Weekly Astrology Notes March 26 – April 2, 2017

Weekly Astrology Notes March 26 – April 2, 2017

Notes: Times shown in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

Weekly Summary:  On Sunday 3/26, Mercury conjunct Uranus and today we are smarter and more curious.  On Monday, we are a bit dreamy with Mars sextile Neptune.  And we have the New Moon on Monday as well.  On Tuesday, we have a strong push-pull in opposite directions in the afternoon as the Moon interacts with the new paradigm set of aspects bringing volatile emotions.  In fact the Jupiter square Pluto aspect begins Tuesday.  On Wednesday, a good day for writing and communication, settling disputes, and making agreements with Mercury trine Saturn.  Thursday brings us one of the most significant aspects of the year.  Jupiter square Pluto puts ambition in overdrive as well as brings potential for more arrests in the pedophile scandal.  It’s in effect all week long.  A lot to discuss about that.  On Friday, Moon and Mercury both enter their death cycle and we dissolve.  It’s a day to let go and try to relax.  Saturday morning is a bit confusing, but the early evening is a great for a party.  Sunday morning is slow, but the afternoon offers a great opportunity to share your feelings.

Mercury conjunct Uranus and today we are smarter and more curious.

1:24am – Moon conjunct Neptune (Pisces)  Pleasant dreams in the middle of the night.

8:05am – Mercury conjunct Uranus (Aires)  This is a fantastic aspect, it has so many uses.  It can manifest in a variety of ways, often surprising.  Today we are brilliant and curious.  A day to think outside of the box.  We can conceive of so much more than usual, it’s like the chains are removed from your mind and you can think like a genius.  It makes folks eclectic, eccentric, philosophical, more intelligent, more adaptable, willing to work with others for the common good, more in tune with their process of evolution, want to express their unique, interesting self.  Today we are looking to enlighten ourselves with innovative ideas, new concepts, new technology.  It’s a good day for travel, you are more likely to meet interesting people but be prepared for sudden changes in your travel plans.

Mercury in Aires is in it’s 11th, or Aquarius, step where it says “I know what I think” and likes to make up it’s own mind.  Mercury expresses the quality of Aires in the best way, one in which we can all share, with an underlying tone of wanting others to share in the same independent mindset, like siblings (Gemini).  Great motivational speaker.  Also good leadership skills.

As well we are looking to adopt new ideas and values and incorporate them into our identity (Aires).  Today is a day to be with others.  We are very curious and open-minded.  Conversation today will be stimulating and open the mind to new possibilities.  Interest in Astrology tends to peak with this aspect. Good idea to find some intelligent people to be with today.  We all need to do something different and unique today, something that stimulates the electrical (Uranus) activity in the nervous system.  It could be most anything, but you really need to move the body, so I would recommend some healthy physical activity.

12:52pm – Moon (Pisces) sextile Pluto (Capricorn)  Inner confidence gives us a moment of self-transcendence.

Mars sextile Neptune and we are a bit dreamy today.  A good time for a massage.

3:19am – Moon (Pisces) square Saturn (Sagittarius).  Void of Course begins.

7:11am – Moon enters Aires.  Folks are more energetic for the next couple of days.  Moon in it’s 10th step (Capricorn), projects that start now are meant to last.

9:46am – Mars (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces).  Generally speaking, all Mars-Neptune aspects tend to lower our energy level and dissolve the ego.  Today, we’re not really interested in standing up for ourselves or doing things in an aggressive manner.  More sensitive and subtle in our outward behavior.  Should be easier than usual to get along with others.  Many folks may appear a bit dreamy today, like they’re walking around in a cloud.

In these signs, we are encouraged to relax, take our time (Taurus) and seek activities that enable the warm and sensitive (Pisces) side of ourselves to emerge.  A good time for a massage.  We are very receptive to sensual (Taurus) healing (Pisces).  And just very receptive in general.  Aspect heightens psychic abilities and is one of the best aspects for things like Reiki or any type of energy healing.  In particular, the sextile from Taurus to Pisces is the best for rock medicine.

12:59pm – Moon conjunct Venus (Aires)  Emotions (Moon) in balance (Venus).  Feeling harmonious.

7:57pm – Moon conjunct Sun (Aires).  The New Moon.  It looks to be a tumultuous month as spring begins political and economic turmoil reach a climax point.  Despite Venus being so close, bringing some pleasant and agreeable energy to the mix, Venus retrograde at the New Moon means we are still in a time of evaluating relationships.  No other aspects to the Sun-Moon conjunction, so it’s pure Aires.  A time of new beginnings, but also a time of conflict.

Mars sextile Neptune makes it an excellent month to get a massage or energy healing like Reiki, and especially rock medicine.  It’s the closest aspect, so we pay special attention.

Mercury is heavily aspected at this New Moon, so we expect lots of talk regarding the new paradigm set of aspects.  Minds are stretched quite a bit this month, potentially frying our nerves if we are not careful.  We are challenged to think beyond our normal scope.  We get more details about stuff that is way beyond our personal life and we have to deal with it.

But of course the real challenges this month are spelled out in the new paradigm set of aspect, most notably Jupiter square Pluto aspect.  Everyone is experiencing intense ambition and a crisis to grow (Jupiter) and empower yourself (Pluto).  In addition, it is also bring heightened sexual energies that could overwhelm and corrupt us.  It’s a month of dealing with sexual corruption both internally and in society as a whole.  Have you seen the arrests of pedophile networks overseas?

On a geopolitical level, this is an intense month.  I see a strong potential for conflicts.  Not only is the pedophile scandal going to get broadcast more than ever, we should also see some bad economic news.

Something I need to point out once again regarding this T-square.  It begs for resolution in the sign of Cancer, as you see with the Mid-Heaven, in order to find balance.  Nurturing ourselves and not denying our emotional needs is how we find balance from all of this chaos brought on by the T-square.  To a certain extent, you need to crawl into your shell.  It’s not surrendering, it’s smart.

We have a strong push-pull in opposite directions on Tuesday afternoon as the Moon interacts with the coming Jupiter square Pluto aspect bringing volatile emotions.

3:13pm – Moon (Aires) square Pluto (Capricorn)  Strong emotion just beneath the surface could erupt.  A disruptive square meant to help sever yourself from oppressive bonds, but often produces the opposite effect, encouraging oppressive behavior.  Causes arguments as folks not willing to compromise.  Bring up isolationism.

3:38pm – Moon (Aires) opposition Jupiter (Libra) The opposite, a strong desire to be in a crowd, in fact usually the best time to do so each month.  Feeling expand and we share the best part of ourselves with others.

The combined effect means this afternoon could bring large public demonstrations and even riots.  The coming Jupiter square Pluto aspect gets an infusion of emotional energy and so it pretty much begins now.  If there are large crowd events planned for this evening, it would be best to use caution and stay away as people are on edge and easily provoked to violence.

10:15pm – Moon conjunct Uranus (Aires)  Emotions (Moon) change (Uranus).  A strong attraction to the unusual or strange.  People want change no matter what, just change.  Not a good time to make a promise or expect others to abide by established emotional bonds.  Everyone wants to break free.  Can be very liberating and/or very upsetting, depending on your situation.  Not a good time for resolving disputes.

A great day for writing and communication, settling disputes, and making agreements with Mercury trine Saturn.

4:33am – Moon conjunct Mercury (Aires)  Mentally brilliant and creative, conscious (Mercury) and subconscious (Moon) work together.  Easy to get going this morning.

5:07am – Moon (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius).  We delay emotional in favor or work obligations.  Void of Course begins.  But the energy of the aspect begins now.

8:48am – Moon enters Taurus.  We are more sensual, steadfast for the next couple of days.  Moon is exalted in Taurus where the slow, steady pace of Taurus enables the Moon to relax and build emotional bonds that last.  We are more in touch with our feelings and covet our personal possessions for the comfort they bring us.  Good time for massage.

11:16am – Mercury (Aires) trine Saturn (Sagittarius)  Today Mercury finds structure to be beneficial, rather than confining.  Saturn slows down the mind (Mercury), but the trine makes the effect feel good and get you somewhere you want to go, help you build something to last.  Relations with authority figures are good.  Communication is clear and not frivolous.

Saturn trines and sextiles are what the rest of the world likes about you.  It’s what you do carefully and within respectable limits imposed by society.  Today we want people to appreciate what we’re thinking and we are willing to behave within the limits imposed by society in order to receive that recognition, especially from authority figures.

Because we need to express ourselves in a respectful way and be recognized for it, today is an excellent day to resolve disputes as both sides feel like they get a reward for doing so.  In fact, the need to express masterful communication today means people will be going around looking to find agreement with others.  So, it’s a good day to make an agreement, both sides can foresee potential effects and incorporate all of the structure necessary for the agreement to withstand the test of time.

The Aires to Sagittarius trine, inspiration carried forth to from one cycle enables greater success in the next cycle.  It comes with a desire to inspire others as well.  Easier to achieve your goals in a broad range of applications.  Interesting to note is that the extraordinary amount of inspiration affecting Mercury means it will be easy to think you are hearing the voice of God in your head.  People will feel like they are being motivated by a higher cause today.  For some folks, it will be a refreshing respite to help overcome limiting thought patterns, but for folks who are egotistical, it can mean they refuse to listen to anyone.  Can make folks kind of headstrong.

Aspect is good for the study of subjects meant to broaden your horizons and open you up to new possibilities.  Good for writing, especially journalism.  In fact, Mercury trine Saturn in the natal chart is the strongest indicator of being an author.  Buy a good book today.

A better than usual understand of foreigners will help in diplomatic affairs.  Due to the very creative and expressive fire signs, this aspect is best enjoyed outside, where the open air feeds the fire of inspiration.  Indoors, the energy can get bottled up.  So, it is not good for solitary work.  This aspect is best applied towards group activities.  Good for driving and short distance travel.  Good for making decisions, making plans for the future.  Good for business, meetings and transactions.  Good day to start a business.

And lastly, I should point out that this aspect along with the concurrent Mercury conjunct Uranus means between Sunday and Wednesday we have a special moment when we can gain conscious awareness of our full potential as a human being.  A moment of conscious evolution.  This all stems from the interplay of Saturn and Uranus, which when coupled with harmonious aspects creates a powerful dynamic of progressive change along with realistic goals.  We can proceed to evolve yet stay within respectable limits and maintain practical goals.

Jupiter square Pluto puts ambition in overdrive.

5:34am – Moon (Taurus) sextile Neptune (Pisces)  Early morning and we don’t want to get out of bed this morning.  We feel a spiritual connection while in our comfort zone.

8:49am – Moon conjunct Mars (Taurus)  Feeling a bit stubborn about this time.  Defensive about your feelings and not willing to compromise.

11:41am – Jupiter (Libra) square Pluto (Capricorn).  This aspect is having a profound effect on human society.  Jupiter rules broadcasting and Pluto rules sexuality and things done in the dark, which includes some of the worst things that people do.  So, I see this as being the main aspect that has resulted in the revelation of the Pizzagate story as well as the arrest of many pedophiles.  There has been an incredible number of arrests worldwide and it’s spreading like wildfire.  So my highest hope with this aspect is that it brings more high profile arrests.  But in general, now is a time when excessive sexual behavior is being reigned in.  Everyone is being asked to incorporate more wisdom (Jupiter) into their sexuality (Pluto).

During this time, people have an intense (Pluto) drive to succeed (Jupiter) which can, in some cases, lead them to cut corners, lack integrity, avoid necessary precautions, or even do dangerous things that they normally would not do.  Can lead to poor decision making, compulsive actions that lead to accidents.  The most accident prone aspect in the book.  Avoid dangerous people and places.  Take precautions with dangerous machinery or guns all week long.

Not a good time to make long range plans (Jupiter square a planet in Capricorn).  Easy to overestimate your abilities or the amount of resources available at your discretion.  Don’t take on more work or responsibility than you can handle or let someone shift responsibility onto you.

Avoid arguments with others, especially regarding money.  Don’t expect to settle a dispute amicably, you need to consciously work at it.  Although Jupiter is in Libra, folks are too willing to sacrifice diplomacy (Libra) for the sake of personal gain (Pluto) or increased authority (Capricorn).  And remember, the Pluto square always bring up the issue of privileged information (Pluto) and the need to maintain it and it’s hard to find agreement if you feel someone is keeping a secret.

It brings up compulsive (Pluto) self-righteous (Jupiter) behavior.  Could lead to fights as controlling behavior is more likely challenged.  Jupiter pumps up the volume on intensity (Pluto), so some folks can get really intense now, to the point of being overbearing.  Some may be tempted to take what is not theirs and claim it for themselves, especially if they feel the universe has denied them in some way or that God has granted them some special privilege.  This complex lies at the heart of the challenge we now face.  Pluto is associated with the God complex and we could see a lot of that.

Aspect brings up legal (Jupiter) disputes and power (Pluto) struggles, often related to secrets or things done in the dark.  Money becomes a bigger issue this week and everyone wants more.

The drive to succeed must be directed towards something that makes you a better person for everyone concerned, not just something that is going to get you more power and money.  So, if you use the energy of this aspect for personal goals, then use it do something like overcoming blocks to owning your own power, like overcoming addictions (Pluto) or any type of compulsive behavior, like sexual issues.  You can make enormous personal gains at this time, build greater self-confidence and do something that brings the better part of yourself (Jupiter) to the surface where you can share it with the rest of the world.  But you must put out the effort.  Luck (Jupiter) seems to be out of reach.  Effort is required.

This aspect is excellent for the study of esoteric subjects because it provides the energy to dive deep (Pluto) into any subject matter and discern to overall (Jupiter) meaning.  The energy of Pluto can be accessed in measured (Capricorn) bursts of sustained, focused drive.  You can get a lot accomplished this week.

The raw ambition associated with this aspect may manifest on a geopolitical level as increased war.  We could also see judicial actions due to increased police activity.  We could see riots all around the world, especially in impoverished nations where the millions of poor could rise up and demand their fair share from the powers that be.

This aspect is also largely responsible for the rise of the liberal social justice warriors.  It all stems from believing that one’s own perspective (Jupiter) is the right one for everyone concerned (Pluto), and that it represents the deepest, most profound (Pluto) wisdom (Jupiter).  Brings up a lot (Jupiter) of control (Pluto) energy and you may have noticed that it is always accompanied by the need to broadcast (Jupiter) one’s sexuality (Pluto) along with their message.  That is a sure sign the person is out of balance.

Changes in the banking (Pluto) industry are expected now as well.  Jupiter trine Pluto in the fall of 2015 brought the creation of the new monetary system by the BRICS nations, especially China, which offered an alternative to the western-backed SWIFT money system.  Now nations can trade in something other than US dollars.  Now that system faces a test.  The ambitious plans of many nations to remove the US petro dollar from world dominance face a critical juncture.  This could be good for some nations and bad for others.  The USA could face some problems at this point.  The trine was creative, nice and easy.  Now the square brings a crisis.  Pluto in Capricorn is an era of transformation in leadership.  This is a crisis moment in that overall period of transformation.

This week we need to compromise (Libra) on important matters (Capricorn).  Jupiter can be so head-strong that it sacrifices the qualities of whatever sign it is in for petty reasons.  Recall the learning lesson of the square.  You loose if you sacrifice (Libra) relationships, business partnerships, balance, beauty, diplomacy, kindness, affection for (Capricorn) the sake of prestige, authority.  Learn how to compromise even when you think you are right.  Few people are totally satisfied with what they have in life.  We all want more but we have to learn to compromise in order to achieve it.  It’s all about the lesson of the 3rd quadrant, which is self-expansion.  Avoid arguments involving money, sex or politics.  Focus on doing the right thing for everyone concerned, even if it’s a personal matter.

4:12pm – Moon (Taurus) trine Pluto (Capricorn).  Strong burst of energy in the afternoon to utilize personal resources for professional gain.  Good time to spend money on yourself, buy something you need to get ahead in life.  Also a great opportunity to show compassion and give healing to another.  Great aspect for teaching, good time for a self-improvement class.  Void of Course begins.

FRIDAY  3/31
Moon and Mercury both enter their death cycle today means today is day to take care of our nerves and try to relax.

9:40am – Moon enters Gemini.  Moon enters it’s death cycle in Gemini.  Emotional activity increases as we seek to catch up on missed connections before the start of a new Moon cycle in Cancer.  Good time to talk with others and resolve your differences.  Emotions are mercurial and move from one thing to the next without the need to build a lasting bond.  Active yet emotionally unfulfilling.  Beware of overtaxing the nervous system.

10:31am – Mercury enters Taurus.  Reaches on 5d Taurus on April 9 and goes retrograde, re-enters Aires on April 21.  So that’s 3 weeks in Taurus.  Then back in Aires, then back in Taurus May 17 through June 7.  Mercury enters it’s death cycle in Taurus, the last step before Gemini.  Here the steadfast energy of Taurus slows Mercury down.  Communication is focused on personal matters, not a time for intellectual concerns.  Hard to get moving and once you start, you can’t seem to stop.  Hard to change your mind.  Stubborn and fixed in our ideas.

We focus our attention on our money and personal possessions, so it’s a good time for planning how to get the most out of those things, better utilization of personal resources.  Good for business, people will want to do more shopping than usual.

11:33am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Venus (Aires)  A pleasant aspect.

Saturday morning is a bit confusing, but the early evening is a great for a party.

5:20am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Sun (Aires)  Creativity is flowing on Saturday morning.

6:46am – Moon (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces).  Feeling a bit lost and confused.  Crisis to connect with others.

5:01pm – Moon (Gemini) trine Jupiter (Libra)  Feeling magnanimous.  Always a good time to be in a crowd.  Emotions expand and we are in the mood to be in a crowd.  Lots of talking (Gemini), much of it superficial and pleasant (Libra).  Good party aspect.

Sunday morning is slow, but the afternoon offers a great opportunity to share your feelings.

12:59am – Moon (Gemini) sextile Uranus (Aires).  Late Saturday evening and we are attracted to the unusual.

7:43am – Moon (Gemini) opposition Saturn (Sagittarius).  Hard to get moving on Sunday morning.  Hard to share your feelings with others.  Strong need to validation.  Need to eat a warm meal.  Void of Course begins.

11:27am – Moon enters Cancer.  Moon begins a new cycle in Cancer.  We are more in touch with our emotions for the next couple of days and prefer to spend time at home nurturing ourselves.  Maybe we crawl into our shell and don’t come outside.  The best time for planting, now that spring has begun.

11:39am – Moon (Cancer) square Venus (Aires)  Individuality (Aires) is restricted (square) in order to provide nurturing (Moon) in the home (Cancer).

2:52pm – Moon (Cancer) sextile Mercury (Taurus)  A warm and pleasant aspect that gets us very in touch with our feelings.  Excellent time to let down your guard and share your feelings at home with someone, tell them that you love them and what’s really important about them in your life.

5:25pm – Venus (r) enters Pisces.  Continues retrograde down to 26d54′ Pisces on April 15.  Goes Direct and re-enters Aires on April 29.  About 4 weeks in Pisces.  Once again, as in January, feelings (Venus) dissolve (Pisces).  We loose our personal boundary a bit, become more sensitive and forgiving of others, also more vulnerable and easier to persuade, hard to see the bad side in others.  Romance enters a idealistic phase as we seek a partner who understands everything about us including our need to connect with divine source.

Venus in Pisces needs to feel connected.  We want a relationship (Venus) with spirituality (Pisces).  If we project too much of that onto our partner then we become disappointed.  Better to cultivate that need through art and dance or through selfless acts of compassion.  Much better way to express that energy.

During this retrograde period until April 15 we are still very much reflecting on and working with our relationship to the collective.  So we are not thinking clear about our relationship needs during this period of re-evaluation.  That’s why relationships that begin now will need to go through a period of adjustment to get over unrealistic ideas.  It’s also not a good time to hash things out with your partner because everyone’s adjusting and no one knows how they feel until this period is over.

That’s all for this weeks’ aspects.

Interesting Trends this week:

Marine Le Pen
A viewer asked that I look at her chart and it makes a good study.  April 23 is the date of the first round of elections in France, run-off is May 7 if there is no clear winner.  There’s a few things going on with her right now.

The first thing you may notice is that the new paradigm aspect Jupiter opposition Uranus aspects her natal Saturn, so right away you can say that her perspective on the new paradigm is conservative (Saturn).  She is looking to incorporate social changes into her structure (Saturn) and it inspires her to be the authority or leader.  And it is indicative that the new paradigm can manifest in her as it needs to in order for her to be leader for others (7th house).

This brings up an important point.  Pluto in Capricorn means there is lots of Pluto energy on everyone’s Saturn.  So we are all feeling more intense and compulsive about authority, especially this week.  That is the source of so much nationalist sentiment in the world.  So she is in affinity (7th house) with that movement and seeks to incorporate it into her identity (1st – 7th house axis).  Check to see which house in your chart are effected by the new paradigm aspects, that’s where you experience this energy in your life.

Next, Saturn square Uranus.  This is bringing some limitations (Saturn) to her mobility and freedom (Uranus).  She needs to get realistic (Saturn) about the changes (Uranus) she wants to make.  More conservative (Saturn) friends (Uranus), at the same time this aspect tends to confine or reduce friendships.  Nonetheless, this transit is helping to prepare her for a new lifestyle (Uranus), that of authority figure.  It can also be very good because it’s another Saturn-Uranus connection, these are the ones that enable you to actualize your fullest potential as a being, just like with Uranus conjunct Saturn.

Then we see Pluto opposition Midheaven (MC).  Very powerful, tumultuous aspect, bring up lots of insecurities.  Disruptive forces enter her personal life.  But it also means incorporating power and influence (Pluto) into her path in life (MC).  Destiny plays a strong role in what happens during this aspect.  Desire to harness and utilize (Capricorn) the collective resources (Pluto) of her homeland (IC, 4th house).  Ability to sway others, even manipulate, project personal feelings with great power.  Pluto in Cancer (1914-1939) manifested as nationalism and now in it’s opposite sign, it is doing the same thing.  So her nationalism, intense protectionism of the homeland, comes from Pluto going through the fourth house as well.

Notice Jupiter conjunct Ascendant happening now as well.  Very fortunate.  It expands everything in her chart, increases her popularity.  All things considered, I would say she has great transits to win the election.  I haven’t bothered to look at the other candidates so I can’t predict without comparison.  Nonetheless, it looks really good for her.

Once again, thanks for viewing Weekly Astrology Notes.  Thanks for liking my video.  Please leave comments and please subscribe to my channel.  Have a good day.

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