Weekly Astrology Notes February 26 – March 5, 2017, Part II

Weekly Astrology Notes February 26 – March 5, 2017, part II

Let’s review the major transit for nations and political figures coincidental with the second pass of Jupiter opposition Uranus on 3/2.

We’ll discuss Saudi Arabia, Sweden, EU, Germany, President Donald Trump, USA, China, Milo Yiannopoulus, Anthony Weiner and Nancy Pelosi.

Saudi Arabia
This passage of JU opp UR occurs right on top of the natal Uranus.

Uranus conjunct Uranus (5/12/16, 10/21/16, 3/5/17) So this is the last pass of their Uranus return. This transit is bringing a lot of changes. They are seeking to modernize themselves.

Jupiter opposition Uranus (1/13/17, 3/2/17, 9/2/17) This transit will light a fire under them to overcome restrictions and do something bold and adventurous. This could create a lot of diplomatic (Libra) problems. It could lead to overly aggressive (Aires) behavior, like more war to deflect everyone’s attention from the real issue, which is their outdated belief system.

Uranus square Pluto (6/3/16, 9/27/16, 3/24/17). This is a revolutionary transit. They have been deflecting the issue of revolution by starting a war with Yemen. It looks like events will occur at the last pass which may bring that issue to a head.

So it seems there is huge potential for change in this nation. With their Uranus return, they are completely redefining who they are as a people. But they need to modernize themselves. Although the repressive, traditionalist regime (Saturn in 10th) now wants to adopt some new liberties they are just cosmetic. Check out these stories regarding new rights for women in Saudi Arabia. The changes going on there are a necessary part of bringing balance to the male-female paradigm.

From an astrological point of view, it appears that Saudi Arabia plays an important role in the coming new paradigm. But their role may be negative. These transits are also indicative of them playing a major role in another false flag attack. Saudi Arabia played a role in 911 and has always been a major sponsor of radical Islamic groups in their country and abroad.

Considering what is going on with Saudi Arabia right now, it’s easy to see they are ripe for some significant event. The revelations regarding pedophiles certainly will expand to include them as well. So they are nervous. Any major revelations that occur now will shake them to the core, be they regarding pedophiles or the discoveries in Antarctica.

Soon the last pass of Uranus square Pluto transit later this month, on 3/24/17, occurs around the time of the next pass of Jupiter square Pluto aspect, on March 31. So it looks like March is going to be a tumultuous month for them. In the long term, Pluto square Uranus in 2018 is sure to continue the dissolution of that nation if it hasn’t already happened by then.

They are experiencing riots and violence like never before. And it’s all with regards to the immigrants.

Pluto conjunct Pluto (3/8/16, 5/20/16, 1/10/17, 8/19/17, 11/8/17). So they are in the middle of this transit and it will continue for most of this year. A volcano goes off in Sweden. It signifies the transformation of Sweden, the awakening of the people and their destiny as a people. They are now becoming aware of their power as an individual nation, how they have lost control and now they will want to recuperate their power. They will insist on taking control of their own country and being the masters of their own destiny.

I should note that it’s a time of healing as well. Many internal rifts in Sweden will be healed as people come together to fight a common enemy. Sweden will be reborn once this is over.

Pluto trine Mars (2/28/17, 6/13/17, 1/1/18, 10/2/18 – goes SD exactly on the trine). This aspect will give them the strength and stamina to stand up for themselves, unify the people for a common cause and transform the identity.

It’s a very old chart, from 1523, so it’s hard to put faith in the Moon’s position, but it does show a Chiron conjunct Moon happening about now, potentially. That would make sense considering all of the pain in the homeland they are experiencing.

The interesting thing about Sweden is that they are just now waking up from the slumber of two powerful Neptune transits which immobilized them for a long time. Neptune square Mercury created doubt and confusion in politics and caused them to surrender their thinking to someone else, which is a classic expression of this transit. Neptune conjunct Saturn limited their access to the collective. So their leadership (Saturn) and politics (Mercury) were useless for a long time, basically most of 2015 and 2016. This is a good example of how Neptune transits weaken you, take away your will to stand up for yourself, and once they are over you know how you feel anew and you get your strength back.

Notice how this riot occurred exactly on the transit Mars square Pluto and Sun conjunct Jupiter. This gives us a high degree of certainty concerning this rather old chart. The time of weakness and indecision is now over for Sweden. A sleeping giant will awaken with great power and stamina. Both Pluto transits will now express themselves will full force. The people of Sweden will now begin to fight back. And these transits could result is fundamental changes to their banking system as well.

Note two more passes of Saturn opposition Sun (6/25/17, 10/23/17). The ongoing confrontation (opposition) with authority figures (Saturn) will continue to repress (Saturn) the will (Sun) of the people. This is setting the stage for a final showdown later this year on the last pass of this transit and Pluto conjunct Pluto.

The upcoming Jupiter opposition Uranus is making beneficial aspects to their Sun, just like the USA Mars at 20d Gemini. So they are getting Jupiter trine Sun and Uranus sextile Sun. Overall it looks like they are feeling the need to change and adopt the new paradigm.

In summary, it looks like Sweden has their hands full with lots of work to do. They are rediscovering their national heritage and making some good adjustments. The people will come together for a common cause, they will fight to transform their authority structure and regain control of their nation, with lots of riots and demonstrations along the way. There are also indications of a new banking system which coincides with similar transits to the EU and Germany. One of the reasons why the Euro has an uncertain future.

European Union

Pluto conjunct Neptune and Uranus (2/25-28/2017, 6/14-17/2017, 12/2-31/2017, 10/2/2018 comes close on SD) . This is the big one for them. This is the set of transits that will likely spell the end of the EU or a the least a complete transformation. This aspect is sure to give rise to nationalist sentiment across the continent. The nationalist leaders will continue to rise in prominence. This is good news for people like Marine Le Pen of France and Geert Welders of the Netherlands.

This issue is just now being revealed at the first pass. Already we are seeing clear signs. We see an intense, compelling and relentless (Pluto) desire to preserve (Capricorn) the collective spirit (Neptune) and freedom (Uranus) of the people. Their identity as a people is at stake and their fervor will drive them to violence and war if necessary to preserve their cultural individuality. Racism will rise prominently and seek to push out the immigrants. A completely new set of leaders emerges now and takes control. The era of transformation (Pluto) in leadership (Capricorn) will transpire in Europe concurrent with this set of transits.

The coming set of transits will activate their natal Pluto conjunct Mars (4th) opposition Moon (10th), which I see as a recipe for self-destruction. We should look for transits to those planets as points of activation.

For example, Mars quincunx Pluto, Mars around March 2. This could be a flash point to instigate riots. And soon Uranus quincunx Mars 4/9, then Pluto 4/19, which could create much bigger riots. So mid-April could see some violence and upheaval across the EU.

In Summary, the EU is going through a transformation. 2017 is the year of the rise in nationalism and election of new leadership throughout the continent. October 2018 is the point of culmination for the new leadership. At that time, we could see either the end of the EU or the complete transformation with regards to banking and laws regulating sovereignty of individual nations.

Pluto conjunct Saturn (3/2/2017, 6/11/2017, 1/2/018, 9/16–10/15/2018). Pluto goes SD on the last pass. Notice how Germany’s Saturn (authority) conjuncts Uranus, Neptune the EU chart. This supports the idea that Germany is the authority in the EU. Recall as well Sweden has Pluto at 17d Capricorn. So all three are going through powerful Pluto transits.

This is the transit that will cause Germany to make a choice, either completely dominate the banking system in the EU or economically severe themselves from the rest of the EU, pull out of the Euro. This is potentially the most powerful transit Germany can have because they are a Capricorn nation, they call themselves the Fatherland. So psychologically they are going to become very Scorpio-like now, and act with incredible competence, stamina and ability to empower themselves. It will give rise to very strong nationalist sentiment and the native German people will fight for the survival of their cultural identity, just like all the other native Europeans.

There is going to be riots and fighting with regards to the immigration issue all this year.
President Donald Trump

His transits give us a good idea of the challenges he faces now. The recent Jupiter square Saturn means it’s been hard to make clear decisions. You don’t know if you want to expand (Jupiter) or contract (Saturn). Chiron trine Saturn does not really help, although it’s a trine. There is something about being the authority (Saturn) that gives him some pain (Chiron). And Uranus trine Moon has helped alleviate a lot of the mental anguish that comes from his difficult job, helps him adapt and learn to deal with people who are different (Uranus) from him.

Over the course of the upcoming week, I think he will be doing better. Uranus sextile Sun and Jupiter trine Sun means he’s going to get his way on some important issues. He’s going to get assistance (Jupiter) and people who will help him adapt (Uranus). He’s going to learn some new tricks to keep him going.

Folks keep asking me about him and will he survive his term. For that, I look to his transits on Inauguration Day for a clue. Notice Saturn conjunct Moon, this will give him longevity. Saturn opposition Sun/Uranus means he will have to go against established authority if he is to succeed but will help him in the long run because it will force him to express his Uranian qualities in a slow, steady stream. Notice Chiron square Moon, he’s going to have to live with people who don’t really support him.

But if you put those two sets of transits together, they are necessary to fulfill the requirement of the aspect Saturn square Chiron, which promises to reveal the pedophiles. So he needs to be the one who stands up to pedophiles. I think this issue of whether or not he can arrest the pedophiles is the defining issue of his presidency. It will determine whether or not he will be successful on many other issues, particularly his promise to “drain the swamp”. And possibly even determine if he survives his term. I believe he will survive and succeed.

John McCain
Recently made a secret trip to Syria and Turkey, ostensibly to overlook the fight against Daesh (Isis). But really he’s doing everything he can to try and offset what President Trump is doing and maybe save himself and/or his cronies from prosecution.

So far we have seen him weather a long storm of transits afflicting his natal Saturn square Jupiter. It’s amazing he’s still standing at this point.

Chiron opposition Venus. Inflicting pain (Chiron) onto others (Venus / 7th house). Notice this story now popping up in the alternative media about a Russian diplomat, Vitaly Churkin, who was just found dead. He is the same guy who was named by Wikileaks as having been illegally propositioned for funding by McCain during his 2008 presidential run.

Even though we notice the Mars trine Jupiter gives him the opportunity to travel overseas, it’s intriguing how McCain creates a story just to distract and deflect attention away from himself at the time of the murder. It looks like McCain is trying to cover his tracks. Too many people notice.

I’ve talked about the USA quite a bit and how this JU opp UR made beneficial transits on the first pass. One more thing I should note about the second pass.

Mars square Mercury on 3/2. So expect the USA to be experiencing a crisis to see who will dominate (Mars) politics. The approaching square is the Saturn square, so leadership and authority (Saturn) comes in to decide who will lead (Mars) the political process (Mercury). It’s a tough square sure to produce a political battle or two.

I mentioned China in my Feb 5-12 Weekly Report, so you may want to reference that for more details. But just to summarize here.

Jupiter square Jupiter 2/26. It’s the approaching (Capricorn) square so it is a time of critical testing to see if they can contain themselves and act in their best long term interests. The need to proceed with perfectly measured growth makes this moment extremely important for them. This is a quality of all 3 of these transits to Jupiter.

Mars square Jupiter 2/28. Very energized to move and expand, but will need to proceed with caution and not do anything impractical.

Uranus square Jupiter 3/11. Again we see another transit that energizes China and encourages them to expand, but again the square requires that they do so in a reasonable way. The urge to prove your independence is stronger than ever with this transit. They are sure to make new (Uranus) international (Jupiter) agreements that honor their strength and authority during this time. This will be the major theme of these transits.

Neptune opposition Saturn (4/8/2017, 8/29/2017, 2/8/2018). This transit will dissolve (Neptune) their authority structure (Saturn) and their banking system (8th house) will be universalized (Neptune) by way of making their currency part of an international basket of currencies set to replace the US petro-dollar. It also brings a period of confusion and doubt about your place in the world. Feel like you must sacrifice yourself for the rest of humanity. Takes away your egotistical attitude about your authority by revealing all the weak points in your structure.

Venus goes SR on the opposition to Mercury (Libra). Not a good time to make decisions for them. They are disconnected from their feelings on 3/2.

In summary, the need to do something bold and proceed with intense care while they are experiencing general uncertainty is a recipe for either doing the wrong thing or not doing enough. They will seek to unhinge themselves from the USA as much as possible, dump more US Treasuries, like they have been doing, and embark on a new era. My sense is that their long term decisions have already been made and they will proceed with their plans.

Milo Yiannopoulus
Neptune square Uranus. This makes for an interesting study in astrology. The story is that he has taken a tremendous fall from grace because of an interview where he is supportive of sex between adults and teens as young old as 13 years old. Here we see an attempt to incorporate Neptune into Uranus and it failed miserably. Neptune is forgiving and practices unconditional acceptance. Uranus is uniqueness, going against the norm, but also freedom and equality. Milo was seeking unconditional acceptance for his Uranus, that is to say his Uranian behavior. But he is mistaken for thinking that his Uranian qualities are universal (Neptune). They are not. His uniqueness, etc. does not include universal freedom and equality.

This is so very important for everyone to see at this time, so we should thank him for teaching us all a good lesson. With all of the transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) it is very, very tempting to extend your personal beliefs onto everyone else. In fact, it’s necessary in order to discover if your beliefs are truly universal. His were not and he found out the hard way, like so many of us do. As expected, the crisis comes at the square. Despite his seemingly Uranian personality and lifestyle, it was not as universal as he thought it was. He is delusional (Neptune) about how cool (Uranus) he thinks he is like so many people nowadays.

Soon, at Saturn conjunct Neptune, his access to the collective (Neptune) will be limited (Saturn). This is a very sobering transit that often brings loss of friends and influence. It will teach him how to be more mature and respectable (Saturn) about his universal (Neptune) concepts.

This is an important indicator for society. As I mentioned in part I of this week’s report regarding Jupiter opposition Uranus, the new paradigm has beneficial aspect from Saturn which means people are practical and are not willing to try out some untested idea, the only want practical Uranian qualities.

Anthony Weiner
He is the disgraced former Congressman who is now facing child porn charges.

Neptune opposition Sun (3/14/17, 10/1/17, 1/12/18). And this comes on the heels of another challenging Neptune-Uranus transit just like Milo which is when he too was making some foolish mistakes about the universality of his Uranian, freedom loving lifestyle. This transit is going to weaken him considerably and make open to delusions and disappointment in many areas of his life. It’s hard to trust anyone with this transit. For him it looks to be manifesting as a situation where the collective unconscious (Neptune) comes to meet (opposition) him. In his case, he becomes a symbol, someone who is offered up for sacrifice and is used as a symbol for an entire generation, because he is also having

Neptune opposition Pluto (5/12/17, 7/22/17, 3/5/18). This is a generational transit and what happens to him is indicative of what is happening to everyone born around his time. It means a whole new set of beliefs (Neptune/Pisces) is inserted into what you think is possible. Reality expands. Spiritual belief systems end. Illusions (Neptune) are purged in the volcano of Pluto. Life is never the same.

Nancy Pelosi
People are saying she seems to have lost her mind. A recent speech is leaving people wondering if she has the capacity to serve.

Chiron opposition Neptune. Neptune and Pisces are associated with insanity and loosing your mind. So clearly this transit is effecting her a lot. She is having health problems for sure.

Pluto square Jupiter (1/31/17, 7/17/17, 12/6/17) This is the transit that could cause her political demise. Although it is a very empowering transit, one that enables you to achieve a great deal. It is also one of the most accident prone transits a person can have. Because Pluto is involved, whatever you do must be for the good of the collective or you face serious opposition to your plans. Legal problems (Jupiter) can arise that if not dealt with properly can lead to serious problems and even signify arrest. This of course only happens to people who are working against the common good, which in her case she is. So we see the supporting transit for her arrest happening this year.
Once again this week, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes, and please subscribe to my channel and please leave comments.


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