Weekly Astrology Notes November 27 – December 4, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes November 27 – December 4, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Weekly Summary:

Sunday, Moon in Scorpio makes it a good time to attend to the home and private matters.

On Monday no exact aspects, make up your own.

On Tuesday, the New Moon in Sagittarius and we’re looking to make a good impression. But Venus square Uranus brings a bit of disruption.

On Wednesday, we have a hard time connecting with reality with Sun square Neptune.

On Thursday, Mars trine Jupiter brings high energy and a good attitude.

On Friday, we’re more reserved with Moon in Capricorn and Mercury enters Capricorn as well.

On Saturday, Mars sextile Saturn make it a great day to start a business or attend to your hobbies.

On Sunday, Moon in Aquarius and you’ll want to do something liberating.

SUNDAY 11/27
Time to attend to the home and private matters.

3:24am – Moon (Scorpio) square Mars (Aquarius) Strong compulsions bring a quick burst of energy. The secrets you keep or kept from you make you agitated.

8:09am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Lots of drive and stamina to take care of your home and emotional foundations in life. Good time to attend to what is really important to you.

1:48pm – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Venus (Capricorn) A pleasant aspect. Void of Course begins, continues until next day.

MONDAY 11/28
No exact aspects.

12:46pm – Moon enters Sagittarius. Idealistic and wanting to consume knowledge. Broad-minded and looking for adventure, makes some folks restless and thinking too far ahead. Slow down and enjoy one thing at a time. Moon rules Cancer, which makes a quincunx (Virgo/Scorpio) to Sagittarius, so the Moon is out of its’ element, so to speak. It needs to make a precise adjustment and that translates into learning how to enjoy one thing at a time and not biting off more than you can chew.

New Moon in Sagittarius and we’re looking to make a good impression. But Venus square Uranus brings a bit of disruption.

4:18am – Moon conjunct Sun (Sagittarius) The New Moon, this month at 7d43′ Sagittarius. This month we come out of the heavy psychic time that included a lot of purification and emerge with an expanded perspective. Sagittarius say “I perceive”. We are looking to make a positive impression on the world and express the best part of ourselves. We have a strong need for information and want to keep up to date on what is new. This month idealism makes folks restless and looking for a change. A desire to travel.

The upcoming Jupiter opposition Uranus is starting to take effect and the energy of this New Moon will introduce us to that by getting us more amplified and courageous, feeling lucky. It will also put us in a more spending mood.

However, we will have a lot of unconscious impulses to contend with this month. The Neptune squares means it’s time for attending to our spiritual practice. After all Neptune is spirituality and the square means there is work to be done. Sun square Neptune along with Moon square Neptune means we need to overcome confusion and contend with things we cannot see. Compassion and tenderness is an absolute must in our dealing with others.

7:26am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)

12:20pm – Venus (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires) Venus rules our not only our relationships, but also our sense of beauty and harmony. The square to Uranus means we seek to include rebellion in those things. If life is too harmonious it can get boring, sometimes we need a bit of agitation to stir things up a bit. There is a desire to agitate you own personal comfort zone (Venus rules Taurus) even to the point of creating a disturbance just to feel the excitement. The desire to push other people’s buttons, so to speak, and poke them a bit just to get a response is just a way of saying you are bored and want to know what they are thinking.

Uranus is intellectual and this aspect makes you insatiably curious, even to the point of promiscuity. When that happens, it’s when you see the freedom and mobility (Uranus) of another (Venus) and want to incorporate that into yourself, even though it may not be someone you truly share affinity with. The rebellious and liberated energy of Uranus does not look after the needs of the heart. So when the Uranus square comes along and we feel compelled to incorporate that rebellious energy within ourselves, we often lack the maturity to do so without somehow disrupting our lives and loosing better judgment.

Relationships that start today are likely to be unconventional and resistant to traditional roles and values. Existing relationships could experience restlessness and disagreements.

In your one-to-one interactions today, you may have to contend with unpleasant surprises or unusual willfulness. It’s always an invitation to move you outside of your safe and secure boundary. Try to stay in bounds. The more self-contained and self-assured you are, the less it can irritate you.

7:59pm – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Mars (Aquarius) This evening there are 2 beneficial Moon sextiles as the Moon hits the midpoint between Mars trine Jupiter. Mars brings added energy and vigor to liven up the evening.

10:20pm – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter (Libra) Brings a positive uplifting attitude to make for an enjoyable evening.
We have a hard time connecting with reality with Sun square Neptune.

12:16am – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius) Energy slows down, very good time for reflection and therapy, although middle of the night.

6:45am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires) Wednesday morning, intellect is bright, we greet the world with a better vision.

5:17pm – Sun (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces) The Sagittarius to Pisces square is characterized as going beyond your limits and having a hard time connecting with mundane reality. We feel unlimited because neither sign has any brakes. In this case the will and sense of self (Sun) merges with the collective (Neptune) where we seek to experience the highs and lows, the good and the bad in order to experience totality (Pisces). In the process it is very easy to loose sight of who you are, get confused, become delusional, possibly even develop a God complex, and not really knowing how to deal with what you see.

This aspect can bring up strong feelings of wanting to travel to foreign lands and see as much of life as possible without really thinking it through practically. Likewise, you may travel great distances in your mind. Aspect brings up philosophy and conceptual thinking and is meant to help you overcome limitations to your thinking and help you understand all that you do not see. The confusion comes about when we aren’t able to handle to subtle impressions that rise from the unconscious. Easy to make mental errors, overlook important details and loose sight of better judgment.

The interesting thing about this square is that the Sagittarius to Pisces square is the last square in the 12 step process, and as such, it signifies the learning lesson necessary to be successful in the 4th quadrant (10th, 11th and 12th houses) of the chart. So despite being philosophical, the inspiration that comes with this aspect is meant to guide us towards worldly success through enlightening (Sagittarius) others (Pisces). It makes you want to give your wisdom and perception (Sagittarius) to all of humanity (Pisces). But you’re delusional if you think you can do that and not loose sight of your limits.

8:08pm – Moon conjunct Mercury (Sagittarius). Very good instincts and reflexes, good for mental work. Void of Course begins.
Mars trine Jupiter brings high energy and a good attitude.

12:52am – Moon enters Capricorn. Emotions contract and instincts turn toward self-preservation. People are more self-controlled, sober and willing to put off present comfort for future gain. Sometimes cold, unwilling to admit to insecurities and unable to understand the plight of the needy. Time to take care of those things that will keep you strong when life gets hard.

7:16pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) We are are more sensitive to others needs, but energy level is low and we feel like relaxing.

7:46pm – Mars (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra). The trine from Libra to Aquarius is characterized as a partnership (Libra) becomes a source of intellectual and/or evolutionary expansion (Aquarius). The trine from Mars to Jupiter is characterized as initiating (Mars) action to bring out the best (Jupiter) in yourself.

We’re more energetic, more intellectual, desire freedom in socially acceptable manner – in agreement with conventional wisdom (Jupiter) – want to make a good impression on others, heads up and ready for a conversation, open to something new. A good time to settle disagreements with others. Minds are sharp (Mars in Aquarius) and easily forgive (Jupiter) in order to move on. Physical energy increases, folks will want to get in a good workout or any physical activity for self-improvement. Yoga in particular is strongly indicated because we have Jupiter and Aquarius together in a positive way. This aspect initiates expansion of the muscles and tendons, you really need to stretch and do something vigorous with all this wonderful energy because the abundant supply of positive energy will make it hard to sit still.

Jupiter is lucky and Mars says “I am”, so folks feel more daring and adventuresome, but in a good way, not rebellious. Good aspect for starting a romance (Libra) and new relationships that begin now will be exciting and physical. Existing relationships should do quite well also. This aspect at times can make folks think they are bigger (Jupiter) than they really are and look to expand their ego (Mars). In Air signs, some may think they know more than they do. Nonetheless it’s a very positive aspect.

We’re more reserved today Moon in Capricorn and Mercury enters Capricorn as well.

8:27am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Intense and compulsive (Pluto) need (Moon) to feel secure (Capricorn).

10:40am – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra) The urge to expand is stifled by Capricorn which won’t allow it. Doubt and uncertainty, really poor time for decisions. Overindulgence likely.

1:19pm – Mercury enters Capricorn. Will be in Capricorn until 1/5/17, during which time it goes retrograde, dips back down in Sagittarius for a few days and goes back into Capricorn 1/13 to 2/8. That’s about 2 months in Capricorn. Communication is more self-controlled, geared toward important matters, issues of self-preservation. Persistence and conservative thinking masks ambition. People are more reserved and observe tradition. Think like it’s winter.

5:57pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires) Restless energy looking for a grip on reality (Capricorn).

Mars sextile Saturn make it a great day to start a business or attend to your hobbies.

2:16am – Moon conjunct Venus (Capricorn). Middle of the night. Void of Course begins.

4:16am – Mars (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius). The sextile from Aquarius to Sagittarius is characterized as intensely curious (Aquarius) and enthusiastic (Sagittarius) about life. It is extremely adaptable and can be applied to a wide variety of endeavors, often associated with social welfare and improving conditions in society. Mars sextile Saturn is characterized as an ability to work patiently and intelligently, with minimal wasted effort. A good day to work hard with the promise of future gain. Today we should be more self-discipline, less frivolous and find it easier to sacrifice our ego needs for the greater good.

It is not a high energy day, but more of a day where you make the most of what you have and are happy about it. Saturn is the master of earth and Mars loves to build something whenever there is a positive connection to Saturn. It preserves the identity and gives one a sense of pride. So, today is a good day to start a new business. You are sure to utilize your resources carefully.

11:44am – Moon enters Aquarius. Our instincts turn toward friends and associates, social causes and freedom. The openness of Aquarius gives people a chance for a change of pace, doing something different or unconventional to break up the stagnant energy in life. Intellectual interests peak as well.

Moon in Aquarius and you’ll want to do something liberating.

12:56pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Sun (Sagittarius) Creative and inspirational. Liberating, expressive and expansive. Great aspect for doing whatever comes to mind.

9:13pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra). Very sociable and caring. Good time for a social gathering or just being in a crowd.

10:34pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) Energy level decreases but our minds think very well, we’re practical.

Astrology Trends this week:

The New Moon occurs on the USA’s Decendant. A time of potential ego conflicts and the need to fight it out with the opposition. A rather confrontational time when the USA will air it’s internal conflicts. However, at the same time, a lot of national insecurities come to the surface. A time that requires professional help to resolve the differences. Women’s (Moon) issues and perspectives should see more prominence this month as the nation seeks balance while the Sun transits the 7th house. Nationally we are more sensitive and need to attend to our diplomatic (Libra) affairs. This month will bring a lot of awareness to the USA. The opposition always does.

Mars sextile Saturn on December 3rd aspects USA’s Moon and MC. A time of building structure in government and development of new policies for USA’s destiny. The new authority (Saturn) seeks to opportunity (sextile) to preserve (Saturn) America’s destiny (MC) and home (Moon).

Newt Gingrich
Not being political, just using him as a good example. Saturn opposition Saturn. A very good transit to see if your life is going in the right direction and you are in the right career. At Saturn conjunct Saturn, you restructure your life and career, often starting a new career. 14 years later at the opposition, you face the test to see if you made the right choice. If you meet lots of resistance then the answer is “no”, and if you find yourself doing well then the answer is “yes”. It’s rather cut and dry with Saturn. Notice he’s also having Jupiter trine Saturn. It looks like he’s doing well so that means he made the right changes 14 years ago.

Donald Trump
Saturn sextile Jupiter. Excellent for him. He’s working maximize and make efficient use (Saturn) of growth opportunities (Jupiter). He’s also getting Uranus trine Moon, changes in the home. Looks like he’s moving to Washington D.C.

Astrological Trends

Jupiter will stay within 1 degree of making a sextile to Saturn for the next 6 weeks, but this aspect will not actually occur until Aug 27, 2017. Nonetheless, we should note that the aspect Jupiter (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius) is in effect now and for an extended period of time. This aspect is great for leadership and taking charge of your life. Jupiter and Saturn together are the kingmakers. When they are in harmony it denotes good leadership ability and maximizing your available resources. Jupiter loosens Saturn up a bit so authority structures can expand and Saturn sobers Jupiter up a bit so idealism is tempered. It’s a win-win situation, you can correct yourself, it makes for balanced growth with better judgment.

To add a bit of an astrology lesson to the mix. Consider that Jupiter and Saturn are in a category unto themselves, they are the social planets. Together, these two planets define your finite boundary, how you function socially. When asked you describe yourself, you would describe the best part of yourself (Jupiter). When someone asks you what you do for a living, you would indicate your career (Saturn). So these two planets together define your finite sense of self in society. There is of course part of you that co-exists with elements beyond that which corresponds to the the transpersonal planets, as well as a an inner you, which corresponds to the inner planets.

At this time, we have an opportunity (sextile) to put the best part of ourselves forward in everything we do. To behave, if we want, in a manner which is very balanced and socially acceptable. It may sound crazy if you look at the news and all of the extreme behavior they love to report. But really, it is a rather opportunistic moment in time we now find ourselves in. Recall every sextile and trine to Saturn in your chart is something that others like about you. This aspect means that now, if you do act agreeably, people will like the best part of you. Never has it been more profitable to think positively about yourself and what you can personally achieve in life. This aspect is great for planning for the future.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes and please leave comments. I am making an additional video regarding major astrological events happening next month. Lots more to come for this year.

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  1. Thank you so much Tom for your encouraging report, made me feel a bit more enlightened.
    I would like you to read my chart, how can I contact you?
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    1. I would be happy to do a reading for you. You are one of my best subscribers on youtube. I must thank you for that.

      A full natal chart reading for $120 or a transit reading for $60. You can email your birth data to me at Mobilstar7@yahoo.com. That is also my Paypal account where you can send payment. If you like, we can over more details about readings before you decide. Just email me. If you are just interested in a specific question or issue, then I could work with you on that for very little. Thanks again for you interest and I hope we can do a reading whenever you are ready. Many blessings and stay connected.


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