Weekly Astrology Notes January 29 – February 5, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes January 29 – February 5, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Weekly Summary:  The Sun continues it’s lonely journey through the middle degrees of Aquarius this week and won’t be making an aspect until 2/9.  Mercury is active this week with 3 aspects, conjunct Pluto on Sunday, square Uranus on Tuesday and square Jupiter on Thursday, making for an restless week of communication with lots of important matters (Capricorn) to consider.  So it could be a stressful week, leading up to the First Quarter Moon on Friday when we face a challenge to overcome fixed ways of doing things (Aquarius to Taurus).

Also this week, the USA, John McCain

On Sunday, A good day for planning, focus and isolation for the purpose of mental regeneration with Mercury conjunct Pluto.

On Monday, A real Moon-day with Moon (Pisces) and we feel our way through the day.

On Tuesday, A disruptive day with the forces of change bearing down upon us.

On Wednesday, Moon (Aires) makes two great aspects today.  A good day to start new projects.

On Thursday, A very energetic morning, inspirational and restless, especially on the East Coast when these aspects happen mid-morning.  Words and opinions overflow, people talking over one another.  Looks like a big news day.  Should make for an interesting Groundhog Day.

On Friday, During the day, Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune makes us warm and tender.  But the First Quarter Moon this evening brings a challenge to overcome fixed ways of doing things.

On Saturday, A more relaxed day with positive Moon (Taurus) aspects, a slow afternoon but more upbeat evening.

On Sunday,  A good day for recreation and moving around with Moon (Gemini).

A good day for planning, focus and isolation for the purpose of mental regeneration with Mercury conjunct Pluto.

8:10am – Moon enters Pisces.  Emotions flow into the collective for the next couple of days.  We are more emotional and in need of assurance.  More compassionate and open to subtle impressions, like pyshic abilities.

12:18pm – Mercury conjunct Pluto (Capricorn).  Today we are interested in understanding how the mind works and healing the mind.  We want to get to the bottom of any matter.  We enjoy spending time alone with a good book or movie, or exploring the healing arts.  We are also more concerned with improving conditions for the betterment of society.  We are intense, focused, not showing much above the surface while holding a strong grip on reality beneath the surface.  The mind works much better today.  Excellent for any kind of study or research, including esoteric subjects.  We are capable of difficult mental tasks, more formidable and pre-meditative.  We like to think ahead.  Today we have a plan to overcome any obstacles and achieve success.  A quiet intensity permeates the air.

Good day for planning your life, isolating yourself for the purpose of mental regeneration, focusing on what’s important to you and not allowing superficial concerns to distract you.  Good day for driving.  On a geopolitical level, we could see much focus on banking (Pluto) and leadership (Capricorn).

A real Moon-day with Moon (Pisces) and we feel our way through the day.

3:18am – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces).  Pleasant dreams in the middle of the night.  Once again, a comic poke on your belly-button.

4:27pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)  Powerful emotions flow unconditionally.  A compassionate moment when you could really help someone because the flow of healing energy is so strong.

7:31pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Mercury (Capricorn)  Impressions bubble up from the subconscious into the conscious mind.  The challenge is to be open to it and not dismiss anything that seems useless.  It may not be.  It could be some profound insight to help to your transcend your current thinking.

A disruptive day with the forces of change bearing down upon us.

4:11am – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius).  Early morning feeling low on energy, hard to get out of the house (Moon) and meet our responsibilities (Saturn).

9:36am – Moon conjunct Venus (Pisces)  Emotions dissolve and we feel everything around us.  Very psychic, yet delusional, easy to be fooled and think everything is wonderful.  In a safe place, this aspect is fantastic for getting in touch with your feelings, very compassionate and caring.  Void of Course begins.  So Tuesday mid-day is not a good time to start projects.

1:47pm – Moon enters Aires.  Time of beginnings, more confident, motivated and self-directed for the next couple of days, especially now because…..

6:52pm – Moon conjunct Mars (Aires)  This aspect should be rather energetic now that Mars is in Aires.  Folks are demanding, self-directed, sure of themselves, ready to take on new projects and build something to last.  A strong feeling of new beginnings.

7:31pm – Mercury (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires).  The forces of change (Uranus) bear down upon the conscious mind (Mercury) demanding that we live up to high expectations.  Like we need to show the world the evolved (Uranus) quality of our opinions (Mercury).  It makes for a lot of  talk (Mercury) and hubris (Uranus).  Is there enough excitement in your life?  You may ask yourself.  People are looking for a change of pace to break out of stagnant thought patterns.  The disruption is equal to whatever is necessary to remove something that’s holding you back.

Aspect brings up brilliant ideas that will need to be thoroughly reviewed on another day to see if they are practical.  That needs to be strongly emphasized.  Uranus loves to break tradition (Capricorn), but Mercury is in Capricorn.  The fast pace of ideas means numerous, wonderful and interesting ideas come to mind, good idea to keep a note pad close at hand to write them all down.  Good for writing in general, the ideas should flow.

Relations with authority figures (Capricorn) may be poor today and we’ll need to slow down and listen carefully to what they say, even though we may not want to.  We are more rebellious and smarter and it’s easy to think we already know (Uranus).  The temptation with this aspect is to defy authority, but that would waste this aspect and could cause unnecessary disruptions in your life.

Aspect is great for coming up with a new, innovative (Uranus) solution to an old problem.  The need to be practical (Capricorn) and efficient is achieved though intelligent (Uranus) work.  So, thinking outside the box today is seen as a mark of maturity and likely to gain you accolades or rewards later on, so long as you don’t defy practicality.

Moon (Aires) makes two great aspects today.  A good day to start new projects.

12:50pm – Moon (Aires) sextile Sun (Aquarius)  Emotions and will in balance, creative energy flows nicely.

9:13pm – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Intense emotions under the surface, could cause flare ups.  Don’t agitate others tonight.  Avoid over-indulging in drugs (Pluto) or alcohol.  Self-discipline is necessary to harness the powerful energies.  You may prefer to do it alone.

A very energetic morning, inspirational and restless, especially on the East Coast when these aspects happen mid-morning.  Words and opinions overflow, people talking over one another.  Looks like a big news day.  Should make for an interesting Groundhog Day.

2:30am – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires)  In the middle of the night, feeling agitated and restless.  But we should be aware that this aspect can also bring moments of great inspiration and enlightenment.  Take notice of where this aspect is occurring in your chart.  Activities related to that house are where you need to focus your energy for evolution and change.

5:52am – Moon (Aires) square Mercury (Capricorn)  Emotions and intellect disagree.  Responsibility of everyday affairs and activities is a burden.  Could bring up tension and anger.  Self-discipline helps you through.  Be careful while driving.

6:01am – Moon (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra)  Emotions expand suddenly, big ideas, strong desire to connect.  Overindulgent and excessive when taken with the previous and next aspects.  Watch what you say this morning.

7:16am – Mercury (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra).  Lots of mercurial activity.  People are moving around and talking more than usual.  On the good side, we are inspired, curious and willing to talk, idealistic and very interested in current affairs.  On the bad side, excessive volume, talking over others, not listening to what others have to say, disregarding others for no reason.  Easy to say something that could hurt your reputation (Capricorn).  Sometimes the less you say is better, and this aspect really emphasizes that.  Problem is this aspect makes folks really opinionated and want to express them.  A lot of business transactions, but not necessary the wisest.  Not a good time to make decisions, if you do, leave room for adjustments later on, or better yet, seek an expert opinion.

This aspect could play out as judgmental attitudes, a tense day when people feeling the need to resolve a disagreement that’s been brewing beneath the surface, especially now that Mercury is Direct.  People are looking to resolve issues of unfairness in partnerships and relationships.

Jupiter avoids the details, which could cause simple mistakes like driving errors, embarrassing little errors pop up.  This could lead to disruptions, like traffic congestion, communication overload, disagreements, inability to meet a deadline or live up to expectations of authority figures.  Be careful while driving.  Jupiter expands both the conscious mind (Mercury) and subconscious mind (Moon) concurrently and in a way that challenges us find balance.  So, we’ll all need to slow down this morning.

A special point to make.  This group of aspects, including the Moon aspects, is going to fry some nerves.  Notice the 3 planets form a T-square at 23 degrees.  The challenge of this configuration is to balance the opposition while working with the planet being squared.  The resolution comes from the sign opposite the planet being squared, in this case Cancer, which opposes Capricorn.  That’s what creates the balance needed so the whole configuration finds stability.  So, this morning we need to nurture (Cancer) ourselves and others, even though it may be difficult because Moon (Aires) is demanding.  Find balance this morning through nurturing activities, caring for the feelings of others.

23 degrees Cancer becomes the point of stability and equilibrium for the entire configuration.  Look to see where that degree falls in your chart.  Activities in that house bring balance.  Some sacrifice may be necessary for the sake of needing to live (Cancer) with others.  Deep breathing is a good idea.  This may turn out to be a big news day.

8:50am – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius).  This aspect may bring a little calm, hopefully.  Void of Course begins.  Not a good time to start new projects for the rest of the day.  That’s another reason why we should take a deep breath and focus on what needs to be accomplished today and not put energy into future plans just yet.

5:50pm – Moon enters Taurus.  A time of sensual pleasures and feeling comfortable in your surroundings for the couple of days.

During the day, Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune makes us warm and tender.  But the First Quarter Moon this evening brings a challenge to overcome fixed ways of doing things.

7:52am – Venus enters Aires.

Aires says “I am” and Venus is beautiful, so Venus in Aires says “I am beautiful”.  That sounds nice, it’s a nice affirmation, but “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” so it’s vanity.  Remember, Venus is fallen in Aires, where it can be vain and self-absorbed about appearances.  The challenge with this placement is to see the beauty in others and not feel threatened by it.  We need to express affection (Venus) with energy and enthusiasm (Aires).  Relationships that begin now are enjoyable but not necessarily long-lasting.  Depends on other factors.

In general, you are looking to develop a relationship (Venus) with who you are (Aires), as well as other Aires traits such as aggression, assertiveness, being self-directed and independent.  So we are a little more self-absorbed, but it can lead to some really good things.  A good time to get in shape, work on your body, go to the gym.  Anything you can do to make yourself beautiful would be a good outlet for this energy.

Venus goes Retrograde at 13d9′ on March 4.  Re-enters Pisces on April 4.  Goes Direct on April 15 at 26d54′ Pisces.  Comes back to Aires on April 29 and then leave Aires on June 7.  So that’s a long time in Aires.

12:10pm – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Great aspect for a massage.  Look for this one each month and plan a visit to your massage therapist.  Very sensitive, psychic, open to subtle impressions.

8:19pm – Moon (Taurus) square Sun (Aquarius).  First Quarter Moon, the time each month when we establish an emotional base for this months growth.  This month the challenge is symbolized by the Aquarius to Taurus square which is a conflict of egalitarian (Aquarius) ideals vs. personal values (Taurus).  The issue of personal space (Taurus) vs. communal space (Aquarius) makes us need independence more than usual.  Friendships (Aquarius) can be limited (square) by your need for personal comfort and shared values (Taurus).  This issue regarding money (Taurus) and friendship (Aquarius) may come up this evening.  Taurus can be stubborn and Aquarius says “I know”, so there is a tendency to stubbornly stick to ideals.  A overly fixed way of doing things prevents the adaptation necessary for growth.  But Taurus is also earthly and practical and this combination gives us the ability to put our ideals into concrete form.  The challenge this month is to establish the personal space (Taurus) we need to evolve (Aquarius).

A more relaxed day with positive Moon (Taurus) aspects.

12:38am – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  Late Friday evening is a good time to make a powerful connection with someone.  Sexual (Pluto) and sensual (Taurus) in harmony (trine) means opportunities for a deep, meaningful interaction are likely.

2:42pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Mercury (Capricorn).  Afternoon, emotions and thoughts in harmony, good for conversation, discuss feeling and important matters.  Void of Course begins.

8:44pm – Moon enters Gemini.  We are more active for the next couple of days.  Good time to catch up on unfinished business, returning calls promptly and attending to lots of little things.  More talkative and cerebral, you may need to slow down if your nerves get over-taxed.

10:51pm – Moon (Gemini) sextile Venus (Aires)  A pleasant aspect.  Good for conversation.

A good day for recreation and moving around with Moon (Gemini).

7:15am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Mars (Aires)  Energetic Sunday morning, good for physical exercise, like a bike ride.

2:54pm – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces).  Two weeks ago we had the same aspect on a Sunday evening.  Hard to cope with the needs of others, feeling disappointed.  Nurturing (Moon) talk (Gemini) to anyone (Pisces) who needs it.

10:52pm – Jupiter goes Retrograde, ending the All Planet Direct Motion period which began December 26.  Jupiter goes retrograde at 23d09′ Libra until 13d13′ Libra on June 9, 2017.  So that’s just over 4 months.

This represents a time when the attributes of Jupiter are turned inward.  We are more introspective about life, and can have an overly optimistic appraisal of your life.  But, it’s a time when you feel like you can’t reach for the goodness in life without extra effort.  It’s a time to reacquaint yourself with the wisdom that you’ve already gained and put it to good use.

Jupiter retrograde is the time to re-evaluate ways that you have been excessive or out of balance with Jupiter energy.  If you reach for the goodness of life (Jupiter) with too much gusto or have developed bad habits or addictions, or if you are too idealistic, lack practicality or are pompous and professorial, this period is meant to help heal those problems.

The degrees that Jupiter re-visits represents the areas of your life that need more growth.  See which house and possibly which planets are covered in this retrograde period.  Those are the areas of life that need to re-examined and possibly changed.  See this time as an opportunity to learn more about that area of life and to change old patterns of perception (Jupiter).

The retrograde period includes another passage Jupiter square Pluto on March 30 at 19d16′ Libra.  This is the aspect that is severing people from excessive, out of balance Pluto energy.  Recall the recent embarrassment of Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia, who had his pornography video revealed accidentally.  So, one of the out of balance elements that society needs to address during this time is this issue with pornography and sexuality in the media.  We can also expect the mainstream media to go through a period of introspection and re-evaluation.

But even more significant during this retrograde period is Jupiter opposition Uranus on 3/2.  Weekly Astrology from last week includes a lot of information about that as well as my video Jupiter opposition Uranus: A Renaissance of Jupiter in Libra.  The retrograde motion of Jupiter during this passage means that the mainstream media will really be caught off-guard when the big news hits.  They will suffer a big blow to their viewership and this will be the moment when huge numbers of people look to alternative media.

Another aspect we need to look at is Jupiter quincunx Chiron.  Three passes:  First pass  12/31/2016 at 21d08′.  Second pass 2/14/2017at 23d02′. Third pass 9/22/2017 at 26d20′.  The first two passes are close due to Jupiter going retrograde.  So, this aspect is in effect all of January and most of February, that’s an extended period of time.

The combination of Jupiter and Chiron is challenging like all Chiron aspects in that they relate to pain.  However, this combination has some benefits.  This combination denotes an ability to overcome the deep wound associated with Chiron.  In fact, the Chiron-Jupiter midpoint in your chart is considered a lucky degree, a place where you find relief from pain.  The quincunx is a compulsive and demanding aspect that requires a precise adjustment, but it carries the qualities of healing as well, Virgo is helpful, Scorpio is regeneration.

My interpretation of this aspect is an opportunity for healing a deep wound that keeps you from feeling fully connected to your body.  A relief from a nagging emotional pain that won’t go away on it’s own until you make a precise adjustment.  See if there is some characteristic in you related to Jupiter that needs to be healed in order for growth (Jupiter) to be realized.  The characteristic is likely some overindulgent or excessive behavior, like an addiction, that you never gained the wisdom to let go of in the past.  A spiritual lesson that you did not learn in the past can now be healed and resolved.

As we continue through this period in time you will have more awareness of the subtle pain you feel on a regular basis.  This is just the volume being turned up so you can hear the music, so to speak.  Really it is an indication that something deep within you is ready to be healed.  It is easy to loose your sense of humor and the feeling of abundance in life.  The milk of human kindness seems lost.  Really we are just becoming more aware of the issue so we can address it within ourselves.  It’s a good time to work on healing your addictions, overindulgence, overly idealistic attitude and rhetoric.  Learn to be a better listener and learn to take advice from qualified people.

This aspect will contribute to our collective need to address the pain and suffering in society.  We will all have a greater awareness of Chiron during this time.  That is, we’ll all have a greater perspective of pain and suffering.  We need to look at the pain and suffering that we cause in the world by way of our out of balance perspectives, taking more than our fair share, our misuse of the resources and abundance that life has granted us.  Many of these issues are being resolved by forces beyond our control and in a collective manner.  This is happening right before our eyes and we need to see this period of adjustment as necessary for our spiritual growth.

On a mundane level, this aspect is contributing to the broadcasting (Jupiter) of pain (Chiron) that seems so prevalent amongst the liberals right now.  It is really bringing the control freaks to the surface.  A powerful quincunx can do that.  And for sure the concurrent Chiron opposition Neptune transit happening now for the USA is a contributing factor as well.  Speak of the USA….

Interesting Stories:

On February 3rd, 3 transits.  Chiron opposition Neptune, Saturn quincunx Mercury and Mercury opposition Mercury.  It looks like a serious overhaul of the Federal government is now underway with the new administration and these transits are sure to manifest as some of those changes.

First let’s look at what’s happening to natal Mercury.  Saturn quincunx Mercury means a precise adjustment is necessary to incorporate structure and accountability (Saturn) into the political process (Mercury).  This transit brings a sense of urgency and intensity to the moment, making it one of critical importance.  More control freaks.  Next Mercury opposition Mercury is a day of conflicting statements and verbal jousting that lead to important awareness of what your opponents are thinking.  This transit likely to manifest as open disagreement with US policy and it could involve the banking industry (8th house).

Chiron (Pisces) opposition Neptune is the transit that is manifesting as the excessive displays of pain and suffering.  The curious thing about this transit is that the effect of Pisces opposition Neptune creates a situation where we are thrust beyond the scope of our current beliefs as if we are looking at ourselves as an outsider.  Those caught up in the energy and putting on these displays, like some of the celebrities, don’t seem to realize that they are being examined by the population at large on a subconscious level.  Once this transit is over, a new set of beliefs emerges, and many putting on these dramatic displays will become irrelevant.  And like many Neptune transits, because your beliefs are changing you never really know what to believe until it’s over.  So you never really want to commit to course of action until it’s over because you never how you are going to feel later on.

John McCain
As many of my viewers know I have been watching this man for a while now, waiting to see which see of transits would bring his downfall.  I am not really interested in seeing him hurt, I just know that he is a standard bearer for US military domination, which is going through a re-tasking phase, and when he falls, so too will some of the doctrine he supports.  His transits over 2016 have coincided with a loss of influence and power, despite being re-elected.  He was one of the main proponents of Daesh (ISIS), now they are almost completely defeated.

February 7th, two transit Neptune square Midheaven (last pass), and Chiron square Chiron.  The Neptune square Midheaven brings confusion regarding your place in the world, especially since he has the aspect in his natal chart as well.  It also makes him kind of invisible, insignificant.  What’s so significant is the revelations now coming out about him accuse him of massive deception (Neptune) and that his career as an alleged war hero is based on a lie.  It looks like now is the time that this information is ready to come out.  This would result is a total fall from standing in the Senate, he’d loose all credibility and at least one other Senator says he should be arrested.  So this could be a bad time for him.  Chiron square Chiron is sure to bring up pain and suffering and my guess is he has a health issue.  Taken together these transits could mean the end of his career.  Let’s watch him closely this week to see what comes of these latest revelations.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes, and please leave comments.

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John McCain has so many problems, it’s a wonder he hasn’t been arrested already.  Here’s the latest.  Let’s see what happens on this coming week with Chiron square Chiron and Neptune square MC.

John McCain Admits He Spread Trump Hooker Hoax – YouTube








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