Weekly Astrology Notes February 12-19, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes February 12-19, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Weekly Summary:   It looks like a pretty good week ahead.  The start of the week is good for group projects and working for a better future with Sun sextile Saturn.  On Tuesday, Valentine’s Day should be exciting with the Moon in Libra making some powerful aspects of attraction.  Wednesday is a high energy day with lots of one-to-one encounters.  On Thursday, we modernize ourselves with Mercury sextile Mars.  Friday is a bit moody with Moon in Scorpio.  On the weekend, the Last Quarter Moon (Sagittarius to Pisces) on Saturday has us feeling an abundance of warmth and compassion, and Sunday is an inspirational day with Moon in Sagittarius.

On Sunday,  A good day for healthy living with Moon (Virgo).

On Monday, Group efforts work out better today with Sun sextile Saturn.

On Tuesday, Valentines Day and the Moon is in Libra.  Wonderful.  Relationships and one-to-one encounters, including business meetings, take on greater significance today.

On Wednesday, High energy day, especially the morning, with the Moon in Libra.  Another day of important one-to-one encounters.  Could be a big news day.

On Thursday, Today we modernize ourselves with Mercury sextile Mars.  A wonderfully electric day, with lots of surprises.

On Friday, Moon (Scorpio) makes folks a bit moody and sullen today.

On Saturday, Last Quarter Moon around noon and we feel a crisis to overcome limitations and nurture our connection to divine source.  An active day with abundant good feelings and compassion for all, just stay above the disappointment.

On Sunday,  An inspirational day with Moon in Sagittarius.

A good day for healthy living with Moon (Virgo).

1:42am – Moon (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces)  Another challenging Moon-Neptune aspect on Sunday.  This middle of the night aspect has our emotions merging with the collective through encounters with others.  We need to forgive and not judge.  Very helpful towards others.

3:02pm – Moon (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn)  Very energetic, strong burst of energy to work hard with the promise of future gain.  Able to sense the needs of others in a deep and compassionate way.  Ability to transcend you own insecurities through helpfulness towards others.  Able to cut away habits and people that are holding you back without difficulty.

Group efforts work out better today with Sun sextile Saturn.

4:36am – Moon (Virgo) square Saturn (Sagittarius).  Early morning feeling a bit critical, like nothing is enough.  Focus on one thing and find satisfaction in that.  Void of Course begins.

12:43pm – Moon enters Libra.  More focused on relationships for the next couple of days.  Good time to be with your partner and share warmth and nurturing.  Good for social gatherings as well, people are more affectionate and beautiful.

9:58pm – Sun (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  The confluence of all this outer planet energy on the Sun today makes us more aware of our place in the world.  Today we are concerned with how we fit  in with the rest of society.  We are more agreeable and willing to function within the limits set by society.  We are looking for feedback from others to give us assurance that everything is alright.  Friends (Aquarius) play a key role in helping us to find our proper place (Saturn).

We need to feel successful and secure (Saturn) in our friendships (Aquarius) today.  So we behave more conservative and respectful of others.  We are concerned with the welfare of others and want to be sure everyone is getting their fair share.  We want others to succeed and associate their success with our own.  So it’s very good for communal efforts.

This aspect is useful for planning your life, we are more in touch with our limitations (Saturn) as well as our higher potential (Uranus) and can look at ourselves more objectively and realistically.  It’s a good day to make agreements meant to withstand the test of time.  People are more open-minded (Aquarius), yet still conservative and dependable (Saturn).  A good day for a social gatherings.  People are adaptable yet willing to abide by tradition (Saturn).

The transcendental influence on the Sun today means people will not be so self-absorbed today.  It’s a good time to consider what you can do to help others, be a part of some community efforts to improve living conditions or work towards equality.  Good for working and studying in groups.

Valentines Day and the Moon is in Libra.  Wonderful.  Relationships and one-to-one encounters, including business meetings, take on greater significance today.

2:51am – Moon (Libra) opposition Venus (Aires)  Middle of the night.  A pleasant aspect, in these signs, it brings the sexes together.

10:09am – Moon (Libra) trine Mercury (Aquarius)  Wonderful for a quick and upbeat early part of the day and a quick connection to your partner.  Good for meetings and communication, getting a lot accomplished at work.  Very good time to make business decisions.

1:42pm – Moon (Libra) opposition Mars (Aires)  This is the strongest aspect for bringing the sexes together and making sparks fly.  Good for physical activity like sex.  How appropriate on Valentine’s Day.  But watch out as it also means that tempers could flare in the afternoon as folks are feeling headstrong and a bit domineering.  Nonetheless, very good for making a powerful connection with your partner, or meeting a potential partner.

11:57pm – Moon (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Late in the evening the energy gets intense and powerful.  Brings up sexual desire but disagreements or power struggles as well.

Overall a good set of aspects with respect to Valentines Day.  The Moon in Libra feels a powerful need to make a connection.  Moon opposition Mars will make folks want to be with their partner and it’s a great aspect to initiate sex, despite the tension.  Moon square Pluto in the late evening also bring sexual energy to the surface.  So it’s a good day for sex, we just may need to contend with powerful ego energies along the way.  Existing relationships should enjoy the burst of energy.  New relationships that begin today are likely to be more sexual in nature and maybe not meant to be long-lasting unless other elements in the personal charts reflect that.

High energy day, especially the morning, with the Moon in Libra.  Another day of important one-to-one encounters.  Could be a big news day.

6:01am – Moon (Libra) opposition Uranus (Aires)  Early morning is electric and maybe a bit chaotic, enough to break up the stagnant energy in the room.

8:54am – Moon conjunct Jupiter (Libra)  Emotions expand.  Very (Jupiter) congenial (Libra).  Great for a party or social gathering.  People are overindulgent (Jupiter), extravagant (Libra) and not practical, more gullible.  Be cautious of eating or drinking too much and impulse buying.  Easy to buy something you don’t need or more than you need.  It’s hard to stay within your budget when you just don’t feel like it.

This could be a big news (Jupiter) day with a lot in the media concerning Jupiter opposition Uranus, which is soon to arrive on 3/2.  The Moon energizes that aspect today and we should all be feeling it a bit more.  The anticipation starts.

2:30pm – Moon (Libra) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius)  More practical than earlier in the day.  Now is a much better time to make rational decisions.  Good time for a business meeting or a planning session.

5:54pm – Moon (Libra) trine Sun (Aquarius).  Creative energy flows best during the trine.  Good time to share your feelings with others.  Void of Course begins.

10:41pm – Moon enters Scorpio.  Energy is more intense and focused for the next couple of days.  Strong emotions and feelings drive us forward, sometimes we feel like we are being driven by forces beyond our control.  We want to be morein  control of our lives.  Sexual energies are stronger now.

Today we modernize ourselves with Mercury sextile Mars.  A wonderfully electric day, with lots of surprises.

10:15am – Mercury (Aquarius) sextile Mars (Aires)  Under this influence, minds are sharp, thinking is clear and definitive.  Excellent for driving.  Interactions are energetic and positive.  Good for decision-making.  Strong (Mars) opinions (Mercury) are expressed with intelligence (Aquarius) and force (Aires).

The conscious mind is working much better than usual.  People are looking for more conscious and enlivening conversations.  Interactions with others take on a friendly tone, yet competitive, but in a good way.  We are looking for someone with whom we can spare intellectually, someone who will allow us to express our opinions freely, yet give us valuable feedback.  And of course we must do the same for them.  Enlightenment (Aquarius) wants to move forward into the next cycle and change our ego (Mars) and give us a new identity.  We are looking to poke others a bit, maybe surprise them just to see how awake they are.  But it’s all for a good cause, which is to modernize (Aquarius) our opinions (Mercury) and our ego (Mars).  Update yourself today.

This is a big day is the 2 ½ week period of Mercury in Aquarius, 2/7 – 2/26.  This period we are looking to get new ideas and insights, expand our thinking, modernize ourselves.  And it is critical that we test our opinions out on others during this time.  Today is the day in this 2 ½ week process when we adjust the ego (Mars) to accommodate new ideas.  You need to test out your ideas on others in order to give your ego the growth it needs.  So, we all need valuable feedback from our peers today.  Don’t be afraid to express your opinions and to compare ideas with others.  You could learn some really valuable insight, learn ways to adjust your thinking in a friendly and non-threatening manner.  We all need to learn new ways of expressing ourselves, regardless of age.

9:02pm – Moon (Scorpio) trine Neptune (Pisces)  Feelings expand to give insight into healing psychological issues.  Very compassionate and caring.  Psychic abilities are stronger than usual.

Moon (Scorpio) makes folks a bit moody and sullen today.

6:18am – Moon (Scorpio) square Mercury (Aquarius)  Makes for an intense morning, not good for driving or making decisions. Impulsive thinking.  Be careful of overtaxing your nerves.

11:38am – Moon (Scorpio) sextile Pluto (Capricorn).  A lot of Scorpio energy on the Moon makes for an intense time about mid-day.  May be hard to come out of your shell.  Eat a warm lunch.  Good for teaching and empowering others.  Void of Course begins.

Last Quarter Moon around noon and we feel a crisis to overcome limitations and nurture our connection to divine source.  An active day with abundant good feelings and compassion for all, just stay above the disappointment.

3:32am – Sun enters Pisces.  We enter the most watery month of the year.  Now is a time of letting go in preparation for the next cycle, which begins in spring.  Our connection to the collective is more important now.  So spirituality and religion take on greater significance in our lives.  We put our creative efforts into feeling connected to others.  Maybe we are more helpful and compassionate, maybe we spend more time in meditation, maybe we are more artistic.  Whatever is it that nurtures your connection to the collective is where you put your creative energy this month.  If you feel lost or disappointed, take the focus off of yourself and help someone else.  Your creative energy needs to flow unconditionally this month.

10:52am – Moon enters Sagittarius.  We are more playful and creative, looking to expand ourselves for next couple of days.  In fact, with Sun entering Pisces this morning, this is a very expansive day.

Today, folks will feel a bit restless and not want to suffer any limitations.  The Sagittarius Moon is amplified today with the Last Quarter Moon, so we push ourselves to grow.

11:33am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Sun (Pisces).  Last Quarter Moon.  The monthly crisis to validate all the growth we hoped to achieve this month.  This month the crisis is characterized by the Sagittarius to Pisces square which is a challenge to overcome limitations and transcend your perceptions (Sagittarius) to include all that you do not see (Pisces).  It can make for very idealistic thinking.  Idealism (Sagittarius) with no practical boundary (Pisces).  It’s fun once in a while.

We want to reach out (Sagittarius) to others more than usual, but if we’re not careful it be expressed in a controlling way and we are not aware of it (Pisces).  In a rush to connect with others, we overflow with good intentions (Sagittarius), but these can overwhelm others.  Sagittarius represents the best part of ourselves, and today we want to share that with everyone (Pisces).  But not everyone wants all that.  Some people might end up bumping heads today.  Be sure to keep yourself in check in order to enjoy the better side of this aspect.

On the positive side, this aspect is sure to get people out of their stagnant slump and push folks to expand socially.  It can be very inspirational (Sagittarius) and with a lot of compassion (Pisces) and tenderness.  And because it’s Pisces, people are more sensitive than usual and easily influenced by their surroundings, like a sponge we absorb the energy around us.  Easy to be deluded or see the world through rose colored glassed.  Nonetheless, it brings people together to share in the collective energy readily available to everyone today.  The milk of human kindness is bountiful and available to everyone, you just need to stay positive, not fall into disappointment.

One problem with this aspect is we don’t know what we’ll attract to ourselves.  Life’s a mystery.  Pisces leaves us open to the collective and we feel like we are forced to be helpful more than usual.  But it’s just our own tendency to play victim that is being amplified.  Unfettered idealism is possible under this influence.  So just be sure to keep your ego in check and allow everyone (Pisces) to have fun and expand (Sagittarius).  In this way we all get our needs fulfilled.

The most positive side of this aspect is that is makes folks expand the direct divine connection (Pisces).  So if you focus your mind and your intentions, you will be amazed at the positive effect is has on your personal connection to divine source.  You’ll be more psychic and intuitive and able to connect with the spirit world around you.

An inspirational day with Moon in Sagittarius.

7:20am – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Venus (Aires)  A very pleasant an inspirational aspect early Sunday morning.

9:44am – Moon (Sagittarius) square Neptune (Pisces)  Once again, another challenging Moon-Neptune aspect on Sunday.  In these signs, emotions expand rapidly.  Excessive (Sagittarius) warmth and compassion (Pisces).  But also excessive delusion.  Staying above the disappointment enables you to experience the better side of this aspect.  The wonderful part of this aspect is people are more open to their direct divine connection.

9:13pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Mars (Aires)  Wonderfully energetic aspect in the evening.  Good for physical exercise or just going out.

Interesting Stories:

Although there was no word of it on the mainstream news, the alternative is overflowing with stories about a potential mass arrest of pedophiles.  Apparently people are anticipating the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.  In fact, recently there was a big arrest.  474 pedophiles arrested and many children liberated.  And about the same time the hacker group Anonymous attacked the Dark Web, which the part of the internet where so much of this illicit activity goes on.

This happened on right around February 2, 2017.  Notice the position of the Moon and Mercury as the arrests went down and the news came out.  They were activating the new paradigm aspects (Jupiter opposition Uranus and Jupiter square Pluto).

So all of this talk (Mercury) and emotional (Moon) activity happens right during this time that Moon and Mercury were activating the new paradigm aspects.  I am seeing this as a indication that the new paradigm, the Renaissance of Jupiter in Libra, is going to result in more events like this.  More revelations, more arrests.

After all, one would expect that during this time we would hear a lot of talk  about the new paradigm.  It turns out, much of that talk was related to uncovering the pedophiles.  Very interesting. Do you see the connection?  At a time when the new paradigm aspects are being activated, we hear all this news about pedophiles.

Put it all together and that tells me the new paradigm will confront the issue of institutionalized pedophilia and sex trafficking.

And my guess is the Jupiter quincunx Chiron helped as well.  Broadcast of pain and suffering.

So even if we do not see mass arrests this week now that Sessions has been confirmed as Attorney General, I still have strong hope that it will come to the surface soon at the next two passes of JU opp UR.

It’s kind of amazing that none of this was reported in the mainstream media.  That fact alone leads one to believe the mainstream media is uncomfortable reporting such stories.

John Podesta – Hillary’s campaign chairman and one of the people caught up in the Pizzagate scandal.  Pluto conjunct Sun (2/6/2017, 7/9/2017, 12/13/2017).  The collective comes to meet John.  Pluto rules police actions so it would not surprise me if he either goes into hiding (Scorpio) or gets arrested.  This is just the first pass, so the issue begins now.

Saturn conjunct Venus (1/29/2017, 6/19/2017, 10/28/2017).  Not sure if it’s the 8th house.  Limitation on relationships and one-to-one interactions. It’s slowing him down.  Judgment and karma, revelation of his relationships.

Saturn opposition Uranus (3/29/2017).  Just like Bill and Hillary.  It’s a generational transit.  Goes retrograde at 27d48′ on 4/6, so that’s an extended period of time.  It’s a karmic time for time.  His freedom (Uranus) is being limited (Saturn) and he must be held accountable for the disreputable liberties he has taken.  Contrasting the Jupiter opposition Uranus aspect, he is being held back while everyone else seems to move forward.  Like an entire generation of people having the same transit, it’s a time of karmic endings which mark an important turning point in the lives of many people.

Saturn transits show a strong down turn in his life related to his rebellious (Uranus) attitude towards relationships (Venus), which certainly corresponds to what is happening to him.  These transits along with Pluto conjunct Sun are sure to bring him the toughest year of his life.  This is just starting astrologically, so that means that his arrest may come this year, but not just yet.  Now is the time when the issue comes to the surface just enough to get his behavior to stop or be drastically curtailed.  Karmic justice will come on the subsequent passes of these transits.  So don’t give up hope if we do not see the mass arrests just yet.

Hillary Clinton
Just last week, Uranus trine Saturn, last pass (2/9/2017).  This was her best transit during the election.  She is still hoping to get a new opportunity to evolve (Uranus) from authority figures (Saturn).  Likley not because Chiron conjunct Moon (2/10/2017)  Once again, she feels the pain of the collective in her heart.  Illness, pain, suffering.  She’s probably experiencing another health episode like she did during the election.

And this week, Saturn opposition Uranus (2/16/2017)  While all of humanity is expanding with Jupiter opposition Uranus, she is contracting with the opposite transit.  She goes in the opposite direction.  It’s indicative of a lot of folks right now.  Authority figures come to oppose her willfulness (Uranus) and her plans to misuse collective resource (8th house).  Very limiting time.  Limitation like loss (Saturn) of friends (Uranus).

Curious to see if she makes the news.  Did anyone notice this recent article in the alternative news about how Hillary is trying to run away to escape justice!  I think it’s one of her doubles, or who knows maybe one of her clones.

George Soros
I’ve been asked by a couple of folks to look at his chart.

Check out this story.  His own native Country, Hungary, has banned him.  This happened on 1/10/2017.  Notice potential transits to his natal Moon.  Not sure of the time, but considering Chiron conjunct and Saturn square to his homeland (Moon) clearly manifested.  So I think this 12pm birth time must be pretty close.

Neptune opposition Mercury (4/1/2017)  Lost in confusion.  Could be devastating on his health (Virgo).  Who knows, he could be dead already and his image is computer generated.  Stranger things have happened.

Chiron conjunct Moon ??? Maybe because we are not sure of his birth time, but it’s just like Hillary.  The pain of the collective lands in his heart.

Pluto trine Chiron (3/4/2017)  Desire to inflict pain or destruction in order to bring about transformation.  A power struggle.  This and the next transit highlight his natal Sun square Chiron and the strong relationship he has with pain.

Pluto quincunx Sun (3/9/2017)  A powerful precise adjustment.  An intense compulsion to act from forces beyond your control.  Power struggles.

Donald Trump
Chiron square Sun (2/12/17).  No doubt he is feeling a lot of pain right now, along with serious doubts about his ability to do what he wants.  His creativity (Sun) is taking a beating.  Harsh words (Chiron) leveled against him.  The pain (Chiron) of the collective (Pisces) limits his mobility, his voice (Gemini) and his standing (10th house).  He feels cornered.  A very tough transit that is going to take a toll on his health.  It makes him hyper-sensitive to criticism and fries the nerves.  He needs to relax and calm down.  The best thing he could do for himself is convince himself that everyone, on some level, regardless of what they are saying, wants to help him.  If he were to look at it that way then he would see the way forward, and that’s the important issue with this transit.  Pisces causes confusion and inability to respond, and that’s the worst part of this transit, not the depression.  He just needs to put one foot in front of the other and move forward.

On 2/16/17, Mars will oppose his natal Chiron.  Look for him to strike back about this time and get into a heated battle.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes, and please leave comments.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Astrology Notes February 12-19, 2017

    1. I think Fukushima was caused by a nuclear bomb which created the tsunami. The radiation is far more than the authorities have told us. The truth will come out eventually, hopefully soon along with the revelations about pedophiles. Astrologically, I have not taken a look at the 311 Event Chart like I have the 911 Event Chart. But I guess I should because that event still needs to be resolved as well.

      Thanks for the feedback. I hope my interpretations serve the greater good. It’s a wonderful pastime and get a lot of good feedback. This year will be amazing and I will be here watching the wheels go round and round. Many blessings.


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