Weekly Astrology Notes November 20-27, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes November 20-27, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Weekly Summary: We have an exciting week in store just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. We have Jupiter square Pluto, the biggest aspect in the last two months, and we have a lot more planetary aspects this week than usual. Overall it looks like a great week for business with people in a spending mood. Mercury has a huge week with 3 outer planet aspects giving us an infusion of new awareness into the conscious mind encouraging us expand our perspective (Mercury sextile Jupiter), think more carefully (Mercury conjunct Saturn) and adopt new ideas (Mercury trine Uranus). Venus has a big day on Friday with two aspects.

And on Thanksgiving Day, the first pass of Jupiter square Pluto is a passionate and opportunistic moment that will reveal the first signs of the new financial system that came into being during Jupiter trine Pluto. But we might also see another false flag attack orchestrated by members of the evil cabal that refuse to let go of their strangle hold on humanity.

SUNDAY 11/20
A mellow Sunday but the evening could be disruptive us we must overcome dark forces and heal the psyche during the Last Quarter Moon.

12:36am – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) Middle of the night.

9:08am – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires) Looking for a creative outlet, something surprising.

The Last Quarter Moon aspect is more in effect this evening than the next.

MONDAY 11/21
Monday during the day looks pretty good with Sun entering Sagittarius, the jovial holiday season starts.

12:33am – Moon (Leo) square Sun (Scorpio). The Last Quarter Moon and we face the monthly challenge for emotional relevance. This month we experience the challenge of the square from Leo to Scorpio, which can been seen as a battle between the forces of light (Leo) and the forces of darkness (Scorpio). We need to overcome the dark elements of the psyche, fight back unhealthy lusts or need for vengeance in order to clear the way to creative self expression (Leo). Healing is possible if you harness the energy for positive ends. Void of Course begins.

1:34am – Moon enters Virgo. The pace quickens as we seek to be helpful (Virgo). We are more critical and timely, more concerned with health issues, a bit apprehensive and looking to make precise adjustments in our lives.

1:23pm – Sun enters Sagittarius. The holiday season feels like it begins when the Sun enters Sagittarius. Generous, forgiving, open-minded and loud, those traits pervade through the next 30 days.

7:08pm – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces). We loose our sense of proportion so that we can help someone who is lost. Life is about service towards others. Confusion and delusional thinking happens when we can’t interpret the subtle impressions in the mind.
Mercury sextile Jupiter makes it an optimistic and idealistic day with lots of communication. A good day to resolve your differences with others.

12:36am – Moon (Virgo) trine Venus (Capricorn) Mood mellows, feels good to take care of yourself.

6:32am – Moon (Virgo) square Mercury (Sagittarius) Active mind move from one thing to another looking for satisfaction. Be happy with just one thing to overcome the restlessness.

7:37am – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Burst of energy is internalized where it can do a lot of good. Very efficient use of energy and very helpful towards others.

9:41am – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius) A difficult moment when nothing seems to satisfy, we feel restricted to a narrow band of expression but can conceive of so much more. Although is shouldn’t effect us too much because of the next aspect. Void of Course begins, continues until tomorrow noon. Very Long Void of Course.

10:19am – Mercury (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter (Libra). Abundance (Jupiter) of ideas (Mercury), especially with Mercury in Sagittarius. Broad-minded, forgiving, generous, careless with details, jovial and happy, positive and idealistic outlook on life. Very intellectual, curious and looking for opportunities (sextile) to connect with others. A good day for planning and thinking about getting ahead in life. Aspect is great for business. We have a lot of that this week. Good for public speaking, especially to groups like professional organizations or universities. A good day for the news media which may give us a broader perspective than usual. On this day, people are louder than usual. It’ll be the opposite tomorrow, so it’ll be nice to observe the contrast between today and tomorrow. Aspect facilitates communication in general and is good for relationships (Libra) as you’ll find it easier to communicate with your partner today. A good day to resolve your differences as everyone is in a more forgiving mood.

Mercury conjunct Saturn slows down the mind for critical thinking and a search for more meaningful wisdom.

10:44am – Mercury conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius) Today communication (Mercury) is narrow in focus and with a desire for self-preservation (Saturn). This slows down communication and inhibits expressing warmth. It can be hard to find the right words, so people slow down, talk softly. People are conservative and are willing to put off present gain for future success. Today people exercise more self-control, discipline and are more conscientious about what they say. Few will raise their voice for fear of undermining their success and reputation.

Today, we are concerned with how to use everything in an efficient manner. Very precise and discriminating and tend to avoid anything that is unrealistic or impractical. Good for critical thinking. A good aspect for planning for a better future. In Sagittarius, this aspect brings some clarity and realistic thinking to all things ruled by Sagittarius, such as religion, politics (secular religion), sports and higher education. There will be much talk (Mercury) about restructuring (Saturn) these areas of life. Likely to hear a lot of realistic and conservative statements coming from the news media. Sagittarius is wise and so we can expect to hear more wisdom than usual.

When taken in the context of the entire Saturn in Sagittarius time we live in, this is an important aspect on a political level. It is on this day that we find the need to embrace wisdom (Sagittarius) as a means to get a grip on reality (Saturn). We are all craving more information (Sagittarius) now, but we need a rather specific (Saturn) type of wisdom, the kind that helps sustain us through hard times. We need to get rid of false ideas (Mercury), ones that really do not serve our need to have certainty (Saturn) in life. Many will be in a somewhat solitary mood today, preferring to be alone with their thoughts so they can have a chance to evaluate and restructure their thinking on many issues, especially political.

11:42am – Moon enters Libra. Instinct turns towards relationships and the people who help sustain us through the hard times. Congenial and agreeable.

3:56pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Sun (Sagittarius) The last sextile before the New Moon is always a good time. In these signs we are very social and expressive, good time to be with friends.

Thanksgiving Day and Jupiter square Pluto brings a very opportunistic day with people feeling more passionate and energetic than usual. It should make this day particularly thankful. However, there are some words of caution regarding a possible false flag event.

10:40am – Moon (Libra) trine Mars (Aquarius) Feeling liberated and invigorated. Good for working with others in a creative, liberating way. An excellent aspect for working in tandem with peers for the purpose of professional advancement.

2:42pm – Jupiter (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn). Description at end.

6:22pm – Moon (Libra) square Venus (Capricorn) Hard to make up your mind.

7:17pm – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn) Strong burst of energy to activate the Jupiter square Pluto aspect.

7:21pm – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Libra) More activation of the Jupiter square Pluto aspect. Feeling generous and harmonious.

9:52pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) Time to focus and get sober.

FRIDAY 11/25
Excellent day for business. Venus conjunct Pluto and Venus square Jupiter and folks are in a spending mood on the biggest shopping day of the year. Chiron goes Direct.

2:28am – Moon (Libra) sextile Mercury (Sagittarius) Middle of the night.

3:48am – Venus conjunct Pluto (Capricorn). This aspect brings up intense (Pluto) feelings (Venus). A desire to merge with another in a powerful, often sexual, way. We seek powerful experiences. It may not be good. Pluto is defiant and does not like to conform to outside authority. The problem is we may abandon better judgment (Capricorn) and cause problems for ourselves.

Existing relationships may experience a disruption. The disruptive energy could come from some lingering discontent below the surface that is really to erupt or from some outside source. This aspect could bring out the best or worst in your partner. The controlling, manipulative, dark side of Pluto can work beneath the surface to undermine your intentions. Venus is eloquent, needs balance but is prone to lie, they would say stretch the truth in order maintain appearances. Put the two together and you get a combination that is willing to lie about sex. Subversive sexual behavior is a danger with this aspect. However, one should not overlook the potential positive connotation for relationships as well. The ability to give of yourself and give the power of love to your partner is very strong with this aspect. The depth of feelings you can feel for another is truly amazing. Even in Capricorn which limits expression to a narrow band or frequency, you can still feel much deeper than usual. With this aspect, new relationships likely start with sex.

Aspect could bring out a strong display of materialism. Venus in Capricorn like to dress for success and this aspect will amplify that. With the holidays upon us, that means folks are ready to spend money to get the look of success.

5:45am – Venus (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra). This square is the easiest square in the book. Not bad at all. This aspect brings out indulgence and a general lack of self-control. It is very congenial and generous, warm and caring. This aspect already brings out a desire to splurge on luxurious items, on the biggest shopping day of the year, it is even more of an indication that business is very good today.

In light of the previous aspect, relationships should experience a very positive moment. Jupiter enables us to let down our guard and open up to our partner, as well as other people in general. Abundance of warmth and good feelings can be shared with your partner. This should be a great time for relationships. Good for family holiday festivities.

5:52am – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires). Sudden mental clarity gets folks moving, good sense of direction. Void of Course begins, continues until midnight.

Long Void of Course. Generally not a good time to start new projects. Moon in Libra has a hard time making up its’ mind during the Void of Course.

12:01am – Moon enters Scorpio. Folks get a bit intense but it’s mostly all below the surface. Very honorable and willing to do the right thing under the right circumstances. Instincts more attuned, more psychic.

5:38am – Mercury (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires). Today people may think they hear the voice of God. The trine from Sagittarius to Aires means that we have an abundance of information (Sagittarius) with which to meet the world (Aires). However, the expansive and religious nature of Sagittarius means we sometimes think we have the voice of God within us and give ourselves license to do as we please. This element of the Sagittarius to Aires trine become more prominent with these two planets involved. Uranus is the higher vibration of Mercury. We often say Mercury is the conscious mind, that would mean that Uranus is the collective conscious mind. This trine gives us a very expansive mind that encourages us to meet the world is a transpersonal way. In other words, in our high mindedness we easily loose sight of our limitations and think we are much more than we currently are.

The reason why I mention this is because this particular aspect is really amazing. The fire signs ignite the intellect to incredible heights of imagination and ingenuity. Conceptualization is greatly enhanced. It is easy to conceive an idea and expand on it, test it in your head, and modify it. Aspect is great for working with others in a community effort to create something innovative that brings more freedom and adaptability to people.

Aspect is great for the study of any scientific subject as well as esoteric subjects like astrology. The mind has an electric quality that is very curious and unafraid to explore new ideas. This trine means we draw from existing knowledge (Sagittarius) and use it to meet the world (Aires) is a whole new way. So, whatever you do is likely to easily accepted by the rest of society. As such it is very opportunistic in nature. It encourages us to take what we can from the environment and adapt it to improve our lives.

The energy of invention and innovation is in the air today. You’ll need to find something interesting to occupy your mind today lest you get bored. Group activities are favored as you’ll likely find it very rewarding socially.
SUNDAY 11/27

3:24am – Moon (Scorpio) square Mars (Aquarius) Strong compulsions bring a quick burst of energy. The secrets you keep or kept from you make you agitated.

8:09am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Lots of drive and stamina to take care of your home and emotional foundations in life. Good time to attend to what is really important to you.

1:48am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Venus (Capricorn) A pleasant aspect.
Jupiter square Pluto
First pass 11/24/2016 at 15d, both planets Direct. Second pass 3/30/2017 at 19d, Jupiter Retrograde, Pluto Direct. Third pass 8/5/2017 at 17d, Jupiter Direct, Pluto Retrograde.

This is the biggest aspect happening this month. Rather coincidental for the USA as this is Thanksgiving Day in the USA. First of, let me say that there is a lot to be said about this aspect and this is just the first installment. The aspect will unleash powerful forces within society, some good, some bad, some really bad, and the important thing is to maintain your personal boundary.

Jupiter rules growth, religion, higher education, sports and the news media, It expands whatever it touches. In this case, Pluto, the ruler of transformation, which rules things we hold in common, like power, sex and money. The square creates a challenge to incorporate the two elements. In this case we seek to expand our own power of transformation, expand our identity as agents of change in society and broadcast (Jupiter) our power (Pluto). This is just about the most ambitious aspect in the book. So everyone is looking to get ahead. Everyone is an opportunist at this time. Many people will feel the need to show the world that they are a power to be reckoned with. Some folks could go on a power trip.

The biggest issue with this aspect is morals. You must do the right thing. You cannot cut corners, avoid necessary protocol, make up your own rules – Jupiter loves to do that and Pluto gives folks the willingness to play with power beyond their own. In short, anything that is unfair – Libra demands fair play – will create karma in your life. However, everything you do now that is respectable, honorable and just will also come back to you as well, but in a good way. So if you seek to get ahead and help others do the same, then you are on safe ground with this aspect.

The amount of energy coming into the collective Tuesday through Saturday is enormous. Pluto gives us power, stamina, drive and most importantly passion. Jupiter encourages us to take a chance. With Pluto in Capricorn, everyone sees this as an opportunity to become an authority figure in their own right. Pluto is also obsessive. The result could manifest as serious disagreements that leads to open fighting. Jupiter rules religion, so people are much more expressive of and obsessed with their religious views, both secular or non-secular. Jupiter also rules higher education, so this recent behavior by colleges and universities to create safe spaces is one manifestation of this obsessive quality.

At this time, people feel more encouraged to take control of their own lives. Everyone sees themselves as a personal agent of societal transformation. They want to control their own process of growth and transformation and free themselves from those perspectives (Jupiter) that deny them their own power. The danger for some is to develop a plan of action and become so obsessed with it that they loose perspective (Jupiter). There is a compulsive tendency to show your value, prove your worth, demand consideration from others. However there is also a strong desire to work for the common good and this aspect will encourage people to get involved in their community and take charge of transforming it. A lot of positive energy can be harnessed for the collective good at this time.

The Libra to Capricorn square always manifests as a challenge between career (Capricorn) and relationships (Libra). In this case relationships face a crisis to allow both partners the freedom to grow (Jupiter). Pluto is controlling and Capricorn is limiting, so this square could hit some relationships hard. Shared values and other things held in common (Pluto) need to be incorporated fairly into a relationship and if not, Pluto has a tendency to severe the relationship and Capricorn is cold enough to do it. Pluto squares have a propensity for cutting away and isolationism. Unfortunately it can be rather abrupt. It is important to not take things personally or dwell in darkness seeking revenge. Pluto is like a volcano that brings up stuff from deep below the surface and Jupiter can think it has a special connection to God. This aspect makes some people believe they are God and are just to seek vindication. Very dangerous.

What we are seeing now is a powerful change in human society unfolding. Pluto rules things which we hold in common, like sexuality. Our sexuality is not entirely our own, it is ours to use exclusively, but it still belongs to the community. So we need to be aware of this fact as we live our lives. Astrology teaches us about life and in doing so sets our thinking straight on many issues, including sexuality. The liberal agenda has a very demanding perspective on human sexuality. They have normalized their perspective and marginalize all others, while not really considering the issue regards something that we do in private. So they have been on a serious power trip for a long time now and this aspect is going to bring their philosophy to the forefront of social discourse and they will be louder and more overbearing than ever. Issues like how much privacy we have to determine our own opinions and internet pornography will become more relevant.

I am not taking a political side, merely pointing out that the issue of privacy (Scorpio) has not been properly considered in the debate and this aspect will bring that to the surface. The ethics (Jupiter) of sexuality (Pluto) will be restructured (square). Potentially this aspect could help society address the issue of internet pornography. It is more important than ever that people, men, avoid it during this time. You will waste the good energy that can come to you with this aspect. Instead, use this energy of this aspect to severe yourself from that mental poison.

Other powerful changes in society include more changes in the banking industry. Starting last year until early this year we had Jupiter trine Pluto which brought great changes in the world of international banking. Some of my viewers may recall my video Jupiter trine Pluto, A change for the better. The change for the better that took place in world of banking at that time will now be structured and put into solid form at the square. Some banks and bankers now faces a time of judgment. Our awareness of their true predicament, which is now very precarious, will increase. Although much of the details of the Jupiter trine Pluto was absent from the mainstream media, that will not be the case this time around. Squares and oppositions tend to make the news more than trines and sextiles, just a basic fact of life. Everyone will now become aware of what already happened as the results are now codified and put into law. The system to replace the US dollar as the world reserve currency came into place during Jupiter trine Pluto. Now the banks and bankers that did not do their proper part for the good of humanity face judgment and possible extinction. This time it will be on the news.

In the USA, the crisis of the election results created the dynamic tension that we see so clearly now with the riots and excessive and dramatic displays of pain. However, for those who voted for the winner, now comes a rush to take advantage of the new opportunities. Essentially it is like getting out of prison for them. The political correctness that has stifled philosophical (Jupiter) development is now facing a sudden force for change.

As well, the news media faces a time of judgment. They have already been confounded about Trumps’ election. Now they are either forced to change or face irrelevancy. There will likely be a serious attempt by dark forces (Pluto) such as George Soros and his minions in the liberal news media to start riots or possibly even a serious false flag attack. It is important to mention that the rioters are mostly funded by people who play with the dark side of Pluto, like George Soros. Check out his transits. As you can see, this Jupiter square Pluto is forming a T-square on his natal Uranus at 15d Aires. He faces a time of judgment. He needs to be very careful as his hubris and willfulness (Uranus) face tough opposition and accountability. In addition, there are numerous reports floating around the internet about a possible false flag in Chicago, courtesy of him and Rahm Emanuel. Check out his transits around Christmas. The grand confluence of planets at 20d will hit his Venus at 20d Libra. This is a very tumultuous time for him as well. And also a good time to mention John Podesta whose secret life as a pedophile and satanist is now being revealed. Notice how this Jupiter square Pluto is influencing his natal Neptune. All 3 of these men face serious challenges and may do something very brash before the end of this year. I mentioned these people primarily because astrology has shown us that the people who have major transits coincidental with major aspects are the ones who manifest the energy for the collective, both good and bad.

The most extreme negative manifestation of this aspect will come from the dark forces who will try nothing less than to start a revolution here in the USA. George Soros, the creator of the color revolutions, is already mapping out his strategy.

As with all outer planet aspects, the best strategy to take is to draw a boundary around yourself. Remind yourself what is me, what is not me. Recollect your better judgment and stick with that. Meditate and do whatever it takes to maintain your personal connection to the Divine Source. Many of these people cannot be stopped, it’s best to just get out of the way and let this run its’ course without getting yourself caught up in it. All the people participating in these protests around the country are loosing themselves in a delusional effort to change other people when they should be using this wonderful, powerful energy to change themselves. “You say you want a revolution? Free your own mind instead.”

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes and please leave comments. I am making an additional video regarding major astrological events happening next month. Lots more to come for this year.


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