Weekly Astrology Notes December 25, 2016 – January 1, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes December 25, 2016 – January 1, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Weekly Summary:  How perfect, it’s the last week of the year and the theme for this week is the last aspect in the 12 step process, the Capricorn to Pisces sextile.  The are 4 of them this week, 6 if you count the Moon aspects.  The theme is helpfulness and sensitivity towards others.  It is the quintessential aspect for philanthropy.  Success and achievement reaches out to help the disadvantaged.  Open to subtle impressions and psychic abilities.  Very good for therapy and healing work and rock medicine.

In addition we have the much anticipated Jupiter opposition Uranus.  Please see my video if you haven’t already.  The new paradigm enters collective awareness.  A Renassiance for Jupiter and Libra begins.

Also Saturn square Chiron this week as we see more judgment for those who cause pain and suffering.

On Sunday, Wow!  What an incredible Christmas present for humanity!  3 harmonious Venus aspect and all on Christmas morning.  It shall be a truly Merry Christmas, regardless of your faith.

On Monday, Jupiter opposition Uranus and the Renaissance of Jupiter in Libra begins.

On Tuesday, Sun sextile Mars and we have the energy to help others.

On Wednesday, Sun conjunct Mercury and Mercury sextile Mars means we have lots to talk about and think about today.

On Thursday, Uranus goes Direct and the forces of evolution move forward.

On Friday, Sun sextile Neptune makes us dreamy and idealistic.  Long Void of Course means it’s not a good day to start new projects.

On Saturday, Mars conjunct Neptune on New Year’s Eve and it’s time to dance.

On Sunday, we awake with Moon sextile Uranus and a zest for life, hoping the New Year will bring something new.

SUNDAY 12/25
Wow!  What an incredible Christmas present for humanity!  3 harmonious Venus aspect and all on Christmas morning.  It shall be a truly Merry Christmas, regardless of your faith.

5:23am – Venus (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra)  Feeling generous, expansive, warm and friendly.  We feel like sharing the best part of ourselves (Jupiter) with our partner (Venus) and friends (Aquarius).  No better time to open your gifts.

8:35am – Venus (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires)  Interested in new things.  A great time to play with your new toys.  Open to learning new and innovative things, especially new technology that opens your life and adapting a new lifestyle.  Great aspect for teaching.

10:33am – Venus (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  Good time to attend to important matters (Saturn).  We are more agreeable, diplomatic and traditional.  Good time to make a decision, thinking is clear and precise. Plan for the future.

MONDAY 12/26
Jupiter opposition Uranus and the Renaissance of Jupiter in Libra begins.

6:16am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Mars (Pisces)  Easy to say to the wrong thing and give the wrong impression.  Folks are a bit irritable.

10:32am – Jupiter (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires)

A time when the new paradigm (Uranus in Aires) enters into collective awareness (Jupiter).  Many changes in media, politics, religion, higher education and professional sports happen now.  Most everyone has noticed this already.  Alternative (Uranus) ideas are injected in the mainstream media (Jupiter).  As with all occurrences of Jupiter opposition Uranus, we see a whole new paradigm for society emerging.  A new identity (Aires) that seeks to leave the past behind (the start of new cycle) and embark on a new idealism (Jupiter).

It has been true to Uranus in that we have had some surprises lately.  Many, like the Hollywood elite, thought this was suppose to be the moment when their ideals are widely broadcast and become part of society’s conventional wisdom.

The expansion that accompanies this aspect usually has no brakes,  Jupiter is loud and Uranus thinks it knows better than anyone.  So the hubris and pomposity usually overflows with little restraint.  Tradition is usually cast aside for exciting new ideas without really thinking them through completely.  Last time this happened was really confusing and we abandoned tradition way too much.  Most folks got confused (Uranus in Pisces) and lost by all the changes.

But this time things are a bit different.  This time progress is more narrowly focused so society can change realistically.  The concurrent Saturn trine Uranus and Saturn sextile Jupiter means that tradition is not cast aside, rather conservative elements in society get a new lease on life, get an opportunity to grow, cast aside past mistakes (Jupiter) and adapt and evolve (Uranus).

On the positive side, for the majority of society, this is a fantastic moment to come into mastery of your life and make some marvelous changes.  Each one of us whose eyes are open sees the new opportunities that will bring unparalleled success.  There is no better time to embark upon a new path of self-improvement and changing your life for the better.  A whole new group of friends enters your life now.  New social movements rise in popularity at this time.  A time of great innovation and introduction of new technology.  They’ll be a lot of money to be made in new technology.  Great time to be an entrepreneur.  Yoga will rise in popularity as it always does with this aspect.

2:41pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)  Confusion and easy to overlook details.  Religious concerns prevail.

8:19pm – Mercury (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces).  There are 4 Capricorn to Pisces sextiles this week, this is the first.  I’ve talked about the Capricorn to Pisces sextile a couple of times.  It has this special quality in that it is the last aspect you can have within the 12 step process.  So it brings a lot of reflection and sobriety.  Capricorn digs up and uncovers the beliefs we truly operate under.  Life seem more tangible yet spiritual at the same moment.  A moment of profound insight when we can probe the depths of our soul and harvest valuable insight.

Capricorn helps steady the mind, perfect for mediation and critical thinking.  Although it will be easy to get carried away in abstractions and fantasy, you will be able to keep it in check.  Instead, fantasy and astral travel expand the mind for practical purposes.

Aspect is good for relations with siblings, we are more forgiving towards them and want to talk with them to rekindle the past and reminisce.

Sun sextile Mars and we have the energy to help others.

12:08am – Sun (Capricorn) sextile Mars (Pisces).  Wonderful, yet another Capricorn to Pisces sextile.  Folks are traditional, masterful (Capricorn) and forgiving (Pisces).  This aspect a bit more invigorating that the previous.  Good time for physical activity, getting work done, attending to important matters (Capricorn).  The will and the ego are in harmony, people get along better.  The self-assertiveness that accompanies this aspect is mature (Capricorn) and tender (Pisces).  A good time to attend to the needs of others and gain satisfaction in that way.

This aspect highlights this weeks theme of reflection and sobriety and the need to be helpful towards others that comes from all these Capricorn to Pisces sextiles.

12:30pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires)  This aspect and the next sure to invigorate your spirit and

12:46pm – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter (Libra)  Emotions expand and we are very agreeable.

1:11pm – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius)  Emotions contract and we are therapeutic and helpful.

5:45pm – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Venus (Aquarius).  A pleasant aspect, good time to share with friends.  Void of Course begins.  A reflective mood for the rest of the evening.

Sun conjunct Mercury and Mercury sextile Mars means we have lots to talk about and think about today.  The best day for business this week.

7:12am – Moon enters Capricorn.  Our attention turns toward mundane matters for the next couple of days.  More materialistic and attending to personal preservation, not dramatic or overtly emotional.

10:47am – Sun conjunct Mercury (Capricorn)  This aspect is going to get everyone talking about what is most important in their lives, their career, the prospects for success, and generally whatever it is that helps them stand up in the world and get a grip on reality (Capricorn).  Very good at handling difficult mental tasks that require patience and careful use of energy.  A good time to take stock of your life and ask what really brings you happiness.  People will want to plan for the future.  Since it’s near the end of the year, everyone is cleaning out this years old paperwork and making plans for the coming year.  This aspect is perfect for that.

3:06pm – Mercury (Capricorn) sextile Mars (Pisces)  A high energy aspect that will get folks talking even more.  Lots of activity, many little tasks need attention, lots of communication and driving around town.  But the focus is all in the 4th quadrant, so we need to be getting all of our satisfaction from being a part of a collective effort.  Not a time for going it alone and if you are alone, it’ll be hard to tolerate.  Our energies need to find an outlet amongst others, so we need to use this sextile to make friends, contribute to social efforts to better society, make others happy and fulfilled, essentially.

8:46pm – Moon conjunct Mercury (Capricorn)  Mental activity increases and our minds work better.

9:49pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Mars (Pisces)  More energy to keep us going on an already high energy day.

10:53pm – Moon conjunct Sun (Capricorn).  New Moon at 7d59′ Capricorn.  Just gotta love all these sextiles and Uranus going Direct happening on this New Moon.  A time for creative change.  We really need to express our will this month.  Put all your energy into your creative efforts and don’t hold yourself back one bit.  Kick yourself in the butt if you need to.  Don’t be shy or reserved.  The more you create, the more creative energy will flow.  A month of serendipity and making new friends and associates.

One important note is Saturn square Chiron.  This aspect is unearthing a lot of stuff from the past.  It’s time to address the deep wound (Chiron) and deal with it realistically (Saturn).  It’s a time of testing to see how well connected we are to reality.  Saturn is our grip on reality and this aspect is going to uncover and judge those who wound society.  The Pizzagate scandal is one of many such manifestations of this aspect.  This aspect is preventing some of the most terrible elements of society from going forward.  That’s what happens at the Saturn square, immorality faces judgment.  This aspect is an important part of the cleansing process that we are going through now.

Uranus goes Direct and the forces of evolution move forward.

1:29am – Uranus goes Direct at 20d34′ Aires.  The Direct motion continues all the way up to 28d31′ Aires on August 3, 2017.  So that’s almost 8 full degrees.  Yes, much change will now go forward.  The introspective time for evolution has been a tumultuous one.  We have all changed a lot internally.  Now is the time for the outward expression of those changes.

On a personal level, this is a great time when we feel like taking a step forward in our path in life.  On a societal level, we look to see people who represent the forces of Uranus to take a step forward.  With Uranus, we can expect surprises.

2:12am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Reserved and impressionable, a bit moody.

4:11pm – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn)  A strong burst of energy.  Feeling a bit controlling but rather private.  Intensity below the surface could erupt and cause disruptions.

11:19pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires)  Desire to cast aside traditional modes of expression could cause disruptions.  Feeling the need to be independent.

FRIDAY 12/30
Sun sextile Neptune makes us dreamy and idealistic.  Long Void of Course means it’s not a good day to start new projects.  Not a good day for business.

12:07am – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra)  Feeling indulgent, feel the need for recognition.  Void of Course begins, continues until late afternoon.

3:26pm – Sun (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces).  The fourth Capricorn to Pisces sextile this week.  It gives this whole week the special quality of this sextile.  Strong ability to sense the needs of others and deny your own needs in return for future gain.  Aspect bring out helpfulness, tenderness and compassion.

5:29pm – Moon enters Aquarius.  Our attention turns towards intellectual pursuits and social causes for the next couple of days.  More open minded and interested in unfamiliar ideas.

Mars conjunct Neptune on New Year’s Eve and it’s time to dance.

10:53pm – Mars conjunct Neptune (Pisces).  This is the night to dance, dance, dance.  There’s no better aspect for it.  Whenever there is a connection to Mars and Neptune or Pisces, it’s always indicates good dancing abilities.  The ego needs to dissolve into the collective.  Instead of leading (Mars) with your head (Aires), you’ll need to lead (Mars) with your feet (Pisces).  Also note that drumming and playing music in general are also a great outlet for the energy.  And there is a lot of it.  The ego dissolves which creates a need for constant replenishment, so there is a lot of energy.

Confusion and disappointment comes when you lack an outlet for your energy.  On this night, everyone gets a chance to express themselves.  Putting aside your ego should be easy this evening.  There is a strong desire to reach out and connect with everyone.  And since it’s New Year’s Eve, there should be no shortage of places to do it.

Mars says “I am” and Neptune says “I believe”, so today we are in touch with our beliefs, our spirituality and in general, our connection to divine source.  It is easy to loose/dissolve your identity and thus get rather carried away with yourself.  However the sextile to Sun (Capricorn) should help contain the energy a bit.  Nonetheless, our personal boundary expands, we are more tender and compassionate, forgiving and intuitive.  Drama and emotional display are necessary to fully express all of this water energy.  So don’t inhibit yourself or feel self-conscious.  Let your confusion move to your feet and let your feet figure it out instead of your head.

SUNDAY 1/1/2017
We awake with a zest for life, hoping the New Year will bring something new.

8:23am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires).  First aspect of the year for 2017.  We awake with a zest for life, hoping the New Year will bring something new.

9:38am – Moon (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra)  Feeling gregarious and expansive, good time to be in a crowd.

10:04am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  Individuality tempered by need to work for common good.  Folks work together with the hope of future gain.

11:59pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Aquarius)  The day ends with a very warm and friendly aspect.

Interesting Stories:

Recent Wikileaks emails from John “Pizzagate” Podesta show that John McCain was one of several Republicans who received money from the Clinton campaign to derail Trump.

John McCain

Saturn square Saturn.  This square can be a rather karmic time in your life, especially if Saturn is going through the 10th house.  His betrayal to his own party is indicative of going against traditional modes of self-preservation in order to preserve himself.  It’s like going against his own better judgment.  The Saturn square also unearths immoral behavior from the past.  This looks like the last straw for him, the end of the line for John McCain.

Hillary Clinton

She is still someone to watch, especially in the early part of 2017.  Notice the strong confluence of transits.  In early January she gets Saturn square Moon.  This transit really slows her down, unearths things from her past (Pisces) and it’s a time of intense scrutiny.  Then in early February, Saturn opposition Uranus, Uranus trine Saturn, and Chiron conjunct Moon.  This is such an interesting group of transits.  Uranus trine Saturn is really nice in that it helps you earn the trust of authority figures, however Saturn opposition Uranus can be very much the opposite in that it limits your mobility, especially if you have bad karma, like she does.  Makes you very success oriented but if have baggage, it holds you back.

Chiron conjunct Moon, the last pass, is when she fell at the 911 memorial ceremony and all the talk of her illness back in September.  Will we see the culmination of that?  All things considered, it looks like a culminating moment for her.  Will it be her last big stand?

As you can see the grand confluence at 20 degrees strongly aspects the USA’s Mars at 20d Gemini.

Saturn opposition Mars is a rather debilitating transit where you are confronted by authority figures who seek to stop whatever you try to do.  It’s like a wet blanket is pulled over you.  It makes you feel weak and unrecognized.  But the purpose is limit your ego expression to only what is necessary and practical and thereby let go of the impractical elements of your ego.  In the process a lot of repressed energy can get released through frustration and failure.  A good time to expend energy working hard to get ahead and confront whatever is holding you back.  Surely some are feeling that way in America today.  This aspect has a dual (Gemini) interpretation.  Some American will like what America does with this transit and some will hate it.  Conservative people will like it because it means conservative values (Saturn) are being incorporated into USA’s identity and sense of direction (Mars).  Others are being forced to eat their words (Gemini) at this time because they were too egotistical.

Jupiter trine Mars.  Wonderful transit that does very much the opposite of the Saturn opposition.  That means an incredible opportunity is available to USA now.  America increases in value.  We are able to utilize all available resources optimally.  But these last two transits together and you get a cutting away effect.  Opportunities come for those who have done their homework, maintained their integrity and planned properly.

Uranus sextile Mars.  New opportunities open up for America.  Change and a chance to incorporate more adaptability and social awareness into our direction (Mars) and politics (Gemini).

Just an overall great set of transits which leads me to believe that the big event is beneficial for the USA.  And just as a reminder as I mentioned in my Jupiter opposition Uranus video, the big event has been the defeat of the cabal that has been running the world in the worst way.

Saudi Arabia
They are one to watch in 2017, watch fall apart that is.  Notice the last pass of their Uranus return is soon to occur (March) along with Jupiter opposition and Saturn trine a bit sooner.  All of this will compel the people to demand change from the regime.  The Saudi Regime is desperate to save themselves now that the cabal that once ruled USA, who were their protectors, are no longer in power.  They have lost their invisible shield of protection and will be subjected to the ire of their own people for having done such a lousy job of running that nation all these years.  The Saudi Regime is sure to face an end or drastic reduction in their power this year.  As I mentioned in a previous video, the USA and Saudi Arabia share a curious fate.  This comes from USA’s Pluto conjunct Saudi’s Saturn at 28d Capricorn.

Notice Saturn square Mercury occurs January 22, right after the inauguration, followed soon after by Saturn opposition Moon (Gemini).  Mercury/Gemini is all about politics.  At this time, the Saudi Regime faces a severe loss of political power.  These Saturn transits will really highlight their natal Moon square Mercury.  This is the corresponding culprit to all of their intense misogyny.  The T-square that is formed with these transits has its’ point of resolution opposite Mercury (the planet being squared), which is to Pisces in the 12th house.  That means they need to dissolve into the collective to find balance.  All of this spills out into the rest of humanity.

The when you add in the upcoming Jupiter square Pluto and Uranus square Pluto (4th house), we see challenges at home.  It’s easy to see the handwriting on the wall for this chart.

On 12-19, the day of the truck attack in Berlin, the transit is Neptune quincunx Sun.  Not exactly the typical transit you’d expect, but there is it.  Disillusionment.  But they will respond with competence. Notice Pluto sextile Pluto (4th house).  They will seek revenge in a positive way.  The people will come together.  Transformation at home.  You never want to attack someone when they’re having a really good Pluto transit.

All of this is setting the stage for Pluto conjunct Saturn next year when Germany goes through a complete transformation.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes and please leave comments.

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Norway pedofiles

The issue with the mainstream media calling the alternative media “fake news” is a manifestation of Jupiter opposition Uranus.  This issue will continue and it will be the primary manner in which mainstream media looses all its’ power and credibility.

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Here’s another good story on the alternative media winning the battle for truth.

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John McCain, a traitor to the Republican Party.  He goes against his own structure at Saturn square Saturn.  This will be his undoing for sure.

6 Republicans Who Took Secret Payments From Clinton To Destroy Trump (All-New Wiki Leak) – Conservative Daily Post

And we cannot complete the story of the demise of John McCain without mentioning that his favorite army, Daesh (erroneously referred to as ISIS), has just lost Aleppo, the most important battle in the war in Syria. The western media is silent on this very important issue.

Syrian Army Says Aleppo Has Returned To Government Control

And let us all keep our attention on Antarctica. This is just one of many links now popping up on the alternative cosmic news website.  I encourage you to get up to date as soon as possible on this issue.  This is the big disclosure that will change society for the better.

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And lastly, a good story about energy.  Something to contemplate over the holidays.

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