupiter) of that with another (Libra).

10:29am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  Able to put aside emotional needs and get work done.  Very productive.

11:51am – Moon (Aquarius) square Sun (Scorpio).  First Quarter Moon.  This month is the crisis to expose and bring to the light (Aquarius) that which is hidden (Scorpio).  The issue of privileged information always comes to the surface on the Scorpio to Aquarius square.  Whatever you are keeping hidden from others weakens you now and you feel insecure about it.  Release you inner tension so that you can share the better part of yourself with others.

10:27pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires).  Feeling very liberated and highly evolved.  Ready for a revolution.


1:57am – Moon (Aquarius) square Mercury (Scorpio)  Mind and emotions disconnect.  Easy to get confused.  Middle of the night.

5:55am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Venus (Sagittarius).  Feelings mellow, a lot of intellectual interest. Void of Course begins, continues until early afternoon.  Means voting will be a bit confusing early on, and then heavy once Void of Course is over.

1:45pm – Moon enters Pisces.  We loose our emotional boundaries and our feelings permeate the general environment.  Easily affected by the feelings and fate of others, especially the less fortunate.  Stay open to impressions and your direct divine connection in order to stay above feelings of disappointment.

9:52pm – Mars enters Aquarius.  Until December 19th.  We are motivated by intellectual endeavors.  Time to break from tradition and adapt (Aquarius) your ego (Mars) to new situations.  Very principled and willing to fight for a cause, Mars in Aquarius will challenge authority if the right reason presents itself. A sharp mind.  Rather interesting this is occurring on election day.  People are certainly willing to do something rash and surprising and are able to identify (Mars) with the evolutionary process (Aquarius).  This makes for revolutionary thinking and movement towards change.


6:15am – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces)  Emotions dissolve into the collective and we feel what everyone else is feelings.  A time to get in touch with your spirit guides and/or your guardian angel.  A sense of cosmic connectedness is possible.  This is about the time everyone learns of the results of the election.

4:50pm – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  Feeling emotionally disconnected and prefer solitude.  Judgmental and uncompassionate.

4:57pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)  Feeling a strong sense of belonging and need to protect and preserve.  The sextile from Capricorn to Pisces is always enlightened and compassionate.  People adapt their emotions to fit the needs of the collective and try to help.

9:52pm – Moon (Pisces) trine Sun (Scorpio).  Promotes a deeper understanding as our feelings align with the collective, once again today.  People go deep within to process their feelings.  So it looks like a lot of absorbing of the impact of the election.


1:17pm – Moon (Pisces) trine Mercury (Scorpio)  Communication flows well.  People are sincere and compassionate.  Emotions flow easily enabling you to express your deepest concerns.

3:16pm – Moon (Pisces) square Venus (Sagittarius).  A lot of feelings and emotions, hard to know how you feel, but the outcome is good anyway.  Void of Course begins.

5:45pm – Moon enters Aires.  People are more energetic and enthusiastic.  Also more demanding.  But the impulsive energy of Mars dissipates quickly so you need supporting transits or aspects if you expect to finish what you start.  A good motivator for change, new beginnings.  Just be mindful of others.

8:06pm – Moon (Aires) sextile Mars (Aquarius)  Lots of physical energy, good for an evening workout or meeting with friends.  Minds are sharp and able to sum up a situation to the best of your advantage.

FRIDAY 11/11

3:45pm – Moon (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra)  Feeling exuberant, maybe overconfident.  Good for social hour, no one wants to work.

7:09pm – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Crisis to feel empowered.  Easy to get angry or judgmental if you lack an outlet for the abundance of energy.  Going it alone could create problems.   Easy to loose control and do something impulsive.  Learn to find agreement with others.

7:20pm – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  Emotions cool as we prefer to use better judgment and wait our turn.  This creates an interesting contrast with the previous aspect which says basically the opposite.  Moon square Pluto is impulsive while this aspect is mature and cautious.  The result is an opportunity awaits for those who exercise restraint for the right reasons.

8:55pm – Venus enters Capricorn.  Until December 8th.  Venus is inhibited and slows down in Capricorn.  This time is marked by insecurity and tendency to gravitate towards material security and emotional restraint.  Love and relationships get practical and less romantic.  A strong need to feel acknowledged by others makes it hard to share your emotions.  Appreciative of your career and all that is has given you and you feel loyal, trustworthy.  You’ll need to work a bit harder at expressing your feelings.


4:45am – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires).  Feeling independent and in need of a change of pace.  Very inspiring and feeling good about yourself.  Void of Course begins.

6:24am – Moon enters Taurus.  Exalted in Taurus, we prefer rest and relaxation.  People are more steadfast and unwilling to change.  Good time for massage and other earthly delights.

6:40am – Mercury enters Sagittarius.  Until December 2nd.  Fallen in Sagittarius.  The conscious mind expands before it can complete a thought.  But it’s not at all bad, just a bit compulsive and often thinking with your mouth open.  Sagittarius is broad-minded and generous as well as ethical.  So people communicate more in that way during this time.  It’s a time of high-minded idealism, independent thinking, lots of intellectual exchanges, and judicial activity.  People are more sharp and more honest, concerned with philosophy and have the ability to expand on any idea once they get a hold of it.

8:14pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Venus (Capricorn)  A time of calm emotional equilibrium.  Very sensual and earthy.

11:06pm – Moon (Taurus) square Mars (Aquarius)  Emotions are aggressive and demanding, principled Mars in Aquarius doesn’t get along well with stubborn Moon in Taurus.

SUNDAY 11/13

8:58am – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Very psychic and sensual.  Very mellow mood on Sunday morning.

6:45pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  Emotions are expressed with passion and control.  Very honorable and protective, able to really give of yourself towards another.

Interesting Stories:

Election Day USA
Jupiter square Sun.  An excellent transit for election day.  Ambitious, feeling lucky, ready to take on a new project, generally looking for growth opportunities.  Jupiter expands and elevates whatever it touches.  In this case, the Sun, our will, means the will of the people strongly expresses itself today.  This transit does require some constraint on an individual basis.  However, on a national level, it means lots of people will participate in the election process.  Voter turnout should be very good.  In some cases, a Jupiter square can bring about judicial action.  There is sure to be a lot of legal challenges that ensure everyone is treated equitably (Libra).  Jupiter likes to hold the door wide open to allow mass participation.  The square produces a crisis to ensure that happens.  It starts with people complaining that they have been left out, then comes legal challenges, then eventually equality once the legal action is decided.  So we are sure to see lots of legal challenges to this election.

Mercury trine Mercury.  Very good.  Politics with its’ multitude of words, exchange of thoughts and ideas, transactions to find agreement, that’s all Mercury/Gemini.  So this aspect facilitates the voting process, making it easier for people to vote.  It’s feels good to express your ideas today,  less inhibitions, a more positive attitude.  In Scorpio, so folks are passionate and persistent about expressing their opinion.  Again, it brings good voter turnout.

Overall it looks very good for voter turnout on election day along with a lot of contention and overbearing attitudes.

Donald Trump

Mercury trine Saturn.  Excellent.  Whatever is trine or sextile to Saturn is what others like about you.  People like what he has to say and find it is within reason, respectable.  Moon opposition Mars, contentious for most folks, but remember his Moon opposition USA Mars is what makes him so attractive to the American people.  This and going through his 7th house of relationships means people feel better about him.  Also note, USA’s Mercury at 24d Cancer, conjunct Trump’s Saturn means the power of the USA’s Mercury trine Mercury flows more easily towards him.  This transit more than any other, due to the synastry, indicates Americans favor Trump.  But of course what matters most is not how the people vote, but who counts the votes.  The rigged primaries taught us that.

Progressions.  Trump’s progressed Moon is getting really close to his Saturn and USA’s Mercury.  Time for introspection and making his home coincidental with his structural plans.  It’s time for him to get a grip on reality and because it coincides with USA’s Mercury, that means he could help USA get a grip on reality.  Progressed Sun conjunct Ascendant and going into the first house, very good for him, gives him more energy.  Also means he’s entering a more self-centered time in his life.  If that could be possible for him.

Hillary Clinton

Sun conjunct Venus.  She seems more beautiful than she has been in a while.  People say a lot of nice things about her.  She is congenial, but it’s in Scorpio, so there’s something hidden beneath the surface that is restrained.

Mercury conjunct Ascendant and moving close to the South Node.  She stays with the way she has been (South Node) and things from her past color her message.  Conjunct Ascendant means everything about her (Ascendant) is seen through her opinions, which she expresses stronger than usual.  In a way, it is quintessential Hillary who has natal Mercury conjunct Ascendant and square Saturn.  Overall a good transit that helps get her message out.

Venus opposition Uranus.  Not so good.  People are opposed to her hubris (Uranus) and things she has done in secret (8th house).  People could oppose her suddenly (Uranus).  Transit can be upsetting to the extent that you are too rigid and unable to change your habits.  It’s an exciting day for her that could bring about an unexpected break in relationships.

Mars sextile Jupiter.  This is her best transit for the day.  It really helps her grow and develop new opportunities.  Good day for starting new projects.  It also helps her with her legal problems as she is more likely to get her way.  It also gives her added strength and vitality.  A very good transit for her.

Uranus trine Saturn.  Her best transit throughout the course of this campaign.  This is the transit that brings so much opportunity from authority figures.  So on this day, we can expect the majority of the status quo authority to support her in every way that they can.  Whenever you have a Uranus-Saturn connection, it’s often about realizing your potential in life.  With the trine, it is a great opportunity to do that.  And like with Trump’s Mercury trine Saturn, it’s what people like about her, so people think her progressive (Uranus) qualities are within reason.  They don’t see her as revolutionary, rather as status quo.

Moon trine Uranus.  Good for her.  Again it brings out her progressive qualities.

Saturn conjunct progressed Jupiter.  This makes her restless and feeling restricted.  Saturn acts like a wet blanket on your growth and it stops you, depending on how realistic you have been.  Her exuberance (Jupiter) meets restraint and a demand from authority figures, often a time of accountability, not getting what you want.  Last year when he had Saturn conjunct Jupiter, I thought this would be a time when she would face accountability, especially since Jupiter rules the 9th house where she has such an intense group of planets.  At that time the issue of her server came to light, but she weathered that storm.  But the issue has not gone away.  It’s the same transit, only now to her progressed Jupiter.  My interpretation is that the accountability that I expected at the conjunction to natal Jupiter will actually occur on the conjunct to progressed Jupiter.

So there you have it.  My take on this is that both candidates have some good transits, but Hillary faces a time of accountability that to me says she is held back by authority figures, likely due to the problems surrounding her email server while Trump enjoys better synastry with the USA.  Overall, it seems more consistent with a Trump victory.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes and please leave comments.

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