Weekly Astrology Notes December 11-18, 2016

Weekly Astrology Notes December 11-18, 2016

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Weekly Summary:
Only one planetary aspect this week and it’s this Sunday. The rest of the week is only Moon aspects.

Also this week: Hillary Clinton, The EU and the recent vote in Italy, and potential revelations about an ancient civilazation in the Antarctic.
On Sunday, a fun and exciting day with Sun (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires). We’re very invigorated as we greet the world with an abundance of creative energy. A fateful day as well. The Moon moves into place to form 3 Yod configurations. A great opportunity to merge our emotional force with the collective.

On Monday, Moon in Gemini and we see two sides to everything.

On Tuesday, the Full Moon in Gemini has many challenges this month.

On Wednesday, Moon enters Cancer and emotions play a central role in our lives for the next couple of days. Let them flow.

On Thursday, Moon in Cancer faces some tough aspects, we feel a bit restless and need to adjust.

On Friday, Moon enters Leo and people are dramatic and looking for a stage to perform on.

On Saturday, harmonious Moon in Leo aspects make for a good day to have some fun.

On Sunday, true to Moon in Leo, early in the day is dramatic with surprising ups and downs. By mid-morning Moon enters Virgo and we spend the day attending to details, like health and cleaning the home.

SUNDAY 12/11
Fun and exciting Sunday with Sun (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires). We’re very invigorated as we greet the world with an abundance of creative energy. A fateful day as well. The Moon moves into place to form 3 Yod configurations. A great opportunity to merge our emotional force with the collective. Today is really the greatest opportunity to transform your life for the better that I have seen in a long time. Take advantage of it.

6:54am – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn). A strong burst of positive energy in the morning. Great for early morning workout.

8:04pm – Moon (Taurus) square Mars (Aquarius). A quick burst of energy can create disputes. Personal values versus egalitarian values. You’ll need to release the energy is a productive manner.

10:56pm – Sun (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires). And abundance (Sagittarius) of creativity (Sun) with which to greet the world (Aires) in an independent and unique (Uranus) way. A breath of fresh air. Energy is bright and intelligent. Today we are interested in expressing (Sun) our independent lifestyle (Uranus). It’s a good day for taking the next step in our spiritual evolution (Uranus). Today we are more community oriented (Uranus), we want to create (Sun) in harmony (trine) with the goals of the collective (Uranus). Although we are all more free-thinkers today, we still strive to adapt (Uranus) our creative (Sun) efforts to fit the needs of the community.

Aspect expands and stimulates the mind, increasing interest in scientific topics, although earnest study is best saved for another day. Today we want brisk excitement that expresses the unique and interesting side of ourselves. Friends play an important role and relations with them are better than usual. Everyone seems to interact much better today, each with his/her own independence that easily agrees with the group goals, a win-win situation. That’s what friends are for. A good time to be in a crowd amongst your peers. Today everyone is looking for opportunities to make new friends and associates. The creative energy is so high and inspirational that we attract whomever we need for the next stage of growth and evolution in our lives.

Sunday about Mid-day:
This does not happen to often so we need to take a careful look at it. 3 Yods, 1 points to Jupiter, the other 2 point to the Moon. The backbone of all 3 is the Moon quincunx Jupiter. A collective fateful event which produces an emotional evolution in each of us. We merge our emotions with the collective. These aspects are all very subtle and manifest quite differently in each of us. Many elements become fused together so that many issues can be resolved with one precise adjustment (quincunx). The effect is extraordinary passion and stamina, an intense resolve to rise above the dark (Scorpio) elements within ourselves and perfect (Virgo) ourselves. A good day to cast off emotional bonds and restrictions, let go of the past. A day for spiritual hygiene. Some may be very precise and cunning today, ready to severe themselves from anyone who restricts them. We are very socially intense and conscientious and ultimately want to adjust ourselves so that we can merge with the collective. That’s what the intensity is all about, merging with the collective. Our reputation, life force, our value to the collective, our competence amongst our peers, all of these things can be resolved in one simple precise adjustment. You have to figure out what this is for yourself.

Of no small consideration is the Uranus semi-sextile Chiron. I like to point these out. Once again with the semi-sextile we have a merging of the two elements. The pain of the collective is incorporated into our process of evolution. We deal with the pain and move on.

It would not surprise me if the the news regarding the attempted vote recount is announced about this time, which is about mid-day on Sunday.

On a personal level, if you feel really intense and agitated today, just know your emotions are merging with the collective in that moment and there is nothing you can about it, so don’t fight it. The guilt could get intense. It could be painful. You may want to criticize. Hold it in. Contain the energy. Brace yourself. Harness it rather than let it leak out. It’s like holding onto a rocket. The longer you hold on, the higher you go. Whatever burns out of you is what was holding you back and it will be purified. Whatever good you bring to the universe by way of a personal emotional adjustment will propel you to the next level of your spiritual evolution. The more you do this willingly, the easier it is.

If you are not looking at this day carefully it is easy to miss this, so I am not sure how many other astrologers out there are pointing this out.

MONDAY 12/12
Moon in Gemini and we see two sides to everything.

2:22pm – Moon (Gemini) trine Venus (Aquarius) Energy is harmonious and intellectual this afternoon.

7:31pm – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces) Confusion. Inhibits rational thinking and sharper faculties. Easy to shut others out and not care how they feel. Not a good time to make decisions.

Full Moon in Gemini has many challenges this month.

10:24am – Moon (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra) Abundance, warmth, good energy.

11:04am – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius) Feeling restricted emotionally. Judgmental and don’t feel like talking (Gemini).

1:18pm – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) Desire to break free from restrictions.

1:30pm – Moon (Gemini) square Chiron (Pisces). An emotional connection to pain. Feeling the pain of the collective, maybe even wanting to hurt others yourself. Energy can be really harsh.

Because this and other tough Moon aspects are happening near the Full Moon, it looks like we’re having a challenging full month this month.

4:05pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Sun (Sagittarius) Full Moon at 22d56′ Gemini. We have a difficult Full Moon this month. The Moon is in it’s death cycle in Gemini, the last step before Cancer.

There is a very strong need to let go of opinions (Gemini) and beliefs (Pisces) that are keeping you tied to the past, square to Pisces from the previous cycle. Bad, old habits and unresolved emotional issues that are long past expiration date are sure to leave you feeling weak and ineffective.

Easy to get confused, feel pain and suffering. Lots of folks may lash out with harsh words (Chiron). Very hard to consider other people’s feelings. The Neptune square emphasizes this point. Bitterness and disappointment if you don’t let go.

The Saturn opposition adds isolation and a need to take responsibility for your emotional state, whether it’s good or bad. Focused on material concerns.

Uranus sextile makes us a bit restless and wanting to break free from stagnant energy. And the Mars trine does give us a bit of added energy when we’re involved in group activities (Aquarius).

Overall, this is the month to let go of bad habits, old worn-out beliefs. A lot of spiritual work can be accomplished during this time. Be sure to take care of your health and stick to your regime. It would be a bad idea to slip back into old habits patterns. Understand that this is a time of cleansing. Everyone and the planet itself is cleansing in order to make way for the new year. So be gentle and tender with your body and with others this month. Have patience and humility.

9:57pm – Moon (Gemini) trine Mars (Aquarius) A burst of energy in the evening to help clear your mind. Void of Course begins. Continues until early next morning.

Moon enters Cancer and emotions play a central role in our lives for the next couple of days. Let them flow.

4:09am – Moon enters Cancer. Emotions play a central role in our lives for the next couple of days. We are more in need of nurturing and so we tend to withdraw into our shell. A good time to get in touch with your base emotion, that’s the usual emotional state you find yourself in. In some ways this is the start of the next Moon cycle. Moon is the ruler of Cancer, so this time each month we get the opportunity to rule our emotional state and initiate (1st step) a new base emotion. You can break a habit or overcome an insecurity in one lunar cycle because you can regenerate a new base emotion each cycle. Good time to get in touch with your instincts and restart your emotional foundation.

7:17pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) The emotional energy overflows into all things. Easy to blend into the collective and forgive yourself and others. Very tender and caring.
Moon in Cancer faces some tough aspects, we feel a bit restless and need to adjust.

2:25am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Mercury (Capricorn) Poor time to make decisions, emotions conflict with the conscious mind.

6:38am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Intense emotional need to be competent and powerful. Passion conflicts with our need for stability. Secrets are revealed in moments of emotional weakness. Beware of compulsive behavior.

11:08am – Moon (Cancer) square Jupiter(Libra) Emotions expand and we require attention from our partner. Be cautious of poor judgment and over-indulgence.

1:37pm – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires) We are more in touch with what we are not getting and this can make us restless and irritable. Socially cold and demanding, need to make an adjustment and be comfortable with that. Void of Course begins, continues until next morning.

FRIDAY 12/16
No exact aspects. Moon enters Leo and people are dramatic and looking for a stage to perform on.

5:15am – Moon enters Leo. Our attention turns towards our creative endeavors and hobbies. Good time for romance and spending time with your children. With a flare for the dramatic, we like to own the stage so we can move about freely like royalty.

Harmonious Moon in Leo aspects make for a good day to have some fun.

12:23am – Moon (Leo) opposition Venus (Aquarius) Feelings and emotions conflict.

2:51pm – Moon (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra) Feeling gregarious and romantic. Want to play and have fun.

3:24pm – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius) Emotions stable and dependable. Feeling content with what you have.

4:57pm – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires) Zest for life. A burst of creative energy.

SUNDAY 12/18
True to Moon in Leo, early in the day is dramatic with surprising ups and downs. By mid-morning Moon enters Virgo and we spend the day attending to details, like health and cleaning the home.

4:27am – Moon (Leo) trine Sun (Sagittarius) One of the best Moon trines you’ll ever find. Creative energy abounds. The force of light (Leo) and the fire of Sagittarius expel any darkness in our emotions (Moon) and we glow from within.

8:55am – Moon (Leo) opposition Mars (Aquarius). Energy decreases. Ego conflicts arise over personal satisfaction (Leo) versus group needs (Aquarius). Could bring up disagreements between parents and their kids. Void of Course begins.

9:52am – Moon enters Virgo. Healthy matters take on greater importance as we sense the connection between our subconscious thoughts (Moon) and our health (Virgo). We are a bit more critical, pay more attention to detail and generally go through a more active period where we find it hard to slow down or enjoy what we’re doing if it’s not useful and practical. General need to be helpful.

Interesting Stories:

Hillary Clinton
Last week on of my viewers asked me about Hillary Clinton and is it possible that she could steal the election through a recount effort. My initial reaction was “no”, but now I am thinking we should take a look at this.

Pluto sextile Venus (Scorpio / 12th house): This is an excellent transit if you use it for good. This transit gives you a lot of passion and stamina to dominate and transform your personal space. You can use it to rebuild your life. It is a time of incredible regeneration (Pluto). For her, it’s to the 12th house, which means her connection to the collective, spirituality, uncovering things you didn’t see before that held you back, and reclaiming lost elements of self through healing. But it also rules things that are hidden. Despite the fact that it’s a sextile, the amount of Pluto energy on Venus is too much and it results in a very intense character that has a hard time letting go of the past.

So, I am looking to see if Hillary’s transits support her hidden hand is all of this recount efforts going on 3 states. If you read the alternative media you can see that the recount effort mounted by Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, is funded by the Rothchilds, not the people. So for sure Hillary must be behind it. And sure enough this transit Pluto sextile Venus really supports that. With this transit, there is little doubt she can’t let go of the past and is still trying to regenerate her campaign. We could see a bold attempt at stealing the election just before the deadline, but it won’t work and the reason has nothing to do with the votes cast. It has to do with the fact that the cabal that she represents no longer has the power to get their way.

We can see that this recount effort is going until the end but likely nothing much will come of it because the cabal supporting her has lost power.

Italy just made an historic vote on December 4th. They voted to deny increase power and authority for the current Prime Minister, Renzi, who is another cabal puppet. He promptly resigned. Check out this photo, a picture tells a thousand words. 4 out of 5 of these cabal leaders is down, just 1 left, and she’ll be gone next year sometime.

Let’s take a look at the charts of the EU and Italy.

Jupiter sextile Ascendant and Saturn trine Ascendant during the Italy vote. It seems that practical wisdom (Jupiter sextile Saturn) has prevailed.

Over the course of the coming year, they will get Jupiter conjunct Venus, Jupiter and Sun, and Jupiter trine Saturn. Those are all good transits that should bring a more expansive year and idealism in politics (3rd house) in the EU, if it weren’t for all of the tough challenges they face along the way. Notice the upcoming Jupiter square Uranus and Neptune. They face a tough challenge to incorporate foreigners (Jupiter) into their structure (Capricorn), including their process of evolution (Uranus) and their beliefs (Pisces). And further complicating the issue of foreigners is the upcoming Jupiter opposition Uranus aspect which occurs along the 3rd house – 9th house axis. So everything about foreigners and immigration (9th house) is sure to cause come to the forefront.

Of course the overriding factor next year is Pluto conjunct Uranus and Neptune and they are looking at a complete transformation of their structure.

On December 4th, Jupiter conjunct Jupiter, Jupiter trine Uranus. Also notice the recent Jupiter sextile Saturn (good judgment) and Saturn opposition Uranus (restructuring their path). This looks really good for Italy. This transit gives new life to their natal Jupiter trine Uranus. Now that the Saturn opposition Uranus transit is over, they have a better idea of what their new purpose in life is.
Astrological Trends:
As we approach the big aspects at the end of the month, we should pay special attention to stories such as this one which states that revelation of an ancient civilization in Antarctica is immanent. Many people know about this already and with the recent trip to Antarctica by Sec. John Kerry, it may very well be that the cabal may use this revelation as a political tool. After all, they’ve known about it since Admiral Byrd’s visit in 1947. Honestly, the chances are slim to none but we can still speculate because this is exactly the type of thing we can expect with Jupiter opposition Uranus. Even if there is no announcement, the awareness of this sort of thing will become mainstream.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes and please leave comments.

One last note, I’d like to encourage my viewers to see my video “Jupiter opposition Uranus: A Renaissance for Jupiter and Libra.” It is the big event of the year astrologically speaking. And I will be taking a little break for the end of the season and so there will be no weekly report next week. Thanks for all of your support this year. My channel has done well this year and I’ve made some of new friends. Don’t worry I will be back after a one week break. Take care and Many blessings to you all.

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