Weekly Astrology Notes January 1-8, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes January 1-8, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Weekly Summary:

One more week to go on the current Mercury retrograde cycle.  Here’s a really good article about our current retrograde cycle that I encourage my viewers to check out before this cycle ends this coming Sunday, Jan 8th.  It talks about our responsibility to collective destiny.  The inner work we are doing this week is all about re-organizing our thoughts and clearing the way for thinking in terms of the big picture and how we fit in with it.  The current retrograde period started with a conjunct to Pluto, which means we have a lot of stamina and perseverance to dig deep and transform our lives by purging the dead, egotistical and superfluous elements of our thinking process and reconsider our conscious connection to the collective.  We all need to grow up mentally.  It’s a short but important retrograde period that will make you eat your words if you don’t mature.

On Sunday, we awake with Moon sextile Uranus and a zest for life, hoping the New Year will bring something new.

On Monday, a dreamy day with Moon in Pisces and Venus enters Pisces.  Let the emotions flow.

On Tuesday, a caring and compassionate day, good for resolving conflicts and artistic endeavors.

On Wednesday, the morning challenges us to think objectively and realistically.  Then Moon in Aires encourages us to start new projects.

On Thursday, the First Quarter Moon gives us a challenge to be self-disciplined.  But the evening could hold some interesting surprises.  Good time to be in a crowd.

On Friday, Sun conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) makes it a hard working Friday that may force us to contend with powerful personalities.

On Saturday, a superb Saturday with wonderful Moon (Taurus) aspects.  If you are into healing rock medicine, with crystals, today is a fantastic day.

On Sunday, Mercury goes Direct and it’s time to begin new projects, make travel plans, etc.  But wait until the afternoon when the Moon enters Gemini.

SUNDAY 1/1/2017
We awake with a zest for life, hoping the New Year will bring something new.

8:23am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires).  First aspect of the year for 2017.  We awake with a zest for life, hoping the New Year will bring something new.

9:38am – Moon (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra)  Feeling gregarious and expansive, good time to be in a crowd.

10:04am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  Individuality tempered by need to work for common good.  Folks work together with the hope of future gain.

11:59pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Aquarius)  The day ends with a very warm and friendly aspect.  Void of Course begins.

A dreamy day with Moon in Pisces and Venus enters Pisces.  Let the emotions flow.

1:57am – Moon enters Pisces.  We are more dreamy and emotional the next couple of days.  More sensitive and caring.  The boundary between our emotions and others dissolves and we sometimes feel more vulnerable, but also more psychic and impressionable.

4:58am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Mercury (Capricorn)  More in touch with our emotions.  Good for a nice morning meditation to clear the mind with healing energy bubbling up from the subconscious.

7:57pm – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces)  A poke in the cosmic belly button.  An opportunity to dissolve our emotions and nurture (Moon) our connection to the infinite (Pisces) direct divine connection.  Let your emotional energy flow without inhibition into creative endeavors and helpfulness towards others.

10:36pm – Moon conjunct Mars (Pisces)  All that watery emotional energy gets moving.  Good time to dance.  Overt displays of emotion, very dramatic and possibly demanding.

11:47pm – Venus enters Pisces.  Continues until Feb 4th.  Our feelings (Venus) dissolve (Pisces).  We loose our personal boundary a bit, become more sensitive and forgiving of others.  We also feel more vulnerable and are easier to persuade.  Also hard to see the bad side in others.  Romance enters a idealistic phase as we seek a partner who understands everything about us including our need to connect with divine source.  We need to feel connected.  In fact, we sense the spiritual quality in others, especially our partner, and this invokes a lot of compassion and sympathy for others.

Relationships that begin during this time are likely to be dreamy and idealistic as well as compassionate and romantic.

A caring and compassionate day, good for resolving conflicts and artistic endeavors.

2:13am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Sun (Capricorn)  A pleasant aspect in the middle of the night.

9:06am – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)  Strong burst of energy in the morning can unearth strong feelings.  Channel the energy towards helpfulness.

11:41am – Mercury (Capricorn) sextile Venus (Pisces)  The conscious mind (Mercury) seeks balance and harmony (Venus).  This aspect makes us a bit dreamy (Pisces), but we are much more in touch with our feelings (Venus).  Our minds work better today, communication is easy and agreeable.  We want to talk.  Our affinity (Venus) overflows (Pisces).  It’s almost as if we can’t help ourselves, the need to talk just envelopes us like a big blanket.  A great opportunity to discuss important matters, seek guidance from a mature person, inner reflection.  Excellent aspect for conflict resolution as no one is in a fighting mood.  Good time to discuss important matters (Capricorn) with your partner (Venus).  Both sides are sure to be more compassionate and forgiving as well as realistic.

Great aspect for artistic endeavors, mental focus, lots of creativity and ability to use it wisely and efficiently, getting the most out of your efforts.  The Capricorn to Pisces sextile which I spoke much about last week brings out helpfulness and a need to work with others for common goals.  So this aspect is great for all group activities, especially if there is some spiritual, healing or compassionate aspect to it, like helping the poor or disadvantaged.

5:33pm – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius).  Emotions want to contract but in these signs we can’t seem to find the ideal way to do it.  Emotions/feelings (Moon/Pisces) limited (Square) by what you are willing to see (Sagittarius).  Not a good time to make decisions.

Wednesday morning challenges us to think objectively and realistically.  Then Moon in Aires encourages us to start new projects.

6:17am – Mercury (retrograde) goes back into Sagittarius.  Goes Direct on Jan 8th and re-enters Capricorn on Jan 13th.  As I mentioned earlier in the video, this is an important retrograde period for Mercury.  We are looking to purge the dysfunctional elements of our thinking process and we are working really hard on getting ride of childish and outdated opinions.  Very important to consider our contribution to the collective through what we say and how we come across to others.  Some of our idealism (Sagittarius) needs to be rethought.

8:14am – Moon (Pisces) square Mercury (Sagittarius)  Focused on our own opinions and challenged to consider the needs of others.  Thinking is stalled and confusion can set in.  Not a good time to make decisions .  Void of Course begins.

8:20am – Moon enters Aires.  Enthusiasm picks up and we identify with our emotional needs for the next couple of days.  We can be more in touch with our heartfelt desires, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we get satisfaction, although we often expect it.  That’s what makes Moon in Aires headstrong and demanding.  Good time to start projects that lead to satisfaction.  Time spent at home improvement is productive and makes you feel like your doing something important.

The First Quarter Moon gives us a challenge to be self-disciplined.  But the late evening could hold some interesting surprises.  Good time to be in a crowd.

11:47am – Moon (Aires) square Sun (Capricorn).  First Quarter Moon.  This month it’s Aires to Capricorn, so the theme is how much self-discipline have you incorporated into your ego (Aires) to establish a career (Capricorn)?  If ego diversions distract you from what’s most important in your life, you may suffer a setback today.  Hard work and self-discipline need to be on display today.  Life is tough sometimes, bear with it.

2:16pm – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Emotional intensity beneath the surface may erupt.  Money and sexual concerns distract you from concentrating on your best interests.  Beware of impulsive actions that could lead to an accident.  Self-restraint is advisable.

8:15pm – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires)  Erratic and unpredictable, curious and fascinated with odd things.  Good for teaching and learning something new, expanding your mind.  You may want to do something different this evening.

10:06pm – Moon (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra)  Strong desire to merge with the group.  Emotions expand, feeling benevolent and generous.  Good time to be in a crowd.  Feeling lucky.

10:37pm – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  Emotions very positive and inspiring, yet agreeable and reserved.  Good time to make a good impression on others.  Put your best side forward and take a chance.  Also a good time to make descisions.

Sun conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) makes it a hard working Friday that may force us to contend with powerful personalities.

10:41am – Moon (Aires) trine Mercury (Sagittarius).  Good for communication.  Mind is quick and positive.  Good for bringing your inspiration forth and enlightening others.  Void of Course begins.

12:18pm – Moon enters Taurus.  Sensual awareness, your personal space and comfort are more important for the next couple of days.  Take the time to be like Taurus the bull and relax.

7:08pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Venus (Pisces)  A pleasant aspect.

10:41pm – Sun conjunct Pluto (Capricorn).  Today folks are more intense and reserved and some could be on a bit of a power trip.  Money and career matters are on everyone’s mind as we strive to get ahead, show the world how competent (Pluto) and dependable (Capricorn) we can be.  Today we look to transform (Pluto) elements of our lives with an eye towards functionality (Capricorn).  Our creative efforts (Sun) are done with passion, patience and perseverance.

Private matters may be of concern today as we are all feeling the stress to show our power and any lingering character faults make us a bit paranoid.  We want to hide if worried our lack may be revealed.  Best not to challenge anyone today or pick a fight.  You’ll find people are more defensive and formidable than usual.

Whatever task you set your mind to, you do with more intensity and thoroughness.  Not really a day for outward expansion, more like a good time to focus on serious and mundane matters, fix what is broken mechanically or not being done properly, transform (Pluto) the dysfunctional elements of your life into functional (Capricorn) elements and take pride (Sun) in restructuring (Capricorn) yourself.  Think about the most efficient (Capricorn) use of your energy (Pluto) and create (Sun) with that.

Not exactly the funnest aspect in the book, people are serious and reserved.  But like all Pluto aspects, this brings a strong burst of energy that you will need to channel properly in order to get the best use (Capricorn) out of it.  Things that benefit society as a whole, improving conditions for others, not just yourself, are a great way to channel the energy.  Good leadership skills at work.

Superb Saturday with wonderful Moon (Taurus) aspects.  If you are into rock medicine, healing with crystals, today is a fantastic day.

4:56am – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Exalted Moon (Taurus) has extra-deep sensitivity and tenderness.  Very sensitive and psychic.  Really mellow mood.

12:57pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Mars (Pisces)  The energy picks up, but the quality of the day remains focused on compassion and working with others.  Lots of healing energy.  Good time for a massage.

5:02pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  Especially good for rock medicine.  The level of sensual perception and ability to maneuver your way into someones’ private side is better than usual.   Tons of healing energy is available.

6:23pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Sun (Capricorn)  Good time for sharing creative energies with others.  We are more sound and reasonable, confident and agreeable.  Void of Course begins, continues until tomorrow afternoon.

Mercury goes Direct and it’s time to begin new projects, make travel plans, but wait until the Moon enters Gemini in the afternoon.

1:43am – Mercury goes Direct at 28d51′ Sagittarius.  We’ve had a short retrograde period, only since December 19th.  Projects in the conceptual stages can begin now with renewed confidence and focus.  Uncertainties are removed, plans move forward.

2:06pm – Moon enters Gemini.  Moon enters a death cycle as we rush to complete all mental tasks.  Hard to make a commitment until the Moon enters Cancer.  Subconscious motivations and instincts direct us towards lots of communication and mercurial activity.  Good for expressing your feelings.  Emotional need to talk things over.

Interesting Stories:

George Michael
More outer planet transits than I’ve ever seen for one person at one time.  The confluence of planets at 20d strongly aspects his natal Moon at 20d Leo.  Uranus trine Moon.  Saturn trine Moon. Jupiter sextile Moon.  It should have been a wonderful time for him.

But Chiron quincunx Moon.  Pain and self-loathing, reaching for drugs (Pisces).

Also Neptune opposition Pluto.  A generational transit that everyone born around his time needs to take heed.  A powerful transit that marks a serious turning point in your life.  Complete transformation (Pluto) of your beliefs (Neptune).  Need to be extra cautious about drug use around this transit, especially if you have a natal Saturn square Neptune.

Pluto square Jupiter.  Accident prone transit.  Very ambitious, think the rules don’t apply to you.

I am looking at doing a more in depth analysis when I have more time, but for now I wanted to give my viewers some learning lessons here.  Watch out for this Neptune opposition Pluto, especially if you have a natal Saturn square Neptune.  And the Pluto square Jupiter aspect is dangerous and lead to accidents.

Bill Clinton
Saturn opposition Uranus, 12/30/16.  This transit will slow him down considerably and bring a sober end to his extravagant lifestyle.  As with many outer planet transit late in life, this has many possible outcomes, ranging from really good to really bad, depending on you have lived your life.  It is a time of both recognition (awareness) of your achievements and limitation on your mobility.  It is also a time of karmic endings.  For him, this transit marks the end of his lifelong pursuit of excessive freedom.

Chiron square Uranus, 1/1/17.  This is the transit that could reveal a deep wound, like a serious illness, just as Chiron did with Hillary.

Uranus opposition Jupiter, March 23, last pass.  This is the transit that is revealing his sexual misconduct.  The first two passes revealed much of his past misconduct, but the press kept a lid on it.  Now that his wife cannot protect him, let’s see if the last pass brings unrestrained revelation from the press.

As with most of the worthwhile news these days, look to the alternative press to break the story first.

Here is an interesting story about the true origins of Daesh, erroneously called ISIS, and how they have been a CIA funded organization all along.

Evo Morales
A cute little story that teaches us an important lesson for the times we live in.  Pluto square Jupiter is acting like a knife, cutting away overindulgent (Jupiter) sexuality (Pluto).

Notice Mars opposition Pluto and square Jupiter when his little embarrassment was revealed.  This is a sign of the times we live in.  In my video “Jupiter opposition Uranus: A Renaissance for Jupiter and Libra”, I mentioned the aspect Jupiter square Pluto, which I said was going to act like a knife, cutting away the veil of illusion and idealism (Jupiter) around sexuality (Pluto), and unearthing (Capricorn) immoral and dysfunction elements of sexuality.  And the punishment is embarrassment, aka social irrelevance, because the Aires to Libra opposition is balancing the male-female paradigm.

Also note Venus conjunct Chiron.  The issue of beauty is painful in some way.

When we look at the Pluto square Jupiter aspect and the energy it brings, we see that it has played a role in a couple of places this week.  The death of George Michael and now this embarrassing moment for Morales.  The astrological markers seem rather clear to me and we cannot afford to ignore it.  It looks like the universe is trying to tell us something important now.  Best to get out minds straight on the matter and sober up.  Allow the dysfunctional elements of your personality to fall away.

The action of the planets, when perceived from a cosmic perspective show us how divergent beliefs systems are being merged.  Incompatibilities between beliefs systems need to be removed in order for everyone to be on the same time line.  If we all have different ideas of the future, we have different hopes for the future and put our energy in different places, different directions, causing this massive tearing of the collective human mind.  To heal these rifts in both us and the cosmic substance of which we are all apart, a mending of our divisions needs to occur.  Our beliefs need to be much more closely aligned.

This overall process can, to a limited extent, be discerned through astrology and learning about the nature of the aspects we see unfolding before us.  This issue of dysfunctional sexuality is one of the divergent belief systems that is now being brought into alignment by greater cosmic forces.

Here are some interesting links that I encourage my viewers to check out.  This video “Anger is Dangerous” is a powerful meditation that you can use in your daily life.  I encourage you to download it and play it often until the ideas become part of your conscious awareness.

In another related video, “Time shift blog : Anger is Dangerous” there is even further useful information regarding the cosmic significance of healing your mind, letting go of dysfunctional beliefs and unfolding the way you need to in order to continue growing.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the concepts in this video.  I have a particular affinity for her mission in life that she talks about in the description.  I had a similar kundalini experience several years ago and over the past year I am now awakening to my mission and purpose in this world.  This channel is part of that mission and I intend to include more discussion about things like divergent timelines caused by divergent human consciousness and the cosmic forces that are now effecting positive change to heal these rifts in us, the cosmic substance around us, around our planet and solar system and beyond to other systems.

Incredible beings that we are, we must awaken.  To do this we must release our false beliefs and become who we were truly meant to be.  It’s going to be an exciting year and I intend to stick around for the very best part.  Get ready for a fantastic year.  Thanks for joining me.  Many blessings to you all.

And lastly a wonderful article on overcoming failure.  Very enjoyable reading that helps you overcome the past.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes and please leave comments.

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A good article on the Mercury retrograde period.

Mercury Retrograde Is Here Again | Shift Frequency

Daesh (called ISIS) was created by the CIA.  It’s coming out more and more.

CBS Reveals The True Origin of ISIS | HNN – Higgins News Network

This is an example of what Jupiter square Pluto is doing to people.

Bolivian president Evo Morales ‘accidentally opens porn’ during court hearing | World | News | Daily Express

This week I am encouraging my viewers to check out some links that will help heal the thoughts and overcome limited beliefs systems. Please give these links your attention.

Anger is Dangerous

Time Shift Blog|Anger is Dangerous – YouTube

5 Ways to Make Failure Your Ally ~ Fractal Enlightenment



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