Weekly Astrology Notes January 22-29, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes January 22-29, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Weekly Summary:  The main theme for this week is the New Moon in Aquarius which brings a challenging month as we go through the dark night of the soul.  We need to recollect ourselves this month in preparation for a turbulent next month.

At the end of this video, the USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia and India.

On Sunday, Moon (Sagittarius).  Learn something new, expand your horizons.

On Monday, Mercury sextile Neptune makes it a dreamy Monday, be open to subtle impressions.

On Tuesday, A challenging day when we need slow down and eat properly.

On Wednesday, Our minds are working better today, good for communication regarding important matters.

On Thursday, a productive day with energetic Moon (Capricorn) aspects.

On Friday, Venus square Saturn makes folks cold and disagreeable.  People hide behind their wall.  And the New Moon in Aquarius brings the start of a challenging month as we go through the dark night of the soul.

On Saturday, A great set of Moon (Aquarius) aspects make it a liberating day, great for social gatherings.  A good Saturday night to be out.

On Sunday,  A good day for planning, focus and isolation for the purpose of mental regeneration with Mercury conjunct Pluto.

Moon (Sagittarius).  Learn something new, expand your horizons.

2:45am – Moon enters Sagittarius.  Looking for adventure for the next couple of days, not interested in the details.  We’re more idealistic and looking to improve ourselves.

8:30am – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Sun (Aquarius)  Last sextile before the New Moon is always a great time to be with friends and share knowledge.

11:38pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)  Very open to new (Sagittarius) beliefs (Pisces) without discernment.  Curiously, that makes it hard to appreciate how other people feel, it cuts us off from the collective if we can’t overcome our emotional blocks.

Mercury sextile Neptune makes it a dreamy Monday, be open to subtle impressions.

1:29pm – Mercury (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  And yet again we see another Capricorn to Pisces sextile, it seems to be the season for it.  This aspect is all about self-transcendence, getting over yourself and giving the best of yourself to others.

Communication may take a bit more effort as you may be conversing with just about anyone (Pisces).  People are more open to subtle impressions and can tune into what others are thinking more than usual. We are more calm (Capricorn) and compassionate (Pisces) with others, makes us better able to tune into other people’s feelings.  The emphasis is on service to others, providing some benefit for those who cannot help themselves, usually due to some lack of a foundation in life.  Aspect is good for philanthropy and helping people that society has swept under the carpet, the disadvantaged or those in prison or mental institutions.

Aspect is good for meditation, calming the mind and letting go of the past.  Communication should be more gentle today.

8:36pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires)  An inspirational trine that makes us a bit restless and looking for an outlet.  Good for physical exercise, stretching the muscles.

8:56pm – Moon (Sagittarius) square Venus (Pisces)  A pleasant aspect.

A challenging day when we need slow down and eat properly.

12:38am – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter (Libra) Middle of the night.

2:38am – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius)  Emotions contract a lot, but it’s the middle of the night.

9:33am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Mars (Pisces)  An aggressive aspect in the morning could make folks a little edgy.  Bad for digestion.  Take it slow as Moon in Sagittarius can get excessive with big ideas.  Void of Course begins.

2:43pm – Moon enters Capricorn.  Emotions contract for the next couple of days as we focus on self-preservation.  Not really in the mood to attend to others and we can be a bit cold emotionally.  Time to attend to mundane affairs.  Good time for therapy and self-evaluation as it brings a realistic appraisal of your emotions.

Our minds are working better today, good for communication regarding important matters.

11:08am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Sensitive, open to impressions from the surrounding environment.

3:58pm – Moon conjunct Mercury (Capricorn)  A lot of communication regarding important matters.  Improves mental function, conscious mind (Mercury) and subconscious mind (Moon) better connected.  Clear thinking.  Good for making important decisions.

A productive day with energetic Moon (Capricorn) aspects.

1:22am – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn)  Emotional intensity in the middle of the night.

7:18am – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires)  Feeling a bit agitated this morning, in need of a change.  Feeling disconnected, a bit restless.  Breaks up the boredom.

11:15am – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra)  Feeling good about midday, nice square.

12:05pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Venus (Pisces)  More good feelings, creative.

11:18pm – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Mars (Pisces).  The extra physical energy enables us to express our emotions.

Venus square Saturn makes folks cold and disagreeable.  People hide behind their wall.  And the New Moon in Aquarius brings the start of a challenging month as we go through the dark night of the soul.

9:50am – Venus (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius)  Aspect can makes folks cold and disagreeable. Venus is feeling confused (Pisces) and now stubborn as well.  This aspect unearths feelings of hurt and abandonment.  Could invoke criticism and harsh, judgmental behavior.  People put up barriers that lead to isolationism.

This aspect makes us critical of others, demand more from them than is reasonable, and just generally expect everyone to be perfect.  Anyone less than that disappoints.  Let it go, people are so imperfect it’s not even funny.

This aspect is very restrictive on relationships, luckily Jupiter is still in Libra helping to alleviate some of that.  Relationships that begin now are generally problematic with hurdles to overcome, like a significant difference in age and/or social status or some responsibility (Saturn) that must be carried by one partner unequally or unfairly (Venus).  Makes happiness a challenge.  Existing relationships can feel unsatisfactory or burdensome as equality (Venus) seems hard to achieve (Saturn).

Best bet for this aspect is get real with yourself about your relationship needs.  See where your relationship is out of balance with respect to sharing of responsibilities.  Also, do not expect much from others today as people are more insular.  Share a smile.

4:07pm – Moon conjunct Sun (Aquarius).  New Moon.  This month in Aquarius, a fixed sign, intelligent and evolved, mentally focused and sharp, and looking to change for the better.  It’s month of putting creative (Sun) effort into your spiritual evolution (Aquarius).  So with this New Moon you would expect to look forward to a month of changes, new friends and associates, and a desire to be part of a group doing something for the better of society.

However, this month we see some difficult challenges, no harmonious aspects along with a bunch of squares, most notably the Venus square Saturn.  This means we are more solitary, not very social and instead rather critical of ourselves and others.  A challenge to overcome limitations (Sagittarius to Pisces square).  Trying to prove, establish our personal perspective (Sagittarius) is universal (Pisces) even though it isn’t.  In the process we try to prove we are right and try to prove others are wrong.  This cuts us off from valuable human interaction, creates sacrifice.  Also notice the Sun and Moon do not have any aspects, they are all alone.  Solitary planets lack a creative outlet, this results in frustration and anger.

It looks like a month of isolationism, potentially taking our frustration out on others, even though Aquarius likes to brings things to the light and is concerned with equality.  It’s time to be open and honest about your spiritual evolution and pull the skeletons out of the closet.  What you are holding back in the dark this month is going to isolate you and make you angry.  It looks like everyone needs to come to grips with the limitations to their own beliefs and do the spiritual (Pisces) work (square) necessary to break through, cut away the dysfunctional or limiting elements of your beliefs system.  Otherwise you could isolate ourselves so much that you take a step backwards.  We all need to get honest with ourselves this month.  It will seem like the dark night of the soul, a dangerous but essential part of the growth process.

Make a concerted effort to be more helpful and compassionate (Pisces) to yourself and others.  The more you do so, the more you will overcome your own limitations and feelings of despair.  Understand that the boundary between you and everyone else is dissolving (Pisces) this month, so you will feel the feelings of others, maybe even people on the other side of the planet.  The solution is to learn how to deal with it, not criticize others or be a shut-in (agoraphobic).  Be open to the subtle impressions in the mind.  Appreciate artwork and fantasy as a tool to accomplish your work, not just a useless diversion.

Spend more time in meditation.  Other spiritual work like Yoga is always good, but meditation in particular is essential because you need to quiet the mind and still the emotions.  All of this dissolving means you need to spend time re-collecting yourself.  So see yourself as a Buddhist monk this month.  Also notice Mercury conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) means it’s a month of regenerating (Pluto) our mind. In Capricorn, this too is going to add to the sense of isolation.  Just remember that all of this isolation is necessary to review and change your beliefs.

The next New Moon in February will take us through one of the most tumultuous periods of 2017.  A lot more about this at the end of this video.

9:39pm – Mars enters Aires.  The start of a new Mars cycle!  This has been an intense Mars cycle with Mars making challenging aspects to Uranus (Aires), most of which will happen again this time.  In fact, as we have tracked Mars over the past year, challenging aspects to Uranus (Aires) coincided with false flag attacks, revolutions and all sorts of social upheaval.  So we have learned how important it is to track Mars and see how it initiates changes.

The reading for this day is people are more assertive and self-directed.  In Aires until March 11th, during this time we are reinventing ourselves and expressing a new, more assertive identity.

A great set of Moon (Aquarius) aspects make it a liberating day, great for social gatherings.  A good Saturday night to be out.

3:39pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires)  Looking for a change of pace.  Lots of Aquarius energy on the Moon makes for a restless afternoon.

7:28pm – Moon (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra)  Very good for social gatherings, enlightening (Aquarius) conversation (Libra).  People in a festive mood.

9:52pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius).  A pleasant aspect that keeps us connected to reality.  Void of Course begins.

A good day for planning, focus and isolation for the purpose of mental regeneration with Mercury conjunct Pluto.

8:10am – Moon enters Pisces.  Emotions flow into the collective for the next couple of days.  We are more tender and in need of assurance.  More compassionate and open to subtle impressions.

12:18pm – Mercury conjunct Pluto (Capricorn).  Today we are interested in how our mind works.  We want to get to the bottom of any matter.  We don’t mind spending time alone with a good book or movie.  We are intense, focused, not showing much above the surface while holding a strong grip on reality beneath the surface.  The mind works much better today.  Excellent for any kind of study or research, including esoteric subjects.  We are capable of difficult mental tasks, more formidable and pre-meditative.  We like to think ahead.  Today we have a plan to overcome any obstacles and achieve success.  A quiet intensity permeates the air.

Good day for planning your life, isolating yourself for the purpose of mental regeneration, focusing on what’s important to you and not allowing superficial concerns to distract you.  Good day for driving.  On a geopolitical level, we could see much focus on banking (Pluto) and leadership (Capricorn).

Interesting Stories:

Since the Inauguration is happening this week I am adding a few notes to my longer analysis in last weeks report.  Overall I am seeing a change in identity for the USA as indicated by two sets of transits to planet Mars.

The first set, which is positive, comes from the Jupiter opposition Uranus aspect making so many beneficial transits to the USA’s chart (the grand trine).  This leads me to believe that  the USA will take a lead role in ushering in the new technology of free energy.  And I am excited about this, because it is very good for humanity.  Free energy is easy to understand, just take a look at so many of the videos here on Youtube.  This set of aspects is what will save the USA’s reputation in the long run despite the bad news.

The second set of transits, which is challenging, centers around the Saturn square Mars, Chiron opposing USA’s natal Mars square Neptune.  I anticipate a great fall from grace coincidental with the restriction (squares) to natal Mars square Neptune, and which get balanced out by the oppositions.  Our authority and standing in the world will be greatly weakened.  Our military will no longer able to assert dominion over others.  The current state of political instability in America can be directly attributed to this set of transits.  The revolt against authority is reflected in Saturn opposition Mars along with Chiron, Mars (10th) square natal Mars.  The posturing on both sides leading up to the Inauguration will likely get worse as more difficult truths about the USA are revealed.  The revolt against authority will go on for the 4-year term.

On the international stage, it looks the the USA is already starting to take a beating.  Notice this story from Germany.  Notice how open and blunt the German deputy chancellor is about the USA, saying we should build better cars if America wants Germans to buy them.  That kind of talk will become more common.

In the long term, with so much good and bad happening on the USA’s Mars, it seems clear we are in for a change of identity.

Now that the Inauguration has passed, for the next several weeks we are looking at a time of relative calm before the storm just before we see a bunch of aspects at the end of February and early March.

2/26 – Mars conjunct Uranus (Aires).  Solar Eclipse.  This day marks the end of a relatively quiet period and the start of an very intense week, (Sunday 2/26 – Sunday 3/5).  I am looking forward to this aspect.
2/27 – Mars opposition Jupiter.  Now that Mars is in Aires and Jupiter Retrograde, this will manifest as a battle involving the news media.  It could also be coincidental with open hostilities.
3/1 – Sun conjunct Neptune (Pisces).  Everyone one earth becomes a Pisces for a day.
3/2 – Jupiter opposition Uranus.  Second pass at 22d11′.  Jupiter retrograde, Uranus Direct.
3/7 – Mars trine Saturn.
3/30 – Jupiter square Pluto.  Second pass at 19d16′.  Jupiter Retrograde, Pluto Direct.

In the midst of the storm in early March,
3/2 – Pluto conjunct Saturn, first pass.  That’s the exact same day as JU opp UR.  This is the transit that will bring up a lot of nationalism coupled with transformation and restructuring of their authority and basic approach to structure.  Notice the concurrent Pluto sextile Moon (8th house).  Transformation of the home (Moon) and banking system (8th house).  A Capricorn to Pisces sextile, they will transcend the limitations of their past.  Both transits indicate this could be a time when Germany decides to split from the EU and reinstate it’s own currency.  And interestingly, note Neptune sextile Neptune just about the same time.  This will bring the people together.  And finally, note a bit earlier on 2/8, Saturn square Mercury.  Merkel better be careful she faces a big problem early in February, a lot of judgment in politics.

Also in the midst of the storm in early March,
Saudi Arabia
Uranus reaches the last pass of their Uranus return on 3/5, right around the second pass of Jupiter opposition Uranus.  This is the transit that is bringing revolutionary changes to that country.

A bit of information about them. On 1/16, they had a setback when a court in Egypt ruled that two islands in the Red Sea and I decided to take a look at their transits and we can see on this day they were getting Jupiter opposition Uranus.  Here is the link to the story.  We see a judicial ruling (Jupiter) by a foreign (Jupiter) county oppose Saudi Arabia.  The interesting thing about this is now Egypt is showing interest in normalizing relations with Iran in order to buy oil.  Apparently the Saudi regime has recently cut oil supplies to Egypt.  We should note how this manifests.  It may seem small, but it is significant because it is the start of a conflict between the two nations that will be a major issue to Saudi Arabia soon.  We can anticipate a much large set of judicial actions in Saudi Arabia around at the last pass.

And also in the midst of the storm in early March,
12/3/2016, the day of the currency reform when they removed large denominations from circulation.  Notice Jupiter conjunct Neptune.  If ever there was a case of increase (Jupiter) of delusions (Neptune), this is the case.  But notice whats happening now.  Pluto square Neptune, on 1/12/2017, first pass.  And then during right around the big week at the end of February, Pluto conjunct Mercury, 2/25, soon followed by Pluto trine Saturn on 3/1.  Pluto in Capricorn is transforming leadership in India just like everywhere else.


This month we need to spend time recollecting ourselves in meditation to overcome the dark night of the soul.

Then get ready for some interesting times after the next New Moon.  About the end of February, early March we see a confluence of major aspects along with transits to different nations, all of which are currently in turmoil.  Expect a huge reshuffling of the geopolitical stage.  The current calamity we are seeing in American politics is just one part of it.

Exactly what happens we won’t know until we get there, and even more mysterious is how all of these events will change each one of us.  Hopefully for the better.  Find a suitable practice for meditation this month.  Here’s a couple of useful links for that.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes, and please leave comments.

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Germany doesn’t like the US much anymore.  There’s a lot going on with them.  Pluto conjunct Saturn transit concurrent with the next pass of Jupiter opposition Uranus

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German Press: “That Was No Presidential Speech; That Was A Declaration Of War” | Zero Hedge

Saudi Arabia lost a friend on the last pass of Jupiter opposition Uranus, the transit.  That’s odd, shouldn’t they be gaining (Jupiter) friends (Uranus) on a transit like that?  It’s a sign of what’s happening with them.  Uranus conjunct Uranus transit happens at the same time as the next pass of Jupiter opposition Uranus, the aspect.

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And most importantly, FREE ENERGY, even a kid could do it.  Why is this not common knowledge?

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