Weekly Astrology Notes March 19-26, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes March 19-26, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary: The early part of the week has us focusing on work obligations and not much levity with Moon in Capricorn, although the Sun enter Aires on Monday so it’s the start of spring and that should put a smile on everyone’s face. Wednesday we have a long Void of Course, not a good day to start projects. Then starting Thursday we start a series of 3 Mercury aspects. Strong mental focus and challenge to overcome rigid thinking on Thursday 3/23 with Mercury square Pluto. Quickly followed by Mercury opposition Jupiter on Friday morning 3/24 which brings ideas at a rapid pace. Followed by Mercury conjunct Uranus on Sunday 3/26 which electrifies the mind with higher intelligence.

So, the focus is on Mercury this week bringing so much transpersonal energy to the conscious mind. Mercury activates the new paradigm of aspects Jupiter opposition Uranus and Jupiter square Pluto. So this is the week of talk about the new paradigm, what’s happening in the world, this whole re-shifting and re-balancing of the power structure. It’s a week that may include judgment of politicians with Mercury square Pluto, along with tough economic news about mid-week.

With so many transpersonal planets effecting the conscious mind, we’re all going to have some expansive thoughts Friday and Sunday. Both Mercury opposition Jupiter and opposition Uranus are good for mediation and esoteric study. It would be helpful to write down all the ideas that come to mind or use writing as a tool to organize your thoughts.

And finally the upcoming weekend looks really good to get out of the house and travel, see something new. Sun conjunct Venus (Aires) on Saturday morning, which should be great for Friday evening festivities as well as a good aspect to start the weekend.
A liberating day with Moon (Sagittarius) making two enlivening aspects to bring some excitement into your Sunday afternoon. Good time for social gatherings.

1:36pm – Moon (Sagittarius) sextile Jupiter (Libra) Feeling extra large. A healthy appetite and very forgiving attitude.

6:33pm – Moon (Sagittarius) trine Uranus (Aires) Looking for a change of pace, something interesting to stimulate the mind. Inspired to enlighten others, good for teaching and learning something new.
Sun enters Aires and spring begins. The season starts with Moon (Capricorn) and today we focus on issues of self-preservation. Last Quarter Moon gives us the regular monthly challenge to prove your worth. It would be a rather stern and unsympathetic day if not for the Sun entering Aires.

3:29am – Sun enters Aires. Spring begins. The Sun is exalted in Aires where it enjoys unbridled expression. A strong will and determination helps to expand your horizons and move into new territory. Aires focus the will (Sun) towards personal goals as it should be. The arrow in Mars means the energy is focused and moves out into the outer planets. So although it may seem egocentric, Sun in Aires can commit to very transpersonal goals. Aires is the self-motivated pioneer who is the first to get going and get pointed in the right direction. Time for new beginnings, expressing yourself without inhibition or shyness. Time to start new projects, begin preparations for coming planting season. I’ll begin including gardening info weekly reports.

3:37am – Moon conjunct Saturn (Sagittarius). Energy slows down and hard to get going on Monday morning with the weight of obligations pressing down on us. Rather unsympathetic towards others this morning. Void of Course begins.

8:31am – Moon enters Capricorn. Emotions contract for the next couple of days as we focus on self-preservation. Work and obligations take on greater importance and we are less understanding towards the emotional needs of others. Emotions under reconstruction.

8:58am – Moon (Capricorn) square Sun (Aires) The second square is always a time of testing each month to see if we have achieved the progress we expected this month. High expectations and strong emotions make it a challenging day to work with others as we are all feeling the need to be the authority.

11:32pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Venus (Aires) Late in the evening.

Moon (Capricorn) continues to test our patience. Similar to yesterday.

12:43am – Moon (Capricorn) trine Mars (Taurus) Middle of the night.

9:18am – Moon (Capricorn) sextile Neptune (Pisces) Feeling emotionally detached and able to transcend limitation of self. Very altruistic and helpful attitude towards others.

3:20pm – Moon (Capricorn) square Mercury (Aires) The subconscious (Moon) and the conscious (Mercury) don’t agree. Lots of details seem to overwhelm the mind. Hard to make decisions or find agreement with others.

10:32pm – Moon conjunct Pluto (Capricorn) Intense emotions in the evening. Impulsive actions hard to express in Capricorn, could result in frustration.

Long Void of Course makes this not a good day to start new projects.

12:44am – Moon (Capricorn) square Jupiter (Libra) Middle of the night.

6:20am – Moon (Capricorn) square Uranus (Aires). With Moon in Capricorn there is a strong pull of opposing forces. Restless energy helps us break out of a stagnant situation, but change for the sake of change is not always good. More in touch with what we’re not getting in life. Looking for something new or different. Duty and responsibility seem more oppressive because we feel the weight of all the change going on in the world, like we feel the need to incorporate that into our being. If we disagree, then we become rebellious, but really the rebellion is only meant to preserve emotional security. Void of Course begins, lasts all day.

Long Void of Course means it’s a good day for meditation and reflection, not a good time to start new projects or make agreements.

7:28pm – Moon enters Aquarius. We seek to express the unique (Aquarius) side of ourselves for next couple of days. More interested in intellectual pursuits and social causes as well as friendships.

Our minds are sharp and focused with Mercury square Pluto. Potential for conflicts. Use caution while driving, especially in the afternoon.

12:58am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Sun (Aires) Middle of the night.

7:06am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Venus (Aires) Feeling and emotions balanced and refined. Not interested in earthly matters.

2:20pm – Moon (Aquarius) square Mars (Taurus) Folks are selfish and stubborn, hard to find agreement. Beware of compulsive actions, hard to stop yourself.

5:42pm – Mercury (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn) This aspect causes the conscious mind to get fixated on a certain idea or opinion and refuse to let go. Today we sense a crisis to transform (Pluto) and restructure (Capricorn) the thinking (Mercury) process. Impulsive, powerful and defensive, it kind of makes folks into a mental pitbull with a sharp, stinging mental reflex. Be careful what you say to others today, it could be taken the wrong way. Potential for conflicts (Pluto square). Use caution while driving (Mercury square).

Really good aspect for research and getting to the bottom of any concept or truth, like criminal investigations or repairing something. Beware of mechanical breakdowns today. Not a good day for travel. Be cautious working with dangerous machinery. The impulsive nature of all activity today means it’s easy to make costly mental errors, like accidents and hurt yourself.

The obsessive nature of Pluto means that you need to avoid being preoccupied with negative thoughts and emotions or trying to manipulate others. Try to focus on things that are important for everyone concerned, it will alleviate the worst part of this aspect. Slipping into the negative leads to isolation and all sorts of deep, dark thoughts, like vindictiveness, intense desire to control others. Leads to bad driving habits. It all comes from the fear of loss of relevance.

Today we want to sever ourselves from authority figures and take authority (Capricorn) into our own hands (Mercury). Could bring up very rebellious, defiant or even violent behavior. A bad time for incidents involving the police or the law.

Despite all of this potential for problems, there is much potential for harnessing the power of the mind to transform your life for the better, so long as what you do does not harm anyone else. The challenge with this aspect is to think outside of the box, just like Mercury square Saturn on 3/12. The intense focus that accompanies this aspect causes us to deny other, more positive possibilities. Try to keep and open mind and if properly focused, you could really get a lot of work done and accomplish a lot of good for everyone concerned and build a solid connection between yourself and the rest of society. That is ultimately the learning lesson for the Pluto square.

I have some high hopes with this aspect due to the concurrent Mercury aspects. This could be a very fortuitous manifestation. Instead of just the obsessive, restrictive energy, we also get liberation (Uranus) and expansion (Jupiter). For this reason this could produce some powerful collective event. Let’s see if this aspect sparks more interest in the pedophile investigations. With the coming Jupiter square Pluto, this aspect is sure to manifest as a lot of talk about that.

Mercury opposition Jupiter happening early next morning is certainly in effect this evening as well. Internet activity should reach a major peak on Thursday evening.

Mercury opposition Jupiter and today we are ready to share our ideas with everyone. Good time to be in a crowd and good time for traveling.

5:46am – Mercury (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra) This aspect expands (Jupiter) the conscious mind (Mercury). Makes us idealistic and broad-minded. We want to broadcast our opinions. This aspect could have the negative effect of making folks talk over one another. Volume of your voice is increased along with number of ideas in your head. Good for relations with teachers and professors because it provided for a continuous exchange of ideas and information between two sources. Not very interested with details today, more the big picture.

A good day for conversation. Jupiter gives us an open, well-educated mind that we want to express. Not a good day for working alone as you need that continuous inflow and feedback from others in order to expand your own viewpoint. You need new ideas. No good sequestering yourself today. Get out amongst others and share your ideas and insights with others. Good time for a social gatherings.

Excellent aspect for writing, you could do a lot of that today. Keeping a journal should be easier as writing makes you grow and it feels good to write. The better part of yourself (Jupiter) comes out in your writing. Also note the coming Mercury trine Saturn which will further add to the ability to write.

Aspect is good for transactions (Mercury) and there should be more than usual. People really want to spend money today, it’s as if you need to transact (Mercury) in order to grow (Jupiter). Should be a very busy shopping day and a good day for business meeting as well. A great aspect to start a business.

Aspect is good for relationships as it facilitates communication between partners and even helps you find a partner if needs be. Also good for mediation and any sort of religious or philosophic study. The mind is ready for expansion.

9:03am – Moon (Aquarius) trine Jupiter (Libra) Very refined senses in air signs. We open up and express our feelings. Liberating and expansive. Amplifies the Mercury aspect.

9:34am – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Mercury (Aires) Good time for enlightening conversations. Free flow of information liberates the mind from stale ideas. Very positive and refreshing attitude.

3:02pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Uranus (Aires) Our enlightened mind encourages us to seek new forms (Aquarius) of expression (Aires). Very electric.

10:56pm – Moon (Aquarius) sextile Saturn (Sagittarius). We slow down enough to use some better judgment (Saturn). Void of Course begins.

Sun conjunct Venus happening early Saturday morning makes Friday evening a great time for socializing.

Sun conjunct Venus makes it a wonderful day to be with your partner.

3:02am – Moon enters Pisces. We are more open to the subtle impressions bubbling up from the subconscious for the next couple of days. Our emotions dissolve (Pisces) and the boundary between people fluctuates as necessary. More passive and willing to deny your emotional needs for the benefit of others, can be very helpful and compassionate. Easy to absorb energy of others, also we are more psychic and sensitive. Easy to be deluded.

3:16am – Sun conjunct Venus(r) (Aires) Everyone becomes a bit of a Libra today, more diplomatic, fair and balanced as well as more romantic and interested in relationships. Today relationships and all one-to-one encounters take on more importance. A great time to be with your partner. We want to look our best and be presentable so we can make a good impression on others. We are more talkative and available for others.

Beauty, heightened sensitivity to aesthetics and harmony, all of these qualities make today great for spending outdoors in beautiful surrounds, attending a concert or art show. Today we may exaggerate the positive a bit, be more congenial (Libra) and placid (Taurus).

In Aires, where the Sun is exalted, this aspect is sure to get the creative juices flowing. While the Sun in in Aires, we are more impulsive and pioneering, eager to take on a new challenge. However Venus is retrograde and in its’ fallen sign, so we’d expect an introspective expression of this aspect. Expect people to be more shy than usual. This is more of a time of evaluating existing relationships. We are more in touch with our feelings (Venus) but unwilling to follow through (Aires). We may feel a bit lazy (Taurus) and indulgent and not want to move much on Saturday morning.

This aspect is wonderful for not attending to anything serious, only peaceful activities will suffice. Perfect for the start of the weekend.

11:43pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Mars (Taurus) Very sensual and sensitive. Good time to be with your partner.


1:24am – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces) Middle of the night.

8:05am – Mercury conjunct Uranus (Aires) This is a fantastic aspect, it has so many uses. It can manifest in a variety of ways, often surprising. Today we are mentally brilliant. Today it’s easier to think outside of the box. We can conceive of so much more than usual, it’s like the chains are removed from your mind and you can think like a genius. It makes folks eclectic, eccentric, philosophical, more intelligent, more adaptable, willing to work with others for the common good, more in tune with their process of evolution, want to express their unique, interesting self.

A good time for mediation and any sort of esoteric study.

It’s a good day for travel, you are more likely to meet interesting people but be prepared for sudden changes in your travel plans.

This is so exciting because what we see here is Mercury in Aires is in it’s 11th, or Aquarius, step. So Mercury in Aires says “I know what I think”. Very much like Aires, likes make up it’s own mind. Mercury expresses the quality of Aires in the best way, one in which we can all share. So when Mercury in Aires expresses itself, there is an underlying tone of wanting others to share in the same independent mindset, like siblings (Mercury).

Now we see Mercury conjunct Uranus, so this gives a turbo boost to the desire to share ideas of a Uranian nature. So today we are looking to enlighten ourselves with innovative ideas, new concepts, new technology. As well we are looking to adopt new ideas and values and incorporate them into our identity (Aires). Today is a day to be with others. We are very curious and open-minded. Conversation today will be stimulating and open the mind to new possibilities. Uranus is concerned with our evolutionary process. So today we take a step forward in evolution. We become more of who we are as an individual. Good idea to find some intelligent people to be with today. We all need to do something different and unique today, something that stimulates the electrical (Uranus) activity in the nervous system. It could be most anything, but you really need to move the body, so I would recommend some healthy physical activity.

12:52pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn) Inner confidence gives us a moment of self-transcendence.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Interesting Trends this week:

This week should be a huge week for news about many worldly event. New information will be coming at us at a fast pace. We will need to write it down just to collect our thoughts. Friday-Sunday we really must be with others, expand, do new things.

Anthony Weiner
He needs to be really careful this month, it could be a really difficult month.

On 3/14, Neptune opposition Sun. This transit debilitates and confuses. His energy is dissolving. If you are someone who has lead a good life, when this transit comes along it opens you up to all sorts of spiritual awareness that you never had before. Although confusing, it can manifest as a very spiritual experience. However, for someone like him it really just weakens him and makes him susceptible to delusion and deception. It could bring illness or even death. Right now he feels like he cannot trust anyone. His concept of the collective (Neptune) lacks any compassion (Neptune), so when the collective comes to meet (opposition) him, he has no awareness (opposition) of who he is meeting. So, he experiences the negative side of this transit, which is fear and confusion.

The alternative media has many stories about how he is close to being arrested, if not already. Let’s hope.

On 3/26, Uranus/Mercury square Mars. With this transit it means he will be very impulsive. Crisis to infuse intelligence, mobility, freedom (Uranus) into his ego, identity (Mars). Very egotistical. Add in Mercury, super-restless. He needs to prove himself like never before. Lots of electrical energy pumping through his system. Intense adrenaline rush could make him seek a break for freedom, like try to run from the law. He’s not willing to compromise on the issue of his personal freedom. Also, it brings time of testing and judgment (approaching square) for his action.

Overall, an intense push-pull of energies in opposite directions, a recipe for disaster.

Ivanka Trump
On 3/30, the date of the upcoming Jupiter square Pluto, one of the aspects that is working to bring judgment and legal action against these pedophiles.

Notice her natal Mercury at 19d Libra. She gets Jupiter conjunct Mercury and Pluto square Mercury about this time. I must point out that because we do not have her exact birth time, the exact placement of her Mercury is not known, could vary from 19d0′ to 19d43′. Although notice the Pluto transit would be exact on 3/30 if her birth time was 12pm. So, at some point this month, her voice (Mercury) is expanded (Jupiter) and empowered (Pluto). She will have something very important to say and it will be political (Mercury). Let’s see if she plays an important role in the second pass of this aspect. Many times have we seen that when a famous person is getting a transit coinciding with a major aspect, that person can act as a catalyst on the macro level.

Next month, she is getting Uranus Jupiter and Pluto next month, on April 12 and 20. I’ll talk more about that when the time comes.

Jupiter square Pluto, second pass on March 30
It is a time when excessive (Jupiter) sexual activity (Pluto) is restrained (square). A time when legal proceedings (Jupiter) focus on sex and money and all things related to common resources (Pluto). For this reason, this aspect could very well coincide with the broadcasting (Jupiter) of things done in the dark (Pluto). This aspect is bringing changes to the banking system as well as revelations regarding pedophiles and arrests should be expected considering the groundswell of public awareness since Pizzagate began last November.

And by the way, I don’t want to minimize the financial ramifications of this aspect. This aspect will encourage governments all over the world to repair and restore their banking system. Graft and corruption (Pluto) face judgment. It will bring an end to many excesses in the banking system, adjustments in the stock market, etc, which force bad players out, some by arrest, some by death. The result could be either economic distress for nations tied to corrupt systems or economic solidification for nations that have removed the corrupt politicians.

Federal Reserve
The day the Fed should have died was right around the time that Obama first took office. If you recall all of the financial dealings around that time, how the American people bailed out the Fed, but never took control. Notice Pluto opposition Pluto on 1-30-2008. Astrologically, this confirms this was the time the Fed died and was reborn, which means someone else now owns it. What remains now is a completely corrupt system that is only being held together by blind faith and fear of the unknown. Notice how Pluto, Saturn, Neptune and Mars all retrograde at the time, they should have consulted an astrologer.

Pluto recently opposed the Asc and there are two more passes (7/12/17, 12/11/17). Now that Pluto is coming above the horizon, their activities will be more transparent and more intensely scrutinized. Power forces (Pluto) come to oppose them during the entire period of Pluto in the 7th house. My sense is that now that they have been taken over from within, they are ripe for a transformation (Pluto) of identity (Mars). Mars rules the Asc in general so for them, it’s like the same transit twice. Pluto is now getting close to the opposition to Mars. It reaches 19d23′ on 4/20 when it goes retrograde. It won’t reach exact until 11/30. So we see another difficult situation brewing for the Fed near the end of this year. We could see a complete transformation of the Fed this year. They could loose their identity.

We should look to events surrounding the Fed around Jupiter square Pluto on 3/30. Bold (Jupiter) or aggressive (Mars) moves on their part around this time will ready just be masking a defensive posture and that’s exactly the wrong thing to do. Their ineptitude can no longer hide now that Pluto is coming above the horizon. They will be expected to utilize collective resources in a competent manner.

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