Weekly Astrology Notes February 5-12, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes February 5-12, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Weekly Summary: Look forward to a great week ahead. The mid-week has some emotional challenges while the Moon is in Cancer, but the later part of the week is absolutely fantastic. Sun sextile Uranus on Thursday will help us break free, a enlivening Full Moon on Friday along with Mercury sextile Venus will bring relationship opportunities, and Sun trine Jupiter on Saturday means it’s time to recreate and expand. So take advantage of the positive energy starting Thursday and going through Sunday. Make plans to do something fun and inspirational, be with friends. This Full Moon makes us want to live life to the fullest.

On Sunday, A good day for recreation and moving around with Moon (Gemini).

On Monday, Moon (Gemini) makes it an active Monday, lots of communication to expand consciousness.

On Tuesday, Mercury entering Aquarius today makes folks a bit more curious. But Moon (Cancer) makes it a day to nurture your emotional needs.

On Wednesday, Emotional insecurities rise to the surface today with challenging Moon (Cancer) aspects. Temptation is to crawl into your shell and hide.

On Thursday, Sun sextile Uranus and today is a day to stretch and be more flexible while seeking new outlets for our creativity. An inspirational and creative day.

On Friday, A good day to resolve your differences with someone with Mercury sextile Venus. This Full Moon is full of positive, creative energy, the best we’ve seen in a while. Live life to the fullest on this Full Moon.

On Saturday, A fantastic day to get out of the house and have some fun with Sun trine Jupiter. Plan this day accordingly to make the most of it.

On Sunday, A good day for healthy living with Moon (Virgo).
A good day for recreation and moving around with Moon (Gemini).

7:15am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Mars (Aires) Energetic Sunday morning, good for physical exercise, like a bike ride.

2:54pm – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces). Two weeks ago we had the same aspect on a Sunday evening. Hard to cope with the needs of others, feeling disappointed. Nurturing (Moon) talk (Gemini) to anyone (Pisces) who needs it. Lend a sympathetic ear to someone.

10:52pm – Jupiter goes Retrograde, ending the All Planet Direct Motion period which began December 26. Jupiter goes retrograde at 23d09′ Libra until 13d13′ Libra on June 9, 2017. So that’s just over 4 months.

This represents a time when the attributes of Jupiter are turned inward. We are more introspective about life. In fact, because Sagittarius says “I perceive” and retrograde turns the energy inward, so the word “introspective” is a perfect description.

It can bring an overly optimistic appraisal of your life, but it’s also a time when you feel like you can’t reach for the goodness in life without extra effort. It’s a time to reacquaint yourself with the wisdom that you’ve already gained and put it to good use, not ask for more from the universe.

Jupiter retrograde is the time to re-evaluate ways that you have been excessive or out of balance with Jupiter energy. If you reach for the goodness of life (Jupiter) with too much gusto or have developed bad habits or addictions, or if you are too idealistic, lack practicality or are pompous and professorial, this period is meant to help heal those problems.

The degrees that Jupiter re-visits represent the areas of your life that need more growth. See which house and possibly which planets are covered in this retrograde period. Those are the areas of life that need to be re-examined and possibly changed. See this time as an opportunity to learn more about that area of life and to change old patterns of perception (Jupiter).

Moon (Gemini) makes it an active Monday, lots of communication to expand consciousness.

2:40am – Moon (Gemini) trine Sun (Aquarius) Creative energy flows in the middle of the night.

8:19am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires) We nurture (Moon) evolution (Uranus) in ourselves and others. Good for teaching, feeling (Moon) equal (Uranus) to others and wanting them to make progress.

11:33am – Moon (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra) Emotions (Moon) expand (Jupiter) and we have lots (Jupiter) to talk (Gemini) about. Strong need (Moon) to relate (Libra).

2:53pm – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius). Aspect slows us down, limits communication (Gemini) and makes it hard to get in touch with our feelings. May have to contend with overbearing authority figures. Void of Course begins.

11:03pm – Moon enters Cancer. Moon begins a new cycle. We are more in touch with our emotional needs, desire to crawl into our shell and nurture ourselves for the next couple of days. But it looks like the Moon aspects over the next two days will challenge us to feel like we are in charge (Moon rules Cancer) of our own emotional self. By Wednesday evening, you may ask yourself, am I in charge of my life?

Mercury entering Aquarius today makes folks a bit more curious. But Moon (Cancer) makes it a day to nurture your emotional needs.

1:36am – Mercury enters Aquarius. Until Feb 26th. Communication (Mercury) takes on the qualities of openness, intelligent, intellectually detached. We seek to develop more adaptability and variety in our communication. We seek to update our opinions with the latest information, show more interest in new and innovative technology. We should see more news related to new technology around this time. It’s also a good time to get involved in community groups and organizations or any group associated with equality and democracy. We want to connect with our friends and make new friends who expand our minds and give us a more enlightened perspective.

The unpredictable nature of Aquarius makes folks prone to erratic or surprising behavior. Some folks may want to shock people just for the sake of surprising them. That is going to bring a added bonus to all the Mercury aspects happening over the next 2 ½ weeks. This could bring much enlightenment on the harmonious aspect and bring up some strange behavior on the tough aspects.

3:55am – Moon (Cancer) square Venus (Aires) Aspects make us not want to get out of our shell, but it’s still a pleasant aspect.

12:18pm – Moon (Cancer) square Mars (Aires) A pure square. Rulers of each sign square one another. Aspect makes us a bit demanding, defensive and in need of establishing emotional security. Some will prefer to go into their shell for a while. Getting what you want (Mars) and emotional fulfillment, like eating (Moon) disagree. Hard to find the right restaurant for lunch. Not good for digestion.

5:20pm – Moon (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) Emotions dissolve into the collective and we feel artistic and poetic. Time to emerge from your shell for a couple of hours and share yourself with others.

Emotional insecurities rise to the surface today with challenging Moon (Cancer) aspects. Temptation is to crawl into your shell and hide.

5:41am – Moon (Cancer) opposition Pluto (Capricorn) Intense need to confront whatever is holding you back. Some may act out of vengeance or use sex as a means of control. Be careful of drug use.

10:52am – Moon (Cancer) square Uranus (Aires) Feeling rebellious, demanding and not very sociable. Folks looking to severe themselves from an oppressive situation.

2:00pm – Moon (Cancer) square Jupiter (Libra). Loud and extravagant, temptation is to over indulge in order to cover up insecurities. Over-confident, not a good time to make decisions. Void of Course begins. Continue until early next day.
Sun sextile Uranus and today is a day to stretch and be more flexible while seeking new outlets for our creativity. An inspirational and creative day.

1:41am – Moon enters Leo. Creativity and drama, romance and play. Leave room for some of those thing in your schedule over the next couple of days.

7:25am – Moon (Leo) opposition Mercury (Aquarius) Very creative and innovative aspect in these signs and with the concurrent SU sextile UR. Emotions and thoughts conflict, but it’s necessary to clear out creative blocks, like writing blocks, etc. Once the blocks are cleared out, you have a stronger connection between conscious (Mercury) and sub-conscious (Moon) mind.

9:20am – Moon (Leo) trine Venus (Aires) Romantic and easy going trine. Makes for pleasant conversation.

1:15pm – Sun (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires). Excellent, the first aspect for the Sun in a while and it brings a day of surprises. That’s a lot of Uranian energy on the Sun. It’ll encourage us into unpredictable behavior and seeking new outlets for our creativity (Sun). Today we are more open-minded, not interested in dark matters, we are interested in freedom and equality and how we much of that we have in our lives.

This aspect is sure to bring up some restless and nervous energy and folks seek to make the changes they’ve been contemplating. The electric energy in the atmosphere is higher than usual and life seems more exciting even if nothing special is going on in your neck of the woods. We’ll need to be more flexible in order to handle the energy. Rigidity will slow you down, creating a buildup of electrical energy in the body and frying the nerves.

Considering all of accompanying positive Moon aspects happening, today is a day to stretch. Stretch your tendons and muscles, stretch your mind, stretch your freedom and creativity. Yoga is excellent for this kind of aspect because you will feel it more and it will enable you to harness all of the electricity running through your body.

Look for surprising new things today.

6:05pm – Moon (Leo) trine Mars (Aires). Lots of energy good for physical activity in the evening. We are inspired and creative.
A good day to resolve your differences with someone with Mercury sextile Venus. This Full Moon is full of positive, creative energy, the best we’ve seen in a while. Live life to the fullest on this Full Moon.

1:18pm – Mercury (Aquarius) sextile Venus (Aires) Today we are more eloquent and interested in intellectual subjects. The mind moves faster and is capable of more than usual. Very good for working with others. Communication is pleasant and diplomatic (Venus) and out in the open (Aquarius), taking on an air of perfection and delicacy. A good day for meetings (Venus), everyone wants to make progress (Aquarius). People appreciate and have affinity (Venus) for different (Uranus) opinions (Mercury). Today we want others to succeed because we intrinsically sense our success and theirs are interconnected (Aquarius). We want others to be just as free as us so we are willing to share.

A great day to reach an agreement with someone that you’ve disagreed with in the past. Really must emphasize this point. Considering all of the aspects over Thursday and Friday, it looks like we have an opportunity to bury the hatchet, forgive and move on, and really get ahead. But we must actively take the opportunity. You’d be very lucky if it just fell into your lap, you’ll need to put the positive thoughts into action.

A great aspect for relationships, we are more agreeable and really feel the need to communicate with our partner. In some ways you could kind of call it the perfect relationship aspect because we genuinely want to talk. Existing relationships should do quite well. New relationships will have a child-like bond that will encourage sharing and equality, but it may not last long with Venus in Aires and Mercury giving it that mercurial quality. This aspect is more tending more towards friendship.

2:36pm – Moon (Leo) trine Uranus (Aires) Adding even more inspiration and desire for freedom to today. Just like the previous, this aspect gives an intrinsic understanding of the connectedness of all people.

4:33pm – Moon (Leo) opposition Sun (Aquarius). Full Moon at 22d28′. One of the best set of aspects accompanying a Full Moon that we’ve seen in a while. Pretty much every aspect from Thursday through Saturday is upbeat and positive. So it looks a good time for celebration this month. Unlike previous months when I’ve issued some strong warnings.

It’s time to show how flexible (Aquarius) and creative (Leo) you are. This Full Moon is really bright energetically. Leo is the Sun and Aquarius operates out in the open. So this Full Moon just feels a lot brighter than usual. If you look for a positive outlet for all this energy, then you will likely meet with success. So don’t hold yourself back. The fixed (fixed signs) energy of this Full Moon means it’s time to focus on the present moment and live your life, not worry about what happened in the past. This is a great Full Moon to be with others.

We are also having a Lunar Eclipse on this Full Moon which means the subconscious fears do not rise to the surface and there is less insecurity. Here’s a good link.

5:40pm – Moon (Leo) sextile Jupiter (Libra) Yet another social and uplifting aspect. Emotions expand and we seek partnership.

9:52pm – Moon (Leo) trine Saturn (Sagittarius). Emotions focus on things of lasting value. Willing to withhold present comfort for future gain. Void of Course begins. Continues until next morning.

A fantastic day to get out of the house and have some fun with Sun trine Jupiter. Plan this day accordingly to make the most of it.

5:52am – Moon enters Virgo. Emotions are active in Virgo, concerned with details and proper digestion of the facts. Virgo is helpful and healthful. Good time to attend to your health regime.

7:25am – Sun (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra). This aspect brings an unabashed love of freedom and a very positive attitude. We want to express (Sun) the best part of ourselves (Jupiter). In air signs, so we love to fly. Very inspirational. We feel like the pilot of a jet airplane. Mind is open to endless possibilities, very idealistic, broad-minded, forgiving, boisterous, loud, excessive display of Aquarian ideals such as freedom and independence.

This aspect is great for all parties and social gatherings, including meetings of professional organizations. Great for all recreational activity, getting out of the house. Great for traveling. Flying, in particular, is indicated. You may want to plan this day in advance since it’s the weekend and use the energy of this aspect to fuel your recreation plans.

Aspect is good for relationships (Libra) and we are looking to incorporate our partners in our social activities (Aquarius). We’re happy and want to be in a crowd. We’re interested in new ideas and very open-minded, so we don’t criticize the people we meet. In fact, we want to meet new people who will expand our horizons and teach us something new. Great for the study of any subject, but not indoors. Today you want hands-on experience in life. So, go for it today.
A good day for healthy living with Moon (Virgo).

1:42am – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces) Another challenging Moon-Neptune aspect on Sunday. This middle of the night aspect has our emotions merging with the collective through encounters with others. Sense of disappointment due to being overwhelmed with feelings from everyone around you. We need to forgive and not judge. Very helpful towards others.

3:02pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn) Very energetic, strong burst of energy to work hard with the promise of future gain. Able to sense the needs of others in a deep and compassionate way. Ability to transcend you own insecurities through helpfulness towards others. Able to cut away habits and people that are holding you back without difficulty.

Interesting Stories:

USA Constitution
Feb 9, 2017, Saturn opposition Jupiter. Limitation on foreigners. Also cause USA to experience some limitation with regards to foreign affairs in general. A karmic moment when excessive Jupiter energy is put in check. A time of sober evaluation of existing laws, as well as for the broadcasting industry. Superfluous elements of law are judged and removed. People who take the law into their own hands are removed by authority. This is clearly manifesting in many instances including the recent removal of the acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to enforce the President’s new ban on immigrants from certain nations. It’s a time of restructuring (Saturn) of laws (Jupiter) and politics (Gemini).

However, I am also looking at this transit with respect to the upcoming Neptune opposition Mercury and seeing both of these transits and many others to the USA’s natal chart manifesting as USA’s loss of geopolitical power. A time of confusion (Neptune) in politics (Mercury).

So, it’s a time of confusion and restructuring with respect to the law of the land, the Constitution, in the USA.

Despite these confrontations, they are mild compared to what we expect to see later this month as we approach the next passage of Jupiter opposition Uranus. In fact, I am making a collection of analysis regarding this upcoming aspect within these Weekly reports that I will summarize in an upcoming video. And for sure we need to take a look at……

Notice the second pass of Jupiter opposition Uranus makes a tight square to their natal Jupiter (Capricorn / 12th house). This is huge. On a geopolitical level this could have significant effects. I will cut straight to the point, China is going to do something really surprising. Considering Mars joins the party, there is very strong indication that China makes a bold move both politically and possibly militarily. This set of transits is sure to unleash powerful hidden (12th) forces in China. Recall my previous analysis regarding the hidden hand of power in China, the ancient families and how they control all the wealth. That’s all Jupiter in Capricorn in the 12th house. That element of their chart is now being activated.

Uranus, currently in the 3rd house, square Jupiter will change their political structure as they experience a crisis to adapt and realize their highest goals and aspirations all at the same time. Uranus-Jupiter transits make you want to be the best that you can be. A time of intense hubris and rhetoric, propaganda, enough to do something revolutionary. As for the accompanying Jupiter (9th house) square Jupiter, it’s the approaching square in the Jupiter cycle, a time of critical testing. They are out to prove their worth and authority in international affairs. Despite all of the feelings of omnipotence that accompany these transits, actually it also a time of limitations (squares) on their ability to expand (Jupiter).

All in all, a time of intense testing for China. And Mars adds some aggressive energy. Put it all together and it is likely China will make a bold move, likely including military action, within a month.

But notice Neptune opposition Saturn (4/8/2017, 8/29/2017, 2/8/2018). This transit will dissolve (Neptune) their authority structure (Saturn) and their banking system (8th house) will be universalized (Neptune) by way of making their currency part of an international basket of currencies set to replace the US petro-dollar.

My viewers may recall in late 2015, I put out a video about China and the accompanying Jupiter trine Pluto aspect happening at the time right on top of their 8th house Saturn. This resulted is tremendous positive transformation of their banking system just as expected. So the connection between their banking system and their 8th house Saturn is well established at this point and we can predict that this Neptune opposition Saturn will have a rather confusing and dissolving effect on their banking system. It could create a lot of economic problems for them.

In addition, this transit will bring a lot of confusion to authority and make it difficult for them to collect their energy enough for a sustained conflict. Their authority structure will be falling apart as it tries to save their banking system, making all of their plans for outward expansion much harder to achieve. Their beliefs (Neptune) are changing, like any Neptune opposition. They are confused and unsure (Neptune) how to plan for the future (Saturn). So, if they take military action at this time, it could be a big mistake.

A deeper understanding
This is very significant for China because much of China is obscured in history. The ancient families who control China never come to the surface of awareness, they remain a mystery so China itself remains a mystery. This situation cannot last forever. The ancient families that control China cannot be obscured forever, they need to come out into the open so that real change can occur in China.

The uncovering of hidden elements of society is like the finale in the movie Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy pulls back the curtain and reveals that the great and wonderful Oz was really just a man behind a curtain pulling the strings. The secrecy of the ancient families will be revealed much like Oz in the movie due to JU opp UR and the resultant squares to their natal Jupiter. Square to the 12th house always unearth things from the past, the same is sure to happen.

And along the way, they are likely to react and do something surprising, but like all squares, it will limit them to some degree as well. You can see a power struggle forming here, the forces of change vs. the ancient families. They will try to limit the change brought about by the JU opp UR, but it looks like they will the ones forced to make the adjustment.

The new paradigm of Uranus in Aires, which comes into collective awareness at the Jupiter opposition, disagrees with them. The squares signify a crisis between the ancient families and the new paradigm. They face the potential for a significant loss of power and standing if they cannot adapt to the new paradigm. So they may very well be at odds with the changes happening in the world. It’s for certain they are really unhappy about Donald Trump being elected President. Note both the USA and Trump seem to be in agreement with the new paradigm because they have harmonious transits to JU opp UR.

So it looks like a conflict is in the making, all in relation to JU opp UR. What will China do? That’s the big question. Will it be just economic warfare or military as well? My sense is that they will do something bold. It may seem unlike them, but my sense is that aggressive action will ultimately backfire, thus causing the ancient families to make an adjustment and be revealed in the process.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes, and please leave comments.

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